April 21, 2017

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UP2699F Features: -Recirculator pump. -Material: Bronze and stainless steel. -Aluminum stator housing. -Stainless steel spherical separator. -Stainless steel / tungsten carbide rotor. -Stainless steel, epdm, pu, ptfe, graphite rotor and impeller. -Brass ms 58 pump housing. -PPO separation valve. -PA66/6 terminal box cover, motor cover. -Lexan light. -PVC cable, cable break. -EPP 55 insulating cover. -EPDM o’rings. -POM check valve. -Wet rotor design. -Composite impeller. -removes and prevents corrosive effects of new water. -Maintenance-free, low energy intake, easy to install, calm running. -Improved performance and efficiency. -Pre-program handling times to save power. -extra wiring obliged. -Adds to savings by operating pump by sensing the water temperature with optional timer and aquastat. -Flow range: 0 – 34 US GPM. -Head range: 0” – 384”. -Motors: 2 pole. -Phase: 1. -Maximum liquid temperature: 230 F (110 C). -Minimum liquid temperature: 36 F (2 C). -Maximum working pressure: 145 PSI. Will include: -2 Gaskets Included. Plans: -1/6 HP circulator pump cast Iron body (red) Boiler/ hydraulic heating ground source heat pumps radiant floor heating hydraulic and fan coil heating solar heating heat recuperation / heat pumps chilled water pumping. -Motor: 1/6 HP, 245 watt, 215 / 107 amps. -Voltage: 230 volts. Dimensions: -Connection: flange – (2) 05” diameter screw holes. -Dimensions: 6. 5” H x 6. 38” W x 4. 13” D.

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ShinMaywa 50CRXP2.75S Norus High Flow Stainless Steel Submersible, Horsepower vs UP2699-F

The ShinMaywa Norus Series submersible UP2699F pumps are some of the most dependable and lasting pumps sold today. On the outside it has a distinctive corrosion tolerant hardware design made of stainless steel and poly amide fiber strengthened resin.   also, it features a cast aluminum bearing housing, and a vibration decreasing bearing design which gives superior heat dissipation and structural honesty compared to competing pumps.   The Norus series pumps are the most dependable, highest efficiency, lowest lifetime cost of any pump in its class.

SEAFLO 2V 5.5 GPM 60 PSI Water Diaphragm Pressure

Features & Benefits: Positive displacement pump, Can run dry, calm operation, Demand Pump, Easy connect fittings, business standard mount pattern, fitted thermal protection, common Applications: farming Spraying, General Industrial, vehicle, Marine/RV, Type: 5 chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, self priming, able of being run dry Mode: Demand Liquid Temperature: 140F (60C) Max. Priming potential: 6 feet (1. 8 m) suction lift Max Pressure: 60 PSI (4. 1 bar) Inlet/Outlet Ports: 1/2″-14 MNPT Weight: 7 lbs (3. 17 kg) responsibility Cycle: uninterrupted Leads: 16 AWG, 4. 5″ long with/Leads, 2-Pin connector Voltage: 12v.

Rice Hydro MTP-5 Manual Hydrostatic Hand Test s, 500 psi, High Pressure /4" Outlet Hose, 8′ Length

Rice Hydro MTP-15 Manual Hydrostatic Hand Test Pumps, 1500 PSI, High pressure 1/4″ outlet hose, 8 foot length. Intended for testing small diameter water lines, in regions like landscaping, plumbing, and residential. Distinctive dual check valve system decreases water bleed-back and user exhaustion. Features and plans: 3/4″ swivel inlet, shut off valve, and rubber grip handle. Dual check valve system prevents water “bleed-back”. Less user exhaustion, shorter test times. Stainless Steel liquid filled gauge assures correct readings. With 3 Gallon Water tank. Weight: 12 pounds, Shipping Dimensions & Weight: 18 x 17 x 15, Shipping Weight: 15 pounds.

