April 21, 2017

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General description

Green Works 36V Lead Acid 19-inch Mower offers mulching, side discharge and rear bagging potential for versatile use. The 7-position height modification offers a range of 1 1/4-inch to 3 1/2-inch, with a lasting 19-inch steel cutting deck and bigger 10-inch rear wheels for easy maneuvering. The high powered lead acid battery gives up to 50 minutes of run time.

Recent reviews of GreenWorks 25352 36V Cordless 19-in 3-in-1 Lawn Mower:

I have now been using this model on a weekly base for 3 months and can say that I’m happy with it. The major thing to think about before purchasing this lawn mower is just how much time do you like or have to dedicate to your yard. I bought it right after we moved to our new home. The lawn went roughly 2 weeks without any mowing (1 week with the last owner and 1 week after we moved in). Throughout my 1st try, I wasn’t able to finish the complete yard in one charge. But, after that 1st one I have been mowing it between 7 and 10 days without any problems. this depends on the size of your yard. I have uploaded a picture of our yard to get you an idea of what you may be able to do with one battery charge. After one month of use I started feeling some issues with the mower. It could work for roughly 5 minutes, then it could just shut off. If I waited 10 minutes it could start again, however shut off after 5 minutes. I called GreenWorks and told them about the problem. The person who answered the phone was corteous and told me that it sounded like an issue with the battery. He said he could ship me a new battery. After about one minute on hold he came back and told me that his manager said to just ship me a new lawn mower because it may be something else. I now asked how do I ship the old one back and they told me just to keep it for spare parts. I received the new lawn mower in 10 days and I haven’t had any issues with this one. The problem wasn’t the battery because now I can use the old battery with this new lawn mower. All of this free. You do not see this kind of buyer service these days.

Update:April 15, 2014Got mower out to do 1st cut of the season. (This mower worked good for the summer of 2013) won’t start. Took casing off but saw nothing that jumped out at me. When removing the upper housing I noticed that the two screws in the battery compartment weren’t observable because they had pushed through the plastic. No washers had been used when installing these screws and they had just eaten and slid through the holes. Shoddy.I’ll get back to this update after I’m able to either fix or junk this otherwise like new mower. Changed ranking to two stars for now but it may go to one before this is over. Just got off the phone with Jessica Greenworks (a nice lady). She informed me that the lead acid battery needs to be charged “every two weeks” to preserve its operability. That was news to me since I received nothing that informed me of this when I bought the mower. I didn’t charge it all winter because all four led lights lit when I checked them leading ME to believe the battery was completely charged. A new lead acid battery for this mower costs nearly as much as the mower so I’ll junk this thing and go back to a small easy rolling gas mower. That’s lots of money just to be totally flushed down the proverbial toilet. -5 stars is my true ranking for this mower. Down from an initial ranking of 4 stars. I’ll say that I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got a rep on the phone (last time I tried I never got through) although I had to “google” to get their number. No phone number for buyer service is given at their website. Not good. Initial: This mower works good and gives a nice,, beautiful cut to my front lawn. After completely charging I cut my front lawn with almost a full charge still left on the battery.

I just got this mower Friday so this can be a bit premature, however so far it was great. I was debating between this mower and another well-liked electric mower from a company from which I own some number of good tools. I saw the reviews and the priced difference and decided to go with the GreenWorks. 25352. I charged the battery overnight and it was prepared to go in the morning on Saturday. We just moved into a new place and since I didn’t have a mower, it had been at least a month since the grass was cut. I set it up, pulled back the bar and pushed the button and it started like a charm. It sounds like a powerful oscillating fan. It’s hard and a bit heavy, however not too bad at all. The grass catcher is a bit small, however that’s okay. I’m planning on mowing more on a regular basis now that I have a machine and so I’ll be using the mulching attachment. The mower slowed down a bit on some of the tallest thickest sections, however never stalled. The wheels are easy to change. The attachments are easy to put on and take off. I mowed the front and back yards, which aren’t super big, however large enough, and when I pushed the battery display button, it’s still showing 4 bars. So far this was a great buy. It folds up for storage too (though the bottom handle takes some force to put down). The fast release arms on the top handle make it simple to fold down.

