April 21, 2017

AF-1000R Portable (NewAir) has great ratings


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  • Works best in very hot and dry climates, where humidity levels are <40
  • Remote control
  • Oscillation function
  • 10 hour timer
  • 300 sq.; ft.; coverage
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

Be sure you may be able to withstand the summer heat waves this year with our af-1000r red movable evaporative cooler; this model can cool and humidify spaces that are up to 300 square feet and it sleek design and red color really make it stand out; it comes complete with a remote control and Casters so you may be able to move it from room to room with ease and control it from a distance; the water level display allows you to know if you have to refill so that your cooler Nevers stops running, making sure you’re cool and comfy in your home;.

Compare with similar products:

60000 Btu Air Conditioner, 208/230V vs AF-1000-R

MovinCool OfficePro60 60,000BTU movable Air AF-1000R Conditioner Want a cooling unit that’s very efficient and doesn’t produce a big electricity bill? The MovinCool OfficePro60 60,000 BTU movable air conditioner is a great choice for you. This product is a movable unit so you may be able to use it wherever you like. It brings the temperature down in all those hot regions with its high efficiency levels and powerful cooling abilities. Movable air conditionerFan Commercial AC Powerful AirflowThis 60,000 BTU of cooling power and 2650 CFM, this air cooler really spread the cool air quickly. Perfect for cooling up to a 1700 square feet area, it is efficient in medium to big sized spaces. With two speeds to decide from, the OfficePro60 movable air conditioner gives maximum spot cooling to the area that needs it the most. Programmable Digital ControllerThe MovinCool AC features a programmable digital control, which allows you to schedule operating times for the complete week. It isn’t only cheap when you purchase it, however after regular use, it continues to be economical and consumes only small amounts of power that equates to about 15 cents one hour. Special Features60,000 BTU movable unitCan cool regions of almost 1700 square feetTwo fan speedsLCD display Easy Installation With the MovinCool AC there’s no lengthy installation procedure obliged. All that is needed is an electrical outlet. Self-contained and movable, the Office Pro 60 requires no expensive installation – simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on. And with a cooling temperature of 65&#176;-106&#176;F, it’s sure to decrease the ambient temperature considerably so you may be able to enjoy perfect cooling inside minutes of use. Completely Protects Your Precious goods exactly intended for cooling big office spaces and computer rooms that house heat-generating electronics, this unit it prevents computer networks, communications, and office equipment from shutting down when temperatures rises. This AC minimizes risk.

Keystone KSTAP12A 12,000 BTU 115-Volt Air Conditioner with "Follow Me" LCD Remote Control

The Keystone KSTAP12A 12,000 BTU 115-Volt movable Air Conditioner cools rooms up to 600 square feet. It has electronic controls with LED display and a temperature sensing, full-function “Follow Me” LCD remote control allowing you to conveniently see, set and maintain the room temperature from across the room. The no-can design will include a adaptable exhaust hose and castor wheels so this movable unit will keep you cool wherever you go. Plus, it has a full 1-year parts and labor warranty and a restricted 5-year sealed system warranty also.

MN Series 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Remote Control in White

The Honeywell MN Series 12,000 BTU movable air conditioner has a sleek, modern design cooling and dehumidifying regions up to 450 square feet. With 3-in-1 technology, this movable air conditioner delivers optimum cooling and dehumidification. It also has a fan-only function. The full-function remote control lets you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a fixed AC, this unit requires no permanent installation and four caster wheels supply easy mobility between regions. Plus, the auto-evaporation system lets for hours of uninterrupted operation with no water to drain or no can to empty. This model comes with everything needed as well as a adaptable exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit. The window vent may be removed when the unit isn’t in use.

