April 21, 2017

30" Trim (Panasonic) actually has good reviews


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  • 30″ Wall installation for all Panasonic 2.2 cuft Stainless Steel Microwaves
  • Installation required and all parts are included for easy installation
  • 24 5/8″ (W) x 13 11/16″ (H) inside dimensions
  • Cabinet cut-off must be 28 1/2″ (W) x 17 3/8″ (H) x 21″ D min.
  • 30″ (W) x 18 9/16″ (H) outside dimensions
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Optional Panasonic 30″ Cabinet Trim Kit for 2. 2 cuft Stainless Steel Microwaves. Trim Kit measures 30″ (W) by 18 9/16″ (H) and fits most 2. 2 cuft microwaves. Cabinet “cut-out” dimensions are: 28 1/2″ (W) x 17 3/8″ (H) x 21″ min (D), Installation obliged and will include all needed parts.

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Whirlpool Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 12 in # 4393799

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. GH4155XPB0 GH4155XPB1 GH4155XPB2 GH4155XPB3 GH4184XSB0 GH4184XSB1 GH4184XSS0 GH4184XSS1 GH5176XPB0 GH5176XPB1 GH5176XPB2 GH5176XPQ0 GH5184XPB1 GH6177XPB0 GH6177XPB1 GH6177XPB2 GH6177XPB3 GH6178XPB0 GH6178XPB1 GH6178XPB2 GH6178XPQ0 GH7145XFB0 GH7145XFB1 GH7145XFQ0 GH7145XFQ1 GH8155XJB0 GH8155XJB1 GH8155XJQ0 GH8155XJQ1 GH9176XMB0 GH9176XMB1 GH9176XMQ0 GH9176XMQ1 GH9177XLB0 GH9177XLB1 GH9177XLB2 GH9177XLQ0 GH9184XLB0 GH9184XLB1 GH9184XLB2 GH9184XLQ0 GH9185XLB1 GH9185XLQ0 GMH3174XVB0 GMH3174XVB1 GHH3174XVS0 MH3174XVS1 GMH3204XVB0 GMH3204XVB1 GMH3204XVB2 GMH3204XVQ0 GMH5184VAQ0 GMH5184XVB0 GMH5184XVB1 GMH5184XVQ0 GMH5205XVB0 GMH5205XVQ0 GMH5205XVS0 GMH5205XVT0 GMH6185XVB0 GMH6185XVB1 GMH6185XVQ0 GMH6185XVQ1 GMH6185XVS0 GMH6185XVS1 MH1140XMB1, MH1140XMB2 MH1140XMB3 MH1140XMB4 MH1140XMQ2 MH1141XMB4 MH1141XMQ2 MH1141XMQ3 MH1141XMQ4 MH1150XMB0 MH1150XMB1 MH1150XMB2 MH1160XSB0 MH1160XSB1 MH1160XSB4 MH1160XSB5 MH1160XSB6 MH1160XSD0 MH1160XSD2 MH1160XSD3 MH1170XSB0 MH1170XSB2 MH1170XSB4 MH1170XSB6 H1171XVS0 MH1171XVS1 MH2155XPB0 MH2155XPB1 MH2155XPB2 MH2155XPB3 MH2175SXB0 MH2175XSB3 MH2175XSB4 MH2175XSB5 MH3184XPB0 MH3184XPB1 MH3184XPB2 MH3184XPB3 MH3185XPB0 MH3185XPB1 MH3185XPB2 MH3185XPQ0 MH6140XFB0 MH6140XFB1 MH6140XFQ0 MH6140XFQ1 MH7140XFQ0 MH7140XFQ1 MH7155XMB0 MH7155XMQ0 MH7155XMS0 MH7155XMT0 MH8150XJB1 MH8150XJQ1 MH8150XJT1 MH8150XJZ1 MH9180XLB1 MH9180XLQ0 MH9181XMB1 MH9181XMQ0 MH9181XMQ1 WMH1162XVB0 WMH1162XVB1 WMH1162XVB2 WMH1163XVB0 WMH1163XVB1WMH1163XVD0 WMH1163XVD1 WMH1164XVS0 WMH1164XVS1 WMH2175XVB1 WMH2175XVB2 WMH2175XVQ1 WMH2175XVQ2 WMH2205XVB0 WMH2205XVB1 WMH2205XVS1 WMH3205XVB0 WMH3205XVQ0 WMH3205XVS0 YGH5184XPB0 YGH5184XPB2 YGH7145XFQ2 YGMH6185XVB0 YGMH6185XVQ0 YGMH6185XVS0 YMH1141XMB3 YMH1141XMQ3 YMH1160XSB3 YMH1160XSQ2 YMH1170XSB3 YMH1170XSB4 YMH1170XSB5 YMH1170XSQ2 YMH2175XSS3 YMH7155XMB0 YMH7155XMQ0.

