April 21, 2017

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  • Top selling pump for outdoor wood boiler furnaces
  • Unique Replaceable Cartridge Design, Field Serviceable • Direct Drive-Low Power Consumption
  • Universal Flange-to-Flange Dimensions
  • Standard High Capacity Output • Compact Design
  • Unmatched Reliability, Maintenance Free
  • This fits your .
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Taco 009 BF5-J Pump (Cast Iron pump with a Bronze Cartridge) – Is an upgraded and superior pump then the standard Taco 009 and equivalent basic model pumps. The Bronze Cartridge increases the life of the pump and can handle the hard application better. This pump will seamlessly replace other pumps without any issues, it simply is the same pump as the Taco 009 with better parts inside. How much time do you waste replacing pumps? The cartridge is replaceable if you do have a failure. Taco 009 BF5-J Pump (Cast Iron pump with a Bronze Cartridge) – is exactly intended for high-head/high-flow applications in big residential and light commercial systems. It’s ideal for high pressure drop boilers, fan coil units, heat exchangers, bigger radiant systems, heat recuperation and geothermal systems. The bronze cartridge 009 should be used on open loop systems. Taco 009 BF5-J & Taco 0011 BF4-J are the flagship pumps of the wood boiler business. Don’t compare this pump to the Taco 009-F5 pump. The F5 is the basic model Taco 009. Ours is the PREMIUM Taco 009. GASKETS INCLUDED WITH PUMP common Applications: •Hydronic Heating •Radiant In-Floor/PanelHeating •Closed-Loop Solar Heating Systems.

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2-HP Lawn Irrigation

Move water from close natural 009 BF5-J resources and supply water to sprinklers for your lawn, shrubs or trees with this Utilitech 2-HP lawn pump. It pumps up to 3,960-GPH at 10-ft lift and features a water flow of 69-PM, to carefully and easily move water from the lake to your yard. The heavy-responsibility cast-iron construction gives durability, making sure long life. Ensure water goes in the right direction with the check valve, and easily supply water for irrigation with this Utilitech lawn pump. Utilitech 2-HP lawn pump supplies water to your sprinkler system to keep your lawn, trees and shrubs hydrated Pumps up to 4,140-GPH at 10-ft lift 69-GPM water flow carefully and easily transfers liquids to and from places Heavy-responsibility cast-iron construction gives long life will include 2-in check valve, making sure the water goes in the right direction.

0013-SF3 Circulator Stainless Steel Rotated Flange

Taco is at the forefront of circulator novelty. Their drive to offer the most economical, dependable pumps in the business may be seen across their complete catalog. Systems with a high head and high flow prerequisites may be hard on circulators. The durability, dependability and power of the 0013-F make it ideal for such situations. Able of economical circulation for a litany of applications, the 0013-F makes circulation easy for smaller businesses and bigger residences. The common flange-to-flange dimension of the 0013-F makes it fast to install, if you’re replacing a different pump. A design that circumvents the need for conventional maintenance is coupled with lasting parts to offer you peace of mind. With Taco, your hydronic circulation is in good hands.

The AquaFX RO Booster Complete

AquaFX Booster Pumps are becoming the number one choice for low pressure applications. If its for aquarists with low water pressure situations, or for any end user wishing to optimize the in general efficiency of their RO system. Caused by the hydraulics of this pump, it may be mounted in any position and should offer the best pressure increase for any pump its size on the market. This pump can handle upward of 300 Gallons per day with a positive line pressure feed to the pump of at least 20psi. With a name you trust like AquaFX, you may be able to rest guaranteed this pump was intended for your tank (Salt and new water alike ).

3/4 Horsepower Shallow Well Booster Housing and 5 Gallon Hardened Steel Alloy Tank vs 009 BF-5-J

Remove well water quickly with this HP shallow well pump. Featuring a cast iron housing for extra durability, this well pump is intended for uninterrupted operation pumping 740 gallons an hour. Features are thermal protection with auto reset, a 5 gallon hardened steel alloy tank with EPDM bladder and a powder coat finish. Thermal protection with auto reset Not suited for potable water. 120 volts, 5. 05amps, 60 Hz 3/4 hp Single phase Weight: 33. 58 lb.

