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Nov 17th 2017
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  • Dyson Cinetic science. 35 high frequency oscillating Dyson Cinetic tips capture the microscopic dust that clogs other vacuums.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head. Active base plate automatically raises and lowers to seal in suction across carpets and hard floors
  • No dirty filters to wash. The only vacuum with no filters to wash or replace, so there’s no loss of suction.
  • Designed for homes with pets. Tangle-free Turbine tool removes hair from carpets and upholstery without tangling.
  • Whole-machine HEPA filtration. No other vacuum expels cleaner air. Certified asthma & allergy friendly.
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General description

Unlike all other vacuums, this one does not lose suction. It is due to new, revolutionary Dyson Cinetic science – it captures the dust that clogs others. It does not have any dirty filters to wash or replace. And it has whole-machine HEPA filtration. There is also a Tangle-free Turbine tool to take off dirt and hair from carpets and upholstery.

Recent reviews of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum:

Bought the Big Ball Cinetic Animal from bed bath ad beyond with the 20 off and it came to 503. 99. Could not rationalize spending the extra 100 for the extra attachments. This one also comes with the no tangle tool (great for staircases) and 2 other attachments that aren’t listed on the box or description. Before buying this vacuum I did as much research as I could since it’s pretty new still. I had read that it was big and bulky as some of the other reviews have mentioned. I also had read that the parts were cheap plastic. So let me to clear up some issues for people. We had a Hoover that was losing so much suction that we decided to splurge with some tax return money and get something that will last. 4 Canisters worth of Dust, Dirt, Debris, Hair and more. That was just our staircase, living room, and family room. It was disgusting knowing that had been in our carpets. This thing really does have great suction and no loss far. (Claims it’ll never lose suction). It’s a little on the big side but that again is how it’s named (big ball). It does require a bit of strength to maneuver so do not purchase it for your grandma, however it is not as hard as some people have made it out to be. It turns well on carpet, however I do find that it’s a little hard to turn the rubber ball on hardwood floor. Some video reviews demonstrate that it struggles with picking up Cheerios and fruit loop type pieces on hardwood floors which is true, however honestly, we just sweep all that stuff into a pile, then pick it up with the hose attachment. Problem solved. The squeaking that was mentioned earlier is from the small plastic guiding wheels on the floor head of the vacuum. Somewhat annoying, however nothing that really inhibits the vacuums performance.

I could like to give this five stars, however I can not. Let me to explain. The good:The vacuum has so much suction. We bought this because our DC25 Animal was pretty well beat up and not working properly anymore. I just vacuumed a couple days ago, then ran this new one over the same area. I ended up with an complete bin full of stuff. Pretty amazing how this outperforms another Dyson. We used to have the cat litter box on the carpet about a year ago. We have long since moved it because the litter was to get into the carpet (). In that year’s time that spot was vacuumed lots of times with our old Dyson and I have not heard any litter to get sucked up in a pretty while. In fact, I had not thought about the litter box having been in that spot for months – till today when I heard the new one sucking up lots of litter. Amazing. I also like the new upholstery tool, it looks to do a better job than the old variant. The cord on this new vacuum is beefed up so it does not get as warm as the old one. The packaging it arrived in was intelligently intended and it looks like Dyson stole a packaging designer from IKEA. Also, this one is lots quieter than our DC25 is. The best part although; no filters to wash. The not-so-good:This thing is heavy. It is considerably heavier than our DC25. If you have many stories to vacuum, this may not be the one for you. You can not "drive" the vacuum across the floor on its wheels. They pop back and the head drops. This is pretty annoying on such a heavy vacuum. They put the head’s motor over the head. This vacuum does not go as far under our couches as the DC25 did.

