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  • Dimensions: 15 1/4″ H x 25 1/2″ W x 17 1/2″ D
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  • Fits Koldfront through the wall window air conditioners
  • Can accommodate most other brands of through the wall ACs
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General description

The Koldfront Through the Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve (WTCSLV) is intended to securely fit Koldfront’s line of through the wall window air conditioners. Made of lasting steel this sleeve may also accommodate most other brands of through the wall ACs.

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3/8 inch OD x 50 ft. Copper tubing Soft Type Refrigeration Pipe/Tubing

3/8 in. OD x 50 ft HVAC Copper tubing Refrigeration Coil Tube line Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Tube – ASTM B280 Standard Copper tube used for air conditioning and refrigeration applications in the field is an nearly pure copper material meeting the prerequisites of ASTM B 280 – Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service. Be sure your gas-supply tubing is lasting and secure with 1/4 in OD in. Original copper tubing for plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration applications in residential, commercial and institutional installations. Cleaned and sealed for liquid fed applications like air conditioning, ice makers, humidifiers, and refrigeration systems. Also used for oil lines for heating. Features: 3/8 in x 50 ft. Soft Copper Refrigeration Tube Assembled into a convenient 50 ft. Both NSF-LISTED AND IAMPO-CERTIFIED for saftey Handle pressure up to 836 (PSI) Temperature vary from 100 to 400 (F) Gas, Oil, Steam, Air. Or liquid carrying lines.

Generic Replacement Delfa Dax Aux Window Wall Mounted Portable Air Conditioner Remote Control Compatible for Remote Control Model Number Ykr-h/002e Yk

This remote controller is a substitute and well-matched for: Delfa Dax Aux… And other brands air conditioner remote control model YKR-H/002E YK-H/002E YKR-H/008 YK-H/008 YKR-H/009 YK-H/009 YKR-H/888 YK-H/888 If you have any questions or you need some other remote control models, feel free to contact us,or leave message to us on amazon. We’re professional in remote control for AC\TV\DVD\projector and so on. We have thousands of models for all types of brands remote controls in stockwe have only uplanding some things online store for time restricted. If you want to wholesale and resell in your marketGreatpleasepleaseplease contact us. We’ll give you our best offer and best support.

K-Flex USA – 800-320-PTB – 320 Contact Adhesive, Pint, Brush Top

K-FLEX 320 Contact sticky K-FLEX 320 Contact sticky is a dependable way to join seams and butt joints of elastomeric pipe and sheet insulation. It’s suited for line temperatures up to 220F (104C) on applications requiring bonded seams and joints. When the adhesives are applied to big flat or curved surfaces, it’s suited for temperatures up to 200F (93C). The merchandise are supplied in a range of sizes ranging from pint brush top containers to gallon containers. Bigger containers are available upon ask. Thinning the sticky isn’t suggested. Common lacquer thinners may be used for clean up. Caution: sticky holds notable solvents and container not used should be kept closed. Keep sticky away from sparks and open flames. Use with adequate ventilation and avoid extreme contact with the skin.

Replacement Union aire Air Conditioner Remote Control Order if Your Old One is Same with Photo

This substitute is for Union Aire air conditioner, order if your old remote is the same with photo. Order if your old one is same with photo don’t order if your old remote isn’t the same with photo This isn’t an common remote control verify that this is the correct model for your unit previous to ordering If you have any questions or you need some other remote control models, feel free to contact us, or leave message to us on amazon. We’re professional in remote control for AC\TV\DVD\projector and so on. We have thousands of models for all types of brands remote controls in stock we have only uplanding some things online store for time restricted. If you want to wholesale and resell in your market Great contact us. We’ll give you our best offer and best support.

2 pcs Exhaust Hose/Tube for Portable Air Conditioner 5" diameter, ext to 59" long

Special Air-Conditioner Exhaust Hose Summer Sales Overstock things stock clearing out sale. The price is bottom low while the amounts last. Do not miss the chance This A/C Exhaust Hoses is well-matched to most of the movable air-conditioner models which are using 5″ hose in diameter. The hose is 5 “&1/8″(13cm) in diameter. If you have the connector where this hose is twisted into, this hose should be somewhat smaller than the connector to fit into. The hose can extend to 59(150cm).

Top Shelf TSB-2438 Window AC Mounting Bracket (No Drilling Needed)

The top counter AC window bracket requires no drilling or tools for installation. It can easy be assembled and placed in the window. The bracket works with single or double hung windows between 24 and 38 Inch large. Also the bracket needs 10 Inch of Clearance below the window and you’ll want to confirm that your wall thickness isn’t greater than 11 Inch.

