April 21, 2017

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  • Soft start feature for smooth start-ups
  • 3-prong plug to prevent static electricity accumulation
  • Easily converts to a sander
  • Fast and powerful polishing for clearcoat finishes
  • Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application
  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
  • Lock-on button for continuous use operation
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General description

Variable speed. Pre-set speed setting dial. Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load. Easily changes to a sander.

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Hardin HWV316POLSET 3/16-Inch Radius Stone Concrete 3/16-Round Bullnose Shaping Wet Polishing Kit vs 9227-C

The stone workers need for 9227C quality tools has led to the evolution of the Hardin product line. The structure and characteristics of marble, granite, tile, and engineered stone differ considerably from concrete. Accomplish professional results when profiling and polishing stone counter tops and surfaces with the Hardin Variable Speed wet polisher. Ergonomically intended with a water delivery system that sits under the polisher. Simply hook the end of the 5-Feet 1/4-Inch water line to a regular 5/8-Inch garden hose as a water source. Lightweight enough at about 6. 5 pounds with enough power to get the job done. This unit comes with a 950-Watt, 8. 29-Amp, variable speed motor. Adjustable via a variable speed wheel switch located at the back of the polisher. You may be able to operate from 2,000-4,000-RPM. When polishing, you get optimum results around 2,500-RPM. This kit is ideal, at higher-RPM, to form the edge of a slab of granite, marble, tile, or masonry with the included vacuum brazed profile wheel. The profile wheel is easy to use. Works much like a router bit works. Has a flat surface that rides over the material being worked on. On the bottom of the vacuum brazed profile wheel, you have a guide bearing that rides up against the side of the material. Keeps the bit 100 true. Put the 1/2 round metal splash guard around the band of the polisher. Then with nothing else on the arbor simply thread the vacuum brazed profile wheel onto the 5/8-InchX11 UNC thread arbor. Set polisher to the higher-RPM setting, turn water on low, power up the grinder, apply some force parallel with the working surface, and you are on your way to profiling your custom edge. This Hardin Variable Speed Polishing kit comes with a set of 7 premium diamond polishing pads. Start polishing with the 50-Grit pad and continue polishing with each successive-Grit till you accomplish that factory shine.

Diamabrush By Malish 941601202 16-inch Concrete Prep Plus Tool, 25 Grit, Counter Clockwise with NP9200 Clutch Plate 1.5-inch Riser

Introducing concrete prep Plus from Diamabrush By Malish. The final concrete prep tool for hard-to-prep surfaces. The Diamabrush By Malish concrete prep system was expanded to now include concrete prep Plus. This new heavy responsibility prep tool is ideally suited to prep floors for an application of paints, epoxies, or stains. The concrete prep Plus will also remove a thin level of paint or epoxy. Concrete prep Plus is specially intended to last up to 3 to 4 times longer (up to 50,000 sq. Ft. ) than our standard concrete prep tool. With its more lasting cutting blades, the Diamabrush By Malish concrete prep Plus lets prepping concrete floors to take place in a small percentage of the time. Like all merchandise in the Diamabrush By Malish system, the concrete prep Plus tool may be used on your present floor maintenance equipment. This specific tool is intended to manage the pressure and weight of heavy down pressure machines like big ride-on scrubbers and heavier responsibility floor machines and buffers. Concrete prep Plus is the 1st step in a complete concrete floor preparation system. Following the use of concrete prep Plus, six (6) polishing tools can be used (from coarse to good) to accomplish the level of gloss your application requires.

Chicago Pneumatic Cp7201p Mini Disc Polisher Kit

A compact polisher with lots of power, Chicago Pneumatic’s CP7201P Mini Disc Polisher features a smaller design ideal for tight work regions. With up to 2,500 RPM speeds and an adjustable speed regulator, the CP7201P may be set to the correct polishing speed for the task at hand. Set will include Mini Air Disc Polisher, 3-inch hook and loop pad, two 3. 5-inch bubble compounding pads, 3. 5-inch wool buffing pad, spindle wrench, and molded carrying case.

