April 21, 2017

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Vise features heavy-responsibility 30,000 PSI castings, 360deg rotating swivel base and double lockdowns to ensure stability. Powder coat finish. Jaw Width (in. ): 8, 360deg Swivel Base: Yes.

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DEWALT DWX726BL Rolling Miter Saw Stand with 96T Precision Trim 12" Blade

The DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter 21800 Saw Stand with Blade lets for easy jobsite mobility thanks to its large rubber wheels and fold-up design. The DWX726 is intended for a range of freelancers as well as cabinetmakers, trim carpenters, framers, installers and many other professionals who are tasked with using a miter saw or movable thickness planer on the jobsite. With three-position pneumatically assisted raising and lowering, the DWX726 is easy to assemble to minimize downtime. This stand is quite lasting with a tubular steel construction that lets for 300 pounds of maximum weight capacity. The mounting rails are easily adjustable, and they can adapt to almost any miter saw or movable thickness planer on the market. Also, the stand offers large adjustable infeed and outfeed roller work supports, which supply up to 8 feet of material support. Weighing a controllable 67 pounds, the stand is 98 inches long and 32. 5 inches large when it’s unfolded. To save space, the unit folds vertically and measures only 59. 5 inches by 17 inches. This unit also will include a DW9276PT 12″ 96T super-Smooth cross-cutting saw blade, ideal for use on miter saws for precision trim cuts in all types of moldings and premium hardwoods. Miter saw not included.

Lemo hand -Wooden Phone Docking Station with Key Holder, Pen Holder, Wallet and Watch Organizer Men’s Gift HD12 (Dark pine)

-All-In-One phone docking station with key holder, pen holder, ring holder, watch and wallet holder. -Convenient cord opening to charge your phone -Handmade, Men’s Gift -Unit Dimensions: 8 “x 7. 75” x 11 “. -Made from pine. -Easy Assembly, Great for Travel -Picture Phone, Wallet, Watch, Keys, Pen, Glasses aren’t Included -Packaging: gray felt bag Lemo is intended to offer a place for some number of things. It has slots for key chains, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, bluetooth headset, or headphones. It may be used to cradle your phone while charging, and there’s no have to unplug the phone and thread the charger through a hole. Just slide the cable through the slot. There’s also a slot directly below the phone charging area to let your charger cable to pass-through. Lemo is travel friendly. Disassembled, it lays flat and can be stored or filled. Assembly is as easy as just sliding the two pieces together.

Extreme Max (EXHBCFLLS) Lever Lift Stand Handlebar Cup

Add a new dimension to your Extreme Max Lever Lift Stand. This powder coated steel Handlebar Cup attaches to the side of the Lever Lift Stand and holds the handlebars to prop the sled on its side for service and repairs.  Get the secure, stable hold of the Extreme Max Lever Lift Stand with the convenience of a side-propping choice. Handlebar Cup attaches and removes quickly, and doesn’t get in the way with regular function of the Lever Lift Stand while in place. 2-year substitute warranty. Lever Lift Stand sold individually.

Dunlop 5010 Microphone Stand Pickholder, 7" Inches

It is happened before. You are midsong, to get prepared for that ripping solo, when – oops – your beloved pick slips out of your fingers and ends up someplace near the drummer’s foot. One fumbled solo afterward, you go to retrieve it and mutter to yourself, “There must be a better way. ” there’s. Dunlop’s 5010 Mic Stand Pickholder keeps spare picks right where you need ’em, and its tough rubber construction makes it stay put on your stand. It holds lots of picks, so butterfingered players get lots of second chances. Best of all, it is crazy cheap. You know you need it, so get it.

Pyle Universal Tamper-Proof Anti-Theft iPad/Tablet Kiosk Floor Stand Mount Holder (PSPADLK60)

Carefully and securely place your tablet on display. The Pyle PSPADLK60 Anti-Theft Tablet Stand with security and lock fits virtually any tablet from 7. 9” to 10. 1” inches (Works with all iPads, Kindle, Galaxy, Samsung, Android Tablets, etc. ). Rest guaranteed about the safety of your device when you install the unit in public regions. The tamper-evidence design will reliably keep your device in place while on display. Let convenient access to your tablet when installed in high traffic regions like front desks, lobbies, buyer counters, or showroom floors. This versatile security system includes tilt, rotation and height modification potential so you may be able to display your device exactly where you need it. Hide and run any cables inside the frame for a clean and secure installation. Will include all needed mounting hardware and brackets (well-matched with iPads Mini/1/2/3/4/Air).