General Electric Control Board Part WB27X10466R WB27X10466 Model General Electric JVM1490BD002

WB27X10466R plans Our Value OEM Value Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces wb27x10466r WB27X10466R General Electric Microwave Con This Control Board is for General Electric Microwave models. Well-matched Models General Electric JVM1490BD002 General Electric JVM1490BD003 General Electric JVM1490BD03 General Electric JVM1490CD002 General Electric JVM1490CD003 General Electric JVM1490CD03 General Electric JVM1490SD002 General Electric JVM1490SD003 General Electric JVM1490SD03 General Electric JVM1490WD002 General Electric JVM1490WD003 General Electric JVM1490WD03 well-matched Part Numbers GeneralElectric WB27X10466R.

GE WB13K21 Igniter Oven vs NN-TK-932SS

This GE WB13K21 flat style for Oven igniter works with many GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore and RCA ranges, for Ovens and for Stoves. Works with the following models: General Electric CGS980SEM1SS, General Electric J2BP85BEL1BB, General Electric JGB900SEL1SS, General Electric JGB900SEL2SS, General Electric JGB908SEL1SS.

7377 enhanced version 12V motherboard 6 inch subwoofer subwoofer amplifier board with MP3 decoder board card cannon core

Type : Blender PartsBrand : LianshengItem : 7377Baby Show(Default baby is a motherboard + a remote control ):Wiring information :1 amplifier board has a good part of red and black wire welding may be accessed in a 4-8 Euro 20-30W woofers ;White transposon TRE OUT 2 panel may be accessed by a 4-8 Europe 10-15W tweeter ;3 panel white butt transposon + 12V battery + positive, GND docking battery – negative ;4 panel interface may be connected to 220V DC12V turn 12V 4. 2A power adapter ( don’t draw a line connected to a battery adapter ) ;5 panel LINE IN connector is connected to external audio input, you may be able to connect the sound computers, mobile phones or MP3 etc. Come in ;6 panel REM interface is connected to the remote extension cord, extension cord needed, follow the prompts to use the shopping cart photographed ;7 panel VOL is the volume control, power front Keep the volume down so as not to produce adverse effects. Baby Size :Installation hole : High 40 W 65 (mm)Dimensions : Height 82 W 138 D 75 (mm)Screw pitch : High 72 W 68 side – side 128 (mm) Note: This description is a general description, you ‘re looking at baby pictures and show the same variant of the oval without a radio. Have to bring radio, take the following links :item. Taobao. Com/item. Htmspm=0. 0. 0. 0. I4Np5K&id=17648285680.

Moffat M013431K Motor, 50/60 Hertz vs Panasonic Trim NN-TK932SS pricing

The Moffat M013431K Motor Kit is a real OEM (original equipment maker) substitute part well-matched with the Moffat E311 and E311MS convection ovens. This motor may have to be replaced if the fan on the convection oven doesn’t operate. The kit will include everything required to change out the motor and get your convection oven running properly. The Moffat M013431K Motor Kit will include a motor with a 60-hertz terminal and a 50-hertz terminal. Use real OEM parts for safety, dependability and performance. Moffat specializes in convection ovens and proofer holding cupboards with an increased concentrate on after-sales support for their merchandise.