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Three-in-One Powerhouse and Easy-Start Switch Electric-Powered, Black

WORX WG775 14″ Cordless Electric-Powered 25352 Lawn Mower can cut up to 6,000 square feet in a single charge-using no gas. This WORX Cordless Electric Mower is a three-in-one powerhouse with the capability to mulch, bag and discharge, which makes lawn care jobs easier. There’s no pushing buttons or pulling endlessly on a cord to begin the engine. Instead, with this WORX Cordless Lawn Mower, Electric-Powered, all you must do is press the easy-start switch The WORX WG775 14″ Cordless Electric-Powered 25352 Lawn Mower will include a removable 24V battery, giving you the capability to charge it individually from the mower.

Ohio Steel Zero-Turn Lift, Model# TL4500

Use this heavy-responsibility lift to make servicing and cleaning your zero-turn mower easier than ever. A heavy-responsibility steel brace enables mower to stay upright while you change and service belts and blades, and telescoping lift bars supply extra height when needed. Black powder-coat finish resists rust and scratches Common handling: Maintenance, Height Range (in. ): 22, Material Type: Steel, Lockable: Yes, will include: Safety bar, well-matched With: Zero-turn, Finish Type: Powder-coat, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 23 x 27 x 53, Tire Type: 2-ply 10 in. Pneumatic tires.

Push of MTD Products 21" 139cc 2-in-1 with Dual-Lever and Height Adjusters, Red

The MTD 139cc POWERMORE OHV gas engine delivers hard and economical power. This 21″ 2-in-1 gas-powered push mower comes with premium 7″ front/ 8″ rear wheels with ball bearings, which enable you to roll smoothly over uneven terrain while maintaining a level cut. Get the job done faster by picking to either mulch or bag your clippings quickly and easily, and set your wheels to the right height with this unit’s dual-lever, 6-position height adjuster.

Murray 21" High Wheel

The Murray High-Wheel Lawn Mower is an entry-level, side-discharge and mulch-able mower that comes completely assembled. Features of the Murray 22-inch Lawn Mower include a Briggs and Stratton 500 Series engine, at 140cc with 5. 0 gross of torque. The mower has seven-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels for extra precision in handling. The Gas-Powered Lawn Mower may be manually adjusted to cut grass by a four-point, five-position height modification handle located on each wheel. The Murray 22-inch Lawn Mower, which is both easy to operate and to maneuver, comes with a handle brake for fast stopping and a starter pull that’s conveniently located on the handle. The bright red Murray High-Wheel Lawn Mower works well on a large range of terrains, as well as slopes and uneven ground surfaces. This mower comes with two-year maker’s warranty.

Murray 22" Gas-powered High-wheel

The Murray High-Wheel Lawn Mower is an entry-level, side-discharge and mulch-able mower that comes completely assembled. Features of the Murray 22″ Lawn Mower include a Briggs & Stratton 500 Series engine, at 140cc with 5. 0 gross of torque. The mower has 7″ front wheels and 12″ rear wheels for extra precision in handling. The Gas-Powered Lawn Mower may be manually adjusted to cut grass by a four-point, five-position height modification handle located on each wheel. The Murray 22″ Lawn Mower, which is both easy to operate and to maneuver, comes with a handle brake for fast stopping and a starter pull that’s conveniently located on the handle. The bright red Murray High-Wheel Lawn Mower works well on a large range of terrains, as well as slopes and uneven ground surfaces.

The Greenstation N-1 20" 24 Volt Electric

Free yourself from gas and oil intake, also as from toxic fumes and exhaust emitted by gas mowers. Powered by a rechargeable 24-volt battery, The Greenstation Rechargeable Electric Lawnmower does not require the expense of fuel or tune-ups nor does it require an extension cord. The battery runs up to 60 minutes on a single charge, and can cut up to a quarter acre with strength and ease. The mower has mulching and rear bagging potential to keep your lawn looking its best. And the 20 inch blade cuts a big swath at 3,500 RPM for super-fast mowing. The ergonomic adjustable handle decreases exhaustion and improves control. Height tuning control lifts all 4 wheels now with seven cutting positions from 1. 5 in. To 3. 75 in. For mowing close and economical on most grasses. The safety key offers handle-mounted blade control for easy use and operation. Easy-to-read LED power display allows you to know how much time you have before recharge. Go green with The Greenstation and eliminate gas and oil intake, toxic fumes and emissions, hard waste in the landfills (oil and solvent containers, spark plugs, filters etc. ), toxic waste (fuel, oil and detergent spills) and improve the condition of your environment and your health. The Greenstation is an accepted maker of the America Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) The Greenstation Lawn N-1 Cordless Electric Mower has minimal assembly without tools, so you may be able to start mowing today and will include collapsible catch bag, mulch plug, battery and charger. Lawn N-1 plans Charging Time (From zero charge) 14 Hours, Mowing time Up to 60 minutes, Cutting Width 20 inch (508 mm), Height Adjustability (Range) 1. 5i – 3. 75i (7 positions), Voltage 24V 20AH, Rated Speed 3500rpm, Weight (as well as Battery) 99lbs, Lawn N-1 Features, Clipping Bag Included, Easy to Assemble, Lift Out Replaceable Battery, Battery Power Level display, Mulching capability, Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Warranty Period 2 year / battery 1 year.

