April 21, 2017

Quick facts about 001152 Wet (Vita-Mix)


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  • Genuine OEM replacement part
  • Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance
  • Vita-Mix has a full line of award winning professional blenders for commercial and residential applications
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

001152, TNC/VP WET BLADE AGIT KIT. Vita-Mix real OEM substitute part. Vita-Mix has a full line of award winning professional blenders for commercial and residential applications. Use real OEM parts for safety dependability and performance.

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JBK Terra Cotta 5 x 3 Inch Bread Warmer Tile

Imagine what it could be 1152 like to have warm bread or rolls throughout your meal. This has generally been a challenge and now it’s possible. The JBK Bread Warmer is a terra cotta ceramic tile featuring a sliced baguette break design which may be heated in a range of ways, as well as the oven, toaster, or barbecue. It’s then set in a cloth lined basket or dish with bread or buns to keep them warm during a meal. Add that little extra to your dining experience and kick it up another notch by using the JBK Bread Warmer.

Dual-motor Deluxe Power Unit

Bagged variant power units feature a sleek design allowing them to mount closely against the wall so you may be able to make the most of your space. The power unit has a revolutionary interior sound suppression system that gives calm performance. A convenient position light on the power unit indicates when the replaceable bag is full and needs to be changed. New motor designs have up to 5 times more cleaning power than regular vacuums. With better filtration you wont be spreading the dust around – because microscopic dust particles are exhausted to the outside of your home. Intended for bigger homes up to 12000 square feet this power unit has a dual 2-stage motor that delivers 1040 air watts of power making it the most powerful unit in its class delivering deep cleaning and better filtration than any regular vacuum; UL Listed for your confidence. Extra big eight gallon 2-ply disposable filter bags feature HEPA High Efficiency Particle Air rated media anti-microbial protection and anti-stick technology to trap dust and bacteria better than ever which means your environment stays cleaner longer. Easy access door to change the debris collection bag; usually bags need changing only every six months and have a self-closing band which minimizes contact to dust and dirt; that means simple maintenance and a cleaner home with improved indoor air quality. Interior sound suppression system considerably decreases sound so although its mounted outside the living area you wont hear it through the walls. Progressive display lights alert you when to empty the bag so there’s no speculation; featuring a true bag-full light the unit will shut down automatically to avoid rupturing the bag; a great safety feature that makes your life easier order substitute bag 3-pack VX3918. Dual vacuum air intakes are located on both sides of the unit for connection of the trunk lines and for flexibility of choice in installation places; six foot power cord included for more con.

24 inch Arena Tray Set for Corner System

This corner system by Hafele is totally customizable. Decide from a bottom mounting center post or a height adjustable post for top and bottom mounting. The trays are available in 3 different sizes for framed and frameless cupboards. These corner systems work with overlay and inset doors and have a load capacity of 55 lbs. Per counter. Ships via UPS.

Philips HD9980/50 Airfryer Variety Basket, White

The distinctive range cooking basket for your Airfryer has a honeycomb mesh bottom with on-stick covering which easily detaches for fast cleaning. The basket also comes with as platter evidence, multifunctional cover for more recipes. Now you may be able to make tortilla chips, kale chips and dehydrate fruit.

Manitowoc K-00137 6" – 7 3/4" Adjustable Stainless Steel Flanged Feet – 4/Set

Intended exactly for use with S and B series ice machine bins, this Manitowoc K-00137 flanged leg set gives a stable platform for your unit Featuring four stainless steel legs, this set is perfect for to get your bin back up and running if damage occurs to your original leg set. The flanged design gives superior stability for regions with seismic activity or where local codes require that your unit be secured to the floor. For extra convenience and versatility, these legs are adjustable from 6″ to 7 3/4″, so you may be able to match up the height to meet your layout plans and improve productivity, efficiency, and easy use.

Stainless Stee Cook Carry Thermal Cooking Pot vs Vita-Mix 001152 Wet pricing

Thermal Cookware keeps food hot (or cold) for up to 6 hours without reheating. Nissans distinctive two-part set of cookware offers excellent temperature and flavor retention and lets for easy transport in one self-contained unit. Perfect for rice stews soups and more (We love the Jambalaya.). Stailess Steel inner pot is for cooking and vacuum insulated outer container will keep food hot for hours without burning and scorching. We were amazed at how the vegetables retained their color thanks to the vacuum seal. 4 3/4 Quart/4. 5 L Capacity. Perfect for transporting chili and other favorites to the tailgate party. Features a Full 5 year warranty.

#500 Industrial Deck Plate 9/16"" Blk/ylw Borders, 1ea – Crown Mats (ludlow Composites Corp) Cdr0036yb-75

#500 Industrial Deck Plate 9/16″” Blk/Ylw Borders, 1EA – Crown Mats (Ludlow Composites Corp) CDR0036YB-75. Lasting, Slip-tolerant Surface Has Diamond Pattern Texture Industrial Grade Pvc bubble Backing Is Fused To A Deckplate Surface Offers Comfort and break tolerant To common Fluids and Chemicals Safety Beveled Edges On Standard Sizes.

