April 21, 2017

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  • Internal keyed locking system, chest comes with 2 keys
  • Full-extension 50 lbs. rated ball bearing drawer slides
  • 2,653 cu. in. of storage space
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General description

Husky brand 26 in. Large 4-Drawer Tool Chest, Black.

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EDCO A115 Box Startup vs H4-CH1-R

The Tool Box Startup will H4CH1R include 3 StripSerts with Carbides, Wedges, Tool Box, Punch, Hammer. The Strip-Serts are carbide tipped blocks intended to clean floors without grinding into the concrete. Strip-Serts have a replaceable, multi-sided tungsten carbide edge that may be rotated for maximum use. These Strip-Serts are ideal for removing mastics, paints, resins, tar, fiberglass, ice and industrial buildups. The Strip-Serts are intended to strip away coatings, not to grind concrete. Grinding concrete with Strip-Serts will dull the sharp edges quickly causing the grinding action to stop. The wooden wedges were used to wedge the holding case into the Grinder’s Multi-Accessory Disc.

Gioiello 3 Piece Silver Blue Aluminum Truck Box Storage Box, 25" 32" 35"

Gioiello Professional Storage/tool box is intended to save space and supply extra storage. It’s constructed of heavy responsibility aluminum. Completely welded. Ideal for tools storage in your car or in your garage/home. High quality aluminum finish and construction. Silver Color of aluminum trimming. Heat tolerant outside material keeps the case cool and protects. Easy to clean interior.

12" Bag, Sold As 1 Each

Heavy-responsibility No 8 natural canvas. Moisture-tolerant, vinyl bottom, and lower sides. Non-scratch studs on base protect against wear. Retro-fit bags with shoulder strap kit (Cat No 5102S) Kit will include leather strap with pad and snap hooks, rings and fasteners for attaching rings to bags. Rivet-strengthened for durability. Steel-frame mouth with hinge for rugged use. Stitched and riveted leather handles for comfort and strength. Two retaining straps with buckles supply secure closure. 5102S). ?” steel base and support post adds rigidity decreasing vibration. Retro-fit bags with shoulder strap kit (Cat.

Generic LQ..8..LQ..1534..LQ derbody Pickup Underbody uminum Aluminum Truck be Under bed Box ol Box NEW 24" torage Trailer Storage vs H-4CH-1R

Product Description Perfect for storing your tools in your car or at home Tread pattern strengthens the aluminum for maximum durability The box conveniently mounts under your car for space saving storage The door features a weather-tolerant rubber seal for keeping all things inside dry & safe The lock features a cap which will keep water or channel from entering the lock, making sure the locks performance for many years Drop down door gives full access to the box fitted lock assures all things are kept safe and secure in general size approx: 24-1/4″ (W) x 18-1/2″ (D) x 18″ (H) Inside size approx: 23-3/4″ (W) x 15-3/4″ (D) x 17-3/4″ (H) Material: Aluminum Position: Underbody Key #: 2 Quantity: 1.

IWISS IWS-1234C Pex Pipe Crimping for Copper Crimp Jaw Sets 1/2" & 3/4" with Go/No-Go Gauge suit Sharkbite, Watts, Apollo and All U

WHY decide IWISS? 1. Gradient 25 for small corner2. 1. 5KG Weight. Light and easy to carry to crimp3. Sharpen save 30 labor4. With better locator for correct crimp5. Polish procedure for a better crimp effectIT’S A RIGHT CHOICE FOR USING IWISS TOOLS Package will include:1. 1 pc IWS-1234W PEX Pipe Crimping Tool2. 1 pc PEX Pipe Cutter3. 1 pc Go/No-Go Gauge4. 20 pcs 1/2-inch Copper Ring5. 10 pcs 3/4-inch Copper RingInstruction1. Pull back on the moving handle and open the jaws completely(tool doesn’t work like pliers, don’t force the handles separately). 2. Position jaws squarely around the ring. 3. Softly let the handles open to shut the jaws on the ring. 4. Squeeze handles together to finish the crimp. ONE CRIMP ONLY 5. Pull back on the moving handle to release jaws from the crimped ring. 6. Measure the crimped ring with”GO-No GO” gauge(included). Don’t measure bumps on the ring where the jaw meets. If GO on gauge doesn’t fit, or if NO GO does fit, cut out the connection, replace the fitting and ring, change and calibrate the tool and recrimp.

