April 21, 2017

Why is 45-0288 175-Pound (Agri-Fab) best selling?


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  • Rustproof poly hopper increases product life
  • 42-inch controlled spread width
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  • 40,000-square feet coverage; roughly 1 acre
  • Premium galvanized steel agitator improves durability; pneumatic tires allow for smooth transport
  • Hopper capacity is 17-gallons (dry)/175-pounds
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General description

Agri-Fab 45-0288 17-Gallon (Dry) Drop Spreader, Tow is one of a complete line of spreaders intended for easy operation and coverage. These spreaders will make the whole yard-care team look good. And the weather- and corrosion-tolerant poly construction and lasting, rustproof parts ensure a long career. If you are wanting to invest in a versatile team player, an Agri-Fab spreader is the way to go. If you have to seed, weed or feed your lawn to create a home field advantage, or spread sand or ice-melt in the off-season, they are your tools of choice. Agri-Fab has big and small models, tow and push designs, mix spiker-spreader models that will prepare the ground before you apply product, ensuring your costly seed and fertilizer do their jobs.

Compare with similar products:

Lawn Aerator Sandals by DBROTH

Give your lawn a breath 45-0288 of new air with lawn aerator sandals. Attach spikes to molded plastic base, strap onto your shoes, and take a walk on your lawn As the spikes of your lawn aerating shoes puncture the ground, they let air, fertilizer, and water to get down to the roots. An alternative to renting costly lawn equipment. One size, 5 1/2″x 12″ long.

Craftsman Dethatcher for Lawnsweeper 24218

Lush Healthy Lawns Arrive with the Craftsman Dethatcher For Lawnsweeper Keeping your soil healthy and full of nutrients is a breeze when you use your Craftsman lawnsweeper dethatcher. Simply attach your dethatcher to your lawn sweeper to help your soil breathe easier and stay hydrated and fed. Your dethatcher gives you the power to gather dead grass clippings quickly. Your neighborhood will be amazed with your lush lawn when you use the Craftsman dethatcher for lawnsweeper. It is easy to preserve your lawn like landscaping professionals shortly time with the 42 in. -large dethatcher. The pros know it takes more than simple mowing to have the greenest lawn on the block. Using a dethatcher helps your soil take in water easier, allowing your grass to grow to its full possible. When the dethatcher is attached to a lawnsweeper, your cleanups are finished in just some passes instead of hours of manual raking.

45-0308 Multi-Fit Univeral Tiller

The distinctive Agri-Fab common Tow-Behind Tiller may be towed behind lawn and garden tractors with at least 12 HP that use a common pin-type hitch. The Agri-Fab tow behind tiller features a powerful 206cc engine to power through any soil condition. With its big 36in. Tilling width and conveniently located controls, you may be able to quickly prepare the perfect planting bed with minimal effort. U. S. A. Height Range (in. ): 1 1/2-5 1/2, Displacement (cc): 206, Application: Tiller, Tine Type: 7-ga. Steel, Tire Size (in. ): 15 x 6, Engine: Briggs & Stratton, in general Width (in. ): 38 1/4, Depth (in. ): 5 1/2, Tines (qty. ): 6, Working Width (in. ): 36.

Ollieroo Utility Wagon Farm And Ranch Heavy-Duty Steel Garden Cart with Removable Folding Sides and 10" Pneumatic Tires 660Lb Capacity 38"x2

