April 21, 2017

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Wilton 11696 6-Inch Cross Slide Drill Press Vise.

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Pana 371 Solder Station

PanaVise is a big make 11696 of Vises and Work Holding Tools. PanaVise’s Tilt, Turn & Rotate technology was applied to the product line, allowing for maximum efficiency and various uses All PanaVise merchandise are covered by a restricted Lifetime Warranty Introducing the Panavise 371 SOLDER STATION, Keep your soldering iron and solder close at hand This distinctive accessory is perfect for use with the 308 and 312 Base Mounts. Combines a soldering iron holder, controlled-feed solder/wire holder (for standard-sized spools), and two nib sponges with self-purging slits. Attaches easily to the 312 Parts Tray Base Mount or to the 308 Weighted Base Mount. Mounting screws/nuts are included. Can also be used as a freestanding unit and is easily attached to a bench or wall restricted. Lifetime Warranty.

Yost s 640 4" Combination Pipe and Bench Mechanics with 360-Degree Swivel Base

The Yost Vises mix pipe and bench mechanics vise has a 360-degree swivel base and mounts to a workbench to offer clamping action for professional applications. The 360-degree swivel base changes the direction of the jaws for correct placement. Hand-tightening the lock handle on the base secures its position. The compact body is made of cast gray iron with a tubular frame and was powder coated for increased durability. It has a flat part that acts as an anvil and extra work surface. The hardened-steel jaws have grooves for improved grip and may be replaced when worn. The jaws draw closer together or farther separately by turning the vise handle clockwise or counterclockwise. The major screw is lubricated and is enclosed in a tube to protect it from damage. The tube is supported both internally and externally inside the vise to decrease wear on the bar and vise when clamping. A rubber washer on either side of the handle prevents unwanted sliding when turning, and the balls on each end unscrew to enable substitute of the handle if worn.

Yost s 750-DI 5" Heavy-Duty Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench with 360-Degree Swivel Base and Head

The Yost 750-DI weighs up to 50 more than the competition. The ductile iron body is 2X stronger than cast iron Vises. Extreme Grip Machinist Jaws feature deeper serrations to grip parts better. Self Align Pipe Jaws conform to the part they’re gripping, decreasing marring and rising clamping pressure. The 360 degree Gear Lock Swivel Base prevents the Vise from turning once it’s locked down. The fast Action Pull pin lets you to rotate the Vise quickly and easily. There are 12 different locking positions. This Vise includes a strengthened anvil and 4 mounting tabs to securely attach it to the work Bench.

75mm Vacuum Base Table Vice

VACUUM TABLE VISE WITH STANDARD HEAD. Table Top Vise For Metal Working, Jewelers & Hobbyists This is a new table top viseUsed for metal working, jewelers and hobbyistsIt rotates 360 degrees and has a 90 degree tilt adjustmentComes with protecting rubber jaws and holds on a vertical surfaceHas jaws that measure roughly 3″ (76 mm) and opens to 2″ (50 mm) full thread. Blue or Green color.

TECHTONGDA 6" Milling Machine Lockdown High-precision CNC Pliers Milling (item# 290021)

Description This product is major attachments to precision millings grinders nc machines. When active mouth of the tongs level migration, above it half sphere can have a vertical down pressure, so the clamp work part can not surface the ship. The mouth of the tongs opens the opening to be possible to act as indicated by four firection changes. Plans Product Code: QM160 Mouth of the tongs width: 160mm Mouth of the tongs altitude: 45mm Biggest clamping force: 29KN Localization width of key: 18mm Screw rod six square head widhts: 19mm Diameter of screw: M16 Foundaton scale interval: 1 Chassis two set groove center distances: 275mm External dimensions: 450298157mm(LWH) Weight: 25KG Item included 1 set 6″ Milling Machine Vise (290021).

Pro-Grade 59115 Heavy Duty Swivel Bench Vice, vs Wilton 11696 pricing

Pro-Grade merchandise are intended and built with one goal in mind- to equip you with the best value available in Professional Quality Hand tools. To ensure long-lasting durability and performance, we start by using only premium quality raw materials like Chrome Vanadium Alloy, chrome Nickel and High Carbon Tool Steel. Exact manufacturing methods and rigorous quality control are then added so that every product will meet or surpass A. N. S. I. In fact we are so sure of our product’s quality; every item is backed up by an Unconditional substitute Warranty for the life of the tool. With that in mind you’ll find this Heavy responsibility Workshop vise with 30,000 -psi castings and 270 degrees locking swivel base and replaceable jaws a must for any shop or job site.

HFS (Tm) 4" Milling Machine Lockdown – 360 Degree Swiveling Base – Hardened Metal – CNC – Install Bolt Included. Blue,

1. Use highest quality ductile Iron 80000 PSI for minimum bending. 2. The enclosed lead screw and sliding surface are harden and ground. 3. Highest clamping power. It's correct and lasting. 4. This Vise is so intended that the horizontal force generated by tightening the handle pushes the semi-sphere inside the movable jaw and thrusts the movable jaw down. The workplace doesn’t move up, if it’s held at the top of the jaw plates. 5. Four setting positions of the jaw plates are available, widening the jaw plates opening. Model – 15979 Jaw Width – 3. 93" Jaw Opening 3. 93" Jaw Height – 1. 26" Base Height – 1. 3" Weight – 37lbs / 17kg.

Northern Industrial Woodworker’s – 9in. vs Wilton 11696 review

This fixed-design woodworker’s vise lets oversized work to be held securely on the bench top and supply clamping pressure on the whole depth of the workpiece. Front jaw has holes to let for optional wood facings (not included). Made of high-grade casting with chrome-plated spindles. Jaw Capacity (in. ): 8, Jaw Depth (in. ): 3, Jaw Width (in. ): 9.