BN264 Sewage and Basin System vs UP-2699F

912-0005 Features: -Sewage pump and basin system. -High water alarms available. -Switches are installed 180 degrees away from inlet. -Hundreds of alternatives, easy installation, saves time and helps to eliminate installation errors. -totally preassembled sewage system for residential systems. -1 Year warranty. -Voltage: 115V. -Dimensions: 22″ H x 36″ W x 22″ D.

Yosoo Solar DC 2V Hot Water Circulation Brushless Motor Water 3M Low Noise (2V)Selling High Quality From Wasooo

The pump is perfect for the family home thermal solar systems or any circulation pump application where regular power isn’t available. Horizontal inlet and outlet with rotatable cap, easy installation. Max operating temperature up to 100C with External circulating water flow. Super long working life. Low intake & low sound. Amphibious design. Submersible installation and completely waterproof. DC 12V Hot/Cooling Water Circulation pump Inlet/Outlet: 1/2″ male thead Voltage: 12V DC Maximum Rated Current: 500MA Max Flow Rate: 6. 5 L/Min Max Water Head: 3 metre Max system pressure: 10Bar Max circulating water temperature: 100C Low sound: 30db at 1 metre Package Content 1 x 12V or 24V Hot/Cooling Water Circulation pump.

Rice Hydro DP-3B Hydrostatic Test, Triple Diaphragm, gpm Up to 550 psi, Pressure Testing, 4 Cycle Briggs and Stratton Engine with Oil Ale vs 1 6 HP 115Volts UP2699F pricing

Rice Hydro DP-3B Hydrostatic Test Pump, Triple Diaphragm Pump, 11 GPM up to 550 PSI, pressure testing, (Kappa), 4 cycle Briggs & Stratton Engine, with oil alert. Hydrostatic Test Pump. The DP-3B is a big volume medium pressure hydrostatic test pump. Intended to let handling of up to a 10 chlorine solution, suggested for testing water lines up to 24″ in diameter. Features and plans: 11 GPM up to 550 PSI; 163 CC 5. 5 HP, air-cooled, 4 cycle Briggs & Stratton Engine, with oil alert; auto Pressure regulator with inlet bypass; Stainless Steel liquid-filled gauge assures correct readings; Rugged roll cage construction, protects pump from damage; Weight: 116 pounds Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 25 Shipping: 136 pounds.

Davey Water Products BT4-30T2-USA Home Pressure Booster with Torrium II Controller vs UP-2699-F

Got low water pressure? A Davey BT Series booster pump can crack your low pressure woes by boosting your present water supply and giving you the final in strong, water pressure.  gives smooth, pressure for showers, sprinklers and all your household water needs. No more annoying pressure fluctuations when someone flushes a toilet or your well pump turns on. Unlike flow switch controllers that require a minimum flow before they’ll start, Davey BT pumps with Torrium-II controllers start as early as the faucet is opened and keeps the pump running till water is not obliged. But the technology does not stop there.. The Torrium-II control automatically adapts to changing conditions to out-smart every-day water supply fluctuations. From “The Land Down Under” where water is as precious a resource as anywhere, Davey BT booster pumps are economical, compact, calm, economical, stainless steel pumps. Easy to install, needing no modification and requiring little maintenance. May be used with water temperatures up to 150 DegreeF. Their corrosion tolerant construction can handle hard and acidic water supplies. 2 Year maker’s Warranty.

