April 21, 2017

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  • Motor: adopting the technology of German electrical machinery
  • 110V-120V 60Hz 450W, a hi/lo/off switch on the air curtain, also comes with a free heavy duty door switch; air volume: 1200 CFM, air velocity: 3150 FPM.
  • Fire proof and anti-erosive metal case, easy to clean slim body
  • Easy to open, convenient design which does not use screws; optimized electrical machinery, reliable and safe runs for 5,000 consecutive hours
  • Overall size: 35-1/2″(length) x 10-3/8″(height) x 8-5/8″(depth, front to back); UL listed
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Air curtain blower for commercial application, fire evidence and anti-erosive metal case. Thin body easy to be cleaned. Strengthened blower. Best for food service building. Motor: Adopting the technology of German electrical machinery, it runs smoothly.

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Friedrich Ductless Mini-split Cooling System 18000 Btu 230 Volt 18 Seer vs FM-1509-SA1

No ductwork? No problem very FM-1509SA1 calm, sleek and energy-economical, ductless split systems are the smart way to cool rooms without ductwork- those without windows or outside walls The complete line, as well as hard-to-find 115v wall-mounted models, utilizes Inverter Technology which lets systems to reach the wanted temperature faster, maintain it more precisely, and decrease energy costs SEER ratings up to 22. 0 If you have one or more rooms without outside walls or windows, a wall-mounted ductless split system will work beautifully The indoor air handler is sleek, unobtrusive and calm You need only a 2″ clearance from the roof, so you will have lots of placement alternatives All systems come with a remote control, so units high on the wall are easy to operate Unit made up of the indoor and outdoor unit One part orders both units.

conditioner covers- Winter Full AC Cover for total protection – waterproof top – Premier – 28x28x28ht – Almond Top/Black Sides

Premier Full Covers: have a 100 Waterproof Top. With tight mesh breathable sides. They extend the life of your ac unit against the severe elements of winter’s damaging storms, rain, hail, ice and snow. Greatly tolerant to sunlight, mold, mildew, moisture and temperature extremes. All our Full Covers are lasting and made of tough, tight mesh synthetic fabric, PVC-coated. This cover doesn’t because rusting parts by moisture being trapped inside like a full cover (top and sides) of vinyl, plastic or another water- and air-tight coverings. Moisture, is the major because of failing to electronics, electrical connections, switches and metal parts. Each buy holds directions for fast and easy installation, 1/2″ poly (500 lbs. Break strength) strapping with nylon buckle (non-rusting) are included for secure attachment. We offer a full 5 year maker’s warranty. 100 refund as well as your postage, paid by us if you aren’t totally pleased inside 30 days. For more sizes or types, go to the top of the listing and click on PremierAcCovers Ships from and sold by PremierAcCovers. “.

Allertech Vent Guard, 16" x 60" ( 20 Vent Filters per Roll)

More uses -enough for 20 vent filters AllerTech vent guard is great for filtering contaminants scattered by way of car and window air conditioner vents. Decrease your contact to pollen in warm weather by putting vent guard over window screens. Take a roll of vent guard to work to protect yourself from “sick building syndrome”.


Cooling capacity 11700/11500 Heating capacity 11000/10800 EER 10. 5/10. 8 Cop 3. 1/3. 1 Voltage 230/208 Amps 5. 7/5. 7 Moisture elimination (Pt/Hr) 3. 6 CFM (high/low) 290 Weight 112 R410A refrigerant DigiSmart control board technologies to maximize your energy saving capability New Tangential indoor fan for super-calm fan operation New pullout filters for easy cleaning New 7-button touch pad design for best and simplest guest operation ever New easy to clean condenser coil with removable shroud Room freeze protection Fits business standard 42″W x 16″H sleeve 3. 5KW electric heat 20 Amp (6-20P) input the Amana brand DigiSmart PTAC with antenna, joint with the self-installable, wireless Thermostat and Occupancy Sensor give the property owner complete control over the equipment settings and can decrease PTAC energy handling by 35 OR MORE.