DOODEEN 360 Degree Free Rotation, Could Be Optionally Twisted Cartoon Silica Gel Phone Holder for iPhone/LG/Samsung/HTC vs Wilton 21800 748A pricing

This DOODEEN phone holder. Product features: 1) Apply to different sizes smart phones. 2) It doesn’t occupy space inside the car or doesn’t block the sightline. 3) it’s green and environment-friendly, adopt green silicone, won’t pollute the inside air, 4) It adopts stainless steel frame, may be folded frequently 10,000 times. 5) it’s safe at food grade, you won’t get scared, when it bite a child by mistake. 6) The lovely and creative look must be the great ornament. 7) it’s the best friend for your mobile phone. Many use functions of a product. The tool may be used on your car and on the table. For a product, you’ll have a range of ways to use and save more. Dimensions: Size (L x W x H): 2. 5 inches x 1 inches x 2. 5 inches. Weight: 1. 44 ounces. If you have any questions, contact us Without hesitation and we’ll be happy to assist you crack your problems. This product has applied for the look of patents, DOODEEN also has been registered brand. The store has received a license from the brand and the patent side.

K&M Stands 19740 Universal Tablet Holder-Clamp-on

Now from the creative minds at K & M (König & Meyer in Germany) comes an thrilling new product to keep your priceless tablet, and all of its’ uses, in-front of you at all times. The tablet has changed the way musicians work. It’s now possible to have so most of what you need right in front of you. Whatever task you have an app for will be displayed where and how you want it. In the studio, on stage performing or rehearsing in private you are the K&M common Tablet Holder will carefully position your display. It’s intended for the protection of your tablet. The K&M German made premium quality common tablet holder is great for holding tablets (as well as those in a protecting case) from 4. 7″ to 6. 7 large (as well as iPad mini). It’s easy to change and is secure. Portrait or landscape orientation, it’s easily switchable. The holder clamps onto stand tubes up to 1 1/8″ diameter. After 60 years as a leader in design and manufacturing K&M is so confident in the engineering and quality of all their German made merchandise they supply a 5 year warranty. Real eco-friendly manufacturing.

Motorcycle Sports Bike Stand Red Rear Stand Swingarm Rear Wheel Lift Auto Bike Shop vs Wilton 21800 748A review

Installation Guide is available on YouTube. Color: Red Easy to use High quality Brand New product Rear spool lift style stand (spools not included) Constructed Tough. Welded reinforcements with 4 wheels will last for many years suited for most Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki,Yamaha, Ducati, Aprilia, AGUSTA, KTM, BMW. Fits all sized spools Adjustable width rear Hooks change from 9. 5 to 14. 5 inches Lifetime Warranty.

Motorcycle Front Wheel Tire Chock Trailer Mount Stop Pivot Cradle Bike Stand Adjustable Removeable

Red Hound AutoTM Premium Heavy responsibility Motorcycle Chock Red Hound Auto intended with one-person loading in mind, this premium Red Hound AutoTM motorcycle chock was made from the highest quality materials. So easy to use, just drive or push your bike into the cradle, and the rear bracket will pivot to secure your bike in the upright position (perfect for one person to tie down). Elimination is just as easy, simply pull the bike to release the wheel. Adjustable fit for nearly any front motorcycle wheel. Cradle may be easily removed from base plate when not used (to offer more room in trailer, if needed). Trailer mounting hardware not included. Product is supported by a no-annoyance One Year ensure against defects. Quantity Included: One motorcycle wheel chock Features: Product is brand new in factory packaging (never used or opened). Base plate 10. 5″ x 15. 5″, expanded length 25. 5″, cradle height 13. 5″ (cradle holds tires up to 6-3/8″ large). Ideal for one-person motorcycle loading. Easy to secure motorcycle in upright position so it may be tied down (straps not included). Easy to take off motorcycle from cradle. Adjustable fit for nearly any motorcycle front wheel. Factory direct pricing without middleman mark-ups. In stock in the USA and prepared to ship. One Year ensure against workmanship and defects.

