April 21, 2017

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  • Clean with the natural power of steam on and above your floor
  • Multiple cleaning attachments allow for cleaning a variety of surfaces above your floor including appliances, countertops, windows, grout, and hardware
  • Flip down EasyScrubber on the foot makes removing tough, sticky messes on your floor simple and easy
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

A 2n1 steam mop with power new technology. An integrated steam pod lets you to clean above your floor with specific tools.

Compare with similar products:

Shark Pocket Blast & Scrub For All Hard Floors (Bonus Set) S4701 vs 1544-A

Forget about the mop and 1544A can or to get on your hands and knees to clean floors. Use the Shark 2-in-1 Blast & clean Steam Pocket Mop to deep clean and sanitize your sealed wood and hard floors. It also changes to a handheld steamer to tackle all your above-floor messes. The Shark 2-in-1 Blast & clean Steam Pocket Mop is convenient, fast, and powerful. Its Low-High setting Electronic Intelligent Steam Control gives full control for the right amount of steam needed, sanitization on hard floors with no chemical residue. Push the Engage Scrubber/Head Release Button when you meet a tough, stuck-on mess to release the mop head and feel the Blast & clean Technology delivering high-pressure concentrated steam joint with the onboard scrubber to clean stubborn stains. The cleaning pad features the patented Shark Steam Pocket design, which will include 2 distinct sides for twice the cleaning in just one pad. Sanitize with Rectangle Mop Head only, not in Blast & clean Mode and not with above-floor accessories. 25′ ft cord. Not for use on unsealed floors. See Owner’s Guide for information. What is in the Box? (2) Rectangle Washable Steam Pocket Pad. (1) Washable Blast & clean Pad. (1) Triangle Cleaning Heads. (2) Triangle Cleaning Pads. (1) Above-Floor Accessory Hose/Direct Steam Nozzle. (1) clean Blast Above-Floor Accessory. (1) clean Blast Pad. (1) EZ Reach Above-Floor Accessory. (1) EZ Reach Pocket Pad. (1) Easy Fill Water Flask. This bonus set will include 4 washable pads (2 triangle, 2 rectangle) a 40 value.

O-Cedar Microfiber

The 1st steam-mop from O-Cedar, a reliable name in floor care since 1906. The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop heats quickly from plug-in to steam in only 20 seconds. This steam mop will include a snap-on glider to refresh your carpets, and is light weight coming in at only 5 pounds. The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is a great family and eco-friendly choice as it kills 99. 9 of bacteria without any cleaning chemicals (tested on E. Coli bacterium). The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam mop is a great choice for all sealed hard floor surfaces as well as tile, wood, vinyl and laminate. The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop will include a 2-year maker’s ensure.

Haan Versa Pro BS-20 Turbo Technology Variable Cleaner w Handheld

Using Turbo Steam Technology, the HAAN VersaSteam Pro BS-20 has a burst of powerful steam to manage any mess This steam mop changes into a handheld steamer at the touch of a button. Clean every surface in your home from the kitchen to bathroom, living room, and bedroom with a choice of three different steam settings. HAAN steam cleaners supply chemical free, natural, safe, and environmentally friendly home cleaning.

1806 Power Fresh Deluxe

The Bissell power new deluxe steam mop uses the natural power of steam to clean and sanitize your floors quickly and easily, eliminating 99. 9percent of bacteria and bacteria. Use the on board spot increase brush to clean away tough, sticky messes. Leave your room smelling as clean your floors by using the spring breeze scent discs. When used as directed. Tested under controlled lab conditions.

HAAN SI-75 Power & Finesse

HAAN’s given you the best of both worlds with the Power & Finesse, a powerful handheld steamer stylishly nestled into a perfectly calibrated steam mop. For the 1st time ever in one easy-to-use steamer, get the power you have to blast away dirt and grime with the finesse you have to accomplish a clean, streak-free and dry floor. The HAAN Multi kills 99. 9 of household bacteria, bacteria and dust mites without chemicals.