Shinco 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Remote Control Winter Clearance

Enjoy movable cooling with the Shinco 9,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner with Remote. The 12,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 450 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy, and the 3-speed fan and 4-way air direction helps spread the air evenly during the room. Movable Air Conditioner, White, will assist keep you cool all during the warm summer season. What is INCLUDED: • Air Conditioner Unit • Remote Control with battery • Air Exhaust Host • Hose Adapter • Window Bracket with Extensions • Instruction Manual/User info plans: – Color: White – Model #: YPC1-12c – Measurements: Approx. 12. 5 x 20. 8 x 28 in – Weight: Approx. 66 lbs. – Power Source: Plugs into standard household outlet; Requires 2 AAA batteries for remote control (included) FEATURES: • Unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use. Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow in depth installation information in the Owner’s Manual. Don’t use extension cord(s). • 4-way air direction widens the cool air evenly • auto 24-hour on/off timer • Washable air filter saves money on replacements • Self-evaporation system, so there’s no can to empty • 3-speed fan changes to your cooling needs • Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow in depth installation information in the Owner’s Manual).

Honeywell CO48PM 100 Pt. Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Air Cooler – White/Grey

The Honeywell CO48PM 100 Pt. Commercial Indoor/Outdoor movable Evaporative Air Cooler is the ideal choice to keep indoor and outdoor environments comfortably cool and breezy. This weather tolerant evaporative air cooler is made to resist outdoor conditions. Its powerful motor helps to deliver strong air flow when a 14-inch fan blade and 3-side honeycomb media keep performance best. A uninterrupted water supply connection, 12. 5-gallon water tank, and fitted overflow protection system let long periods of unattended operation, making it perfect for more calling for applications.

Ironclad Sports Game Changer GC55-MD vs NewAir AF-1000R pricing

Ironclad’s GC55-MD adjustable basketball goal is ideal for driveway basketball. If you want to buy an crank adjustable goal that supply good ball bounce off the backboard and look great in front of your home without spending too much this unit is for you. This game changer model will include a breakaway rim and installs using a screw down anchor base so you may be able to easily take the unit with you if you move to a different home. Just turn the crank handle on the back of the post to increase or reduce the rim height. The height display shows the height of the rim as you change it. The pole system is intended with 30″ distance from post to backboard so it’ll not hang out too far into the driveway.

Amico AP11000 11,000 BTU Air Conditioner

AP11000 intended to offer calm and economical cooling to any room, with no permanent installation. Self evaporative system exhausts most of the condensate water minimizing the have to empty the interior can Directional air discharge louvers. Features: -High-Efficiency fast Cooling. -calm Indoor Operation High And Low Fan Speeds. -LED Display with Digital Thermostat.

SPT Air Conditioner, 9000 BTUs, WA-9000E vs NewAir AF-1000R review

9,000BTU movable Air Conditioner with 3 in 1 Technology: Air Conditioner, Fan, Dehumidifier. Light weight and easy mobility lets the unit to be rolled from room to room, wherever it is needed. Easily change temperature and settings to your comfort with the LCD paneled remote control, LCD also on unit’s control panel. Feature programmable 24 hours timer, independent dehumidifier and easy access, pull-out water tank. Cools a room up to 250 sq. Ft. Exhaust hose installation obliged and all standard accessories included.

4-1/2" Gooseneck Post Set with a 5′ Extension Backboard: Fiberglass, Goal: 503077

506416 Backboard: Fiberglass, Goal: 503077 Gooseneck style posts are Draper’s most well-liked choice for Outdoor Backstop Systems. With three sizes and four extensions they are sure to meet any need or field condition. Each style post is constructed with heavy-wall galvanized pipe made with an 18″ to 24″ radius and with a horizontal part to extend the board away from the post. Posts are provided with lug at bottom to prevent any rotation in footing. Since objectives screw directly through the backboard to the post, stress is eliminated from the backboard if a player hangs on the goal. Decide from a range of backboards and objectives. Rectangular shaped backboards are supplied with diagonal sway braces for extra stability. Objectives: A0570 Stationary Goal Official competition goal fits most front mount backboards made of glass, fiberglass, and wood. Rim is 5/8″ diameter steel with 12 “no tie” net attachment clips welded to the rim. Rim is supported underneath by 7/16″ diameter steel rod welded to the rim and mounting plate. Complete with mounting hardware and heavy-responsibility net. A0572 Heavy-responsibility Stationary Goal The same as the A0570 except with 5/8″ deameter support brace to withstand up to 800 lbs. A0575 Double Rim Goal with Nylon Net Goal has a dual rim made with 5/8″ diameter and 1/2″ diameter steel rods made into 18″ ID ring. Rim is strengthened with 7/16″ diameter braces welded to the ring and mounting plate. Will include nylon net and mounting hardware. A0579 Double Rim Goal with Chain Net Same construction as A0575 but provided with chain net and hooks for net attachment. 503078 Super Playground Goal with Nylon Net Constructed with double 5/8″ diameter rings welded to a 3/16″ box design gusseted backplate and rim support. Suupplied with nylon net and mounting hardware. Lifetime Warranty. 503077 Super Playground Goal with Premium Chain Net Same construction as 503078 but it’s supplied with zinc-plated premium steel safety net. 503079 Outdoor Breakaway Goal Low maintenance design.