HA-602 Replacement for kenmore Conditioner Remote Control 309342606 works for 253.72055200 253.72055201 253.72088200 253.72115200 253.72156200 253

HA-602 is our 2016 new design and development for air conditioner remote control. It replaces kenmore air conditioner model number(Part Number): 309342603 309342606 309342608 and works for kenmore Air Conditioner Models: 253. 70069000, 253. 70186000, 253. 71055009, 253. 72175, 253. 73229301 253. 70069001, 253. 70186001, 253. 71055010, 253. 72175200, 253. 73259 253. 70069002, 253. 70229000, 253. 71055011, 253. 72229, 253. 73259300 253. 70088000, 253. 70229001, 253. 71069101, 253. 72229200, 253. 73259301 253. 70088001, 253. 70259000, 253. 71156100, 253. 72259200, 253. 74106300 253. 70088002, 253. 70299000, 253. 72106100, 253. 73106200, 253. 74106301 253. 70088003, 253. 71055000, 253. 74131400, 253. 73299, 253. 74299 253. 70106000, 253. 71055001, 253. 74131401, 253. 73299200, 253. 74299300 253. 70106001, 253. 71055002, 253. 74131402, 253. 73055300, 253. 74299301 253. 70125000, 253. 71055003, 253. 74131403, 253. 73055301, 253. 75088300 253. 70125001, 253. 71055004, 253. 72055200, 253. 73125301, 253. 75088301 253. 70125002, 253. 71055005, 253. 72055201, 253. 73156301, 253. 70125003, 253. 71055006, 253. 72088200, 253. 73185300, 253. 70135000, 253. 71055007, 253. 72115200, 253. 73229, 253. 70156000, 253. 71055008, 253. 72156200, 253. 73229300, NOTE: (1) This Model list may not be a complete list. Maybe other kenmore air conditioner can use this remote control. Be sure your old kenmore remote control is the same or alike with item picture the RIGHT” ones (2) This isn’t a common kenmore air conditioner remote control (If you aren’t clear about our item, contact us) (3) NO battery inclueded (4) verify that this is the correct model for your unit previous to ordering.

Conditioner Cleaning Kit (Standard (FCU Length less than 950 mm)) vs Awoco 1200 CFM FM-1509SA1 pricing

The AIRCONcareTM Kit is intended to let any homeowner to clean their own ductless split air conditioner fan coil unit without the annoyance and danger of dismantling the unit. The secret to our system is in the cleaning solution which is a ‘super-detergent’ that effectively washes away all traces of biofilm without damaging the air conditioning unit at all.

Replacement Remote Control Fit For LG 6711A20083R AKB73635603 Condtioner vs FM-1509-SA-1

Package: General package in PP bag. Shipping: All of merchandise will ship in 1-2days from China. Warm info: Place the order after making sure the model can fit for your machines, and to those whom place wrong model order by themselves, you may be able to ask a return ask or replace the right one, however we will not take any responsibility or reimbursement. Any doubts or needs, don’t hestitate to mail us. Thanks.

WinnerEco Universal LCD A/C Remote Control Controller for Conditioner vs Awoco 1200 CFM FM-1509SA1 review

Introduction: By using this product, you may be able to remotely control most brands and models of air conditioners. Big LCD screen, digital auto code searching, low power intake, long transmission distance. Specification: Size: 13 x 5 x 1. 5cm/5. 1 x 2. 0 x 0. 6in Control distance: 8-10M Power: 2 x AAA battery(not included) Weight: 57g/2oz Package Included: 1 x A/C Remote Controller 1 x User Manual.

Battic Conditioner Cover

Through the wall AC Cover in general Height/Width/Depth 21/30/6 Inches Antique White Insulated Molded Plastic Fits Over although-Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners Up To 19 Inches High, 27-3/4 Inches large, 6 Inches Deep Attaches To Wall bordering Air Conditioner Using 4 Turn Clips (Included) Prevents Entry Of Cold Outside Air Mounts to Inside Wall.

Rubber-Cal " Ventilator White" Ventilation Duct Hose (Fully Stretched), 16-Inch by 25-Feet vs Awoco 1200 CFM FM-1509SA1 price

PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric hose strengthened with a spring steel wire helix & external wear strip. All hoses ends have a belted cuffed end for easy installation. Suggested for industrial air motion applications. All hoses ends have a belted cuffed end for easy installation. Aerospace, Air channel Cleaning, A/C Ventilation, Blower Hose, Chiller, Cold Air Supply, Confined Space Ventilation, Dehumidification, Fans and Blowers, Flame Retardant, Flight Simulators, Function Tent HVAC, HEPA, Humidity Control, HVAC, Laser Engraving, Mining, Pet Training Hose, Rocket Support channel, Safety Equipment, Smoke Ejectors, Utility Blowers, Ventilation, Wave Pool Blowers.

