April 21, 2017

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General description

The wilton 75th anniversary special edition black 1755 tradesman vise will include a free b. A. S. H 20416 sledge hammer. Proudly made in the USA, the tradesman round channel vise is intended to manage the most calling for clamping applications. Unlike most vises that have a fixed center nut, the tradesman round channel vise nut is anchored at the rear which gives straight line pull and pressure ensuing in greater durability. The round channel design also lets for a totally enclosed spindle and nut assembly keeping debris out and lubrication in for a lifetime of smooth operation. For final versatility, the tradesman vise comes with major jaws, pipe jaws and a machined anvil work surface.

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Rong Precision Pin Vise Model Hand Drill Set with Twist Drill Bits Set of 11 vs 63200-A

Plans: Material: Aluminium Alloy Length: 63200A 95mm Color: Black Chuck Clamping Range: 0. 3-3. 2mm High precision, can clip 0. 3 -3. 2mm drill bit. Turn Drill Bits Material: quick Steel 10pcs turn Drill Bits Set(0. 6/0. 7/0. 8/0. 9/1. 0/1. 2/1. 4/1. 6/1. 8/2. 0mm) Features: -For aluminum hand drill hobby. -Mini wood hand drill chuck for jewelry tool micro turn bit. -exact, correct and economical. -suited for wood, plastic,rubber,model and others material to drilling hole. -don’t fit steel, iron, stone, such hard things. -Perfect for drilling wood,Jin Gang,linden,horn,amber,olive, walnut, plastic and other materials. Package included: 1 x Hand Drill 10 x turn drills.

AIQI Precision Pin Vise Model Hand Drill Set with Twist Drill Bits Set of 11

Pin vice is useful for electronic assembling, tool-making, model making and hobbies Holds small drills, deburrers, wires, files, reamers and other small tools that may be hard to hold while working Drill pin vise has a 3-jaw hardened steel keyless chuck and tough plastic handle that’s ergonomic and easy to hold Adjustable Pin Vise is the biggest and most robust pin vise in our line of tools; use it in both commerical and home applications Compact size is perfect to go in a toolbox or in a pocket Color:Black Material:Aluminium Alloy Chuck Capacity: 0. 2-3. 4mm Size:in general length 80mm 10pcs turn Drill Bits Set(0. 5 0. 8 1. 0 1. 2 1. 5 1. 8 2. 0 2. 3 2. 6 3. 0mm) Package include:1 x hand drill, 10 x turn drill bits.

Starrett S240Z Pin Vises Set With Tapered Collets (4 Pieces)

681-51140 Features: -Special collet design with tapers at both ends, maximum clamping surface. -Smaller body diameter than the chuck which lets fast opening and closing. -Set of all 4 sizes in a protecting case. -Type: Pin Vise Set. Product Type: -Vises. Generic Dimensions: -Capacity: 0. 010 in Min, 0. 200 in Max. Dimensions: in general Product Weight: -0. 32 Pounds.

General Tools 92 Swivel Head Pin Vise

The Swivel Head Pin Vise gives fingertip control of small tools when working with jewelry, electronics or models. The double-ended collet offers two distinct sizes for holding a range of drill bits, reamers and taps. For extra control, this Pin Vise was design with a knurled aluminum body for a sure grip while the swivel head turns smoothly against your palm. GENERAL TOOLS – THE exact TOOL FOR DOING THE JOB EXACTLY RIGHT. Offering over 1,000 tools, we”re proud to offer tradesmen, craftsmen and DIYers around the globe with a broad range of cheap, particular-function mechanical hand tools and precision measuring and inspection tools.

