April 21, 2017

Some info about 750-1 Simplex (Logan)


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  • Squaring arm for easy material downsizing
  • A board-mounted cutting system that cuts matboard up to 40 inches long
  • With a durable laminated surface and both straight and bevel cutting heads
  • Each cutter also comes with creative matting instructions and five extra blade
  • Parallel mat guide for setting border widths up to 5.5 inches
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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YiFun Trade 12" 300MM Manual Leather Folding Machine Linear Edge Folder Tool Folding Machine Stainless Steel Machinery

Typically the product will be 750-1 sent in 2-5 working days and takes about 3–9 business days to reach you Introduction Folding plate :300200mm Dimensions: 26525090 12-inch GW: 8KG Application materials: leather, PU,paper related industries: wallets,handbags,leather factory handling: straight of row hemming.

6High Quality Long Nose Pliers Wire Cutting Pliers Linesman Plier Tools Multitool Herramientas TU-3316

Features:1. The body of the plier is forged by high-quality high carbon steel material-55#, hard and lasting. 2. The plier jaw is processed by special high recurrent heat treatment, so, it features sharpness and easy cutting. 3. Dual colors anti-slip handle, convenient for operation. 4. The intended optimum handle position, movable & compact structure and the ergonomic handle design decrease the exhaustion degree throughout your manipulation. 5. The spring-loaded design assures endurablity and good performance.

Xuron – 9200 Tapered Head Micro-Shear Flush

Shear, Tapered Head Micro-Flush Cutter. Our new 9000 Series is the culmination of 20 years uninterrupted development of the Micro-Shear flush cutter. They are the only shears made anyplace in the world rated for cutting everything from soft material less than one mil. To 14 AWG copper wire. That is as it should be, because they are the only shears made anyplace in the world that can call themselves Micro-Shear flush cutters. 9000 Series Micro-Shear flush cutters begin with a distinctive, state of the art blanking procedure from a tough alloyed steel. Their size and form reflect the new advances in improved ergonomics. The heat treating procedure is exclusive to the 9000 Series. Cutting edges are an super lasting 58-60 RC. The result is a shear unlike any other in design, capacity and durability. Static control (AS) grips are optionally available.

TNI-U TU-216 High Quality 6 Slip-joint Pliers Combination pilers Wire s Plier Tools

Features:1. The body of the plier is forged by high-quality high carbon steel material, hard and lasting. 2. Adjustable griping range, can magnify or shrink the jaw size. 3. One color handle design, comfy griping feeling. 4. The item is widely applied in griping flat,cylindrical metal parts and some big-scale parts in auto business. Besides, the rear part of the plier may be also used to cut metal slices.

Wiha 32711 Flush Wide Tapered Head Precision s with Wire Trapping Device

Features. Handles esd safe with dissipative anti-static material. Mirror polished finish exact cutting edges. Welded double leaf-spring returns precision box joints. Ergonomic grips with soft comfort grip surface. Precision machined with induction hardened cutting edges. Made from premium german tool steel. Guaranteed quality. Tapered Precision Cutters. With Wire Holding Clip. Head – 11 mm. Large. Length – 115 mm. Cut – Flush. Item Weight – 0. 19 lbs.

Hakko CHP TR-5000-P Pro Macro Soft Wire, Tapered Head, Chamfered Cut, 5.0mm Hardened Carbon Steel Construction, 21-Degree Angled Jaw, 14 Gauge vs Logan 750-1 Simplex pricing

The Hakko CHP TR-5000-P Pro heavy responsibility chamfered-cut soft-wire cutter has a tapered head and a 21-degree angled jaw for cutting copper and other soft wire up to 14 AWG (1. 6mm). The angled head enables wire to be cut flush to the work surface while leaving a bevel. The 5. 0mm heat-treated carbon steel construction for durability and long life. Precision-ground holes and surface smooth exact motion. Nonslip hand grips supply comfort and control, and a dolphin-style curved fore-edge protects hands from cutting surfaces. An interior spring returns the tool to the open position, decreasing operator exhaustion. Parkerized surfaces prevent glare and increase corrosion resistance.