Brinly Tow-Behind Sweeper Item # HN-BRIL012

Description decrease your have to rake over and over with help from the Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper. This tool is ideal for picking up fallen leaves and other yard debris can lead to thatch build up if not removed. The Brinly lawn sweeper with its big 42 working width and 20 cu. Ft. Hamper helps get your fall yard clean up done quickly and easily. The sweeper may be conveniently emptied from the seat of the tractor, and may be stored upright to take up less space in a garage or shed. Cubic Feet 20 cu ft. Dimensions 86L x 53W x 38H in. International Shipping Canada Material Steel Model STS-42LXH Weight 80 lbs.

Reel,Best Push,American 18in,Riding s, Sale,Walk Behind .

Sοmetimes yοu can learn sοmething frοm the οld days. Cοnsider this American Lawn Mοwer Walk Behind Reel Mοwer. It effectively trims your lawn withοut a cοmbustiοn engine blaring and spewing exhaust, making it an excellent chοice. Unlike sοme push mοwers, this οne features an adjustable cutting height from 1/2in. To 2 1/2in. with a 5 blade ball bearing reel that gives smooth performance. It rolls on 10in. Tires and has an adjustable wheel height. And since comfort matters, the loop handle features full-length bubble grip. U. S. A.

16" 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Walk-Behind (Battery and Charger Not Included)

Ryobi takes Cordless to the next level with the 40-Volt Lithium-ion mower. With a 16 in. Cutting deck and single-lever height modification, this instant-starting, whisper calm mower is the ideal solution for small yards and close neighbors. The Ryobi 16 in. Mower is backed with the Ryobi 40-Volt 5-Year restricted warranty and is guaranteed to deliver results for many years to come. Battery and charger not included.

Sun Joe iON16LM-HYB 40V 4.0 Ah Hybrid or Electric, 16"

MOW POWER TO YA. What happens when you add a battery pack with an electric plug? You get pack + plug power that is totally revolutionary. Declare your independence from the grid and get the freedom to go offline. Snow Joe”s exclusive hybrid technology lets you to switch from electric power when you need it – to unplugged when you don”t – to blast your way past the limitations of the extension cord and dare to go where no electric mower went before. Ideal for small to mid-sized lawns, the iON16LM-HYB starts instantly with a simple push of a button and its ergonomic handle maximizes user comfort throughout use. Equipped with a lasting steel blade that cuts with precision, the iON16LM-HYB mows a 15-inch large path in a single pass. Its compact design features rugged front and rear all-terrain wheels that make it simple to maneuver in tight spaces. Quickly change the cutting height of your grass with the 6-position height modification lever, which tailors cutting heights from 1. 18 inches up to 3. 15 inches. The 9. 25-gallon grass bag conveniently detaches to dispose of grass clippings. Or, go off the grid by just switching to battery power and the iON16LM-HYB utilizes the most advanced lithium-ion technology to cut your lawn with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air and a greener environment. Hybrid technology means never having to run out of power, or alternatives, when the grass is growing. Exercise your freedom of choice. Make the switch.

WORX WG789 ch 36 Volt PaceSetter Self Propelled With Removable Battery & IntelliCut

WG789 Features: -Cordless pacesetter lawn mower with intellicut. -completely collapsible handle for compact storage. -Can handle up to 13,000 square feet area of cutting per charge when completely recharged. Product Type: -Push mower. Finish: -Orange and black. Material: -Plastic. Number of things Included: -2. Pieces Included: -Grass bag and mulch plug. Engine Size: -0. Dimensions: in general Height – Top to Bottom: -15″. In general Width – Side to Side: -23″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -38. 5″. In general Product Weight: -106 lbs.