Wood Carving Tool Sets, Hand Chisels Tools Kit for Carpenters with Whetstone professional pack (12pcs)

12 part set made from SK5 carbon steel ith electrolytic caating – deep gouge, medium gouge, shallow gouge, narrow straight chisel, large straight chisel, rounded chisel, 4 angled knives / chisels, parting tool, pinpoint tool. Works great for general wood carving projects with stencils and patterns, touching up antique furniture, any miniature or micro models, spoons, bowls, box or animals, like eagles, fish, bears or elephants. Works on linoleum, clay sculpture and soapstone too. Use as a set or as accessories to your tool chest. We know that wood carving isn’t just a hobby, however a passion that can last a lifetime. All tools have been inspected for quality and packaged for stores. We are passing that quality on to you.

In-tool-home Mini Model Hand Drill Set Double Mouth Pin Vise with Chucks 0-3.17mm(0-1/8") with Twist Drill Bits vs Wilton 63200A Special pricing

Pin Vise Holds Micro Drill Bits from 0-1/8″”Inch(0-3. 17mm) The Pin Vice is a well recognized and priceless tool for the converter and modeller. It can be used to drill holes in metal and plastic miniatures (gunbarrels, bullitholes etc. ) but usually used for pinning bigger pieces together by drilling holes in both parts, then connecting them with a little part of wire (use a paper clip). Comes with 5 different sized drills inside the handle. Brass and Steel Construction in general Length: 3. 6-Inch Material:Brass Package include:1 x hand drill 10 x drill bits(0. 8 0. 9 1. 2 1. 3 1. 5 1. 8 2. 0 2. 2 2. 3 2. 5mm).

3.5 Inches Long Steel Pin Vise – 0 to 1mm Range : ( Pack of 2 Pcs )

This hollow pin vise has a textured surface for an easy, slip-evidence grip. It measure 3. 5 inches long and has a range of 0-1mm. It is constructed of brass & steel and will make a nice addition to any tool box or work shop. Hollow styled to fit many things – burs, bits, sanders, screwdriver info, and more 3. 5 inches long for precision and length to any project while being easy to store 0-1mm range to fit all projects and needs – easily and quickly adjustable Steel construction for many years of reliable and hard working use – great for heavy responsibility jobs Textured design gives a non-slip and more comfy grip – generally have the best precision BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal.

Capri Tools 10516 Ultimate Grip Forged Steel Bench Vise, 6" vs Wilton 63200A Special review

Use this bench vise for all types of woodwork, metalwork, sawing, drilling, and gluing things together. Not your average bench vise, this beast is made of 90,000 PSI tensile strength (54,000 psi yield strength) drop forged steel, a big anvil, and corrosion tolerant black oxide handle. The guiderails are adjustable to help increase precision and smoothness on the job. It exerts 8,800 pounds of very tough clamping force and comes with replaceable machinist and pipe jaws. Add that with a 360 degree swivel base, and you can not go wrong, particularly with the added security of the Capri Tools lifetime warranty. This is a great tool to have on your workbench.

AUTOTOOLHOME Hand Drill Drilling Chuck Capacity 0.02"-0.315" Model Tool fit Drill Screwdriver Bits

Features100 High quality and Brand new. This miniature hand drill is an ideal tool for holding small jobs, holds drill bits and reamers etc. Fits securely and comfortably in the palm of your hand. Use it as simple as a screwdriver. Non-slip handleThe revolving head makes this tool useful to use as a hand drill with turn drills or with taps for thread cutting. A multi use tool, with the range of the collets can hold reamers also as screwdriver heads any round shank bits. Tool may be used for fragile work with Jewelry work, when constructing models, working on instruments and fix of watch and clock parts. A well made tool and useful tool to have.

NIANPU Pu Tizi Amber Nuclear Carving Tool Mini Drill Hand Drill Mini Hand Drill Chuck Micro Twist Drill Bits Rotary Tools Set Of 11 vs Wilton 63200A Special price

Holds small drills, deburrers, wires, files, reamers and other small tools that may be hard to hold while working Drill pin vise has a 3-jaw hardened steel keyless chuck and tough plastic handle that’s ergonomic and easy to hold Adjustable Pin Vise is the biggest and most robust pin vise in our line of tools; use it in both commerical and home applications Compact size is perfect to go in a toolbox or in a pocket Color:Black Weight: 29 g Material:Aluminium Alloy Chuck Capacity: 0. 3-3. 5mm Size:in general length 93mm 10pcs turn Drill Bits Set(0. 6 0. 7 0. 8 0. 9 1. 0 1. 2 1. 4 1. 6 1. 8 2. 0mm) Package include:1 x hand drill 10 x turn drill bits.