Swanstrom Diagonal Oval SF Ergo ESD 5.78"

Ergonomic style handle with Static Dissipative Soft Touch™ bubble. High chrome and carbon alloy steel bearings and edges. Wider bodies for better bearing properties and strength. Stainless Scrivets™ for lubricity, adjustability and hygiene. (USA) Head Size: L. Cut: S semi flush. Cutting Capacity: 14 AWG; 5. 78″ OAL.

Hakko CHP TR-5000-R Pro Macro Soft Wire, Flush Cut, 5.0mm Hardened Carbon Steel Construction, 21-Degree Angled Jaw, 14 Gauge Max Cutting Capaci vs Logan 750-1 Simplex review

The Hakko CHP TR-5000-R Pro heavy responsibility flush-cut soft-wire cutter has a 21-degree angled jaw for cutting copper and other soft wire up to 14 AWG (1. 6mm). The angled head enables wire to be cut flush to the work surface. The 5. 0mm heat-treated carbon steel gives durability and long life. Precision-ground holes and surface supply smooth motion. Nonslip hand grips supply comfort and control, and a dolphin-style curved fore-edge protects hands from cutting surfaces. An interior spring returns the tool to the open position, decreasing operator exhaustion. Parkerized surfaces prevent glare and increase corrosion resistance.

Taume Crimper Plier HSC8 6-4 Self-adjustable Crimping Tools Used for 0.25-6.0mm2 23-10AWG Cable End-sleeves

Description:Product Name:Crimping PlierRange of Application:For Non-Insulated terminalsCapacity:0. 25-6. 0mm2Length:175mmAWG:23-10Product details:The design is distinctive caused by light weight and saving energy. When crimping tightly, the gripping force could evently move to all the part of crimping terminal. Reasonable design complied with human being engineering principle, the weight of the pliers is only 404g and the length is only 175mm. Package Included : 1 x Crimping Plier.

Eclipse Diagonal, Flush Tapered Head, Non-Slip vs Logan 750-1 Simplex price

Pro’s Kit Precision Diagonal Cutter, Tapered Head F Precision cutters made of high-quality, lasting 65CRM tool steel, with an adjustable screw for exact cuts every time. Ergonomic, non-slip handles ensure greater operator comfort, and the energy-saving leaf spring design promotes more economical work. For cutting copper 0. 1 – 1. 3mm. Flush, tapered head. 4. 5″ OAL.

Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire THERMOCUT

Used to cut Styrofoam and thermoplastic materials, both freehand and with stencils. Note: Styrofoam is a reasonably priced material and in comparison to others environmentally satisfactory. Ideal for architectural models, prototypes also as classic railroad, plane and ship model building. The big base with 15 23/64" x 11 1/64" (390 x 280 mm) table assures smooth and easy motion of the work part. The printed grid and protractor help with division and cutting. Hard aluminum over arm has a 13 25/32" (350 mm) throat and offers 5 33/64" (140 mm) in height. The holder and wire coil (98 ft,. 008" diameter is included) can be shifted along the over arm to enable miter cutting. An LED indicates operation and helps prevent burned fingers (the cutting wire heats to the maximum temperature in less than 1 second). Note: The correct temperature, being reliant on material and thickness, is learned from experience. Optimum profiles are cut at lower temperatures and cutting force. Technical data: Cutting Wire Temp 210-290°F. Transformer Secondary Max 10V at 1. 0A, Volts 110-120V AC, 60 Hz, Weight 6. 6 lb. Crosscuts are achieved by means of a simple, still economical solution: secure a drawing-pin to the work table with tape, it serves as a fixed center. Double function fence with lockable feed bar. Spare cutting wire: Used on the THERMOCUT and other alike units. Made of NiCr 8020, spool of 98 ft x. 008". All new tools come with a 2 year factory warranty.

