April 21, 2017

Some info about 10,000 BTU (Shinco)


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  • 980 wattage
  • UL/CSA Approved
  • 9.2 amperage
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General description

The Shinco 10,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 300 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy and the 2-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly during the room. Digital controls offer exact temperature modifications, and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioner from across the room. Self-evaporative system, no water tank. The condensing water is recycled to enhance the efficiency through cooling condenser. Over-cold protection, three minutes restart delay function. Wind blows upward and anti-frozen function under cooling. Two filters design and active carbon filters optional.

Compare with similar products:

Classic Accessories 52-028-161001-00 Side Draft Evaporation Cooler Cover, Model 3 vs YPL310-C

The Side Draft Evaporation Cooler YPL310C Cover by Classic Accessories gives maximum protection for evaporation coolers keeping weather, leaves and dirt out of the motor while decreasing drafts, sound and heat loss. The tough Hurricane fabric protects against rain, snow, sun and dirt; doesn’t have to be shrink wrapped and is engineered to be up to 200-% stronger and 80-% more water tolerant than cotton canvas. A vent panel decreases inside condensation and wind lofting, and an adjustable side lacing system gives a fast and secure fit. This three sided cover isn’t meant for use if the cooler is in operation.

The Origal Handy Cooler Small Fan & Mi-, Pk

Small fan that can cool air up to 30F. This revolutionary evaporative cooling fan is the closest thing to a hand held mini air conditioner. Use it outdoors or keep it indoors as a desk fan. Gives light cool breeze. Uses evaporative cooling technology. Add water to soak the cooling filter. Ambient air is forced through the wet cooling filter and cools down. Works best in dry and hot climates. Completely movable and mobile, take it literally anywhere you want. Rotatable turbine wheel lets modification of the cool breeze of air. Humidifies air – makes breathing comfy and alleviates allergies. Variable power control. Stands by itself on any flat surface. Comfy adjustable leather strap. Ergonomically intended, user-friendly and easy to use. Environmentally friendly. 4xAA batteries let 5 hours movable operation. Connect to USB (cable included) or home socket power (sold individually) for uninterrupted operation. Will include dedicated 60ml water bottle, USB cable and 1x cooling filter. Best for hot flashes, home and office use, camping, outdoor sports, watching the game and more. Mere 12oz with batteries loaded. Cooling filter life expectancy: 1 year. Patent-pending. Variant 2. 0.

29"W x 29"D x 29"H Down Draft Heavy Duty Canvas Cover for Evaporative Swamp Cooler (29 x 29 x 29)

Product Features: intended to protect your evaporative cooler from rust, corrosion, water damage and mildew. Each evaporative cooler cover is made from a lasting, long-lasting canvas material intended to perfectly fit your cooler and give you many years of protection from the elements. Each cover will include a draw rope at the bottom to securely tighten the cover around the cooler. When the cover is made, the maker adds a couple of inches all around to be shrinking and minor cooler-size variations, which will ensure that the cover will maintain the correct size for your cooler through the years. Oversized to let for shrinkage and external cabinet features.

Dyna-Glo 360 Degree Radiant Lp Tank Top Heater – 35000/30000 vs YPL-310C

Economical radiant heat in any direction. DYNA-GLO 360 Degree Radiant LP Tank Top Heater features a high output 360 degree burner and stainless steel reflectors for economical warming of big regions. Variable output control allows you to set the heater to meet particular conditions. Fitted safety switch automatically shuts off flame if heater is tipped over. Rustproof chrome guard keeps hands away from burner. Fast connect feature and two-screw assembly attaches easily to propane tank (tank sold individually). CSA certified.

Soleus KY-80 /Dehumidifier/Fan/

Our evaporative movable a/c unit offers a 38. 4 pint dehumidifier that decreases unwanted moisture using our distinctive evaporative procedure, by removing moisture from the air and drips onto the condenser. The condenser evaporates the water and exhaust it out of the exhaust hose with the hot air. If the water isn’t completely evaporated it’s dripped into a small pan, then pumped back up to be evaporated by the condenser. Features a programmable timer that shuts the unit on/off and remembers all settings, with a sleep mode that automatically increases set temperature to conserve energy. LCD remote control operates and displays all settings. The single hose exhaust system gives fast spot cooling and 2 speed fan with adjustable louvers increases circulation. Also will include a washable and reusable air filter that decreases dust and other airborne particles, and heavy responsibility casters attached for easy portability. More powerful, more dependable and more energy economical.

GARRISON 1028237 Mi-Split Ductless, 12K, vs Shinco 10 000 YPL310C pricing

Garrison Inverter ductless air conditioners supply buyers with cooling solutions that are environmentally friendly using R410A refrigerant. Conserve energy by cooling or heating only the spaces where you’re. Inverter heat pump technology constantly changes output to maximize comfort and minimize energy cost. Will include remote control for easy operation. Features dehumidification mode, louver position memory, auto-restart,turbo mode, sleep mode. Temperature display on indoor unit.

