April 21, 2017

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Remember when your workshop was full of clean air? Air-borne dust particulates can dirty up a woodworker’s workshop and harm a healthy respiratory system, however with the WEN 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System, you not have to worry. This system eradicates these contaminants by catching them in one of the two easily cleanable filters while circulating the air in your work area. The powerful 1/6 HP motor leaves no stone unturned, collecting every contaminant in its path. Calm system creates 50 to 60 dB of sound and is controllable up to 26 feet away with the included remote. The lightweight design weighs in at a mere 31 pounds. Add this with the attached carrying handle and eyebolts for easy mobility, mounting and installation. The WEN Air Filtration System collects and releases the air in your workshop after filtering it through both a 5-micron outer filter and a 1-micron inner filter. Easily switch between three speeds of 300, 350 and 400 cfm based on what the situation calls for. With the time feature, you do not have to worry about turning off your machine. Simply set the timer and the machine will turn off on own once the time runs out, allowing you to easily give your workshop a thorough clean at the end of a day of woodworking without having to be present. And because this is a WEN Product, your 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System is supported by a two-year warranty, a useful buyer service phone line, and a nationwide network of experienced technicians. Remember when you could breathe easy in your workshop? Remember WEN.

Compare with similar products:

POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Dust Collector with 2.5 Micron Filter Bag

A compact powerhouse of convenience 3410 and high performance, the POWERTEC Wall Dust Collector maximizes both dust and woodchip extraction and workroom versatility in any small professional or hobby woodworking shop. This unit has a powerful 1 HP motor with dual voltages 120/240. Featuring a simplified design for easy portability, and a useful wall mounting capacity that insures optimum workroom organization and orderliness. With its annoyance-free mobility, you gather dust and pollutants right at their origin in your shop; just attach dust-collector hose straight to whatever machine you’re using and rest easy as this economical machine effectively removes dust/chips from your workroom. The included 2. 5-micron bag assures optimum air quality, free from good dust and pollutants. With cleaner air and work surfaces, you may be able to enjoy the final satisfaction of attaining your woodworking objectives and dreams in an ideal working environment. 1 HP Motor with dual voltages 120V/240V. 7 amp at 120V, 3. 5 amp at 240V; Motor speed: 3450 RPM. Air flow capacity: 537 CFM; major Inlet Size: 4-Inch; 44-Inch high with bag inflated.

Central Machinery 2 HP Industrial 5 Micron Dust Collector

This 5 micron dust collector is the final solution to your clean up frustrations. Easily eliminate the finest sawdust, dirt and debris with this remarkably efficient dust collector system, complete with a clear bottom bag so you see what is been collected. Four locking, swivel casters enable easy transport of your dust collector to anywhere it is needed. •Clear bottom bag, so you will know when it is full •Four locking swivel casters for easy transport •Lockable toggle switch •4″ diameter intake and 4″ diameter exhaust •will include two collection bags, casters, hex wrenches.

Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector, 2.5 Micron

This wall mounted Dust Collector is intended to catch dust right at the source, eliminating the reduced efficiency of a channel system. With 537 CFM capacity, it’ll handle just about any hungry woodworking machine, and with no complex channel system, static pressure loss is minimal. A simple wall mounted bracket and locking screw system also assures you will be carefully up and running in no time.

CRL SOMACA Hi-SHEEN Glass Cleaner – One Case by CR Laurence

Contents: 19 oz. (538 g)Industrial Strength Cleaner will not Leave Streaks, Blurs, or Rainbows Our Most well-liked Aerosol Glass Cleaner Quality merchandise for Any Application or Preference Low-Ammoniated FormulaAlso Available with Your Logo or in your Private Labeled CansThis CRL/Somaca Hi-SHEEN Glass Cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve the toughest problems a professional will face: Dirt, fingerprints, grime, grease, salts, saps and smudges. Hi-SHEEN lifts residues from non-porous surfaces. It’ll not run when applying, or evaporate quickly like many other cleaners on the market. And it wont leave streaks, blurs, or rainbows. CRL Glass Cleaners are available in four different time tested and business accepted foaming aerosol formulas. Decide from our All function Cleaner, the original CRL 1973, the generally well-liked CRL Sprayway S50, or longtime favorite Hi-SHEEN. CRL also offers the convenience of a pre-mixed product available in cases of four 1 gl. (3. 8 l) bottles or single 5 gl. (19 l) boxes. NOTE: Also available with your Logo or Private Label right on the can. Contact CRL buyer Service for details and pricing for this distinctive service.

