April 21, 2017

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  • Three operational modes: Cooling / Dehumidifying / Fan; 14,000btu cooling power
  • Air volume (max) 497m3/h; Power consumption 1580W / 11.9A; Moisture removal 1.4 liters / hour
  • Recommended for 550-700 sq. ft., Digital temperature display and remote control
  • Noise level (H/M/L) 55.2/52.5/49.9; Refrigerant R410a/17.28oz; Power cord length 7 ft.
  • Product dimension 18.39(W) x 15.63(D) x 30.12(H) in., Net weight 73 lbs
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General description

Stay cool and comfy this summer with this new 14,000btu movable AC unit. Features independent Dehumidifying function. Sleek design with remote and LCD panel. Note: Exhaust hose installation obliged (complete fitting kit for standard set up included). Features and Functions – Three operational modes: Cooling / Dehumidifying / Fan – 14,000btu cooling power – Auto Re-Start (unit restarts at last function when power resumes after a power failure) – suggested for 550-700 sq. Ft. – Digital temperature display and remote control – 3 fan speeds – Fire tolerant PVC plastic housing – Removes moisture for personal comfort – Eco-friendly R410 refrigerant – Washable air filter collects dust particles – Casters for easy mobility – Choice of programmable timer (24 hours) or uninterrupted operation – Auto-swing louvers – Extendable exhaust hose – fitted water tank or uninterrupted drainage choice (hose not included) – Power cord storage – UL plans Cooling capacity 14,000btu / hour Air volume (max) 497m3/h Power intake 1580W / 11. 9A Moisture elimination 1. 4 liters / hour Window kit material 2-pc plastic kit (max 48") Thermostat 62 88 F Operating temperature Cooling 62 F to 95 F Dehumidifying 55 F to 95 F Control digital with remote Water tank capacity EER 8. 9 Power supply 115 V / 60Hz / 1 Phase suggested room size 550 to 700 sq. Ft. Timer 24 hours Fan speeds 3 sound level (H/M/L) 55. 2/52. 5/49. 9 Refrigerant R410a/17. 28ozs Power cord length 7 ft. Product dimension 18. 39(W) x 15. 63(D) x 30. 12(H) in. Package dimension 21 x 18 x 35 in. Net/Gross weight 73/82 lbs.

Compare with similar products:

Honeywell 52-Pint Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control, White vs WA-1420-E-SPT

The Honeywell 52-Pint Indoor movable WA-1420E-SPT Evaporative Air Cooler offers an energy-economical choice for cooling your home or workplace in the most natural way. Honeywell evaporative air coolers don’t require power-hungry parts like compressors. The low power intake translates into important savings on energy bills in comparison to using air conditioners. Just unpack, add water/ice, place near open door or window, plug it in and use. This unit is ideal for cooling medium to big rooms in any home or office. Four fan speeds and oscillating louvers evenly distribute cool air through the honeycomb cooling media, while the carbon dust filter cleanses the air. The unit consumes 230 watts of power and will include an auto shutoff timer. The electronic control panel is easy to use and the remote control allows you to operate your cooler from across the room. It has four lasting caster wheels which let you to easily roll the unit from room to room.

Shinco 10,000 Portable Air Conditioner /Fan with Remote Control in White

The Shinco 10,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 300 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy and the 2-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly during the room. Digital controls offer exact temperature modifications, and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioner from across the room. Self-evaporative system, no water tank. The condensing water is recycled to enhance the efficiency through cooling condenser. Over-cold protection, three minutes restart delay function. Wind blows upward and anti-frozen function under cooling. Two filters design and active carbon filters optional.

Haier Portable Air Conditioner, 8000, HPB08XCM (Certified Refurbished)

Stay cool with this White Haier 8000-BTU movable Air Conditioner. This 8,000-BTU movable model is ideal for spot cooling small rooms up to 250 square feet. With three cool settings and three fan settings, it’s easy to change to the wanted temperature. With a 24-hour on/off timer and a dehumidify mode, this Haier movable air conditioner is equipped to meet your interior weather needs. A fast-Install window kit is included for allowing the unit’s exhaust to pass through any horizontal or vertical opening window. Using the completely directional casters, you may be able to easily move the unit around your home for cooling in any room. Maintaining this 8000-BTU air conditioner is simple, with a slide-out washable mesh filter. Auto evaporation technology makes manual draining needless. With the electronic controls and digital display, it’s easy to operate. Haier 8,000 Btu movable Ac, Hpb08xcm-lw.