Hakko Digital FX888D & CHP170 bundle, includes Soldering Station & CHP170 vs Logan 750-1 Simplex reviews

Dependable digital technology by HAKKO – Introducing the HAKKO FX-888D Excellent thermal recuperation Heater output was increased by 30 in comparison to that of the regular models HAKKO 936·937. Also FX-888D delivers excellent thermal recuperation by using T18 series info for their great heat conductivity. This lets soldering at a lower set temperature and decreasing the thermal affect on parts also as tip oxidation that can cut down tip life. Thermal recuperation graph Rise time to 350°C is 20 seconds faster and tip temperature drop is reduced throughout uninterrupted work. HAKKO FX-888D performance comparison graph with regular stations Able to cut down the time obliged for the same work and improve work efficiency considerably. intended to be User-Friendly Small footprint Compact station body requires a space of only 100 (W) x 120 (D) mm. What’s more, points that come into contact with the floor are located as close to the outer edge of the body as possible to enhance stability and make the station hard to fall over. Simple and easy operation With only two operation buttons of UP and ENTER in the center, operation is simple and easy. If you’re not familiar with operation of machines, you may be able to operate it without difficulty. Iron holder with full of functions An iron holder of the same color of a soldering station comes as a set. The greatly working iron holder not only improves easy use, however also brings a sense of visual consistency to the work environment.

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Models to consider:
JIC-750 TRR-5000DAP-460.01 Fle-9388KLS034 H6226
B-O6 TH0247KLSSBHT319A 68 01 160 S110 Amp S1018STR
KLS0022-1 WM-SC1OR-4718036RR11 W1751CL369B CL919-3PK
WS15H WKPT7006160PLCC-32 73 72 180 BKES2511 T25363
Ide-2004 FEL-C9BSTHT10245-2 A-ORS414-956119046-0034:100000:T SB-2426
STHT10244-X1 PLR-470-0010355-ER WL23088170M a12052400ux0012
ba-626 147ABR-UFCWC02 8500RFD252-6SW-2Pack 46-0035:100000:T
E337 PC600DGre-1836 XJ-10022-WRC20 46-0504:147750:T
22-RCC20 JIC-186PLR-135.00 46-1524:261455:TSTHT74915 B0013TTRWO
BESTTOOLS412 STHT10245-2HQM-9417 SK15032-2PKKPX7421200 46-0023:100000:T
8500RF CSI590-0190MCHCM2S BUR-261.80Fle-9388 77 02 120 H ESD
E337 PLCC-32SDT-CPC-40BH7475 147ATH0247 TRR-5000
PC600D WL3431346-0504:147750:T Ide-20041500BSF DYN-6270RX
46-8164:100000:T CSR75046-0035:100000:T IB1006KLS0022-1 KLSSBHT319A
STHT10244-X1 KLS06312 62 180 SB 670EPRCC750HD CR-100
EMI-1773 46-1524:261455:TUSC00170 WKPT7006160CL919-3PK 46-0041:100000:T
VGP7WR STHT74915KLS034 776Ea12082300ux0090 C03.0572
22-ST9 KLS056a14112800ux0196 a12020800ux0223H6226 B-O6
46-0023:100000:T DYN-6270RXGre-1836 WS-5340346-0041:100000:T KLS063
10826F 46-0035:100000:T77 02 120 H ESD 1500BSFEMI-1773 KLS034
KLS056 JP1303AHS-30 PC600DSDT-CPC-40BH7475 CL919-3PK
Six-8266 PLCC-32WKPT7006160 512NSTHT74915 VGP7WR
LJ-80 PM-723K384-18 B-24HT-C151 WM-SC1
12 62 180 SB 170-PLATOLK-250 0313NEHS-D1 22-RCC20
46-0050:100000:T A-ORS414-9561190PL875 HTC-5147A RCC750HD
S1018STR HQM-9417WL23088 8500RFKPX7421200 BESTTOOLS412


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