April 21, 2017

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  • 3 speed fan with directional air discharge louvers / Dehumidifier function
  • 24 hour programmable timer / Thermostat adjustable from 62 – 88F
  • For a lower BTU version please see PAC801W or for more BTUs see PAC1401W
  • Energy Requirements: 115 Volts/60 Hz; 11.9 Amps; 1340 Watts; Dimensions: 27 3/4″ H x 16 3/4″ W x 14 1/4″ D
  • Direct drain option that allows you to run the unit 365 days a year without having to empty any water accumulation
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

The super compact Koldfront Ultracool 12,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner (PAC1201W) is one of the new additions to Koldfront’s award-winning line of movable ACs. It fits in small spaces and is easy to store while delivering a frigid blast of cold air that you’d expect from a much bigger unit. This compact movable air conditioner is able of cooling up to a 400 square foot room and offers a three speed fan function and a dehumidifying function. This unit is an excellent value for those that need a great price but do not want to sacrifice quality or features in their buying choice. This Koldfront movable air conditioner also has an adjustable 24 hour timer, so you may be able to set it and forget it. This is a great unit for situations in which you need a stylish unit that gives powerful cooling and versatile operation. Super Compact movable Air Conditioner: At just over 2 feet high, this Koldfront movable air conditioner fits nearly any space and is easier to store Self-Evaporative System: The PAC1201W offers an auto drain exhaust system that generally removes the have to empty any water from the unit. It also offers a direct drain choice that lets you to run the unit 365 days a year without having to empty any water buildup Energy Saving Design: Use the digital thermostat and 24 hour timer to save on your energy costs by setting this unit to run only when you have to stay cool Year Round Versatility: Use this unit year-round to dehumidify your area when air conditioning isn’t obliged.

Compare with similar products:

AEY05LV 5,000 Window, White vs PAC1201-W

Stay cool throughout the warmer PAC1201W months with the General Electric AEY05LV 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. It comes in a neutral white finish that lets it to blend in with the outside of most houses. It has two cooling modes and many fan speeds, so you may be able to make the room cool or cold, based on the temperature outside. Easy to install, this EZ mount window kit is an ideal choice for any decent-size room.

TPI EVAP36-3 36 Evaporative Cooler- Three Speed

Cool off with this Heavy responsibility Evaporative Cooler 36″ Direct Drive, 1/2 HP – 12. 4 amps, 120 Volts Cools up to 2500 sq. Ft. 15-25 degree swing based on weather and humidity 3Speed Motor – CFM 9600/6600/4800 interior water 32 gallons Features 3/4″ garden hose connection for longer operating times Shipped totally assembled, prepared to use Made in the U. S. A. Dimensions 23 x 62 x 67.

Classic Accessories 52-028-161001-00 Side Draft Evaporation Cooler Cover, Model 3

The Side Draft Evaporation Cooler Cover by Classic Accessories gives maximum protection for evaporation coolers keeping weather, leaves and dirt out of the motor while decreasing drafts, sound and heat loss. The tough Hurricane fabric protects against rain, snow, sun and dirt; doesn’t have to be shrink wrapped and is engineered to be up to 200-% stronger and 80-% more water tolerant than cotton canvas. A vent panel decreases inside condensation and wind lofting, and an adjustable side lacing system gives a fast and secure fit. This three sided cover isn’t meant for use if the cooler is in operation.

Arctic King WPPH-08CR5 8,000- Cool Only, White vs PAC-1201W

This 8,000 BTU Cool Only movable Air Conditioner offers a can-less evaporation system, an electric control panel with digital read out, 24-hour timer on-off, LED display, C/F degree, auto restart function, four operation mode, Cool/Fan/Dry/Auto, two-speed fan, and an easy-mount single exhaust hose and window kit included.

Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 29,000 -Cooled

Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 29,000 BTU Air Cooled movable Air Conditioner This powerful air conditioning unit is a tough, rugged and powerful cooling unit that will quickly cool down big spaces. If you want something with a bit more power than this powerful, movable and rugged air conditioner is a great choice. The Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 is ideal for hospitals, data centers, and other commercial/industrial settings and gives 29,000 BTU’s of powerful coolingEasy installationPortable castersQuiet OperationFor commercial and industrial settings that require calm, the Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 offers the powerful cooling and calm operation needed. From hospitals to data centers; you may be able to make sure that you’ll feel the cool break without all of the sound frequently related with other air conditioning units. Special Features IncludeA powerful CFM of 1560Includes a convenient auto reset featureThis movable AC unit is both strong & lasting Easy to operate & installOffers targeted spot coolingFeatures an overflow protection systemInternal Fiberglass Insulation Targeted Spot CoolingThe powerful Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 29,000 BTU movable air conditioner is a great choice if you need powerful targeted cooling. With directional nozzles that let you to change the airflow to exactly where it is required; the Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 makes it simple to cool down any space. Features auto RestartOne of the great features of the Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 29,000 BTU movable air conditioner is the auto restart feature. This awesome feature assures that it can continue cooling after a power outage, without any have to reset or restart the unit. Once the power is restored, the Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 will automatically come back on and continue cooling without any more interruptions. High Velocity OperationThe Koldwave 5KK30BGA2AA00 air cooled movable air conditioner features a 1560 CFM which will give you remaining 29,000 BTU’s of cooling power. This ou.

MovinCool Office Pro 18 Commercial vs Koldfront 12 000 PAC1201W pricing

Delivering 16,800 BTU/hr cooling capacity possible from a regular 115V power source, the Office Pro 18 movable air conditioner acts as a computer room air conditioner to help businesses cool their heat-sensitive office systems and protect against the loss of data. The Office Pro 18 features easy-to-use programmable controls that let auto operation after-hours or throughout weekends when heat can because damage to costly office equipment. Also, the unit can be configured to let dehumidification also as cooling, making water damage restoration fast and easy. The Office Pro 18 makes spot cooling solutions a breeze through its self-contained, movable design. No expensive installation is needed because the Office Pro 18 movable air conditioning unit can simply be wheeled in, plugged into a regular 115V power source, and switched on to instantly supply up to 16,800 Btu/hr. Exhaust channel obliged usually.

Frigide FFPA1422T1 Gray 14, 000 with Remote Control vs PAC-1201-W

Frigidaire 14, 000 BTU movable air conditioner gives cool air where and when you need it in a room up to 700 square feet. Wheels let you to easily move the air conditioner from room to room and the included window venting kit makes setup fast and easy. With our auto-swing louvers, you’ll get more air distribution as the louvers automatically circulate cool air during the room. Effortless temperature control maintains the predetermined temperature so you’ll remain comfy. Plus, effortless restart automatically resumes operating at its last settings when power is restored to your unit after a power outage.

37"W x 37"D x 42"H Side Draft Heavy Duty Canvas Cover for Evaporative Swamp Cooler (37 x 37 x 42) vs Koldfront 12 000 PAC1201W review

Product Features: intended to protect your evaporative cooler from rust, corrosion, water damage and mildew. Each evaporative cooler cover is made from a lasting, long-lasting canvas material intended to perfectly fit your cooler and give you many years of protection from the elements. Each cover will include a draw rope at the bottom to securely tighten the cover around the cooler. HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT SIZE? – When the cover is made, the maker adds a couple of inches all around to be shrinking and minor cooler-size variations, which will ensure that the cover will maintain the correct size for your cooler through the years. Again, note, the cooler cover is oversized by some inches relative to the listed size to let for shrinkage and external cabinet features. – NOTE ABOUT CHAIN SPLITS: Standard side-draft cooler covers don’t come with chain splits. This is a feature that must be added at an extra cost. Contact the seller if you need chain splits added.

Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set

Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set Introducing the new Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball set that grows with your child. The height changes to four different sizes. The adjustable rim changes in six inch (15. 2 cm) increments from 30″ (76. 2 cm) to 48″ (121. 9 cm). This basketball set will include a big backboard and tough rim with a real woven net. The base features two fitted drink holders or they may be used as ball storage. The base may be weighted with sand or water (not included). Six-inch basketball included. Just the right size every time for your growing athlete. This is a great compliment to any yard or playroom.