GOLD COLOR AC Remote Control For Carrier, Trane, Toshiba, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Haier, LG, York, Midea, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Kelo

Silver Color. THIS MODEL HAS BOTH A FAHRENHEIT SCALE AND CENTIGRADE FOR USE IN THE USA. Digital auto code searching function Easy setting, simple operation, original look comfy and convenient to use fitted clock and timing ON/OFF function Constant temperature display Design code patented Number 200810023186. 7 Uses two AAA (No. 5#) alkaline batteries (INCLUDED). GUARANTEED TO WORK OR YOUR MONEY BACK If the device isn’t well-matched with your system we’ll refund the full buy price (less the shipping costs) if the device is returned in the original packaging inside 14 days. Programming information & Code List Included Note: Not suited for Carrier RV Rooftop A/C systems or movable A/C units as well as Window A/C.

PremierAcCovers – Leaf Guard Summer Open Mesh Conditioner Cover – Keeps Out Leaves, Cottonwood and Debris – 32×32 – Black vs Awoco 1200 CFM FM-1509SA1 reviews

Summer/All-season air conditioner covers will keep the bottom of your a/c unit clear of leaves and debris increase, This cover can be left on while the unit is running. When leaves or debris decay they give off acidic gases that eat at your ac unit’s copper tubing, by making small holes that let freon to escape, causing your compressor to fail. PremierAcCovers extend the life of your unit preventing rusting parts by moisture being trapped inside Our covers are lasting and made of tough, synthetic fabric, pvc-coated polyester breathable 1/4 inch mesh, We offer a Full 5 year maker’s warranty. 100 satisfaction guaranteed or you money back as well as shipping inside 30 days. Each buy, holds directions for fast and easy installation, no tools needed. Four nylon long lasting bungee cords are included. Made in the U. S. A. With American made materials.

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Models to consider:
HCDZ-X16403 BARNET-594244P9A19PM1 MASF060-N1GMS-0582X AEW18DT
ARUF60D14 GMS-0602XGSZ140181 STD2144-3EHS-OBWA-0822S GMS-0570X
AW16-021-01 RG52A2/BGEFFI3430ACRBLK FM-3509L/YKT05S LS141235MS-HV
WJ94X10236 50K (100Pcs)ESA424 UT08015CT-351 GV0887
GSZ140301 Akb35706904RP1418AJ1NA GSX160301FI-3430ACSBLK3 FFRA1222R1
IKT-VBRABS-SX4 AW7-021-06M09CJ 20K (100Pcs)HCDZ-X09667 GMS-0557X
BM-8740.1 MOTOR-010-01Gz-12a-e1 Akb35706904HCDZ-A6342 R51m/e R51/e
50K (1000Pcs) UT0600530K (1000Pcs) 50K (100Pcs)EBR73739203 A AF35-04
30K (1000Pcs) EBR73739203 AGSZ140481 RUVLAMP1/CLPN272-1UD-OB GSZ140241
25HBC348A0060010 IKT-VBRABS-SX4WJ94X10236 BM-8740.1LS1412FF50W PAC-US444CN-1
BARNET-594244 D1036LS141250MS-HV GSZ140181GSZ140301 HCDZ-A4771
EBR64110551 A 25K (100Pcs)M24YJ FFRA1222R1HCDZ-A6342 50K (100Pcs)
GMS-0570X AXSVA1GMS-0582X 20K (100Pcs)10K (1000Pcs) UT06005
GX-02 AYSVB01AELMDFTCOMSLD3471 AC3HBM-8736.1 R51m/e R51/e
UT08015 50K (1000Pcs)CT-351 TSB-2438LS1438FF50W Canserin 1849
HCDZ-6277 RG52A2/BGEFWA-0822S MASF036-N1GSX160301 ERPP6
HCDZ-6259 20K (100Pcs)MOTOR-010-01 AEW18DTAC0100-US GMS-0604X
MOTOR-010-01 P9A19PM1Canserin 1849 AEW18DTELMDFTCOMDEF3457 5K (1000Pcs)
CP05G10B AYSVB01AHCDZ-3333 20K (100Pcs)VPAL2 25HBC348A0060010
PAC-US444CN-1 WJ94X10236BM-8740.1 ARC-EH-131GD8HBC3RH AW12-021-02
F270500 UT08015MASF036-N1 Canserin 1849LS1438FF15W CZAC9
DG30 LS141235MS-HVOSK102 BM-8736.1HCDZ-6277 KT05L
20K (1000Pcs) BARNET-594244GSZ140241 GMS-0570XRP1418AJ1NA LS1412FF35W
8DBK-SCSS GSZ140481LS1412FF50W GSZ140301GMS-0602X 50K (1000Pcs)
HCDZ-X16692 AW7-021-06M09CJ D1036FFRA1222R1 EBR73739203 A


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