Yost s 934-AS 4" Medium-Duty All-Steel Combination Pipe and Bench with 360-Degree Swivel Base

The Yost Vises 934-AS 4″ medium-responsibility all-steel mix pipe and bench vise has a 360-degree swivel base and mounts to a workbench to offer clamping action. The 360-degree swivel base changes the direction of the jaws for correct placement. Hand-tightening the two lock knobs on the base secures its position. The body is made of cast steel and has a black painted finish for light corrosion protection. A flat part on the body acts as a strengthened anvil and an extra work surface. The top jaws are made of hardened steel and may be replaced when worn, and the fitted pipe jaws are cast steel. Both the top jaws and pipe jaws are grooved for improved grip. The jaws draw closer together or farther separately by turning the vise handle clockwise or counterclockwise. The major screw that controls the jaws was uninterrupted rolled for high strength and is covered by a bar to protect it from damage. A rubber washer on either side of the handle prevents unwanted sliding when turning, and the balls on each end unscrew to enable substitute of the handle if worn. The base has three 0. 5″-diameter holes for mounting hardware (not included). SpecificationsJaw width (nominal)4″Jaw opening (nominal)3-1/2″Throat depth (nominal)2-1/4″Pipe capacity1/4″ to 1-1/8″in general dimensions5 x 5 x 13 inches (H x W x D)Weight17 lb. H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back. Vises use the clamping action of jaws to hold a workpiece in place for applications like drilling and sawing. Vise styles are categorized by how the device is mounted. As an example, bench vises mount to a benchtop; drill press vises screw to a drill press; and woodworking vises fit underneath, on top, or to the side of a workbench. A vise’s jaw opening and throat depth should be big enough for the workpiece. Yost Vises manufactures a large range of vises, as well as bench-mount, woodworking, and drill-press styles. The company, founded in 1908, is headquartered in Holland, MI.

6.5" Reversible Bench WIL-14600 vs Wilton 11696 price

4600, Multi-function Mechanics Vise – Swivel Base, 6-1/2″ Jaw Width, 8″ (9-3/4″ Reversed) Jaw Opening, 4″ Throat Depth Jaw opening expands to an unbelievable 9-3/4″ when reversed When jaws are in normal position, jaw width measures 5-1/2″ large with a 8″ opening Replaceable, hardened tool steel jaw faces Swivel base with four mounting lugs lets for 360 swivel Two big anvil work surfaces Two lockdown bolts are funished to ensure stability Height 10 inch, WidtH, 10 inch, Length 18 inch Pipe Jaw Capacity 1/8 – 3 1/2 ” Throat Depth 4 ” regular, 3 ” reversed.

Big Horn 14510 Pen Blank Centering

When drilling repeated on-center holes, this is the vise you need. Position the vise by closing it on a around rod chucked in the drill and fasten it to the table. The left-hand right-hand lead screws move the jaws at the same time, centering anything placed in the vise. Opens to 2-1/4 inches and will center square blocks up to 1-1/2 inches. The space under vise jaws accepts spoil material up to 1/4 inch (not included). Made from hard aluminum with brass nuts and plated steel lead screw.

Eclipse EWWQR7-NA Quick Release Woodworking Vice, Gray Cast Iron, 7" Size vs Wilton 11696 reviews

fast release trigger opens and closes the vice quickly without using the major screw. Fitted with an adjustable front stop or dog that gives an extra clamping building when used with a bench stop, to offer a normal vice and a rear vice in one tool. To increase safety, the fused tommy bar will bend before the vice can become over-stressed.

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Models to consider:
RWS4002SJ D688G7155 WSRLE46LMS3142 LMS2675
1780A D2933380-RK BV-CO30PHV859A D688
BIHH6464A MAV-3.5WL14800 400MDTD2730 RWS405XST
335-PANAVISE MR-380TG-420H MSO100-BD3126 D-688
SB1249 H75758436MVC D3250D4026 M7WW
SDT-460 G1064D4093 WL14600100-VISE B00VUGKIKA
D50-33A D2255RKT-8200A D3127WL21500 D688-SD
50-VISE D810EWWQR10-NA 226304ZRWFV6.5 2702S063
17E52 SB1250KTI-64106 8433MVCD4095 10WW-CA
TMW-37 M7WWD2730 D688D2255 D810
D4074 SDT-510RWS4002SJ 8436MVCD2933 RWS4008SJ
MR-380 PHV859ADJ6S 380-RKD-688 100-VISE
D50-33A D688MSO100-B RIDGE55004WSRLE46 17E52
KT-6150P RKT-8200AMR-365 B00VUGKIKAKT-8300AP KTI-64106
MSD-4710800 SB12491780A SDT-460D3127 WL14600
D4093 D3250226304ZR WL21500D3229 BV-CO30
M1038 BIHH6464AAPMV-001 H7575G1064 400MDT
D2255 MSD-4710800SDT-460 WFV6.5RIDGE55004 LMS2675
50-VISE 100-VISEBV-CO30 MR-365PHV859A BIHH6464A
10WW-CA WL21500LMS3142 KTI-64106MR-340 D810
WSRLE46 EWWQR10-NAMSO100-B KT-8200AP1780A D3126
D3127 MR-325D688 RWS405XSTFSV-4 8433MVC
D2730 1275NG7155 Gyr-9190M7WW G1064
D688-SD WL14800G5750 MR-3808436MVC SDT-510
337-PANAVISE 2702S063SB1250 226304ZRD50-33A TMW-37


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