Air Wing Pro The Original Air Deflector Ivory 10x Sets with Insulation Mats

The original air deflector from Japan is presented in US: Air Wing Pro. Ivory. 10x Sets with Insulation Mats. Air Wing Pro evens out room temperature by taking full control of your air conditioner against uneasy direct air blows. It fits all types of air conditioners & prepared to be installed instantly with sticky tapes & adapters. Non-invasive. By controling air blows with Air Wing Pro, it improves efficiency of you air conditioner for 2 degrees F – you may be able to set your air conditioner 2 degrees F higher in hot summer & 2 degrees F lower in cold winter. This can decrease your yearly electricity bill by 940 (1). Air Wing line-up differs in width from 19. 7 inch to 29. 6 inch to optimize its effect with large range of air conditioners. – Air Wing Pro & Air Wing Slit: 19. 7 inch – Air Wing thin: up to 27. 6 inch – Air Wing Flex: 29. 6 inch Air Wings were invented in 1997 by the air deflector originator, Daian Service. 1. 7 million Air Wings have been sold in Japan since its launch (2). The popularity among Japanese customers proves its high quality: light-weight still lasting with perfect plate thickness. The quality also has been proven by Japanese authority with the following legal registrations. – Utility Model Patent: 3114170 – Design Registration: 1105661 (1) 2012 tested by Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute: Evens out up to 2 degrees F around a room, saving 4 to 8 of power. – An average electric power intake per air conditioner per hour: 2. 8kw – electric power cost per kw: 20 cents – 8 hours per day, 7x months per year (2) Source by Daian Service Inc.

SymWell(TM) 100kg Load Hibiscus Flowers Skateboard Durable Stable Safe Single Roller Durable 3.25 inch Aluminum V-truck+PP Board + PU wheel

Major Features: – The max. Load is 100kg, suited for majority of people – 3. 25 inch aluminum V-truck, stable and safe – The size of the wheel is 6 x 6 x 4. 5cm ( L x W x H ) and hardness is 78A – Rebound resiliency: 60 – 80 % – Bearings: ABEC-7 – Bushings: 85A PU – PP board + PU wheel, lasting, lightweight and environmentally friendly Color: Multi-color Maximum Payload: 100Kg Wheel Diameter: 6cm Wheel Thickness: 4. 5cm Package weight: 1. 803 kg Product Size: 56 x 15. 5 x 10 cm / 22. 01 x 6. 09 x 3. 93 inches Package Size: 58 x 17 x 12 cm / 22. 79 x 6. 68 x 4. 72 inches Package Content: 1 x 100kg Load Retro Skateboard Hibiscus Pattern Mini Board for Outdoor Sport.

Generic Replacement Air Conditioner Remote Control for Gree Lennox York Vivax Gree Ge Trane Electrolux York Lennox Blue Star Vivax Tosot Ge Carrier In

This remote controller is a substitute and well-matched for: GREE / GE / TRANE / Electrolux / YORK / LENNOX / BLUE / STAR VIVAX / TOSOT / GE / Carrier / Inventor / Condor / ATC / ANWO Comfortstar / ClimaMania / AERMEC / Aeronik / ASAMI climamania / climoo / digi / DIGITAL / ecoaire / ducasa / EWT EWT / CLIMA / Fisher / fujitherma / Goodweather / Kenso MILLER / MUNDCLIMA / NCP / nord / pac / pensonic / RENOVA SIGMA / sinclair / roca / york / Tango / Tasaki / tempblue trendair / unicalair / vertex / vertex / vesser / vivax.. And other brands Remote control model Yx1f5f Yx1f Yx1f2 Yx1f3 Yx1f4 Yx1f5 Yx1f1f Yx1f4f Yx1f2f Yx1ff If you have any questions or find other remote control model, feel free to contact us,or leave us a message. We’re professional in remote control for AC\TV\DVD\projector and so on.

JMF LS1458FF15W-WHITE – EZ-Pull Line Set Kit, Mini Split 1/4-in x 5/8-in x 15 ft Long

Line sets comprise of two commercial grade copper refrigeration pipes to connect the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to the indoor evaporator coil. Intended with a rugged outside to let for easy installation, this line set may be easily pulled. The smaller pipe measures 1/4″ and is called the liquid line (LL). The bigger pipe measures 5/8″ and is called the suction line (SL), and both pipes are encased with thick low-density polyethylene bubble insulation. The tubing is easily connected by the pre-flared fittings without the have to solder. They’re made in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Specification B280. This line set will include 18 feet of 14-4 AWG 600V wire for electrically connecting the indoor evaporator to the outdoor unit.

LG Electronics 3210A20075A Air Conditioner Curtain

LG 3210A20075A Air Conditioner Curtain Frame. White plastic. For use with the following LG Electronics models: LT081CER, LT103CER, BG123A, BG123B, LT0810CR, BG81A, LT121CNR, LT143CNR, BG101A, UXC103BLMK1, UXC143BLMK0, TXC123BLMK0, TXC123BLMK1, LT1010CR, LT1030CR, US12B30A, UXC081BLMK1, LT1210CR, LT1230CR, UXC121BLMK1, LXC103BLMK1, TXC081BLMK0, TXC101BLMK0, LXC123BLMK2, LXC123BPMK2, LXC143BLMK2, LT1430CR, LXC101BLMK1, LXC121BLMK2. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, well-matched part.

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