242416AH 24 X 24 X 16 ATA POLY MYO W/TELESCOPING HANDLE CASE vs 26 Wide H4CH1R 4-Drawer pricing

Made in the USA. Heavy-responsibility Polyethylene ATA Cases with Recessed Hardware. The outside shell is tough affect tolerant HMW polyethylene. Heavy-responsibility aluminum rim and gasket, fitted TSA accepted mix lock, full length piano hinge and 2 spring loaded handles. This case comes with our standard pick-n-pluck cubed bubble. This series will include wheels and telescoping handle for convenient transportation.

Aluminum Chest-Style box – 18 Inch H X 20 Inch D X 54 Inch L vs H-4-CH-1-R

Rc Industries’ Diamond Bright Chest-Style Aluminum Toolboxes Are Perfect For The Back Of Any Semi, Pick-Up Or Travel Trailer. They’re Lightweight, Corrosion-tolerant And very lasting. Constructed Of. 100 Mil Diamond Bright Aluminum Which Is Lighter Than Steel, Shines Up Easily And gives A Treaded Surface For A Firm Foothold. These Boxes Include Stainless Steel T-Handles With Lock And Key, Plus Full Stainless Steel Hinges And Fasteners. The Hinges Are offshoot, Giving The Door A Full 180-Degree Range Of motion. A Neoprene Weather Seal And Shielded Door Frame Keep The Elements Out And Your Tools Safe Inside.

Cases By Source ELI-19157-NF Elite Aluminum Frame Case, 19.3 x 15.4 x 7.1 vs 26 Wide H4CH1R 4-Drawer review

The choose line of industrial aluminum cases takes aluminum design to a higher level. The Elite Cases series is high quality, multi-function and stylish. The anodized surfaces and high-quality laminated outer shell make for a harmonic and appealing design. Elite”s aluminum frame is stable in spite of being so light, offering easy carrying through its ergonomically upholstered handle. The Elites features a rounded extrusion and handle. These award-winning aluminum cases feature a highbrow look for declaration-making presentations; the surfaces may be covered with a range of materials, from leather to decorative foil and other textiles, to best show your aesthetic or corporate vision. Tough locks and hinges round out the features for extra stability and security.

Giantex 49" Aluminum Truck Pickup ATV Camper Box Trailer Flatbed RV Storage W/ Lock

This Is Our Aluminum Truck Tool Box,Perfect For Trucks, RV, ATV, Garage Storage, Trailer, Job Site, Flatbed, As A Tool Box Etc. Constructed Of Heavy responsibility Aluminum Tread Plate In A Bright Finish. It Features A Door And A Heavy responsibility Hinge. Down Open. Completely Welded. Comes With Lock And 2 Keys. Ideal For Tools Storage In Your car Or In Your Garage/Home.

Ironton Cart – 580-Lb. Capacity vs 26 Wide H4CH1R 4-Drawer price

This Ironton 4-Drawer Tool Cart is spacious, rugged and mobile, so it’s great for mechanics. The completely opening cover and 4 locking drawers supply easy access to tools and keep them safe for storage. The ball-bearing drawer sliders supply smooth drawer action. All-steel structure is built to last, with a rust-tolerant powder-coat finish. Easy to move on 4 swivel casters, 2 with brakes. Material Type Steel, Shelves qty. 2, Wheel Size in. 5 1/4, Finish Type Powder-coat, Foldable No, Color Black, Capacity lbs. 580, Drawers qty. 3, Lock Included Yes, Wheel Type Caster. Completely opening cover and 4 locking drawers supply easy access to tools and keep them safe for storage Ball-bearing drawer sliders supply smooth drawer action All-steel structure is built to last, with a rust-tolerant powder-coat finish Easy to move on 4 swivel casters, 2 with brakes 33 1/2in. L x 17 1/2in. W x 38 1/4in. H in general.