Plasma Cool PC-14E Portable Air Conditioner

The most powerful movable air conditioner you may be able to get on a household circuit. The Plasma Cool PC-14E delivers 14,000 BTUs for extraordinary maximum cooling power and now it comes with AutoDrain technologyTM, which means there’s no water to drain. The PC-14E rolls easily from room to room, mixing seamlessly into any decor. The Plasma Cool PC-14E movable Air ConditionerTM is intended to cool rooms up to 600 sq. Ft. Note: If your room has a heat source like direct sunlight or computer servers, the coverage area can be reduced.

First Team Rampage Select Portable Basketball Hoop System

36″x60″ Acrylic Backboard The Rampage movable basketball goal is by far the best performing movable basketball hoops in its class. No other movable basketball hoop offers this level of rigidity, portability and simple height modification at such an cheap price. Infinite rim height modification may be made with the easy crank handle located on the back of the vertical mast. The rim height display labels find out rim heights from 10′ to 6’6″. The Rampage uses our exclusive crank-up design, which is far superior to alike objectives using “spring-slide” techniques.

Kool King MPG-10CRN1-BH9 10000 Portable AC Remote vs 14 000 cooling WA-1420E-SPT pricing

The KOOL KING 10,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner features fluent and thin design, eco-friendly refrigerant, a calm can less evaporation system. Auto Start, Auto Swing, adaptable Installation Kit, “Follow Me” Remote Technology, can less design, Sleep Mode, 24-hour timer, Garden Hose and Casters for mobility, 3 Speed Cool/Fan, Washable Filter.

Friedrich PH14B 13500 – 115 volt – 9.5 EER ZoneAire series portable room air conditioner with reverse cycle Heat Pump

Zoneaire is like having many appliances in one convenient unit: an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, a fan and a heater (heat pump PH14B only). It is practical and adaptable: because the unit can move with you to any room, you get cooling exactly when and where you need it. The dehumidification keeps your space comfortably dry, and there is no can to empty. When you just want a light breeze, switch to fan mode. Remote control included.

Honeywell HL14CHESWW HL Series 14000 Portable Air Conditioner with Heater, White/White vs 14 000 cooling WA-1420E-SPT review

The Honeywell hl series 14,000 BTU movable air conditioner with heater combines 4-in-1 technology into one luscious and sleek body, cooling, heating and dehumidifying regions up to 550 square feet. With cooling and heating functions in one, this unit is available for year round use, keeping you cool throughout hot summers and warm throughout cold winters. It features an auto-evaporation system, a dependable dehumidifying function also as a conventional three-speed fan-only function delivering optimum cooling, dehumidification and new ventilation. The full-function remote control lets you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a fixed air conditioner unit, the Honeywell movable air conditioner requires no permanent installation and the smooth-gliding caster wheels supply easy mobility from room to room. Plus, it comes with everything needed as well as a adaptable exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit.

Whynter ARC-142BX 14000 Portable Air Conditioner

The Whynter compact CFC-free, lead-free and energy economical 14,000 BTU movable air conditioner, helps you stay cool while working with better environmental standards and decreasing energy intake. This high output movable air conditioner is specially intended to be mobile and is most usually used in data closets/server rooms, bedrooms, classrooms and garages/workshops. It features an CFC-free GREEN R-410A refrigerant and lead-free RoHS compliant parts. It gives superior 14,000 BTU cooling output while maintaining a compact and movable profile. This unit features advanced self-evaporating technology, which uses and recycles moisture collected throughout the cooling procedure to produce cool air and minimize condensate build-up. It includes an auto-restart function which it automatically restarts on the last settings after power outage. The unit may also be programmed with a 24hr timer to activate or shut-off at predetermined times. Features a separate dehumidifying mode that enables it to be used as a dehumidifier. A washable Pre-Filter and Activated Carbon Filter are standard on this air conditioner to help keep the cooled air cleaner and fresher. This unit combines smart style and remarkable cooling output for the most calling for applications. It’s suggested for spaces up to a 500 sq. Ft. (ambient temperature and humidity will influence performance). Extra Features: LCDI (Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption) plug; Dehumidifying Capacity: 71 Pts. /day; Direct drain choice for uninterrupted operation without extra condensate buildup; 4 speed fan with directional louvers; Adjustable thermostat control vary from 62 Degree – 88 Degree; Casters for easy mobility; 24 hour programmable timer; sound level (dBA): andlt;53; Extendable exhaust hose (up to 59″); Upgraded Plastic window kit included (Max. 48″ max length); Refrigerant: R-410A; Power supply: 115 V/60Hz; Unit dimensions: 19. 25″ W x 15. 75″ D x 32″ H; UL listed.