Holy cow. I’m equally horrified, amazed and happy every time I use this Dyson Animal. I mean, you see the slick TV ads and you read the stuff on their web site about how good this vacuum is and all the stuff about it is amazing suction and how it does not clog up and can handle any amount of dog hair you throw at it. But till you USE it yourself, you do not really understand. Well. I did not really get it. I do now and I can not believe I ever thought my house was clean before. After one use of the Dyson in my house I put the old Hoover in the dumpster with glee. 1st – this Dyson takes some assembling out of the box, however no tools. Every part snaps and clicks into place – they include a complete chart attached entitlement to the vacuum and a full book also. The way it goes together is pretty smart – the extension hose and pole retract and click into the back handle out of the way when not needed and the canister is a simple click in place and one button release to empty. The roller ball motion takes a couple of minutes to get into the swing of using properly – just hold the handle and sort of swing it in the direction you want to go rather than pushing and pulling like with last century’s vacuum cleaners. Once I figured out the motion, it was really easier to use both on carpet and hardwood & tile than my old machine. This Dyson is heavy in comparison to other brands and styles – so be prepared for that if you’re going to be lugging it up and down stairs. Using this Dyson Animal blows me away. We have six inside dogs. Big dogs. Big dogs with lots of hair that they can not seem to keep on their bodies. I vacuum and sweep every single day without fail. I have to with six dogs. I mop and dust at least 3 days a week. I keep a clean house is my point.

Compare with similar products:

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Bagless Upright, UH70120

Deep clean those dirty floors 206031-01 with the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Upright Vacuum. The WindTunnel Rewind combines Hoover's patented Dual Path WindTunnel Technology for the best carpet cleaning performance, with the benefits of Cyclonic Technology for strong suction power and less filter maintenance. Equipped with a powerful 12 amp motor, the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind includes a system check display. This helps signal when the dust cup needs emptying and when the filter needs cleaning to maintain peak performance. A rinsable HEPA filter saves money, too – with no have to purchase substitute filters. The WindTunnel Rewind's other notable features are an auto cord rewind and on board tools for precision cleaning.

Samsung VC-F700G Motion Sync Bagless Canister with Built-In Accessories (Certified Refurbished)

The Samsung Motion Sync DesignTM Vacuum Cleaner features advanced design and technology and offers a smarter way to clean your home. Intended to make it easier to move around the house, the Motion Sync DesignTM vacuum boasts superior swivel motion and offers maximum maneuverability around furniture. Its big, lightweight wheels roll with minimum effort and easily transition from carpets to hard floors. The cambered wheels ensure stability, so it will not tip over. The strong centrifugal forces in all 14-cyclonic chambers filter more than 99 of good dust and debris. The superior separation means filters last longer. An ergonomic remote control handle gives you the capability to turn the vacuum on and off quickly. Plus, you may be able to choose the level of suction for fragile cleaning, like drapes and lampshades. With controls that are generally inside reach, you may be able to easily change the settings to go with your cleaning needs, like turning off brush roll for scatter-suction on hard floors. This vacuum cleaner features an advanced HEPA filtration system, which is one reason why it’s Certified asthma & allergy friendlyTM by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). It assists remove and catch 99 of dust and good particles from the floor. Plus, it is easy to take off and replace. This vacuum cleaner will include pipe, dusting and crevice accessories built into the handle. Whatever or wherever you have to clean, you may be able to quickly switch to the best tool without having to detach it. While regular bagless vacuum cleaners have a mesh kind of bubble filter, the Samsung Motion Sync vacuum cleaner features a simple, sponge type bubble filter. It captures more dust and may be easily washed and cleaned. A fast rinse is all it takes to prevent the filter from clogging. The one-touch bagless dust bin is simple to take off and empty without spilling dust back on the floor. You may be able to quickly open it with the push of a button, tip the contents into the trash, then effortless.

Panasonic MC-UG471 Bag Upright Cleaner – Corded

Equipped with a powerful still calm 12 amp motor, this upright vacuum cleaner gives exceptional cleaning results and improved indoor air quality. The unit automatically changes to the correct setting for just about any carpet height, while its HEPA filtration system captures 99. 97-% of dust, allergens, and small particles, so only clean air gets expelled into the home. The vacuum’s motor-protection system channels dust and dirt particles directly into the vacuum bag, promoting long life and more economical cleaning for the fan and motor. Quickdraw tools rest in a side holster on the vacuum, prepared for direct use. The included stretch hose, two standard wands, dusting brush, and crevice tool ensure fast, powerful, above-floor cleaning. Connect the dusting brush or crevice tool to the vacuum’s 12-1/2-foot attachment for easier access to hard-to-reach spots. Other highlights include an ergonomic handle, a foot-step handle release, a headlight, a 15-inch cleaning path, an integrated carrying handle, and a 24-foot power cord. A single touch activates the cord-rewind system, making storage easy and convenient. The vacuum cleaner measures roughly 12-1/2 by 15 by 44-1/2 inches and carries a one-year restricted warranty.

