April 21, 2017

010 SANISHOWER (Saniflo) has great reviews


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  • Ideal for light-duty applications
  • Small enough to fit under the shower base
  • Discharges 14-Gallon per minute
  • Vertical pumping up to 12-Feet and 100-Feet horizontally
  • Easy to install
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Saniflo Sanishower 010 The Sanishower lets you to install a shower where you never thought possible. Gives you a fast and easy way to add an extra sink or stand-up shower.

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Shurflo 9300 Submersible Pump 24V

Use this lightweight submersible pump 010 for livestock, irrigation or remote home cisterns for applications with average daily water prerequisites. The 9300 is a positive displacement diaphragm type (field-rebuildable) 24VDC pump of high efficiency. The SHURflo 9300 series pump offers a solution to your remote water pumping needs. It is rugged, lasting and built to last. This pump delivers roughly 1. 0 GPM at 230 feet total lift. It incorporates a distinctive, water-blocked cable connector that’s impervious to water leakage and condensation problems preventing water wicking. Common applications are in livestock watering, irrigation, ponds, islands, remote homes and cabins. Operates from 24 volt nominal DC systems. For solar direct operation at minimum 150-watts of PV with 30-45 volt open circuit voltage is suggested with the Shurflo linear current booster model LCB 902-100 or 902-200 (Linear current boosters sold individually). Pump draws between 1. 5A (20-foot lift) and 4. 1A (230 foot lift) at 24V nominal. Minimum 10-gauge submersible pump wire (sold elsewhere) is suggested to avoid voltage drop.

UFlex UP28FM Front Mount Helm Pump

UP28F – Front Mount Helm PumpFeatures: Compact design Ball bearing piston race fitted lock valve for positive rudder lock Integral break valve for over-pressure protection 3/4″ tapered stainless steel shaft Easily available lock valve and shaft seal for substitute Cast iron rotor for greater durability and longer life 1/4″ NPT fitting for 3/8″ tube Complete with elbow fittings 5 pistons.

Little Giant 599025 GH-3/4 1-1/4-Inch MNPT by 3/4-Inch GHT Discharge Adapter

Little Giant’s 1-1/4-Inch MNPT by 3/4-Inch GHT discharge adapter lets use of garden hose with utility and sump pumps. The adapter is constructed of polypropyle and is rust tolerant. If, after 30 days, you’re having a problem with your Little Giant, Franklin, or Red Lion product, call the Franklin Electric Tech Support Team at 888-956-0000 for Troubleshooting and Warranty information. The Tech Support Team is available M-F from 7:00am-4:30pm CST.

Aquatec CDP 6800 Pressure boost pump 6840-2J03-B221 RO reverse osmosis booster pump 24VAC

This pump is made in USA, dependable. It’s intended to increase water supply pressure to 18GPD to 100GPD Reverse Osmosis water systems. For RO systems that is 100 to 200GPD you may be able to use the bigger CDP 8800 pump. This pump is to put in the input side of the RO system. If you want to increase the output pressure and volume for your RO system, then you have to use DDP 5800 Delivery demand pump. Common applications for this pump: Water treatment: : Carbonation system:: Misting system:: medical labware::.

Chilipepper Model CP9000 On-Demand Hot Recirculating Pump with Wireless RF Remote Activation System

A Chilipepper On-Demand Hot Water Recirculation System gives Hot Water in Seconds with Just the Push of a Button. Chilipeppers Easily Install Under a Sink and Connect with Standard adaptable Stainless Steel Hoses, No Plumbing or Soldering is needed. One Chilipepper Can supply Hot Water to an complete Home. Chilipepper pumps are On-Demand, Meaning That They Operate Only When Needed, Saving significant Energy Over Timer-Operated Pumps. The Chilipepper is a Great purchase Too. Chilipeppers are the Strongest Pumps Available for the Price. Comparable competitors’ units sell for 500+. You will Save Over 270 purchasing a Chilipepper Over a Comparable Competitor’s Pump. The Chilipepper Comes With Everything Needed For Installation – Except for 2 Stainless Steel Hoses which may be bought at any hardware store. The Chilipepper Kit comes with the Chilipepper CP9000 pump, 1 Brass Sensor Fitting, 2 Brass T-Fittings, 1 Wireless Remote Transmitter, 1 Plastic Container/Bracket and 1 bubble Container with cover for Sound Reduction.