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Savio Water Master Clear Pump – 2220 GPH, 115 Volt, 1 1/4in., Model# WMC2220 by Savio

Savio Water Master Clear Pumps create dramatic waterfalls and water features. These pumps supply durability and dependability at an cheap price. Water Master series pumps use a wear-tolerant ceramic coated shaft, heavy-responsibility sealed bearings and feature three redundant lip seals for increased life span and dependability you may be able to count on. Housings and interior parts are totally non-corrosive. All Water Master series pumps are oil-less for fish and plant safety. Each Water Master Clear Pump is factory tested previous to shipment.

100 piece Futura F10-12 Safety Valve for Futura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker-100 Original Safety Valve vs Vita-Mix 001152 Wet price

The above listing is for 100 pieces of Futura Safety Valve for Futura Made in India real from Hawkins Well intended This is a Safety Valve for Futura by Hawkins Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker. This is an original product that was made in India. The product is 100 original and may be used by you as we make no compromises in quality.

Cuisinart 6.5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker with Multiple Cooking Options

Cuisinart 6. 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker with 24 Hour Digital TimerLarge 6. 5-qt. Oval Ceramic Cooking PotThe crock pots big 6. 5 quart size lets you to make dinner for the whole family and invite guests tooTouchpad Control PanelRest with ease knowing the cookers controls are beautifully displayed and easy to use right at your fingertipsMultiple Cooking Mode OptionsCook your beloved one pot suppers with ease using the different temperature alternatives from warm, simmer, low and high settings24 Hour Cooking TimerSet the timer in the morning and come home in the evening to a delicious aroma and your beloved cooked dinnerStainless Steel ConstructionThe cuisinart slow cookers brushed stainless steel housing and glass cover with stainless steel rim and chrome-plated handle is a must in any kitchenFeaturesTouchpad Control Panel with LCD Timer24-Hour Cooking TimerOn/Off, Warm, Simmer, Low and High SettingsRemovable 6. 5-qt. Oval Ceramic Cooking PotKeep Warm ModeBrushed Stainless Steel HousingNon-Slip Rubber FeetIncludes Cooking RackSpiral-Bound 70 Recipe BookDishwasher Safe cover and Ceramic Pot.

Peter Meier 2000 Series Table Bar Height Base, 36 inch x 36 inch, Style X, 40 inch High, Black Matte vs Vita-Mix 001152 Wet reviews

This 2000 Series Signature Line of Table Base by Peter Meier are available in both table and bar heights. Featuring a Style X base, the bases are strong and lasting because of their cast iron construction. Finished in a Black Matte Wrinkle color, the bases are easily assembled for indoor or outdoor use. Ships via UPS/FedEx Ground.

Models to consider:
RT-FM2000 2003-BVH920883-1 M414050000-BNH-0030 MIM50
M414049P W10475787B25SC MUZ6MX3b723 BL00093
TRBA30243L3000 G011AGLO741-AS 0887B71EAKB752 NBM-0501
VH704037-A MAR97-6155RF000060-S PPL-3RAGP-2.5 10QBP0231
Z34F SC016ROB28063 CAC35G013A CQD-H010-K
SG2-PSC WD-1k50-coffee-maker CUSPB-7LRKB758SP R3124X
1715N 501-158B-01BL23107 HC100608RMB-7M HG55
PS2021298 04290GBL00093 CM-825CCH-2KS1245AXBS W10508588
MAR97-6155 RF000060-SMIM50 RCP4466BLART-FM2000 k50-coffee-maker
P6071397 CPB-300CAHG252 DC615-WNBM-0501 B25SC
AGP-2.5 KB758SPSWC5-LD-4040 04290GJE95XL-26 IMIRPC06-316
VOL38101 47010AMZBL23107 KS1245AXBSVSTK304SS 501-158B-01
DC533-W 0769-180-K5647 BK TRBA30243L3000EC900 CAC35
CM-825CCH-2 Z34FVSB3-6 1715NBS-200G WC-1857DH
G011A QUAGSK115b723 CAC10625507P ROB27242
SG2-PSC CHS01165IVKRMD000-BNH-0030 W10475787SI010 2003-B
k50-coffee-maker VOL381015647 BK EC900CHS01165IVKRMD VH704037-A
WPW10500175 G013ADC533-W CAC106VSTK304SS RT-FM2000
CQD-H010-K PS2021298BL00093 1715NF362T RF-CM-2521
M414050 SWC5-LD-4040KB758SP PSCREW84610QBP0231 RMB-7M
MC702 ng011JE95XL-26 CAC35WD-1 VSB3-6
BL23107 0769-180-KW10508588 ROB28063MUZ6MX3 MAR97-6155
AMZ: NNTK932SS CPB-300CAG011A QUAGSK115WC-1857DH BLE-3-3105A
SC016 RMB-7QAGP-2.5 PPL-3RP6071397 GLO741-AS
KB752 W10475787501-158B-01 KS1245AXBSCUSPB-7LR IMIRPC06-316


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