Oreck Upright Classic PRO Lightweight 2-Speed with 2 HEPA Bags

Regardless how you cover your floors, the professional performance of the lightweight Oreck Classic Vacuum has you covered. Breeze through the carpeted living room, hardwood in the dining room, laminate in the kitchen, and tiled entryway. Two speeds assist you care for carpet and hard floors while the lightweight, low-profile design makes it easier to maneuver around your home with ease. There is no need for many cleaning tools when one vacuum does the job. While this Oreck upright can be lightweight, it is still mighty. Draw dirt right into the HEPA filtered bags with direct suction and a powerful roller brush. Oreck’s Patented Saniseal system helps to strongly seal the vacuum cleaner bag shut – making disposal less of a mess. Light the cleaning path with an incandescent headlight and see how clean your floors may be. Estimated measurements: Vacuum 49″H x 11″L x 12-3/4″W; Cord 30’L; weighs 9 lbs ETL listed; 6-year restricted maker’s Warranty; 3 yearly tune-ups at local Oreck dealer.

Cirrus Vac, Comm 50′ 3 Wire Cord Metal B/r Tools Hepa


Hoover WindTunnel 2 Rewind Bagless Upright, UH70825

Never wrap a cord again with the hoover windtunnel2 rewind Bag less upright vacuum. The auto rewind cord retracts in seconds making it simple it simple to use more frequently with less annoyance. It is intended with Wind Tunnel 2 technology that lifts and removes deep-down, implanted dirt with 2 channels of suction.

(formerly DC65) Allergy Complete Upright with 7 Tools – HEPA Filtered – Corded

Going the extra mile for Allergy patients, the Dyson Ball Allergy Complete Upright Vacuum is a beast when it comes to cleaning and will include all the Allergy attachments available. Its Ball Technology and a self-adjusting cleaning head make steering and accessing hard-to-reach places easy. Radial Root Cyclone Technology gives powerful suction that leads to a HEPA filtration system, helping remove both microscopic dust particles and allergens From Dyson. Will include Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum (Purple) and 7 Tools: Carbon fiber soft dusting brush, mix Tool, Reach Under Tool, Stair Tool, inflexible Bristle Brush, Mattress Tool, Multi-angle Tool. Radial Root Cyclone Technology captures dirt and microscopic dust Self-adjusting cleaner head seals in suction across carpets and hard floors Ball Technology for easy steering HEPA filtration system engineered to take off allergens 13. 4″W cleaning path estimated measurements: Vacuum 15-1/2″L x 13-1/2″W x 42-1/2″H, weighs 17. 4 lbs; Cord 35’L ETL listed; 5-year restricted maker’s Warranty Imported.

SANITAIRE GIDDS2-883519 7.0 Amp

Sanitaire Powerful 840 watt commercial motor. Lifetime Lubricated Motor. 6 Level Carpet Height modification. Easy change high filtration disposable dust bag. 50 Foot 3-wire Grounded Cord. Vibra-Groomer I, Aluminum Ball Bearing Brush Roller, with Replaceable Bristle Strips. Large protecting Vinyl Bumper. 12″ Cleaning Path. Chrome Steel Handle. Strengthened fast Kleene Base Assembly. Chrome Steel Motor Hood. Weight – 16 lbs. Dirt Capacity – 18 Quarts. Decibel Level – 79. Motor CFM – 145. CRI certification.

Cinet Vac

Features. Dyson cinetic animal vacuum. Engineered to crack the problem of cyclones clogging losing suction. 35 dyson cinetic info oscillate 5000 times every second. They produce high centrifugal forces to separate the microscopic dust that clogs other vacuums. No filters needed to trap dust hepa filtration captures pollen mold bacteria traps them inside the bin. Dimension – 12. 1 x 11. 8 x 37 in. Item weight – 25. 7 lbs.