Wilo 2067550 Top S 1.5 by 30 Wet Rotor Hydronics Circulating 115-Volt vs Saniflo 010 SANISHOWER pricing

Wilo Top S Two Speed CI Pump 1. 5 x 30 115VSKU: 2067550This pump is made from mix of stainless steel, polypropylene and metal impregnated carbon. It is major feature is the 2 speed motor. This is a wet rotor – “seal less” design type pump. Great for residential and light commercial applicationsPermitted temperature range -20&deg C to +130&deg C, shortly-term operation (2h) to +140&deg CPre-selectable speed phases for manual capacity adjustmentPump communication depending on simple plug technology that may be reliably retrofittedCombination flanges PN6/ PN10 (DN 40 to DN 65)Cataphoretic coated pump housingThermal insulation shell as standardAutomatically VentedExtensible motor protection, signal and display functions1/4″ suction and discharge gauge tappingsFor all hot-water heating systems, air-conditioning systems and closed cooling circuitsFlanges aren’t inculded. Plans.

96.86 GPM Diesel Semi Trash Pump with Electric/Recoil Start

ADP20E Features: -Water pump. -Electric and recoil start. -Excellent fuel intake. -4 Cycle engine. -Air cooled. Finish: -Black; Red. Material: -Aluminum. Hardware Material: -Iron. Corrosion tolerant: -Yes. Dimensions: -Inlet and outlet size: 2″. In general Height – Top to Bottom: -23″. In general Width – Side to Side: -16″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -20″. In general Product Weight: -78 lbs.

DiversiTech CP-22 HVAC Condensate Pump with 22′ of Lift, 120V, Red/Black vs Saniflo 010 SANISHOWER review

The CP-22 is suited for use with condensate from HVAC systems as well as high efficiency furnaces and humidifiers which produce acidic condensate. This rugged pump has 22 feet of lift, in comparison to the common 20 feet. The CP-22 has some features and benefits as well as vibration dampening feet and motor mounts, metal hang tabs, four versatile inlet holes, an easy to understand display display, a simple float switch and check valve. Integrating the CP-22 into your system is easy. 1/4″ inch fast connect terminals supply easy connection to the fitted overflow switch. Two terminals are provided allowing the installer flexibility to connect air handler shut-down. Switch features SPDT lonely contacts prepared for connection to building automation systems.

BACOENG – AC 110-120V 160PSI 5.1L/min -High Pressure Diaphragm Pump, Misting Booster Pump Sprayer for Caravan/RV/Boat/Marine

Specification: DP -160 Voltage:110-120V Flow:5. 1L/min Pressure :160PSIInsert/Outlet size:3/8Pogoda-Type straight joint; 3/8Thread-Type straight joint Type: 3 Chamber Diaphragm Ports: 1/2″-14 NPSM-Female Liquid: 136 60 Max Self-priming: 6 feet inside 2M responsibility cycle:Intermittent Dimension/pc :161010. 5cm.

Taco SR504-4 Switching Relay, 4 Zone vs Saniflo 010 SANISHOWER price

Taco Switching Relays add obviously-labeled PC board layouts with advanced features that let you to totally customize your system. And if you are using basic priority switching, Taco Plug-In PowerPort Cards or add-on power controls, tailoring the system never been easier. External display lights give you instant diagnostic feedback, making service calls or new installation start-ups a snap. All switching relays are UL listed, use standard “ice cube” replaceable relays and are well-matched with regular and programmable thermostats. For bigger jobs, switching relays may be extended up to 20 zones with priority. With the exclusive Taco PowerPort Plug-In Cards, you may be able to easily add such features as post purge, priority protection and pump exercise. Any expandable switching relay may also interface with the Boiler Reset Control and Injection Mixing Add-On Power Controls. Mix-and-match as required to customize the system.

SaniVITE: Pump Macerator

SaniVITE BENEFITS The SaniVITE is a system that can be used to install a kitchen or laundry room up to 16 feet below the sewer line, or up to 150 feet away from a soil stack. The SaniVITE system is intended to connect with: 1- This SaniVITE gray water pump 2- Any Sink 3- Any Dishwasher 4- Any Washing Machine The Sanivite is a gray water pump that’s ideally suited for use in a basement apartment or anyplace in the house where extra fixtures are most wanted. It’ll pump waste water away from a range of resources like: a kitchen sink, laundry sink, washing machine (indirect connection), dishwasher, bar sink, etc. The Sanivite model was intended to sustain the toughest applications meant for gray water pumps. Its pumping potential and distinctive design are the reason why these range of pumps are favored for heavy responsibility applications. SaniVITE INSTALLATION The SaniVITE is simplicity itself to install; there are just four connections. 1- Drains from wanted bathroom fixtures are connected to the SaniVITE pump (ie shower, tub, sink, etc) 2- The pump is connected to a vent system. 3- The pump is connected to the drain pipe. 4- The pump is connected to the electrical supply. And you are done SaniVITE FUNCTION The inside of the SaniVITE is made up of a pressure chamber, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the pump. When the water enters the Sanivite, it activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor. The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure. A spindle/shaft drives the impeller so the moving parts are kept to an complete minimum. Water enters the chamber and is pumped away into the sanitary sewer. SaniVITE WARRANTY: Full 2 year maker warranty for fix or substitute.