STADEA Premium Grade Wet 5" Diamond Polishing Pads Set + Rubber Backer For GRANITE MARBLE STONE

Stadea Series Standard A, 5″ diamond polishing Pads 7 Pcs set and one backing pad is a great value, professional grade starter pad for concrete polishing, granite polishing, marble polishing. Concrete Marble Granite Polishing It has remaining finish on concrete countertop flat surface, contoured surface, edge polishing, concrete floor polishing. It has excellent finish on marble flat surface, edges, floor polishing. It works equally well on softer stone, Travertine Terrazzo and glass polishing. It has good result on Granite Edge Polishing, quartz edge. For Granite Quartz, other hard stone flat surface polishing get Stadea Series super D Wet pad. Versatality & Coverage Available Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6″ Available Grits: 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 400, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 10000, Black Buff, White Buff Approx 30-60 sft coverage per set, real coverage may differ based on roughness of concrete/stone. It has enough flexibility for flat and countered surface polishing. Tools to Use Stadea SWP101K Stone Wet Polisher, Stadea Rubber Backing Pads are suggested. It may also be use with other polishers. Value for Money The pad is priced competitive, is a big money saver offering high quality shine on concrete polishing, stone polishing with professional finish. About Stadea STADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools and range of tools accessories. STADEA is a quickly growing brand recognized for its quality tools for stone fabrication, manufacturing, cutting, grinding, polishing like diamond polishing pads hole saws floor polishing pads router bit profile grinding wheels and more. STADEA is one of the favored choices for concrete stone fabricators and manufacturers for Its top notch quality and competitive pricing. STADEA is registered trademark of ePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA.

Alpha AIR-680 Pneumatic Stone Polisher

The Alpha AIR-680 is the final Pneumatic Polisher for Fabricators. As an upgraded variant of the proven successful AIR-658, it’s better than ever. This high performance, pneumatic polishing tool has a central water-fed distribution system that produces the highest quality finishes. It has a maximum speed of 4,000 RPM, consumes 15 CFM and requires 85 PSI. With a 5/8-11 spindle, the AIR-680 is lightweight and ergonomically intended. It’s now equipped with 15ft adaptable air and water supply hoses and an oil port for easy maintenance. These new hoses are made of Flexzilla and are all-weather adaptable down to -40F. Also, Alpha offers a splash guard and C-Shaped handle as optional accessories. This workhorse tool is intended for a long life and is a must-have for any fabrication shop. Air Hose: 15 ft. Water Hose: 15 ft. Reversible Side Handle Double End Wrench 19mm/22mm Rust Inhibitor Oil Screw (w/ O-Ring Seal Oil Port) Exhaust Hose w/Clamp Air Pressure: 85 PSI Air intake: 15 CFM Inlet: 1/4" BSPP Water Inlet: 1/8" BSPP Spindle: 5/8"-11.

Amigo S9 Pneumatic Water Polisher vs Makita 9227C 7 pricing

NEW & IMPROVED. Amigo S9 Air Polisher is the most economical and working air polisher on the market today. Operating on only 8 CFM of air pressure, this pneumatic hand polisher has features that others don’t offer: light-weight, ergonomic, and lasting. Ergonomically intended to fit in your hand comfortably while working on those distinctive projects. The small design lets you easier maneuvering abilities and produce flawless sink rims and bowls. Plans- Air pressure : 67kg/cm2 (8cfm at 90psi) Speed : 4,500 rpm Grinding Wheel : 3-1/8″ Spindle : 5/8 – 11 thread Inside the box- Side handle, Water hose, Oil, Wrench, 3″ Backer Pad.