Haier HPB10XCR 10000 BTU Air Conditioner vs NewAir AF-1000R price

Meet your interior weather needs with help from the Haier 10000-btu movable air conditioner. It’s ideal for spot cooling rooms of up to 350 sq. Ft. This Haier 10,000-btu room air conditioner may be used in single spaces inside a big house, also as in smaller standalone regions. It can supply both cooling in the summer and additional warmth in colder months. This silver and black Haier air conditioner features three cool settings, three fan settings and three heat settings. It has a convenient 24-hour on/off timer that may help to increase efficiency and decrease power intake. This heat/cool air conditioner also has a dehumidify mode to help decrease moisture in the air. It comes with a fast-install window kit.

Adjustable Junior Jammer Backboard Adapter

The Adjustable Junior Jammer, is intended to change your guideline height goal to lower heights for younger players. Fits all breakaway and stationary objectives. Attaches to indoor and outdoor objectives quickly and easily. Heavy responsibility hand knobs secure Mini Goal to present goal. Changes to five different fixed heights and moves goal 2′ closer to foul line. Will include full size backboard. 2 Year restricted Warranty.

ESUMIC Mini Air Conditioner Travel Handheld USB Rechargeable Cooling Fan for Summer Blue vs NewAir AF-1000R reviews

Features: Rechargeable movable mini air conditioner. Cooling effect is better with freezing the sponge after water absorption. Distinctive dual-mode of fan and air-conditioning refrigeration, which can effectively cool down3-5. Not only use as an common fan, but also has air conditioning cooling function. Refreshing air-conditioner cooling system. Save money with fitted rechargeable battery. Adjustable holder. Great for household, outdoor, office, gifts etc. Plans: Connector: USB Battery capacity: 1400 mA Single handling time: Up to 6 hours Material: ABS plastic Size: 11. 56. 63. 5 cm Weight: 183g Rechargeable time: 2. 5-3 hours Package included: 1 Mini air conditioner 1 USB Cable 1 Sling.

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  2. SquareTrade 2-Year Housewares Extended Protection Plan ($175-199.99)
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  6. Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler with 250 Square Foot Cooling, 500 CFM
  7. Luma Comfort EC220W High Power 1650 CFM Evaporative Cooler with 650 Square Foot Cooling
  8. NewAir AF-1000B Portable Evaporative Cooler, Black

Models to consider:
LX-140 DB YPC-012CLOUVER-KIT-36 4RNP2Classic Plus 26 MCP44-PPK
HPN14XHM PAC52-2-12DPE7-10R-03 LOUVER-KIT-48FFPH1222R1 YPN-09C
PACB12UI PAC N100ECCSD505054 1513-HWV08XC5AP13500HG FCF0005000GS
TT-ACP14C01 MPG-10ERN1-BH9HCB-P11-A PAC52-2-12DRA250NDGD CCDD383840
KSTAP12A MPG08CRN1BH9AP16000G FCF0012000GSPAC2K482S cpb08xcl-lw
1-VS-HFS-WHT YPN-09CB8400W AC-12000ESF-609 PE7-10R-03
LP1217GSR SF-607HFFPH1222R1 AF-330AP8000W AKPD12ER4
A0010205161A WA-1220MPAC2K482S ARC-12SDHACW500C YPH-12c
H2200-HC 1PAMSCH12FFRA1022Q1 DPA085B1GBP08S AC-12200E
YPV6-14C SPAE12WDAC250EB1GDB MPPD-14HRN1-BH9LW1811ER 69 pounds
LX-140 DB YPC-012CAP8000W 2OAC 36328,000 BTU HCB-P11-A


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