April 21, 2017

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  • Ceramic sharpening element
  • Cutting angle of approximately 30 degrees is suitable for sharpening all sorts of different knives
  • Coarse and fine settings
  • Ergonomic handle and the non-slip base
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  • For left and right-handed use
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General description

Sharpen your knives with ease using this Wusthof Ikon knife sharpener. The ceramic grinding element offers a good and coarse level, making sure the knife regains its original sharpness. The coarse setting is suggested for blunt knives while the good setting is suited for both good resharpening and regular resharpening. Intended for both left and right handed use, this sharpener produces a cutting angle of roughly 30 degrees, making it suited for sharpening all kinds of different knives. To use, simply put the knife blade vertically into the slot with the grinding slats, then pull softly through to the tip, keeping the blade straight. Repeat this procedure till the level of sharpness is achieved. The ergonomic handle and the non-slip base of the knife sharpener ensure safe handling while in use. 8″ L x 2″ W x 3″ H.

Recent reviews of Wusthof Ikon Knife Sharpener:

Awesome. Sharpens in just a couple of runs across the blades.

Great price, awesome look with the knife handle and well made. Makes sharpening knives a simple and fast task.

This is a heavy weight sharpener. I have used it on my Wusthof knives also as other knives and all have come out sharp. Great hand held sharpener.

Compare with similar products:

DMT A-PROKIT Aligner Prokit Diamond

For professional results, despite of TR4348 skill, rely on DMT Aligner Kits and Accessories. The Aligner Pro Kit will include 3 – 4-Inch stones, coarse, good and extra-good diamond grits and a good diamond serrated sharpening accessory. All are stored in a compact, lasting plastic kit box. Use the coarse diamond (45 micron / 325 mesh) to swiftly restore a neglected edge. The good diamond (25 micron / 600 mesh) for a razor sharp edge and the extra-good diamond (9 micron / 1200 mesh) to polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser diamond stone. Easy-to-follow information included. Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy. No messy oils needed – sharpen dry or with water. Lasting construction will supply years of consistent performance and dependable service. Made in USA.

Arkansas Sharpening Stone Set – Wood Mounted 8"

The Arkansas stones in these kits are the same quality stones that come in the wood boxes. The difference is this stones are permanently glued to a wood base. The result is the same quality sharpening stone at a lower price. The savings is in the cost of lapping the second side of the stone and making the box. The kit will include a Soft, Hard and Black Arkansas stone. The Soft Arkansas can be used to fix badly worn or damaged edges, the Hard produces a good edge and the Black Arkansas is another-good stone and was usually used to sharpen dental tools, surgeons scalpels and straight razors. The Arkansas Stone Kit is available in 6″, 8″ and 10″ size and is an exemption value. Made in Arkansas, USA.

Arkansas Tri-Hone – 3 Stones 8"

This American classic offers three stones in a convenient design that holds the stones firmly in place while sharpening. The coarse, medium and good stones enable you to swiftly put a sharp edge on any blade and are an excellent value. This stone is an ideal all-function stone and may be used to sharpen all knives and tools. The big size makes it ideal for bigger knives and tools. This is a great all-function sharpener and is an excellent value. This kit may be used to sharpen all knives and tools. Free honing oil included. Free honing oil included.

Flexcut SlipStrop vs TR-4348

With the included Flexcut gold polishing compound, the slipstrop works to keep an edge on carving tools that’s unsurpassed. The slipstrop is specially molded to polish and deburr hard to reach regions inside v-tools and gouges, also as do a good job on outside bevels. The Flexcut gold polishing compound applies to the strop like a crayon, and quickly polishes hardened steel. Together, the two produce the finest possible edge for carving tools.

EZE-LAP 81SF 3 by 8 Super Fine Diamond Stone

EZE-LAP Diamond merchandise was the pioneer and originator of diamond sharpening tools, starting in the early seventies. Our patented bonding procedure and modern technology lets us to produce the finest quality sharpening merchandise at an cheap price. This procedure has frequently been imitated but never duplicated. EZE-LAP’s distinctive blend of industrial diamonds joint with our patented bonding procedure gives you the hardest, most lasting, longest lasting surface available. Because of this you’re able to easily sharpen carbide, tool steel, titanium, ceramics and most any super hard material as well as the newer materials being used by most knife manufacturers. EZE-LAP manufactures the widest range of diamond sharpening tools available. This lets you to pick and decide the sharpener that will best serve your needs. No other maker offers the choices we do. We have things for use in the kitchen, shop or field, servicing the outdoor, DIY, machine tool, wood working/wood carving, culinary/food service and other markets. All of our things are proudly Made in the USA.

SE DF401FS Dual Grit Diamond Fishing Hook & Sharpening Stone

SE is proud to present this Dual Grit Diamond Fishing Hook & Knife Sharpening Stone, featuring both 200 and 400 grits on one stone. This smart feature lets for on-the-spot sharpening for both your hook and knife without having to switch sharpening stones. This tool will give you the edge you have to cast the sharpest and cleanest hook possible.