ConservCo 8-Inch Gulp UltaMax Manual Siphon vs 1 6 HP 115Volts UP2699F review

These self-priming manual siphons are intended to take off standing water from hard to reach places, and ideal for smaller jobs where a submersible is too much. The pump chamber is 14 inches long and has an outside diameter of 2. 25 inches, so it can fit into pretty tight places. The discharge tubing is eighteen inches long. An ergonomic handle gives a comfy and secure grip, and the smooth pumping action maximizes chamber capacity and can move big volumes of water fast. The chambers capacity is 8 gallons of water per minute. The fittings at the top and bottom of the chamber may be removed for easy cleaning. Note that this siphon is meant to for use with water only. Constructed from heavy-responsibility, corrosion-evidence materials, they’re lasting and long-lasting. They’re intended for heavy use and are the standard for irrigation and landscape professionals. Great for cleaning out fountains and fish ponds, removing water throughout pipe or sprinkler fix jobs, great for boaters as a back-up bilge pump, perfect for removing water in toilet or sink traps, or removing last bit of water when cleaning a spa or hot tub. The pump chamber is made in China. The discharge hose is made in the USA. They are almost indestructible and we back that up with an UNCONDITIONAL SATISFACTION ensure. If you don’t love it or if there’s ever an issue, we will fix it, replace it, or take it back and refund your buy price or give you credit on anything we make.

Grundfos 9856288 SCALA2 3-45 AVCBDF x5V 60 Hz Pressure Boosting

Scala2 is a completely integrated water booster pump perfect water pressure in all taps at all times – with many taps and Showers running simultaneously. It packs pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve into one compact unit. And with its intelligent pump control, Scala2 automatically changes performance to both inlet pressure and water intake in the home. Thanks to a water-cooled motor, Scala2 offers one of the lowest sound levels of any booster on the market. Scala2 features a fitted sensor, which constantly calculates the discharge pressure. If the pressure drops below the wanted level, Scala2 boosts its operation now to reimburse for the loss of pressure. We call it intelligent pump control and the result is perfect water pressure.

Superior 9570 /2 Thermoplastic Submersible Utility vs 1 6 HP 115Volts UP2699F price

The 91570 1/2-hp submersible sump pump from superior pump will move up to 3300 gallons of water per hour. Ulf listed and safe, this pump is made of corrosion tolerant thermoplastic with stainless steel impeller and 10 foot cord. This pump has a powerful, still energy economical (3. 8 amps) motor for longer life and durability. Equipped with a suction screen on the bottom this utility pump can whisk away water to 1/8 of an inch from the floor. One part motor housing, hard copper motor windings, exclusive superior motor and double seals on motor plate to decrease oil lose. Every superior pump comes with a in depth owner’s manual. The manual will include installation information, info on pump maintenance, special warnings also as warranty info. It’s greatly suggested that you read and understand the complete manual.

UP4375F Features: -Recirculator pump. -Material: bronze and stainless steel. -Aluminum stator housing. -Stainless steel spherical separator. -Stainless steel / tungsten carbide rotor. -Stainless steel, epdm, pu, ptfe, graphite rotor and impeller. -Brass ms 58 pump housing. -PPO separation valve. -PA66/6 terminal box cover, motor cover. -Lexan light. -PVC cable, cable break. -EPP 55 insulating cover. -EPDM o’rings. -POM check valve. -UP43-75F is a cast iron circulator with high flow, medium head characteristics. -Wet rotor design. -Composite impeller. -removes and prevents corrosive effects of new water. -Maintenance-free, low energy intake, easy to install, calm running. -Improved performance and efficiency. -Pre-program handling times to save power. -No extra wiring obliged. -Adds to savings by operating pump by sensing the water temperature with optional timer and aquastat. -Whisper-calm operation for sound sensitive installations. -Applications include, hydraulic heating, fan coil heating, Solar heating, and radiant heating systems. -Flow range: 0 – 45 US GPM. -Head range: 0” – 312”. -Motors: 2 pole. -Insulation class: F. -Phase: 1. -Maximum liquid temperature: 230 F (110 C). -Minimum liquid temperature: 36 F (2 C). -Maximum working pressure: 145 PSI. Will include: -2 Gaskets Included. Plans: -230 volt variant can be available upon ask. -Recirculator engine: 1/6 HP. -Power intake: 25 watts. -Voltage: 115 volts. Dimensions: -Connection: flange – (2) 05” diameter screw holes. -Dimensions: 12. 19” H x 8. 5” W x 8” D.