SKIL 3302-02 Quick Mount Miter Saw Stand vs Wilton 21800 748A price

The SKIL Miter Saw Stand model 3302 supports up to 400 lbs to easily handle heavy work pieces. It is compact, easy to assemble and fits most miter saws. It’s part of the SKIL fast Mount System allowing for fast and easy setup of SKIL miter saws directly on the stand, no have to use mounting brackets.

Johnson Level and Tool 40-6350 Universal Tripod Kit

40-6350 Features: -Tripod and grade rod. -Extendable legs. -Made of lasting aluminum (40-6335). -modification range 4-Feet to 5-Feet (nominal length). -fast connection for lasers 5/8-Inch-11 thread. -Reads-ft. /tenths and-Feet/inches (40-6310). Construction: -Constructed of lasting aluminum. Color/Finish: -Anodized finish. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 15. 75-Inch H x 10. 5-Inch W x 18. 75-Inch D..

PYLE-PRO PMKSM20 Microphone and Tripod Stand With Extending Boom and Mic Cable Package vs Wilton 21800 748A reviews

The PMKSM20 is our live/studio vocal performance starter kit. Get very clear audio with the included handheld dynamic microphone, built with smooth mid-frequency presence rise for excellent voice projection. Mount it on the included tripod microphone stand with an extending boom, complete with a glossy black finish. And connect it all using the 15 ft. quarter-inch (1/4″) microphone cable. Stand height adjustable from 3. 3 to 5. 5 ft. Boom length 7. 5″.

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  4. Kidde 466204 Pro 10 MP Fire Extinguisher, UL Rated 4-A, 60-B:C, Red
  5. DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit
  6. Lincoln Lubrication 83754 50′ x 1/2″ Air Reel

Models to consider:
L255B CCB-4820-DLXSMI3015-CV-V50 MDAPS104WEB162 41M220
DS553B 49YF095STST60626 STPVC-11-R8RAM-B-166-TAB3U PM4000
39-110367N RK9033MS9036B CL57934ELSSEFIRE7BN YKA7500
MUS270524 MUS KS7350SR800608 L-PS525PWIBLD01 JB01255-BWW
IC-BKC06 i-8846-G7/4002AK-77ANSTAND-SA MI-1401GraK-Q4 F0099-400
PSTK6400 SR610121BF5L100tt OFC01230BKKRSDQL-623 DW7440RS
PP103O SC-030000JTM-S01 PB21XEBSMI6010-V30 ISP802CBD
MBP7000 SMI3010SMI6010+SPL-003 WEB162RED949336 F5L100tt
R755 A-SKU-0020SMI3011 mx170699942788PM4000 41M220
RAM-B-166-TAB3U OK-UNI-HRM2-01JB01255-BWW PST-00496797310B D1091
FC-I00176A1 ISP802CBDIP-IKLIP2-IPD-IN 358-PANAVISESC1500 i-8846-G7/4002
STN-L3255D STST60626L255B IC-BKC06MV10 DW7352
RAMB189TAB3U MEPX-07IPDG305B STANDHOOK5_pw131527 combo PL2T
SAMB1 WM425-AF0099-400 ASC-K037GB01685 UNI-TAB01-HDR
MDAPS104 39-110367NMUS KS7350 RS4000SC-030000 DW7350
MUS KS7350 PP103OSMI2050 TS710GraK-Q4 VS88B
OFC01230BKKRSD SC-030000L-PS525PWI PMKS3mx170699942788 1CYC-2037-32UA
OK-UNI-HRM2-01 D1091GFW-MIC-2020 12-501A96797310B MS9036B
PSTK6400 131527 comboRK9033 BLD01SMI3015-CV-V50 A-SKU-0020
F5L100tt SMI3010ASC-K037 DS553BL255B Spinido-916
RS4000 MS9212STN-L3255D PR500i-8846-G7/4002 BPSSC12959
MV10 SC1500DS7200B 49YF095WEB162 STANDHOOK5_pw


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