TAIDEA 1000/3000 Grit Combination Corundum Whetstone Sharpening Stone / Double Two-Sided

The dual-sided 1000 over 3000 grit Taidea mix whetstone lets for sharpening knives, then honing the edges to a smooth finish. With a medium to good grit, this stone works best when wet down for both lubrication and cleaning. This premium whetstone makes a great gift for any kitchen fan, knife collector or butcher. The stone easily stores away in a cabinet or kitchen drawer when not used.

Shapton Glass Stone Woodworkers Set of 1000/4000/8000 Grits and Holder

This Specially Priced Set of 1000, 4000 and 8000 plus a Set Holder is especially suggested for woodworkers sharpening chisels and plane irons. Shapton GlassStones differ from other waterstones GlassStones are made with finely-graded ceramic cutting media which wears more gradually than aluminum oxide and silicon carbide usually found in man-made waterstones. This results in a alike thickness of material lasting 4-5 times longer. The GlassStone media is concentrated and doesn’t take in water. This avoids maintaining them in water or waiting for them to soak previous to use. Shapton uses a attaching matrix which is carefully engineered to reveal sharp new cutting media for economical stock elimination while retaining some of the worn media which gives a concurrent polishing effect. This balance results in a better edge with less work. Shapton’s precision ground flat glass base allows you to use all of the media right down to the glass. Other waterstones usually crack and break as they become thin. Shapton’s GlassStone Series are competitively priced, long-wearing, require less flattening, no soaking, and cut quickly.

DMT W250EF-WB 10-Inch DuoSharp Bench Stone – Extra-Fine / Fine With Base

Groundbreaking, multi-patented DuoSharp Bench Stone is a precision flat, two diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to offer consistent, sharpening every time. The 10″ counter or bench sharpener offers bigger, wider diamond surface for sharpening a range of edges as well as shears, cleaver and expertise knives, plane lone, machete, etc. (10″ x 4″ x. 38″ ) Extra-good diamond (9 micron / 1200 mesh) to polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser diamond; good diamond (25 micron / 600 mesh) for a razor sharp edge. Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy. No messy oils needed–sharpen dry or with water. Comes with DuoBase Bench Stone Accessory may be used with all DuoSharp Bench Stones or any 6″ x 2″ stone. (12. 2″ x 2. 2″ x 4. 6″) gives 2″ knuckle clearance for easy use. Rubber feet secure the base and stone to the work bench or counter. Features a convenient handle on the bottom for moving the stone over a big work part for maximum versatility. Lasting construction will supply years of consistent performance and dependable service For correct tool maintenance, woodworkers, chefs and other professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT merchandise. Made in USA.

17 PC Stone Setting Ring Stretcher Enlarger Sizer

Ring Stretcher For Resizing Rings This is a new ring stretcher This precision machined device gives an easy way of stretching stone set rings without loosening prongs or stressing stone settings This ring stretcher comes with an variety of 16 rollers which will accommodate most ring styles greatly polished and hardened rollers eliminate the need of repolishing ring shanks after use.

Norton IM313 -11.5" Three Stone Sharpening System – Fine India, Medium Crystolon, and Coarse Crystolon stones