Secco CCGRINPOLSET 5-Inch Variable Speed Concrete Wet Polishing Grinding Kit, Includes Fu-Tung DIY DVD

Join Fu-Tung Cheng in this step-by-step instructional guide for creating beautiful and working concrete counter tops. Fu-Tung’s 20-plus years as master designer and craftsman offer easy-to-follow proven techniques for bringing your concrete counter tops to life. Many parts of the project require the use of a variable speed wet polisher. This specific kit comes with a Secco 110-Volt variable speed wet polisher. The Secco DVS supplied with this set confines both dust and water in a controlled environment. While polishing on site, the have to keep water spray from damaging costly wooden floors and cupboards may be challenging. Concrete dust may also be hard to clean and is dangerous to breathe. With the DVS, these damaging and toxic materials are contained and removed by just hooking up a rated shop vac. To work with the shroud, simply attach the 6 inch DVS shroud to the wet polisher and attach your shop vac to the 1 1/4 inch vacuum port. After attaching your tooling, set the tool flat and change the removable apron to the correct position. The DVS system is well-matched with all 4 and 5 inch diamond polishing pads, backer pads, and diamond cup wheels. If you’re planning to do any important stock elimination you’ll need the help of a diamond cup wheel. The diamond cup wheel included in this set can be used for medium to heavy stock elimination applications. The 5 inch concrete polishing pad set in this listing starts at 50-Grit and ends with 3000-Grit. The 50-Grit pad is the initial pad to be used for polishing but is useful for shaping edges and removing mold lines also. The 100-Grit pad will follow and remove the rough 50-Grit scratch pattern, replacing it with a 100-Grit scratch pattern. This procedure is repeated during the-Grits till the wanted luster or shine is achieved. Make sure to read your sealer’s information as they all differ.

Flex PLW923S 4-Inch Air Stone Ser/Polisher vs Makita 9227C 7 review

The Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher accepts 3-inch, 4-inch, or 5-inch discs, so you may be able to complete everything from detail work to big-scale projects. Variable speeds of up to 3,600 rpm let you to decide the right speed for the job and ensure you won’t leave swirls in your workpiece. With a central feed that evenly distributes water, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher will produce a smooth and uniform finish. Fast-action, brass couplings work with 1/2-inch connectors for water hoses. Heavy-responsibility power in a lightweight package, the Flex Air Stone Sander/Polisher weighs only 2. 8 pounds, however it is tough enough to manage uninterrupted polishing of stone, concrete, marble, and granite. The compact design lets for access to tight spaces and for easy maneuverability without exhaustion. For more convenience, the sander’s stable handle and lasting plastic housing are insulated with powder covering to protect against cold temperatures. The air supply and exhaust are conveniently joint in one slender wrap hose that blows exhaust to the back, away from you and your workspace. For more safety, overload protection and temperature sensors prevent overheating, when the Flex Air Stone/Polisher is tackling a big workload. Shipping is to the continental USA only.

ZEC – Litex Grinding Disc/Wheel 7" S/C 12 GRIT Heavy Duty Disk

A/O (Aluminum Oxide) S/C (Silicon Carbide) These grain types are violent. The Litex disc is flat with a plastic back. ISO 9002 accepted European Standard EN 13743 The Litex fits most angle grinders and doesn’t require a backing pad. The Litex attaches straight to the hand of the grinding machine. Compared to depressed center wheels or resin fiber discs the Litex is lighter, cuts faster, and grinds faster while leaving an surface.

AutoRight C800886 Cordless Detailing Polisher, 6-Inch vs Makita 9227C 7 price

The AutoRight 6″ Cordless Detailing Polisher is a powerful cordless tool to add to the collection, to us where there is not a power source. Great for polishing, waxing and cleaning all vehicles with professional quality results. The lasting 12-Volt NiCad Battery has a 45 minute run time on a single charge and is 3300 RPMs. The box holds: 6″ Cordless Buffer/Polisher, 12 Volt NiCad Battery and Charger, (1) Microfiber Bonnet, (1) Cotton/Poly Bonnet.