Chicago Case Co 95-8577 MDST9CART Magnum Indestructo Case

Rolling Black Tool Case; 10" deep; High Density Polyethylene Plastic; chemical tolerant; temperature range -40 to +185F; Powder-coated black tongue-and-groove frame; vertical ribbing; Telescoping handle extends to 40" (substitute PN 51-5122); 2 wheels with casters (substitute PN 09-6543); 2 keyed black locks and mix lock, padded carry handle (substitute handle and latch kit PN 09-5198); Molded-in feet and full piano hinge; Comes with top and bottom tool pallets to hold 40 tools (substitute Pallet PNs: Top, 97-8770D; Bottom, 97-8771D); cover is 4. 00"; Base is 6. 0. ". Length: 18. Width: 15. Height: 10.

Schaller 68 Pc Red Plastic Box Assortment . 3" Deep . Four (4) Sizes vs 26 Wide H4CH1R 4-Drawer reviews

68 part Schaller Red Plastic Box variety fits Lista, Vidmar and many other well-liked brands of tool box drawers or cupboards. This variety will fill out TWO of the 24″ square drawers. This variety will include the following four (4) sizes and amounts all are 2-3/4″ DEEP 32 3″ x 3″ x 3″ 16 3″ x 6″ x 3″ ( same size as Lista PB 8 ) 12 3″ x 8″ x 3″ 8 6″ x 6″ x 3″ ( same size as Lista PB 9 ) Made of high affect polystyrene (HIPS), these red plastic boxes are ideal for sorting and storing small parts. Boxes slip in and out of drawers for easy loading and dispensing. MADE IN USA by Schaller company, Natick MA Schaller Red Plastic Boxes.

Models to consider:
CT-12-0019 EL1606tB01C5IP95U SM200BTUC-11402-M TB040
J5694R EX5611RCBK295XB 369TH-SGSH6025R B01C5IMN4K
7838-2PK B009EW6YNWK_MT216_36 BW00210180020800R BW109.92
B01C5IOHIU 17313ELH16213-PL2507 TP4318 17435R SST00715
301820AH TB105A-RedTB2060BBSB-Red BK08019602KTM 00029098100 MW-0307B
GMR-26RPS 215-95-INDYC-US2-150929-43 4750OPTB50BK04056082 KTC55
LSD005104 D292780-RB158GW-B RF5-1000926T-CB WM718-HTP03
685ZT STST 1-707357734BLA CXT280DWST17808 J9979-NA
8060DLX KL-A9KW-CF0WIWS-1234C BW00210220STMT74898 B1553
EN-AC-FY-A030 KL-A9KW-CF0WB009EW6YNW C20LWM718-HTP03 75-STO3183
107-95-IND SST00715PB-16 B01C5IMN4KQ3-YVTB-V1M7 RD04021720
7838-2PK CXT803501-BDLP-95 215-95-IND020800R SM200B
737ELH1160 cbr8364133098 ETIP100 TUC-11402-MJ5694R BW00210220
8060DLX GMR-26RPSDWST17805 17313ELH1621IWS-1234C J9979-NA
STMT74898 MJ2079RD08019602 B01C5IP95U435R 028001L
736ELH1836 GT02027081MC-28B P4-LMFO-EG5XB1262 BW00200240
W85025 C120251709PR kj282520UBW00210180 RF5-1000
B1553 K_MT216_36SV22166 DWST08201TK-60795 002-AU-20311
MJ2079 SV2216680-RB158GW-B MW-0307BTC-265 TB3060BBSS
YC-US2-150929-43 CT-12-0019685ZT PB-16KTM 00029098100 PR-16
C20L STST24081SM200B PF-15OK-19X0W85025 kj282520U
8060DLX RD04021720K_MT216_48 HTTC321A435R 2H-8W9H-4AP0
TP4318 17 C1600TB2060BBSB-Red 17313ELH1622B1262 A32-1000
DWMT19249 DWST08201CXT80 EX5611RCBKB302520-BIAB 80-RB117FL-B
BK08019602 TXKPGR-0501A117 cbr83641B01C5IOHIU SKY2575
CXT280 B01C5IMN4KD2927 B1553TP244 79 297XR
301820AH HR8200GYSST00715 GMR-26RPS107-95-IND TB040


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