Ollieroo utility wagon cart is newly-intended and was engineered to considerably decrease assembly times, making it fast and easy to put this cart to work Ideal for any job around the lawn or garden, and is a big help with light landscaping Easily transport clippings, tools and debris around the yard with the useful Bond Garden Cart big padded straight pull handle for pulling comfort and easy grip A robust steel frame will let you cart around 660lbs loads at a time Made of steel with a powder-coated green painted finish mesh bed for corrosion resistance and lasting use This Utility Garden Wagon features removable folding and fast locking system sides that let the cart quickly and easily to change to a flatbed to help move bigger materials like 2x4s, tree branches, or fence posts and gives lots of room for your garden needs 10″ diameter pneumatic tires, the cart can handle any terrain, perfect for hauling plants, rocks, mulch and other supplies Specification Max. Load capacity: 660lbs Product dimension: 40. 35″ x 21. 65″x 6. 2″ (L x W x H) Load space: approx 38″ x 20″ x9″ (L x W x H) Length of draw bar: 32″ Height from Ground: 23″ Size of the flatbed: 38×20″ Diameter pneumatic tires: 10″ Net Weight: 38. 8 lbs Gross Weight: 42 lbs Material: steel Color: Green Packing 1 x Wagon 1 x Instruction.

Brinly AS-40BH Combination Aerator 40-Inch

Aerating a lawn and spreading seed and fertilizer in the spring and fall are the best ways to have a green, healthy lawn. But these can frequently be big projects; particularly if you have a big yard. The Brinly 40 inch mix Aerator-Spreader helps get these projects done quickly and easily with only one attachment. The 120 pound capacity hopper drops seed, fertilizer, or lime while galvanized tine stars aerate the lawn to let water, air and nutrients to get to the lawn’s root system. Having a lawn like a pro never been easier.

Brinly BB-56BH Sleeve Hitch Rear Blade, 42-Inch vs Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound pricing

The Brinly 42 inch Rear Blade is a versatile, multi-function tool that’s perfectly sized to manage any grading or backfilling job. This lasting garden tractor attachment is perfect for year-round projects like leveling dirt and sand, moving gravel or mulch and clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways. The heavy responsibility, carbon steel blade can be rotated 180 degrees to let material to be pushed or pulled. The Brinly Rear Blade is an essential tool for all landscapers and gardeners.

51" Single Gang Disc ATV-51SGDH

The product description should be as follows: This Single Gang Disc by Field Tuff is ideal for cultivating. Easily pulled behind an ATV, this Single Gang Disc has a coupler style hitch. The disc gangs may be adjusted to 3 different angles for a range of different tasks. The 14-inch diameter notched disc blades are the ideal size, particularly with the removable discs that are replaceable. The Single Gang Disc covers a 51-inch large area, making it simple to get the job done effectively and proficiently.

800utx ATV Wagon Trailer vs Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound review

Depending on the rugged 800 Utility, the new 800UT-X is the business’s 1st auto dump help trailer featuring a slam latch bed system for easy use, ergonomic soft-touch handlebar, and a gas cylinder to lend a helping hand. Simply pull the latch pin and the bed dumps with a safe, controlled motion. We call it the Strong Arm Dump System, you’ll call it “the end of my back aches”. This cheap trailer lets you to get your weekends back and lay off the ache pills. Loaded with features: torsion bar axle suspension, high ground clearance, big 25″ tires, brake/rear light for extra safety, and a 14 gauge steel, powder coated body. You’ll love the double hinged tailgate with fast release for all your garden, farm, or ranch needs. Great for tractor holders or as a utility car trailer. The reliable 800 UT-X pull behind ATV trailer has features found no where else. Discover the value of owning an ATV Wagon trailer today. Shipping to continental USA; Call 208-890-2056 for other arrangements. Ships LTL, may require commercial address or lift-gate fee.

Brinly PA-48BH Plug Aerator, 48-Inch

If heavily compacted or clay soil and thatch are choking the life out of your lawn, then the Brinly 48 inch plug aerator may be the solution. Plug aeration involves removing 2-3 inch “plugs” of soil from a lawn to decrease soil compaction and let air, water and nutrients to get to the lawn’s root system. The soil “plugs” are left on the lawn to dissolve and return important nutrients back into the lawn to advertise healthy growth. Use a plug aerator to aerate in the spring and fall in your lawn’s high-traffic regions for a yard like a pro.