Starrett 240B Pin Vises With Tapered Collet, 0.025" -0.075" Range

No. 240 Pin vise have a special collet design with tapers at both ends, maximum clamping surface. These pin vise have a smaller body diameter than the chuck, which lets fast opening and closing and fast rotation between the thumb and finger when used on small work. Available either individually or as a complete set in a convenient case.

ToolUSA Miniature Pin Vise With Black Handle: TJ-28051-Z02 : ( Pack of 2 Pcs. ) vs Wilton 63200A Special reviews

This little pin vise will do the job right for you every time. The black handle is easy to hold and the screw end will hold the pin tight till you’re prepared to release it. Black handle with a design that gives more grip and exact work – hand won’t fly back 3 inches long in general for good detail work, however also good to reach into small regions Weighs only 0. 8oz so it’s easy to use for hours without straining one’s hand can hold deburrers, wires, files, drills, bits, reamers, mini screwdrivers and more Gives added grip and added length to miniature things – do precision work with ease and accuracy BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal.

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  2. Wilton 63199 #1745 Tradesman Vise
  3. Wilton 63201 1765 6-1/2-Inch Jaw Width by 6-1/2-Inch Opening Tradesman Vise
  4. Wilton 21500 6″ Mechanic’s Vise
  5. Wilton 63302 6-Inch Shop Vise

Models to consider:
AF0901316 AF0901311AF0901294 AF0901290846PV T10081
AF0901276 AF0901331DRIL-0022 S166ZHT331 AF0901354
AF0901322 a15030600ux0432AF0901330 AF0901364EXY0064 AF0901301
AF0901301 YC-US2-150525-33AIQI1403036001 AF090133358-2440:200000:T AF0901355
AF0901334 AF0901360AF0901277 AF0901289GH527684317166C BV-DF8SB
DK268 B00VUH4Q0C240B 150-VISE841DH EXY0064
AF0901282 407-CAF0901286 162AAF0901301 KPS-6000
162D 840SHAF0901349 S240Z150-MV AF0901292
ZH0053 BPN-103.08AF0901361 162BZH0148 AF0901365
125-SV EXY0064AIQI1403036001 150-MVAF0901361 AF0901402
240B 58-2440:200000:TAF0901365 AF0901331AF0901322 BPN-103.08
DK268 841DHAF0901351 AF0901294846PV 162A
162D 407-C162C 162BAF0901311 AF0901290
ZH0148 FUNIDEAER434BV-DF8SB YC-US2-150525-33D3387 840SH
AF0901364 HT331AF0901276 KPS-6000AF0901316 AF0901334
AF0901289 B00VUH4Q0C8425PV AF0901286AF0901292 AF0901282
GH527684317166C B00VUG9PH2a15030600ux0432 AF0901301AF0901357 AF0901330
BIHH4255A S162ZAF0901296 S166ZAF0901301 AF0901349
ZH0148 AF0901361AF0901294 a15030600ux0432AF0901301 BPN-103.08
162D 407-CBV-DF8SB 58-2440:200000:TEXY0064 162C
AF0901349 AF0901330AF0901331 FUNIDEAER434B00VUG9PH2 HT331
AF0901286 AF0901334S240Z KPS-6000AF0901322 162A
AF0901333 AF0901365D3387 S166ZAF0901292 AF0901290
841DH EXY0064S162Z AF0901355YC-US2-150525-33 DRIL-0022
ZH0053 150-MVAF0901277 AF0901364846PV AF0901354
AF0901301 GH527684317166C840SH AF0901311AF0901357 AF0901402
AF0901276 150-VISE166C 240BAF0901301 AF0901360


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