Zeta® Marathon III Champion Micromotor SH37SN Hpiece Complete Set

Plans Motor Speed of motor: 0 to 35,000 rpm Dimension of motor: 15. 5128cm Torque: 2. 4 Ncm Weight: 1. 8KG Marathon H37SN with 3/32″ chuck size for HP shank bur. Handpiece Model: SDE-H37L1 Speed: 0 to 35,000 rpm Output power: 40W Input power: 110V/220V 50/60Hz Length: 15. 2CM Diameter: 2. 89cm Torque: 2. 4Ncm Weight: 230g Packing List 1 x Marathon Champion Micromotor 1 x Marathon H37L1 Handpiece (35,000rpm) 1 x ON/OFF style foot pedal 1 x Handpiece Cradles / Holders.

B10(3/8") Demi-bullnose/Roundover Diamond Router Bits 4" Diamond Polishing 44+1 Pads Granite Marble vs Makita 9227C 7 reviews

1 part of B10 (3/8″ / 10mm) Demi / Half / Radius Bullnose Router Bit / Profile Wheel. 5/8″-11 Thread arbor. Vaccum brazed diamond coarse. 44 Pce of 4″ Diamond Polishing Pad for granite marble: 7 X Grit 50-400, 4 X Grit 800-6000Buff. 1 Pce 4″ Rubber Pad Holder (Rubber Baker MUST be used with grinder speed lower than 5000RPM). Now (from May 18- June 1, 2013) we’re doing a trip from Hong Kong. If you purchase between May 18- June 1, we’ll send to you by Hong Kong DHL. DHL typically arraive your door in 3-6 days.

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  2. Makita 192629-7 7-Inch Hook and Loop Pad for 9227C Sander/Polisher
  3. Makita 743052-5 7-Inch Hook and Loop Back-Up Pad
  4. TCP Global Brand Polishing and Buffing Pad Cleaning Spur Tool for Revitalizing Polisher Compound Pads and Bonnets
  5. Norton Ultra Grizzly Hog’s Hair Pad — 7 3/4 Inch Diameter
  6. 3M 05711 Wool Compounding Pad, Single Sided

Models to consider:
cabking6 LE123100DWP-1257 CWT04CHPW109K EZ684-01
DWP849 W007B4SFBH RAP 150HB5800 DPPD04SPRA3K5+1P
3129XP DWP849XDW849 MA000057512WVPOLSET RBE 15-180 Set
CVP007 IRT3445TCWT04M 4inch22+1padPV7001C 4pad10kyle15
DWP849X MA000125630069A DPPW04STDA5A3K71V-H-1-6inch ZEC-SC-16
V20WVPOLSET PE-8-4 80BRRB5STN5810001P RB102GMA0001343 PWPS-5
DPPW04STDD00008P DKGEM1610671A X1012DWP849 D2904
CW050 IRT34454pad9kyleal3141 ZEC-SC-16cabking6 CP7201P
GPW7 AA6BPEP-43524 RAP 150EZ684-01 PWE 11100
DPWW15SPRA0B581P CWT04CZEC-SC-12 F30BITPWPS-5 4inch22+1pad
DWP849X WBset114SFBH V-H-1-6inchDPPW04STDD00008P DPPD04ULTD30001P
HB5800 X1012MA0000575 GV50009237C 10671A
GPP6x9A+D BRRB4STN5810001PWST-WPB1 BRRB5STN5810001PMA0000086B HPW109K
Cp7201p RB61GL3403VRG DWP849XWV5GRIN V-I-2-5inch
WBset11 XC3401VRGcabking6 BBS-40B9770BP AA6BP
RAP 150 BRRB5STN5810001PVSP120KIT2 4pad10kyle15DPWW15SPRA0B581P 318A
EZ684-01 V-I-2-5inchDHP0300 L3403VRGCP7201P DHPW00SPRA100G1P
DPPD04ULTD30001P V-H-1-6inch9237C GV5000A0913 HWV316POLSET
IRT3445 CVP007QSF504R 10671ADWP849 SX7230K
DIYKIT001 WP9003129XP DWP849XD2904 GPP-WET4#50
DPPW04STDD00008P WPO 14-25E-PS9237CX3 MA0001256RB61G PWE 11100
DPPW04STDA5A3K71 RBE 15-180 SetGPW215 DPPD04SPRA3K5+1PTK50011 ZEC-SC-16


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