The Norton Crystolon and India IM313 11-1/2 inch three-stone sharpening system will include 100-grit and 150-grit silicon carbide stones and a 320-grit aluminum oxide stone, a self-contained three-stone bench sharpening unit with a cover and no-slip rubber feet, a reservoir, an angle guide, and a 16 oz. Bottle of sharpening stone oil for lubrication. In the top of the bench sharpening unit, a rotating axis holds the stones firmly in place, defending them against breakage, and bringing the wanted stone into position for sharpening. The base of the sharpening unit is a reservoir that lets submersion of the unused stones, keeping them clean and saturated. The angle guide helps to position a tool properly for sharpening. The three stones in this system were used sequentially to restore cutting edges on straight-edged tools, like knives, chisels, plane blades, and precision instruments; the 100-grit silicon carbide stone is suited for repairing a cutting edge, while the 150-grit silicon carbide stone is suited for sharpening and maintaining the edge, and the 320-grit aluminum oxide stone produces a honed cutting edge. The sharpening stone oil meets FDA prerequisites for use near food, and consists of pharmacopeia-grade mineral oil formulated with the correct lubricity for oilstone sharpening. It prevents metal from bonding with the abrasive surface by flushing away dislodged abrasive and metal chips. Each stone is prefilled with oil to save time and eliminate the have to presoak it previous to use. The silicon carbide stones are fast-cutting and offer efficient sharpening, under light pressure. The aluminum oxide stone has a tough fracture- and wear-tolerant grit that’s more lasting than silicon carbide and able of sharpening to close tolerances. Each stone is produced by grading the material to a consistent particle size and mixing it with bonding agents. It’s then molded and surface-finished. These unusually big 1/2 x 11-1/2 x 2-1/2 inch (H x W x D) oilstones, which are suited for bench use, are harder and more lasting than a waterstone. (H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back. ) They conform to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) abrasive grit standard. Sharpening stones, or whetstones, are abrasive surfaces used to sharpen and hone the edges of steel cutting implements, like chisels, knives, scissors, hand scrapers, and plane blades. Sharpening is the procedure of creating or re-establishing a cutting edge by grinding away portions of the metal to change the angle of the edge and reform the form. Honing removes small imperfections. Stones may be flat, for working flat edges, or shaped, for edges that are more complex. Sharpening stones are made of natural or synthetic materials that vary from softer to harder, and are categorized by the size of their abrasive particles, called grit. A stone with a coarser grit can be used when more metal needs to be removed (e. G. when sharpening a nicked or dull blade); the stone with the finest grit produces the sharpest edge. Where numbers are assigned to identify grit, they vary from coarser grit (low) to better grit (high). Some sharpening stones are intended for use with a lubricating liquid, some may be used dry, and others may be used either wet or dry. When used with lubricating liquid, a sharpening stone may be called a waterstone or an oilstone, depending on the lubricant obliged. Norton Abrasives manufactures sanding, grinding, and polishing abrasives, and was located in the United States since 1885. Norton, now a brand of Saint-Gobain, meets ISO 9000 and 14001 certification for quality and environmental management standards. What’s in the Box? 100-grit silicon carbide stone 150-grit silicon carbide stone 320-grit aluminum oxide stone Bench sharpening unit with reservoir 16 oz. Bottle of Norton sharpening stone oil Angle guide information.

PriorityChef Whetstone Sharpening Stone, 1000/3000 Grit Stone, Non-Slip Safety Stand Included

The Best Sharpening Stone is Available On Amazon. there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to cut, using a knife that features dull, blunt edges. How could you like to be able to sharpen and hone your blades effortlessly and make them razor sharp? PriorityChef presents you with the best whetstone on the market which is exactly what you have been looking for. Premium Quality Double-Sided, Rectangle Stone Block This top notch, good and coarse mix, Japanese grade sharpening whetstone features 2 different sides of grain for sharpening and polishing your knifes and cutting tools. The 1000 grit side may help you effortlessly sharpen blunt blades and remove burrs and grind marks. Also, the 3000 grit side will let you to hone any blade, creating perfectly polished edges. Practical, Ergonomic, Non-Slip, Safety Stand For Easy Use Forget about cheaply made whetstone sharpeners that slide off your counter, giving you a hard time. The PriorityChef sharpening stone block features a slip-tolerant base that lets you to effortlessly and carefully grind any tool. Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal Meeting all your demands is our priority. This is why our merchandise are supported by a 90 day, no questions asked money back ensure. Don’t Waste Time And Place Your Order Now Before we’re Sold Out Again.

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Models to consider:
D1130 TAB-1032SHTR2 T0914WSHTS9 PW12
S-45 W250EF-WBW8EF-WB 7422ahHA-1057 809G
WM8FC-WB W250FC-WBSJ-250 50/NGPB-20160003 T0961W
306UF 131A0LBS6H DA31325GFSHAC2 50200 D12CX-WB
DD6SF/M K0709PA-70 BAP-13A-LT6260W 023C
DF8527DB W6EFC550W HK0034SS-1000 K0704
SHTS4 FP15052WSKTS-1 DCS4IN-2004 DF401FS
H15078-LMF1-MX SHST10GRS 003-577 IM 83T0914W ALG50
GRS 003-577 IO-1142W250EFNB W8FCNBLK3DM 023C
S-45 TAB-1032K0709 D11FSS-800 HA-1057
CCD4 DA31325GFD1130 PB-2016000361SF K0704
W6EFC IM 83ALG50 YTA9977422ah SS-1000
T0914W FP15052PA-70 MFC-8-CD11C SHGL98 50403
PW12 306UFSHTS9 SHAC2 50200DD6SF/M 131A0
IN-2004 017CBAP-13A-L W250FC-WB50/NG LBS6H
8T001 81SFD12CX-WB 809GT0914W 550W
809G DF401FSFP15052 IM 83YTA997 DWS/CP8/FC
8T001 DM0600W8FCNB SM-14PB-20160003 H15078-LMF1-MX
D11C DD6SF/MSHST10 HA-1057023C LK3DM
IN-2004 SHTS9ALG75 WE-PP1-QBD1091 7422ah
D1130 204UF1T0914W TRI-8-CMBT0961W K0704
SJ-250 DCS4W250FC-WB Shapton Glass 4KALG50 W250EFNB
MBC-8-C DF8527DBGRS 003-577 61SFF70F T6260W
TAB-1032 S-45WSKTS-1 S-1000MFC-8-C SHTR3


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