Haussmann CLM46NU ch 24-Volt Mulching/Bagging (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Make the switch to a cleaner way to mow your lawn with the cordless, battery powered Haussmann CLM46NU mower. The powerful 24 volt Haussmann CLM46NU delivers consistent performance, removes noisy operation, and is a zero-emissions tool, so you may be able to get the job done while defending the environment. The hard steel 19 inch deck and rubber wheels offer exceptional durability while the cushion-grip, contoured handle gives remaining user comfort. Instead of having to change each wheel when changing the height of the mower blade, the Haussmann CLM46NU Cordless Mower features a single-lever height control system that makes it easier than ever to change the height of the cut. With just one flip of the lever all four wheels are adjusted at the same time. Not only do you eliminate smelly, messy gas and oil cans there aren’t cumbersome, restrictive power cords to deal with either. With the Haussmann CLM46NU 24 volt mower you may be able to forget about the difficult pull-starts and speculation involved in starting gas-powered mowers, just hold the power-lever and mow your lawn. It really is the annoyance-free way to mow your lawn. The Haussmann CLM46NU is filled with great features like a foldable handle to minimize the amount of storage space needed. With a simple push of a button, the battery charge display allows you to see how much run-time is left over and the single lever, 6-position height modification allows you to change the cut height with one flip. The Haussmann CLM46NU has the choice of mulching or rear-bagging and with the 55 L bag you may be able to use it to pick up and mulch your leaves in autumn.

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  3. Greenworks 29432 36V Lead Acid Battery Charger
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  6. GreenWorks GLM801600 80V 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, Battery and Charger Not Included

Models to consider:
45-01931-LW CM2045HRR216K9VKA POS-WG782SM2010 OCC-754-0642
DB6806 CRP21852011A-A2BA758 RP2185020M200 GY308
4023-U CRP218520P1111 WR65486CHRX217VKA HU700AWD
RP2185020 P2185020E12AVD6RQ719 WG775JDP547I CM2040
POP961120130-E1 RY24201AWR65486 12AKC3A3766WG719 12A-A03M700
WG772 KM-210M22450 12AKC32N766ION16LM TG-B020C
11A020B000 HRS2165SKA15A-3000783 48ZSWY2811HD MCM2011
SJMJ402E-E1 26FB3M16WHERC10224C TG-B030CWA512 11A-B2M5766
RY40170 11a-a1jt706415-16SK1 11A-02SB700WG719 36BS
RHIN313 AJ799EEM1700 4023-UION16LM-HYB WA512
RY40100 POS-WG782EH915 RP218502012AE76JU011 CLM-58V4AH
WG772 11A-02SB700HU800H DB8605-22RY40112 WG775
HRS216SKA 45-01931-LWGLM801600 11A-A23K75811A-B22J766 HRX217HYA
12AGA2S6766 TG-B020CMJ502M HU675AWDP1111 MCM2011
CRP218520 HRX217VKAHRR216K9VKA JDP547IWG770 MM1800
RP2185020 M2245012AKC32N766 HRC216PDA12ABC62J710 MTC220
TG-B030C SKY1245HRS2165SKA 11A-A12N701MCM2013 12AA04A000
M20300 13AM775S200CRP218520 11A-B2M5766ION16LM 12AGA2S6766
HU675AWD 11a-a1jt70645-01931-LW 4023-UWR65486C RP2185020
11A-A0S5700 RHIN313ZRRY40110 SM2010WG719 AJ801E
26FB3M16 M2245012AKC32N766 12ABW32G766CM1640 ER-18
WG772 LM17512AVD6RQ719 RY40100AGY308 BV6600
KM-210 HRS2165SKA12A-A03M700 HRX217VKAMCM2013 MSS177365H01
CM2045 RP2185020TG-B030C ION16LM-HYBSXDWM82 MTE912
4025-U 12ABC62J710WHERC10224C EH915WG782 MTC220
HRS216SKA 12AKC3A3766MO40L410 TG-B020CHU600L 11A-B23Z758


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