Kufo Seco UFO-102B3, 3HP 3phase 220/440 (prewired 220V) 2750 CFM Bag Dust Collector

The Air Foxx UFO-102B3 is a medium to high ranged dust collector with a 3 HP, 3phase 220/440V (prewired 220v) TEFC motor. With 2750 CFM of suction force, it’s powerful enough for collecting up to three operating machines simultaneously. It’s intended for all day long and daily operation production line use. With more than 50 years of manufacturing background and servicing experience, we’re here to ensure the quality of the merchandise you expect at the competitive price you deserve. The 6″ Inlet opening has removable “Y” fitting with Three of 4″ opening. Big 10. 4 cu ft. Bag capacity for easy maintenance. Assembly Size 57″ x 22″ x 79″. 30-micron bags are standard with Optional 2-micron bags (part# DC101FC-2) or 1 micron canister filter kit (part # DC19C) upgrade available.


ACCURA DELUXE CANISTER FOR 2 OR 3 HP DUST COLLECTORS vs WEN 3410 Speed pricing changes most two or three horspower dust collectors to high effeciency units. This canister filter gives you SIX TIMES the filtering area of a regular bag and it has a cleaner fitted. It’s 19-1/4″ across to fit 2-3 hp dust collectors. NOTE: THIS DIMENSION IS important. All you do is move the lever that’s mounted on top back and forth some times, and any dust that’s caked on comes off. Bingo. Back in business. There are three flappers inside. The handle controls these and knocks the dust from the filter. The dust drops right down into the collection bag. Sweet eh? Made of lasting spun bond polyester with 1 micron filter capacity. Clamps and all are included. Plastic bottom bags for use with this unit are 5. 00 each.

Festool 584084 CT 48 E HEPA Dust Extractor

Dust control is an integral part of the Festool system and design philosophy. That’s why the CT 48 comes with tool-activated auto start functionality so that when you plug your tool into the supplied outlet socket, the vacuum cycles with the tool. This represents greater efficiency in dust extraction, sound reduction, and with less energy intake versus a constant-on unit. Variable suction force lets you to regulate the suction depending on your tasks. A small detail sander may not require the full 137 CFM of this unit, however a router may require it. This unit comes standard our new self-cleaning bag which prevents dust particles from caking inside the bag which decreases suction. We more optimize efficiency with the low-profile, flat-top design that lets the CT top to double as a tool rest also as an integrated hose garage and docking station that lets the connection of Festool Systainers (not included) for easy transport and storage. The low center of gravity, integrated center handle, and extra big wheels make navigating rough terrain in the shop or jobsite easy without tipping over. A parking brake can be locked to prevent unintentional roll off or drifting. The supplied 11-1/2 ft. Anti-static (AS) hose is long enough for power tool and general work site clean up tasks. For wet (water) clean up tasks, the CT will shut off automatically when full thanks to Level Stop technology.

Festool 584156 Ct Mini Hepa Dust Extractor vs WEN 3410 Speed review

The CT MINI and CT MIDI are Festool’s most movable mobile dust extractors. They’re compact and light weight, however have enough capacity for common jobsite tasks. The CT MIDI is somewhat bigger in size, however offers increased capacity for heavier on-site use. Sporting big wheels and double casters, these units can negotiate obstructions in the shop or on the worksite. With 137 CFM and only 62 dB (on low setting), these CTs can quickly and silently remove big amounts of debris, with minimal sound distractions. One disposable filter comes standard on the CT MINI and CT MIDI, with the choice of extra dry and wet filters to meet your every need. The integrated hose garage keeps hoses and cords well organized and makes Systainer transport simple and economical.

Grizzly G0710P 1 HP Wall Hanging Dust Collector – Polar Bear Series

Exactly the same as our hugely well-liked G0710, however in a dazzling white color. Mount this 1-HP Dust Collector to your wall and keep precious floor space free of clutter. With 537 CFM, this Dust Collector will handle just about any dust producing machine in your shop in a point-of-use, dedicated setup. A simple mounting bracket lets you to hang this dust collector on the wall, or mount it to a bench or the floor. Versatile. CSA certified meeting CSA C22. 2 No 243-M91 and UL 1017-fourth standards.

Grizzly G0710 1 HP Wall Hanging Dust Collector vs WEN 3410 Speed price

Mount this 1 HP Dust Collector to your wall and keep precious floor space free of clutter. With 537 CFM this Dust Collector will handle just about any dust producing machine in your shop in a point-of-use dedicated setup. A simple mounting bracket lets you to hang this dust collector on the wall or mount it to a bench or the floor. Versatile. We have a restricted supply of stock that’s CSA certified. Call 1-800-523-4777 for more details as they are available upon ask only. Shipping exemptions may apply. • Motor size: 1 HP 120V/240V single-phase pre-wired to 120V • Amps: 7A at 120V 3. 5A at 240V • Intake hole size: 4″ • Bag size : 13-1/2″ x 24″ • Powder-coated paint • Impeller: 10″ balanced cast aluminum • Air suction capacity: 537 CFM • Maximum static pressure: 7. 2″ • Filter: 30 Microns • Made in an ISO 9001 company. • estimated shipping weight: 52 Pound • Optional Bag Upgrade to 3-Micron Filtration: H4340.