Sienna Luna Plus Cleaning System vs Bissell 1544A PowerFresh pricing

SSM-3016 Features: -Luna Plus has 3 levels of steam control joint with sonic micro pulse vibration. -Micro pulse technology assists mop across the floor and breaks up dirt and grime with over 90 vibrations per second. -LED Headlight illuminates the cleaning path and highlights regions that need cleaning, allowing you to clean with more confidence. -Lighted control panel easily available soft touch control panel initiates all of the unit’s functions as well as power, vibration, LED lights and steam levels. -big cleaning surface uses a heavy responsibility eco microfiber pad that’s washable, reusable and attaches easily. -Luna Plus unit will include carpet glider kit, 2 washable eco microfiber cleaning pads, a custom fill cup, 12 part above floor accessory kit and a storage bag with a cleaning steaming head, window squeegee, eco microfiber pad, 4 nylon brushes, 2 brass brushes, concentrator nozzle, extension hose and a shoulder strap. Color: -White. Hardware Finish: -Plastic. Material: -Plastic. Number of things Included: -15. Dimensions: -Cleaning surface: 13″ W x 6″ D. In general Height – Top to Bottom: -46. 5″. In general Width – Side to Side: -13″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -6″. In general Product Weight: -8. 4 lbs.

EcoVac Dual Professional Vac + + Wet/Vac REFURBISHED

The EcoSteamVac Dual is made in Italy and is the All-In-One mix steam, vacuum and wet-vac appliance that’s perfect for anybody who wants to save lots of time in their weekly cleaning routine. You’ll love it if you’re ecologically minded, a pet lover, a parent of young kids or just anybody who wants a clean personal environment without the use of lots severe chemicals. Allergy patients will find this indispensible. EcoSteamVac Dual makes more sense now than ever before: 1) It steam-cleans and disinfects with just common tap water; there’s no have to use severe chemicals, detergents and pesticides. 2) you may be able to pick up spills and clean in one step. 3) The technologically advanced vacuum never loses suction; it’s bag-less and uses a water collection system with a vortex action that suspends in water everything it picks up ( microbes) so dust, allergens, dander don’t get redistributed into your environment. Make sure to watch our video to see how this works… it’s nothing short of amazing. The EcoSteamVac Dual comes with a broad variety of accessories that makes cleaning almost every part of your home easy. The Dual comes with a special hardwood floor setting, the 1st of its type, which moderates steam flow to clean and protect your hardwood floors. The steam boiler reaches 315 degrees Fahrenheit at an unbelievable 75 pounds of pressure that’s enough to totally kill Staph, Salmonella, eColi, fungus, bacteria that causes Sepsis and Pneumonia, and Flu (Influenza A). Other steam appliances only assert to deal with some different bacteria and only “up to 99”. For Allergy patients: Earned the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval for killing dust mites and decreasing allergens. It’s a simple idea: super-heated steam is all you have to clean the dirt, grease and grime you may be able to see and simultaneously can kill the bacteria that you may’t see. And, with it’s vortex vacuuming system, everything get’s picked up (dry or wet) and is easily disposed.

Shark Blast & Scrub Pocket vs Bissell 1544A PowerFresh review

Forget about the mop and can or to get on your hands and knees to clean floors. Use the Shark Blast & clean steam pocket mop to deep clean and sanitize your wood and hard floors in less time with less effort. The Shark Blast & clean steam pocket mop is convenient, fast, and powerful. Its setting electronic steam control gives full control for the perfect amount of steam needed, 99. 9percent sanitization on hard floors with no chemical residue. Use lo for general dusting, Med for everyday mopping, and hi for a hotter, wetter pad when doing a more thorough cleaning. And when you meet a tough, stuck-on mess, push the head release button to release the mop head and feel the Blast & clean technology delivering high-pressure concentrated steam joint with the onboard scrubber to clean stubborn stains. The cleaning pad features the patented Shark pocket design, which will include 2 distinct sides for twice the cleaning in just one pad. Versus mop and can with rectangle mop head only, not in steam Blast mode.

Fast SF-142 Multi-Surface

The Steamfast SF-142 Multi-Surface Steam Mop is a modern substitute for the mess and annoyance of a conventional mop and can. Using common water and absorbent Microfiber technology, the Steam Mop effectively and naturally cleans and sanitizes a large range of hard floor surfaces. Its washable microfiber pad removes the waste of disposable pads. The Steam Mop is ideal for sealed hardwood & laminate, stained concrete, linoleum, ceramic, granite, marble, slate and carpet (using the included Carpet Glider accessory). Model is made for 120 Volts only.