Global YPF1-12C 12000, Medium, vs YPL-310-C

Enjoy movable cooling with the world Air Electronics 12,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner. The 12,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 400 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy with dehumidification up to 2. 8 pints per hour and the 3-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly during the room. Digital controls offer exact temperature modifications, and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioner from across the room. 24 hour On/Off Timer allows you to create a cooling schedule without wasting electricity; Washable and Reusable air filter saves money on replacements; Unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use. Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow in depth installation information in the Owner’s Manual. Don’t use extension cords).

Haier HPB10XCR 10000 vs Shinco 10 000 YPL310C review

Meet your interior weather needs with help from the Haier 10000-btu movable air conditioner. It’s ideal for spot cooling rooms of up to 350 sq. Ft. This Haier 10,000-btu room air conditioner may be used in single spaces inside a big house, also as in smaller standalone regions. It can supply both cooling in the summer and additional warmth in colder months. This silver and black Haier air conditioner features three cool settings, three fan settings and three heat settings. It has a convenient 24-hour on/off timer that may help to increase efficiency and decrease power intake. This heat/cool air conditioner also has a dehumidify mode to help decrease moisture in the air. It comes with a fast-install window kit.

Keystone KSTAP12A 12,000 115-Volt "Follow Me" LCD

The Keystone KSTAP12A 12,000 BTU 115-Volt movable Air Conditioner cools rooms up to 600 square feet. It has electronic controls with LED display and a temperature sensing, full-function “Follow Me” LCD remote control allowing you to conveniently see, set and maintain the room temperature from across the room. The no-can design will include a adaptable exhaust hose and castor wheels so this movable unit will keep you cool wherever you go. Plus, it has a full 1-year parts and labor warranty and a restricted 5-year sealed system warranty also.

Ducted Evaporative Cooler, 3000 cfm, 1/2HP vs Shinco 10 000 YPL310C price

Technical Specification Item Ducted Evaporative Cooler Drive With Air Flow 3000 cfm Drive Type Belt Speed 1 Motor HP 1/3 Voltage 115 Discharge Side Width 28-1/8 Depth 28-1/8 Height 33-3/8 channel Opening Length 13-5/8 channel Opening Width 13-5/8 Pad Thickness 2 Pump Voltage 115 Water Capacity 8. 4 gal. Operating Weight 193 lb. Color Cool Sand will include 115V Pump Compliance & limitations Compliance and limitations None This listing is for each. _DELETE_.

Arctic Wd

Keep cool this summer with Arctic Wind’s 10,000 BTU movable air conditioner. Perfect for cooling a room up to 450 square feet, this 3-in-1 unit functions as an air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier. Features are an auto evaporation system with a no-can design, a convenient remote control and a window venting kit. Plus, multi-directional wheels assures fast and easy mobility.

Hesse MC61A 5300 CFM 3 Speed Evaporative Cooler vs Shinco 10 000 YPL310C reviews

The Hessaire 5,300 CFM Evaporative Cooler is compact in size, and the performance exceeds coolers of a much bigger size. This performance is achieved through expanding air-intake regions to the hi-density XeL50 rigid media. These coolers have 3 media panels instead of a single panel found on most mobile coolers. 3 panels let more air-intake area and decrease pre-rotation of the air to the prop, which translates into lower static pressure and more economical air delivery to the prop. The hi-density XeL50 media gives 80 more evaporation surface in comparison to regular density media. That means higher evaporation efficiency and cooler temperatures. Note: This unit isn’t an air conditioner so uses less energy and saves more on electricity costs.

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Models to consider:
WA-1410E AA14FCF0012000GS MPG-10CRN1-BH9ARC-12SDH EAC211TS
GC55-MD LP1013-RBHPY08XCM WPAC08RARP-1314 AC-12000E
SF-615H APN12JRMC-55R7 AC-10000Edat30j DPAC12012P
CP14 PAC-13ipac08ks WPAC12RPZP08S RPAC14DZHB
EVC350 AP10002BLPACJS2400 PAC-A130HPEARP-5008 PE7-10R-03
KY-80E9 DB GMCN100BAC-12200H FFRA1022Q1AKPD12CR4 CL201AE
CS10XE RMC-55R7RN50W WA8070ELP1015WSR AC-10100E
WA-9000E FRA053PU1OP60 PAC290SRBWA8070E AP10002BL
ARP-51400HA KY-80E9 DBWA-9040DE LP1015WSRipac08ks PE7-10R-03
TRPSRCOOL12K AC-10100ECCDD373742 4RNP2WA-9010E AP12000S-KF
MPG-10ERN1-BH9 NP100002OAC 3632 CAP-14DR1SFJS2SF-615H NPC1-12.5C-W
GMCN100B MES 6000-teRMC-FA150 DGD LP0814WNRSENP/10 FCF0005000GS
PACJS2400 048-GM-48161P09B dat30jAKPD12CR4 13C653


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