mills 500-A CLEAN-O-MATIC 1/3 HP pump. 16-42gal;115V 1ph. vs Saniflo 010 SANISHOWER reviews

Clean-O-Matic 300-A and 500-A The heart of the 300 system is a 1/10 HP centrifugal pump which delivers a 4. 5 GPM flow through the flush hose. Intended with no bearings or seals engulfed in the liquid, pumps are virtually abrasive-tolerant. Pump discharge jet creates tank agitation to loosen dirt and grime as parts soak. Model 500 features the same tank as the 300 with a more powerful 1/3 HP centrifugal pump and hydro-jet manifold. Pump flow capacity is 40 GPM through the manifold or 18 GPM through the adaptable metal hose.

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  2. Saniflo 021 SANISWIFT Residental Gray Water Pump, White
  3. Saniflo 052 Descaler 1.2-Gallon Bottle, White
  4. Saniflo 052 Descaler, 1.25-Gallon
  5. Saniflo 008 SANIVITE Gray Heavy Duty Water Pump, White
  6. Oatey 39016 Sure-Vent Air Admittance Valve with 1-1/2-Inch by 2-Inch PVC Adapter, 2-Inch

Models to consider:
LF2WP-65 20S-CIMFP0S4100X MA0343X-42460GU 0013-SF3
370E-98 UP10-16BU/ATLC316A-95 CP-22186863LF AQ2246
L10 Pump Bundle 3-45 230vSS30T 3AB2LCB1H2D0IQP-120 4-MDQ-SC
EFP1.5H 185011LFPAM-300HD QP3TI6050U5014 60J59
T51S10-4 UP15-42Fbaby 12v 4HFA2LF3TWP-9 2P017
GWTP-201 4HU73LE41A 50DWXU6.75SLHB08100088 0013-F3-1IFC
BGLR20BF 009-SF5PB4-60Q LHB08100081CP-22 FP4022
SB300 009 BF5-JVCMA-20ULS THP-4070007ZFIFC 006-B4
6840-2J03-B221 SE2RL-E5HCPERP1000-JG-S 102208LFSB-175 JBMMG3
6840-2J03-B221 VCMA-15UL0012-SF4 3-MDQX-SCUP10-16BU/ATLC FP3212-12
ERS30M1 2P5XA4JPG4 LMB15107992370E-98 L10 Pump Bundle
3AB2LCB1H2D0 LF3TWP-9HL29014 RAGE30584MPNA-007-WP-70061 LHB08100084
UP15-42F 3-45 230vLF2WP-65 006-BC4185011LF 7870-101Y-SB
EC333120T QP3TILMB15107993 R099A-USK200PI-3 009 BF5-J
BGLR20BF 2800EHBHXL13GX THP-4070AC-5C-MD 230V T51S10-4
LF3WP-65 WIP90FP4022 AC-5C-MDP0665 X1048
VCMA-20ULS 006-B4SS460BX731PG HSJ20N0013-F3-1IFC PAM-300HD
50DWXU6.75S FP0S4100XLF3WP-65 0013-F3-1IFCSHPF2.0 JBMMG3
SS465BEXP 006-B414S-CIM 189165LF4JPH5 CP-22
DCT-15000 L10 Pump BundleAC-5C-MD 230V CP-2260J59 GWTP-201
3-MDQX-SC THP-4070JSU50 HBHXL13GXCWS100 185011LF
MA0414X-7 WP-3680R099A-USK 0012-F4PAM-300HD baby 12v
2P017 FP3212-12WIP90 UP15-42FLHB08100088 6050U5014
IQP-120 X1048007ZFIFC LHB08100081Sb-1-14 2800E
VCMA-20ULS ERS30M1UP10-16BU/ATLC A-007-WP-700612460GU 186863LF


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