WILO 2067542 Top S 1.25X25 Two Speed CI Circulator

Wilo Top S Two Speed CI Pump 1. 25 x 25 115V SKU: 2067542 This pump is made from mix of stainless steel, polypropylene and metal impregnated carbon. It is major feature is the 2 speed motor. This is a wet rotor – “seal less” design type pump. Great for residential and light commercial applications Technical Data Sheet. Read. Allowed temperature range -20° C to +130° C, shortly-term operation (2 h) to +140° C Pre-selectable speed phases for manual capacity modification Pump communication depending on simple plug technology that may be reliably retrofitted mix flanges PN6/PN10 (DN 40 to DN 65) Cataphoretic coated pump housing Thermal insulation shell as standard Automatically Vented Extensible motor protection, signal and display functions 1/4″ suction and discharge gauge tapping’s Flanges aren’t included. Fits most standard hydronics applications. Not accepted for domestic hot water.

Grundfos UP15-10BUC7 (59896241), Circulator 115V 1/25 HP w/ Integrated Check Valve – vs Taco 009-BF5-J Circulating 009 pricing

Grundfos Pump, Circulator 115V 1/25 HP w/ Integrated Check Valve Bronze The Grundfos UP1510BUC7 (59896241) is a bronze circulator pump with a 3/4″ sweat inlet and a 3/4″ sweat union outlet with a removable integral check valve. This circulator model may be used for a range of hot water recirculation applications, as well as radiant, storage tanks, and solar applications.

Corrosion-resistant Little Giant Submersible Model NK-2 (527003) 115V

Compact Submersible Centrifugal Pump, Application Water, HP 1/40, Voltage 115, Impeller Material Nylon, Volute Material Nylon, Screen Material Polyethylene, Seal Material Viton, Cord Length 6 ft. Max. Head 12. 3 ft. Inlet Type Screened, Length 4-1/4″, Width 4-1/4″, Height 4-9/16″, responsibility uninterrupted, Hz 60, Motor RPM 3400, Motor Type Shaded Pole, Port Rotation CW, Shaft Material Stainless Steel, will include 6 ft. Cable.

Pond Builder Solids Handling, 1420 GPH vs Taco 009-BF5-J Circulating 009 review

A mainstay of the water garden business for many years, these pumps have proved to be one of the most reliable and energy-economical direct drive pumps available. These pumps are great for medium to heavy goes and higher head heights. Water Cooled-No Oil. 18 Month restricted Manufacturers Warranty. Handles Solids up to 1. 25″.

Chilipepper On-Demand Hot Water Re Integrated Remote Operation (CP8000RC2:Code 2)

Using the Chilipepper Model CP8000RC removes the need for running gallons of water down the drain while waiting for hot water. At the touch of a button, hot water is pumped from the water heater to the sink or shower. Once the Chilipepper detects that the hot water has arrived, it turns itself off. The temperature sensor is adjustable with 4 temperature settings. The Remote Operation System is integrated right into the circuitry of the Chilipepper so it doesn’t require any extra set-up. It comes with 2 prepared to use Key-Fob-Style Controllers. The Remote Operation System is available in 2 separate codes for those customers who want more than one pump in their home. The keyfobs are color-coded to distinguish them. Cream colored Key-Fobs are Remote Code #1, Brown colored Key-Fobs are Remote Code #2. Intended for the do-it-yourselfer, the Chilipepper is easy to install and comes with everything you need (except two stainless steel adaptable hoses that may be bought at any hardware store). Get fast hot water and save time, water, and money.

1hp 3600RPM 56HCZ Frame 208-230volts Century Milk Motor AO Smith # B586 vs Taco 009-BF5-J Circulating 009 price

B586 Milk Pump Farm Motors 1 HP Features: Ball Bearings, 60 HZ, 40 degree C ambient, Class B Insulated, Service Factor 1. 0, Non-Reversible, CW Rotation Facing End reverse Shaft, Stainless Steel Shaft, Cast Iron NEMA”C” End Bracket, Weatherproof features for Washdown Applications: Milk move pump 1 HP 3600 RPM 208-230 Volts 4. 8-4. 5 Amps 56HCZ Frame Threaded Shaft Auto Overload Protector Threaded shaft Acme threads.

Grundfos ALPHA 15-55SF Circulator (Stainless Steel Body) [59896879]