Rule Evacuator 8000 G.P.H High Capacity Dewatering vs 1 6 HP 115Volts UP2699F reviews

Evacuator 8000 – High Capacity Dewatering PumpBacked by the Rule brand of DC pumps, a brand enjoying over 45 years of operational excellence, the Evacuator 8000 represents the biggest entrant in the forthcoming Evacuator line of high efficiency movable utility pumps. Allowing a sizeable 8000 GPH flow rate, the EV8000 represents the highest flow rate offering in the Evacuator product series. Intended as an alternative to gas or diesel powered movable pumps, the EV8000 excels in work environments requiring fast, economical elimination of big concentrations of standing or flooding water. Alike to the other Evacuator pumps, the EV8000 benefits from the same groundbreaking power connection which lets for direct operation from your car’s 12V battery, via two heavy responsibility battery clips. Affect tolerant strainer protects against debris and jammingIntegrated on/off switch in supplied 25′ cabling, operational convenience away from the power sourceHarsh environment DC motor technology, proven in over 15 million operational units. Direct operation from a 12 volt car battery, flexibility in place and use. Expanded dry run time capability, preventing pump damage caused by discrepant water flow. Thermal overload protection for each motor in case of a debris jam. Volts 12.

Models to consider:
A-G12-C SE2UL E5HCP50CR2.25S GHP2626G25AN A-TRHD03-001
SDT-50557 57727-WYN1PUMP-12V SEP50MST2037 50CR2.4S
HCF-175 PSA2 500C3-100-PF 50CRXP2.75S57729-WYNG EV8000-103
PS2 500 AQUATEC-ERP-1000WSP33K1AA HYWP80-TPSTF2 400 AM004488
ST2WPLT-CA R400-1154008-101-A65 SVP100PC3F1558IUF00 SPM222
BT20-40 OT-20160119-0257811-WYN1 EV8000-103TP-250 A-G3672K
SFDP1-012-035-21 S3-100700PTP-1 G325AG300209DP MTP-15
DP-3B 57809-WYN150CR2.75S HCU15S57399-WYN4 SFDP1-055-060-51
S3-100-PF FP7110TU041-281 SFDP1-055-060-51X2024 BT14-30
WSP33K1AA W0001ST2WPLT-CA EV8000-103RL50CON S3-100
BT14-30 BT20-40SFDP1-055-060-51 G325AGM137 SEP50M
50CR2.25S SFDP1-012-035-21R400-115 A-TRHD03-001PUP63 002-AU-20439
PS2 500 X2024300209DP SDT-50557131-143RP OT-20160119-02
S3-100-PF A-G12-CBT20-30 AM004488U041-281 50CR2.75S
50CR2.15S PSA2 500SVP100 AQUATEC-ERP-1000FP7110T SFDP1-055-060-51
EV8000-103 57729-WYNGMTP-15 G25AN4008-101-A65 BT14-45
PSTF2 400 A-G3672KST2037 700PTP-150CR2.4S C3-100
50CRXP2.75S HYWP80-TDP-3B PC3F1558IUF00SE2UL E5HCP 57809-WYN1
EV8000-103 C3-100-PFHYWP80-T FP7110TPS2 500 G325AG
57809-WYN1 BT14-30AM004488 SEP50MRL50CON PC3F1558IUF00
SFDP1-012-035-21 DP-3BBT14-45 U041-281AQUATEC-ERP-1000 ST2037
SPM222 EV8000-103MTP-15 SDT-50557WSP33K1AA TP-250
4008-101-A65 SFDP1-055-060-51HCF-175 PSTF2 400SVP100 002-AU-20439
A-TRHD03-001 GHP2626PUMP-12V M13757727-WYN1 S3-100
A-G3672K 700PTP-1X2024 U042-281TT300209DP S3-100-PF
57399-WYN4 SE2UL E5HCP131-143RP SFDP1-055-060-5150CR2.25S 50CR2.75S
OT-20160119-02 R400-115BT20-30 57811-WYN1PSA2 500 57729-WYNG


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