Set of 4 Stone Wave Cooker with Chefwing Wood chen Tool (4, Set of 4 with Spatula) vs NN-TK-932-SS

Stone Wave will assist you prepare delicious, gourmet foods in your microwave that your whole family will love, in just five minutes Its secret is in the specially intended chimney that lets steam to escape, while the custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into every bite And with Stone Wave’s non-stick surface, you may be able to make everything from eggs to baked desserts without butter, fats, or oils, for healthy, mess-free meals.

2009FM amplifier board 24V 5 inch car subwoofer cannon core card MP3 decoder board + 30W amplifier radio vs Panasonic Trim NN-TK932SS review

Type : Blender PartsBrand : LianshengItem : 2009FM parts of boardProducts ( taken in kind, caused by factors cameras and monitors there can be color ) : Product plans :Installation hole : Wide65 High40mmInstallation pitch : Wide75 High48mmOverall Dimensions : Width85 High58 Deep75mm Baby features:1. You may be able to readSDCard ( ifTFCards have to add a Cato ) andUWithin the diskMP3Songs ( not supportedWMAAnd other formats ) ;2. DC12VAnd DC24VCan be used, may be applied to a large range of DC12VOr24VWhat motorcycle battery, cars, trucks and digging machines ;3. With1RoadAUXExternal audio input (3. 5mmJackLINE IN), Can access computers, mobile phones,CDOrMP3Substandard sound audio ;4. Amplifier usingTDA2009,BTLOutput, rated power30WPeak power60W, you may be able to push4-16Europe4-6Inch70Magnetic following speakers or stereo ;5. External remote input jack (REM) Extension cord plug in an external remote amplifier mounted like to meet in a hidden place and want to use the remote control functionality friend needs. Panel Description :SD:SDCard slot ( ifTFCalgary a Cato on the line, shop for sale ) ;USB:UDisk jack (you may also insertedULarge plate reader interface, well-matched with most ) ;IR: Remote Receiver ( here the remote control at the remote operation without an external plug wire ) ;display ; after power this lamp is lit, the reader andUFlashes when the disk gradually ;White transposons : above a row+ 24VThen DC+ 12VOr+ 24V,GNDConnect the negative power supply ; following a rowTRE OUTPick tweeter ( can’t pick ) ;POWER: DC12VAnd DC24VJack ;LINE IN:3. 5mmExternal audio input port, you may be able to connectCDOr computer sound came ;REM: External remote extension cable connector ( not connected, then alignIRLocation may also remote control ) ;VOL: Master volume control, power front Keep the volume down so as not to produce adverse effects.

Home-X Domed Vented Cover

Pass on the plastic wrap and paper towels. Cover your food for microwave reheating with our convenient domed cover. Its vented all around and has a stay-cool recessed handle for easy lifting. High enough to cover a plateful of leftovers without smashing the mashed potatoes. And it fits perfectly over soup bowls also as small glass and ceramic containers. A greener way to cover food, it does away with wraps. Made from dishwasher-safe polypropylene. About 4″ high by 10″ in diameter.

Generic Potato Express Potato Cooker Pack 2 vs Panasonic Trim NN-TK932SS price

4-minute microwave potato cooker The Potato Express is a washable, reusable microwave bag cooker that steams up to 4 potatoes at a time in just 4 minutes. Enjoy perfectly cooked, moist, delicious potatoes while considerably cutting down on your prep time when making mashed potatoes and other favorites dishes. The Potato Express works with all types of potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes and yams. It also steams corn and softens hard bread. Polyester/cotton, 10″L x 7. 5″W x 1″H, Set of 2.