For Residential and Light Commercial Heating SystemsA common pump in a heating system runs at full speed day and night. The stainless steel ALPHA from Grundfos adapts to the variable demand of the house while keeping your comfort. In that way it saves a significant amount of electricity and thus decreases an equally big amount of emissions. Rated A for its energy efficiency, the ALPHA is a greatly dependable and environmentally accountable choice. When installed and set in the distinctive Grundfos AUTOADAPT function ALPHA will examine and change automatically to your heating demands. This pump is comparable in size to Taco 007 and Bell & Gossett NRF-22 pumps. ALPHA is the new and most groundbreaking member of the Grundfos family of high-quality circulators. With ALPHA, you may be able to stop worrying about complex pump settings. Simply install the pump and leave it in the factory setting, AUTOADAPT. ALPHA will automatically examine the heating system, find the optimum setting and continue to change its operation to changes in demand. Applications:GRUNDFOS ALPHA is intended for circulating liquids in heating systems. Pumps with stainless steel pump housing may also be used in domestic hot-water systems. Systems with constant or variable goes where it’s desirable to optimize the pump responsibility pointsystems with variable flow-pipe temperaturesystems where night setback is an issue and desiredFeatures and benefits:Compact design with control box well integrated in the pump headAUTOADAPT control mode as default setting, suited for most applicationsIntegrated differential-pressure control (proportional- and constant pressure control)A display showing the real power intake (P1) in WattLow noiseHigh starting torqueAutomatic Night SetBackMotor depending on permanent-magnet/compact-stator technologyIntegrated frequency converterSelf-venting pump housing.

Liberty s LE51A 1/2-Horse Power 2-Inch Discharge LE50-Series Submersible Automatic Sewage vs Taco 009-BF5-J Circulating 009 reviews

LE51A Features: -Pump. -Commercial-grade workhorse for residential and light commercial sewage applications. -Permanently lubricated bearings, stainless steel fasteners and fast-disconnect power cord design make this a favorite choice among plumbing professionals. -Mercury-free large-angle float with series pump – lets for manual operation of pump separate from switch. -Oil filled, thermally protected motor. -Float cord shall be equipped with a series plug for manual bypass operation. -2-Vane semi-open, corrosion tolerant hytrel impeller. -120” Cord standard. -Engine HP: 1/2. -Discharge: 2” FNPT. -Maximum head: 300”. -112 GPM at 120” TDH. -Maximum liquid temperature: 140 F. Will include: -will include: Piggyback style switches on auto models, 2” solids-handling capability and a shut-off head. Construction: -Material: Heavy cast iron construction. Color/Finish: -Sporting a new tough powder coat finish over heavy cast iron housings. Plans: -115 Volts / 1 Phase / 12 Amps. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 14” H x 11 1/2” W. Warranty: -2-Year warranty.

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Models to consider:
PSKH07 282C-98EHTP500C IMV50F0011-F4 LS1P
PKX301T LHB08100086ACS-3 57729-WYNPLMB15107992 AQ2246
LHB08100092 4JPG4WP-3680 WP-2065HL2D4XH FP4322
815 SS-C 115V HSJ20NVCMA-20ULS TRPMW20060J59 TE-5-MD-SC
TP-4013HM 10SN-CIMAK300 SKV50AD1 10576C-95 WP10
5UXL1 007ZFIFCAPP6020 CP-22DP-50 (QB60) PB1007
6RLAG-2LST P382LE51SS415BX731PG MHP75A200PIH-5 1K058
FP4022 SS30T14S-CIM 2MP9HR7870-101E-SB 4008-101-A65
LHB08100084 WIP9010SN-CIM 2MP9HRM200 MHP75A
TP-4013HM 6RLAG-2LST3AB2LCB1H2D0 185011LF8852-2J03-B423 LF1.5WP
FP4012-10 200PH-5TE-7-MD-HC SKV50AD1 10MA0343X-4A LS1P
57729-WYNP J10SEC333120T 0013-SF33900-200PH-5E ACE5C
WP-30TP DP-50 (QB60)T75S10-2 LSB005823HPFC-2065HR MA0414X-7A
EHTP500C 4-MDQ-SCCP-22 BGPL36CP11/4PFT51S10-4 2P017
WP10 18555-000APKX201T 282C-98AK300 RPP50
4JPG4 CPSS-CI-1LHB08100088 2D4XHLHB08100086 15LTHH
005-SF2 ACS-3FP4022 SJ10A106197LF XP650WP
JSU50 SV9501M270055465-WYN1 EHTP500C006-BC4 14S-CIM
007ZFIFC 006-B4LHB08100088 10SN-CIMTP-4013HM HSJ20N
UP28FM P382LE51WP-3680 282C-987870-101E-SB 4JPG4
FP4322 MA0343X-4ADP-50 (QB60) 8852-2J03-B423FP5712 SS30T
MHP75A 3793-IPT-953900-200PH-5E 57729-WYNPHPFC-2065HR LS1P
3AB2LCB1H2D0 T50S10-4ACS-3 LSB0058235UXL1 3S5XHR
50DWXU6.752 0013-SF30011-F4 VCMA-20ULSWIP90 500-A
JBMMG3 106197LFRPP50 4-MDQ-SCEC333120T XP904WP
PKX201T J10SFP4022 SKV50AD1 1015LTHH SS465BEXP


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