Tripp Lite Rack-Mount Cooling Unit, AC, 7,000 (2.0kW), 120V, 8U, 5-15P Plug (SRCOOL7KRM) vs Koldfront 12 000 PAC1201W price

The SRCOOL7KRM Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit pumps 7,000 BTU/h (2. 0 kW) of close-coupled cooling power into your IT equipment to prevent shutdowns, malfunctions and failures caused by overheating. This space-saving, energy-economical unit is perfect for data centers, server rooms, network closets and other environments with heat-sensitive rack-mounted equipment and restricted floor space. The self-contained SRCOOL7KRM mounts just like any other rack equipment in 8U of space at the top or bottom of a rack enclosure. A magnetic air dam attaches to the front door of the rack enclosure to ensure that equipment draws cool air from the SRCOOL7KRM instead of drawing warm air from the room. Because it only cools the equipment inside the rack enclosure, the SRCOOL7KRM is more economical than solutions that cool an complete room to accomplish the same result. The SRCOOL7KRM filters the air, and its fitted evaporator removes condensation, also as the need for a floor drain or water collection tank. The 7-foot cord plugs into a regular 15-amp (NEMA 5-15R) outlet. The unit restarts automatically after power failures, and you may be able to use the fitted timer to schedule unattended shutdown and startup. The intuitive control panel will include a digital display and diagnostic LEDs to communicate operating conditions at a glance. The optional SRCOOLNET2 remote management accessory (sold individually) lets you to monitor temperatures, get alerts, review logs and control settings over the Ethernet network from any place via SNMP, Web, SSH or telnet. The SRCOOLNET2 accessory also will include an ENVIROSENSE temperature and humidity sensor that lets you to link cooling output with temperature readings up to 12 feet away.

LG Electronics LP1014WNR 115-volt with Remote Control, 10000

Room to room, house to house or home to work, LG’s LP1014WNR 10,000 BTU 115V movable air conditioner with remote control is the ideal weather-control solution for when you are on the go. With a sleek modern design, this free standing unit blends in with any room decor. The auto evaporation system lets for uninterrupted use without removing any water and with the programmable 24-hour on/off timer, you may be able to control the temperature when you are not there.

Lifetime 90073 Pro Court Height Adjustable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard vs Koldfront 12 000 PAC1201W reviews

Lifetime 90073 Acrylic Fusion 44-inch Pro Court movable basketball system has a 27 gallon Pro Court base and a 44-inch tough acrylic fusion backboard, giving you the confidence to go up strong without fear of breaking it. The 3 part, 2. 75 inch round telescoping pole joins the hard base and backboard. Our backboard integrates a clear playing surface with high-affect polyethylene frame, that gives a superior strength and pro-glass look. All graphics are screen-printed with UV-protected inks, offering fade-tolerant color. The movable 27 gallon base may be filled with 225 lbs of water or 378 lbs of sand. Made of polyethylene and blow-molded to form a seamless, one-part part that has superior strength and durability. UV-protected and will not crack or degrade outdoors. Product of the U. S. A.

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  2. Koldfront PAC801W Ultracool 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, White
  3. EdgeStar Extreme Cool Portable Air Conditioner and Heater
  4. Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, White
  5. Haier HPN12XHM 12, 000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner, 11, 000-BTU Portable Heater Combo Unit

Models to consider:
dat30j A0010205161AGLA-08C LP1014WNRRMC-FA125DGD HL12CESWW
KK-Duct12Y-25 AC-10100HLP1311BXR APAC140CCAP-10CR1SEJS CR2500ACH
AP14001HS WA-1150DERMC-LPC80DG HP08-000WA-1240H DPA140HUB1WDD
SRCOOL12K SPAZ10W60116X AC-10100EAC-12200E PACN110EC
CCDD383840 X-KY-80PE6-10R-03 QC18DVSPSAC18 HPYD13XCN
LP1414SHR FFRA1022Q1WD-4024 CM12SF-607H ACAN14
8,000 BTU HWR08XC7LP1217GSR PAC-AN135EWSWA-1410E 60116X
DAC080EB2GDB NPA1-10CB6-0002 HL12CESWWSENP/12 NPC1-12.5C-B
9100WB AP8018SPAE12W ARC-08WBA0010205161A SRCOOL7KRM
HWR08XC7 2OAC 3632LP1311BXR SENP/12ARP-51400HA PAC1401W
WA-9000E ARP-1314FFRA1022Q1 SF-607HLP0813WNR AP10002BL
KY2-100 NPC1-12.5C-WPACB12UI WA-1220MLP0814WNR NPC1-12.5C-B


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