Frigidaire Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 13 Inches 5304440285


Frigidaire Range Control Board Part 316443901 316443901R Model CPEB30T9DC3 PLEB27T9FCB vs Panasonic Trim NN-TK932SS reviews

THIS IS A HIGH QUALITY well-matched OEM PRODUCT WHICH MEETS OR EXCEEDS THE plans OF THE ORIGINAL • • 316443901R plans Our Value OEM Value Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces 316443901r 316443901R Frigidaire Range Control Board This Control Board is for Frigidaire Range models. Well-matched Models Frigidaire CPEB30T9DC3 Frigidaire CPEB30T9FC1 Frigidaire CPEB30T9FC2 Frigidaire GLEB27T9DBC Frigidaire GLEB27T9DQC Frigidaire GLEB27T9DSC Frigidaire GLEB27T9FBA Frigidaire GLEB27T9FQA Frigidaire GLEB27T9FSA Frigidaire GLEB30T9DBC Frigidaire GLEB30T9DBD Frigidaire GLEB30T9DQC Frigidaire GLEB30T9DQD Frigidaire GLEB30T9DSC Frigidaire GLEB30T9DSD Frigidaire GLEB30T9FBA Frigidaire GLEB30T9FQA Frigidaire GLEB30T9FSA Frigidaire LEEB30T9FEA Frigidaire PLEB27T9DCC Frigidaire PLEB27T9FCA Frigidaire PLEB27T9FCB Frigidaire PLEB30T9DCC Frigidaire PLEB30T9FCA Frigidaire PLEB30T9FCB well-matched Part Numbers Frigidaire 316443901R.

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Models to consider:
WB55T10067 WB15X10070WB07X11250 WB20K10008WB08T10002 2N-11010-24
WB27X10215 6324W1A001H922160-A JX7227SFSSF06014M00AP WB27K10145R
WB27K10123 WB49X10166WH12X10154 HWD5051UCWB36X10122 6871W1A459C
W10258189 WB27K10027WB27X11081 R0274WB27X10866 WB07X11034
WB27T10282 RK51K30JX1530DMBB OGT6701WB27T10919 FRI-5304440285
MWTK30KF WB27K10354WB55X10530 WB36K5507WB27T11314 WB27X11070
GE-WB49X690 7914A234654 BLK W10211457G01479-01 JX7227DFWW
PW9000SFSS A111016871W1A459A NN-TK621SSWB44T10010 W10245216
2E-40101-W19 WB27X105166WH0005P WB27X10017WB27X10089 PJ7000SFSS
WB48X194 WB07X11392MWTKP27KF RK51S27WB27X10516 JX7227SFSS
FRI-5304440285 WB16K10061JX1527DMBB 2B71732F2V-80505-10 WB27X10880
WB27T10919 JX827DFWWNN-TK722SS WB19K10044WB27X10901 WB19K14
R2630 WB27T10409MWTK30KB PJ7000SFSSWB20X5050 316T023P01
trimkitss1 6871W1A459CW10258189 WB27T10686WB20K8 WB27T11314
WB27K10027 WB07X11034JX7227DFWW WB27X10089AMTK30S WB27T10282
2P-51001-31 OGT6701WB27X10933 50-0285MPW9000SFSS WB19K13
6324W1A001H A11113WB27X10215 WB27X10017GE-WB49X10135 MKC2157AS
WB08T10002 DE92-03045FWB49X10097 HWD5051UC6871W1A459A 922160-A
R2630 WB27X10017HWD5051UC WB27T10409WB27T10686 WB27T10357
2174-BASO AMTK30SMKC2157AS RK51S27WB20K10008 WB27X10516
2V-80505-10 WB36X10122A11101 NN-TK621SS6871W1A459C trimkitss1
2B71732F JX827DFBBW10258189 6871W2S152AJX1530DMBB R0274
JX1527DMWW 2N-11010-24FRI-5304440285 Y04100019PJ7000SFSS WB27T10297
WE17M37 MWTK27KB6871W1A459A 6324W1A001HWB20K8 WB27X10933
6WH0005P GE-WB49X10135MD12011LD MWTKP30KFJX827DFWW WB55T10067
WB27K10354 2T-30402-27WB27T10210 WB27T10282WB26X10099 7914A
WB36K5453 W10216360WB27T11314 WB07X11250WB07X11392 WB55X10530


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