Monster SC60 Canister Cleaner vs Bissell 1544A PowerFresh price

Works With: Monster SC60 Monster 08-4002-02 Description:Monster SC60 Canister Steam Cleaner 1400 watt boiler, 41 oz water capacity, on board tool storage, stainless steel boiler, on/off steam control. 1400W boiler, 41oz water capacity, on board tool storage, stainless steel boiler, on/off steam control. 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty SC60 08-4002-02.

Sienna AquaPRO with Adjustable Control

The AquaPRO Steam Mop features the cleaning power of on demand trigger driven Adjustable Steam Control to dust, mop, and clean settings for most sealed floor surfaces as well as wood, vinyl and tile. The new AquaPRO steam mop heats up to 212F in seconds, is intended to access tight spaces easily with the triangular low profile swivel head, will clean and sanitize a range of floor surfaces, and easily switches from hard floors to carpets using the included carpet glider accessory. This new AquaPRO steam mop uses 3 smart steam control settings that are optimized for each kind of floor to attack dirt on all floor surfaces from tile to wood to carpets. The Sienna AquaPRO Steams, Cleans, Sanitizes using only water. When you’re done cleaning, just fold the unit in half for compact storage.

Shark and Spray + bonus pads (SK410W) vs Bissell 1544A PowerFresh reviews

The 1st completely integrated cleanser & steam cleaning tool on the market. When joint with Steam Energized Cleanser, the Shark Steam & Spray gives an higher level of cleaning performance. This powerful still light cleanser removes your toughest, stuck on messes. Shark Steam Energized Cleanser When activated with Shark Sanitizing Steam, Shark’s Steam Energized Cleanser becomes super powerful annihilating the toughest greasiest messes while the steam deep cleans and sanitizes. Customize Your Clean Wash and reuse your Shark Washable MicroFiber pad again and again or clean and toss your Shark Disposable SaniFiber Pad. Both pads supply excellent cleaning performance and are deigned for use on all your wood and hard floors.

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  3. Bissell Spring Fresh Scented Demineralized Water, 1394, 32 oz
  5. Nylabone Just For Puppies Starter Kit Bone Puppy Dog Chew Toys
  6. BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop, Blue, 1940A (Same as 1940)
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  8. Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop

Models to consider:
S3901WM 21H6SF-150 46B43WH20445PC S4701
GR-2N1 PD20100S3501-6pk 46B4SK410 S3251
SK460WM S3250C800949.M BS-10SF-142 SS460WM
S3601CO 94E9TWH20400 S6002S4701D S3973D
PSTMP20 1543AFH40165 SK3101SI-25 S3901D
BDH1850SM SSM-3618EC52D SM200SE450 SSP-5015
RU820 SCGH275SI-38 MW8110S3033 FT-1000
PROT3 QY101TR-227-001 1132AS3901 A230-C136
SI-75 sk5101SK460 SSC-0412PVNA0001B S3550
S2902 1867AS3973D SK410SK460WM S3501
SS20 KB-6622V-1BS-10 7786AC800949.M SSC-0412
SSM-3006 BDH1760SMPSTMP20 SI-3831N1 200CU
46B4 SF-825WHSF-150 S3601COFH40165 PVNA0001B
S3901WM S4701WM 31BDH1850SM S3501-6pkS3250T S4601WM
46B43 NV510WH20445PC S6002PD20100 S5003D
sk5101 1132AQY101 EC52DSK460 SKG 6 in 1
21H6 S4601S3550 S30331543A GR-2N1
BDH1720SM S3901SS460D SK3101S3601D SM200
SS20 S3901SM200 S3601COS3501-6pk TR-227-001
SF-294 46B41543A MW8110SS460WM se400
BDH1720SM PROT3SF-147WH S4701FT-1000 SSC-0412
SS-20 GR-2N1S3973D S3101S4601WM 200CU
S3601D WH20445PCNV510 1132AS3250T S3501
SK460WM 2032633-PK3SK460WM 1867ARU820 46B43
21H6 SI-75S3901WM S6002EC52D S3251
FH40165 SSM-36187786A SS460DEZ1-XL SF-825WH
S3550 QY101SK460 31N194E9T SI-38


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