Ohio Steel Push/ Steel Lawn Roller – 24in.W x 18in. Dia., Model# 4T vs Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound price

This Ohio Steel Push/Tow Steel Lawn Roller is great for freelancers. Lays sod and smoothes asphalt Thanks to the handle integrated into the hitch, it may be operated by hand or pulled behind a tractor. 24in. Rolling width works great in tight regions. U. S. A. In general Width (in. ): 26, Application: Lawn roller, Working Width (in. ): 24, Weight Capacity (lbs. ): 225, Capacity (gal. ): 26.

Brinly PP-51BH Sleeve Hitch Moldboard Plow, 10-Inch

Brinly knows plows. In fact, Brinly was manufacturing plows for over 173 years. If you’re breaking new ground for a garden or landscaping, the Brinly Moldboard Plow is the right tool for the project. The heavy responsibility steel coulter blade slices through sod and soil while the plow effortlessly digs the furrow and the moldboard turns over the old vegetation and sod to make way for new planting. All of which may be done easily from the seat of a garden tractor.

Ohio Steel Industries 36TD 36 In. Tine Dethatcher vs Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound reviews

The tow-behind Tine Dethatcher features a 36 in. Large work path and 18 spring steel tines that rake-up matted down leaves grass clippings and other growth inhibiting things from lawn. Assembles in only 5-minutes. Features. 36 in. Working width. 18 spring steel tines. 6 in. Hard transport wheels. Black poly rims. Well-matched with 7 to 11 in. Tractor hitch heights. Hitch pin included. Item Weight – 25.

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  6. Agri-Fab 45-0315 85-Pound Tow Broadcast Spreader
  7. Agri-Fab 45-0463 SmartSPREADER 130-Pound Max Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader, Black
  8. Brinly BS36BH Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader, 175-Pound

Models to consider:
175LTD 18-16-G-SB-C-YKUTV-FB1 5055CPRT-36BH BB-56BH
84RAKE XLZ60UCGOR2541D 3.1AF-100DT42GY K259221251
FR110-2 TL071601600AL 3400AF100AS-40BH ACR-500T
LSP38 YT-1160TL4000 HDC10008400AF150 TA48
DK-42LX 48CP4048P-ATV-IN BG-122400AF TE4051
800utx G8002418-24-G-NBF-YK LC1700GYHAYMP-(2)S39C2 YT-1162
LBD48D GOR200-BDDT-48BH 180280I2400AF 45-0240 ATV
MH2121D ERP50ACR-480JR SA42GY3040P-SD180 BG-11
TX159 LSR60PLR1824 Grass U1GOR200-BD 3400AF050
84RAKE 16-16-G-SB-N-YKTT-400 DH-045PLR1824 FTF-0424M
BG-12 PP-51BHTA-400WW ATV-51SGDHYTL22102 3400AF050
AS-40BH LNPHH65050SWP26 Grass U112008A 175LTD
2400VFX100 TX15942SWP22 YT-1160PLR1836 MM60
48CP PLR18481600AL DT-40BH42TSC FC-10
2400AF HAYMP-(2)S39C2GORMP-14 LSP48TL4000 LC1700GY
LG253 42CP5055C 42SWP22XLZ60UC G80024
YT-1162 AS-40BHYTL221394 3.1AF-1003400AF100 PRT-36BH
DT-48BH 800utxTE4051 2400AFB7380 3040P-SD180
ERP50 LSP48K259221251 BP-01BG-12 TL07160
48CP XLZ60UCB7380 TYR-72-YK8400AF150 BG-19
G80024 PA42GY42LS 18-16-G-SB-C-YK45-0240 ATV 5055C
3400AF100 DE-364048P-ATV-IN FTF-0424MPLR1848 PLR1824
GOR200-BD 2400VFX100MM60 PRT-36BH800AL 1600AL
S4 30 DD-55BHDT-48BH LSP38GOR2541D Grass U1
AE-48T AS-40BHPA-40BH 3.1AF-100TT500 CT036
HDC1000 PA500TL-125 BS-38BHTA-400WW 12008A


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