Doc.Royal JT-26 Single-Row Digital Dust Collector Artificer Room Vacuum Cleaner 370W for Dental Laboratory, Industry

Features: 1. This dust collector is primarily used in business enviroment. It can gather all the dusts in the air easily to protect pollution to the air. 2. The dusct collector is in an rectangular box. Good and simple design. It’s easy to maintenance the motor. It may be placed under the dental laboratory bench or another places, so that it’ll be convenient to gather the dust. 3. The collector motor comes with strong power, high efficiency, low sound and cost down plans. Plans: Voltage: (A) 220V/50Hz 10, (B) 110V/60Hz 10 Power: 370W Maximum pressure: 17kpa Airflow amount: 70m/h Maximum vacuum: -9. 8kpa Maximum sound intensity: -60db Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 35cm Content: 1X Digital Dust Collector other accessory How to use? 1. Open the box door, check the filter bag is on correct lacation 2. Connect the soft plastic tube with wind mouth 3. Power on, change the frequency to reasonable one to let it work Notes: 1. This product should work with good power supply cable 2. Pay attention to the power supply cable not to be near sharp things 3. When you’re responsibility off, remember to separate the cable with power supply 4. Clean the dust-collector bag everyday 5. Remember to clean the filter bag every 3-6 months 6. Change the carbon-brush every 400hours and change the air filter. 7. Before you use the dust collector, remember to take off 4 pieces optional multi-direction castor and dust exhaust, these itemsare inside the front door of dust collector.

2 1/2" 4 FT TO 27 FT E Z Flex Dust Collection Hose By Peachtree Woodworking PW516 vs WEN 3410 Speed reviews

Extend the EZ Flex hose up to 6 times it is original length and retract it back to it is original size when not used. This makes EZ Flex hose perfect for any size workshop. Maneuver in, out and around your shop machines without worrying about the amount of slack on the hose. The hose works with standard 2 1/2″ dust collection fitting sizes.

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  2. WEN 90243-026-2 1-Micron Inner Air Filters, 2-Pack
  3. Big Horn 11741PK 4-Inch Key Hose Clamp, 5-Pack, Colors may vary
  4. Woodstock W1044 4-to-2-1/2-Inch Reducer
  5. FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle (16 Ounces)
  6. PSI Woodworking DBGULP Big Gulp Dust Hood

Models to consider:
DC5370 DC-650CKDC-1200VX-BK3 mp-845680DC-1200VX-CK3 DCV517M1
PM1200 2HPE1DC-2300B W1690DC725 UFO-101H3
MA700B DC-2100CAF4000 PM1900TX-CK3G1163P G0548ZP
W1816 PM1900TX-CK1W1687 DC-1200VX-BK1W1826 XCK010000A
M0124 PM1300TX-CKPM1900TX-BK1 DWE46170SN50 PM1300
UFO-104D JCDC-2kim75130 DR-JT26708642CK 10-055 M1
DC5000 LR110-3G0637 PM1300TX-BKCT 36 E ABG4
W1727 DC660PUFO-102B3 W1823DC-1100VX-5M G8027
W1823 AF4000W1685 DC-1200VX-BK3DCV517M1 DC660P
ABG4 G1163PPM1200 PR052HPE1 DC-1450C
UFO-104D UFO-102BDCV517B PM1300PW516 DWV012
XCK010000A MA700BW1826 UFO-101H3mp-845680 W1666
PM1900TX-CK3 G0710PG0548ZP UFO-102B3PM1900TX-BK3 W1687
DC-1200VX-BK1 W1830ADCF-023 PM1900TX-CK1PM1300TX-CK DC-2300B
DR-JT26 UFO-101MW1816 PM19G0710 DC-1200VX-CK3
DC5370 DC-650BKCT 26 E DC-2100CPM1900TX-BK1 JCDC-2
DC-1200VX-CK1 W1727W1690 LRTM-3G0637 DC725
G0710 UFO-101H3PM1200 SDC01MA700B DC-2300B
G0710P LRTM-3DR-JT26 DCV517M1DC-1200VX-CK1 W1816
DC-1200VX-BK3 DC-1100VX-CKDC725 UFO-102B3CT 26 E DC5370
PM1300TX-BK PM1300TX-CKUFO-101M G0548ZPW1830 kim75130
DC-1200VX-BK1 G063710-055 M1 PM1900TX-CK3PM1900TX-BK1 ADCF-023
SN50 PW516M0124 W1666W1826 DCV517B
DC-1100VX-5M DC660PCT 36 E XCK010000APM1900TX-BK3 DC-2100C
AF4000 W1685DC-1450C 2HPE1mp-845680 G1163P
UFO-102B PM1900TX-CK1JCDC-2 ABG4PM19 DC-1200VX-CK3


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