Panasonic MC-UL429 Bagless Jetforce Upright Cleaner with Dirt Compression Technology

Unlike other bagless vacuum cleaners on the market, Our Jet Force series feature an hourglass-shaped dirt cup that maintains suction. Thanks to the cup’s distinctive form, everything from dust and dirt to pet hair and crumbs get forced to the bottom of the cup and away from the filter, which means there is no loss of suction and no have to clean the filter before each use. Jet Force technology works by separating the dust and air via centrifugal force in mix with the distinctive hour-glass dust container. The hour-glass dust-cup form forces big debris towards the bottom of the cup, caused by pressure difference in the center and bottom of the cup, and away from the filter to prevent clogging and decrease filter maintenance.

BISSELL Green Commercial BGU8000 Lightweight Upright, 13", Green

13″ large cleaning head that weighs only 8 pounds. Non-marring bumpers. Self adjusting brush roller, goes from carpet to bare floors with no modifications. 40 feet Power cord is connected to the pigtail cord using a cord clamp, allowing you to easily replace a damaged cord without costly repairs or re-wiring. Cord guard prevents cord damage. Soft wheels protect wood floors. The big rear wheels make moving from room to room an ease. Fingertip-controlled on/off switch. Top-fill design keeps power at maximum while bag fills. Easy-use carry handle lets for simple, tough carrying.

BISSELL Green Commercial BG17 (17X3)

With heavy-responsibility construction and a metal hood, the BISSELL� BigGreen Commercial� BG17 (17X3) is built to last. Perfect for hospitality, food service, building management, and other commercial settings � the BG17 is lightweight (13. 5 lbs), easy to use, and features a lifetime-warranty fan with a clear fan chamber. This lasting, cost-efficient vacuum includes an adjustable handle to match a range of carpet heights and qualities.

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Models to consider:
DC65 Multi Floor As3011a9807AM 41HAE031USAEUR 5815 DC50
DC40 Multi floor HVRCH50100C1631 NV400-RBAutomatic X5 DC39
NV356E 4870MZXLC02ZW CS3000 (012305)HVRC1433010 CP-5
UH60010 Electrolux 3670C1660-900 AS3401AXDyson DC25 MC-UG413
EL2040A ASM1156AAS1061A 16N59GU-0520 FG9VMH120000
Automatic X5 FG9VPH1500006000COMM U2000RB2L-1SV1112 AMZ: P620B
DC50 DC25AN9501AM M085590REDEUR AS1001 SC6054
NV480REF EH50500EUR 5845 BGU8000RY1058Z EUKSC887B
AS1000A DC65 AnimalEUKSC888K Automatic X5RCP9VMH12 EL8502D
UH70905 AS3401AXAMZ: P620B UD20010DC25AN U2200HHS
S7260 DC40 Multi floorDC35 C1660-900UD70105B 17X3
AS3030A V33186NV642 ASM1156AU57809RM DC-12
9580AM NV642VM825 DC41 Animal New13H8K GU-0520
U7211ECPQ UH71215DC50 ANIMAL AS1061ASC5713B NV501PR
DC33 NV585MC-UL910 UH72510FG9VPH120000 4710AV
AS1061A NV356EEUK688 U2000RB-19570AM BG107HQS
DC41 EH50500UH60010 U2000RB2L-1CV-30 OR102DC
HV302 U7220ECSU-80 HVRCH50100CPU-1T SC5845BZP
30C7T EL8502DU57809RM 89Q9DC50 FH40010B
F5914900 EUKSC886EUD70105B NV356EUH70605 SV1112
9807AM OR10069501AM V33186AS3020A DC35
4870MZ EUKSC9180BBH50120 XLC02ZWHV302 VU10H3021PR/AA
AS3401AX UH200206000COMM FG9VPH150000BG107HQS EL2040A
C1660-900 S7260EL8802A Automatic X5DC50 ANIMAL 9558AM
9570AM CPU-1TCPU-75T LuV400TMC-UL671 NV642
SC5713B ASM1156AUH71215 DC39C1631 C1431-010
EUKSC5845B U2200HHSU2000RB-1 EL3000AAs3011a HVRCH50100


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