Outsunny Youth Indoor/Outdoor Adjustable Height Portable Basketball Hoop Set vs 14 000 cooling WA-1420E-SPT price

This great complete movable basketball hoop with an adjustable height is the ideal choice for young aspiring basketball players. This hoop can be adjusted to go with the players size and skill level, with a 3-part telescoping pole that changes the rim height from 62″ to 85″. The movable base with fitted wheels lets you to move the hoop anywhere easily, so you may be able to take the movable basketball system quickly to where you want to play. Features: – Easy assembly – fast and easy height modifications – Material: Powder coated steel frame – lasting construction – 2 easy-rolling PP wheels plans: – Rim changes from 62″ to 85″ – in general height (with backboard) changes from 78 1/2″ to 100 1/2″ – Backboard dimensions: 28″ large x 17 3/4″ tall – Rim outside diameter: 16 1/4″ – Weight: 24 lbs.

RCA RACP1206 12000 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control

The RCA RCAP1206 3-in-1 movable 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner is perfect for cooling rooms up to 500 square feet. The no-can design has an auto evaporating system for worry-free operation. The 3-in-1 operation will include cooling, dehumidifier and fan. It has digital controls with LED display, 12-hour digital timer and a full-function remote control allowing you to control this unit from across the room. Extra features are caster wheels for easy moving and an installation kit for fast and easy setup.

Honeywell Eco-Friendly Quiet Operation Portable Indoor Air Conditioner with Built-In Dehumidification and No Bucket, No-Drip Auto-Evaporati vs 14 000 cooling WA-1420E-SPT reviews

Honeywell calm Operation 14,000 BTU Indoor Air Conditioner with 115V60Hz Plug and fitted DehumidifierThe Honeywell movable Air Conditioner with 14,000 BTU’s has a sleek, modern design cooling and dehumidifying regions up to 550 square feet. With 3-in-1 technology, 3M electrostatic filter and an environmentally friendly compressor, this movable air conditioner delivers optimum cooling and dehumidification. The also has a fan-only function. The full-function remote control lets you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a fixed AC, this unit requires no permanent installation and four caster wheels supply easy mobility between regions. Plus, the auto-evaporation system lets for hours of uninterrupted operation with no water to drain or no can to empty. This model comes with everything needed as well as a adaptable exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit. The window vent may be removed when the unit isn’t in use. Product Description• 14,000 BTU movable air conditioner cools regions up to 550 sq. Ft. • No can, no-drip design uses auto-evaporation system• Dehumidification up to 95 pints per 24 hours• Digital LCD display with feather touch controls• Full function remote control• auto shutoff timer from 1-24 hours• Powerful air flow (265 cfm)• calm operation (54 dbA)• Washable, pull-up 3M electrostatic filter (back access)• Castor wheels easily rolls unit from room to room• R410A eco-friendly refrigerant• will include window venting kit.

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  2. SPT WA-1420H Portable Air Conditioner with Heater, 14000 BTU
  3. Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control – Black/Silver
  4. Whynter ARC-142BX 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  5. Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)
  6. LG Electronics LP1415WXRSM 14000 BTU 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Technology

Models to consider:
YPC-012C NP10000ipac08ks WC-1/3HPAOSCNS-14W-AC FFPH1422R1
CCDD292929 OP18X-KY-80 MN10CESTM-PAC-08E3 PAC C100
ARC-12S NPA1-10CPSH-141A KSTAP12APAC-A130HPE B6-0002
PAD6048/G-5 AP13500GKY-80 1-VS-HFS-WHTCV10CTXW PACHR3600
PE6-10R-03 HPRB08XCMPAD6019/22 CL30XCTM-PAC-08E3 YPL310C
B6-0002 PAC-A130HPEAP13500HG OP36CM12 PSH-141A
AP12018 APAC120SMP08CESWW TN-09EED-3C A0376AS0
ARP-7014 LP0813WNRYPN2-12H 1513-HWV08XC5PAC2K361S ARC-14S
RMC-FA150 DGD 69 poundsAC-10100E CCDD373742FK-39 CCSD626262
PAC2K363S B8400WYPC-12c C100EFRA084ZU1 CR13000PAC


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