April 21, 2017

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1-Liter White Carafe, is pretty good compared to similar items



  • Holding capacity up to 8 cups
  • Double wall insulation keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 16 hours
  • Great gift
  • Features alfiDur vacuum hardglass liner and “easy” one hand operation.
  • Made in Germany
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General description

Alfi’s Dan carafe constructed with high quality polypropylene and “easy” one-hand operation makes this item an evident choice. Equipped with ALFI’s double-walled vacuum glass liner which keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 13 hours. Cleaning and Care: Hand wash with warm soapy water. Size: 1 L or 8 cups.

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Opal Chrome Plated Brass Thermal 8-Cup

Perfect for entertaining or everyday 30935012100 use, Alfi carafes feature amazing thermal properties and vacuum seals, keeping your beverages new, and just the right temperature for many hours. High quality German design, function, and beauty come together in all Alfi’s carafes, and many have won many design awards. Alfi carafes will be treasured for many years to come.

Glass Vacuum Chrome Plated Copper Thermal Carafe for Hot and Cold Beverages, 1.0 L, Chrome

Generally sure to catch the spirit of the time, alfi is constantly reinventing itself in combining top quality and functionality with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Alfi has generally fascinated with strange and original merchandise that are suited for daily use, still by no means mundane. Available in 90 countries, alfi merchandise became indispensable for expertise merchants, the hotel trade and the catering business during the world. “new. Hot. Cold. ” is the slogan because alfi merchandise are smart innovations in serving systems, intelligent drink solutions for celebrations from the table or the outdoors, for the office, or on the move. Alfi has produced an variety of insulated merchandise for each situation which not only have a high working value and unmistakable design language, however also a genuinely iconic position and high level of prestige.

Service Ideas SSAL300 Steelvac 3 Liter Lever Lid Airpot

This airpot is great for big gatherings like meeting rooms, receptions or banquets. The stainless steel interior and outside with vacuum insulation the contents will remain the perfect temperature for 4-6 hours. Hand wash only, don’t submerge. Model #: SSAL300 Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 3 L Retention: 4-6 hours Hand wash, don’t submerge Height: 15-1/2″ Width: 9-1/4″ Length: 7-1/4″ Shipping weight: 6. 5 lbs 1 per case Made in Taiwan 137426.

AMYAMY Thermal Carafes 70 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Thermal Coffee Carafe/Water Pitcher

Welcome to yklison ‘s Store. Volume:70 oz Package will include A item purchase From Aprince We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our merchandise and will do our best to crack your problem quickly and proficiently. All of our merchandise are intended and made by yklison. Yklison merchandise are sold by authorized sellers only.

Vacuum carafe Gusto,Thermal Metal Painted, Screw Stopper, Lavender, 1 Liter, 3521243100

Alfi Vacuum carafe Gusto, Made in Germany. The Vacuum carafe in a timeless design. Metal painted and with easy-care and practical one-hand operation is Gusto a must for each house. Also perfect ergonomics is ensured. The big handle for a perfect feel. Gusto is agreeing perfectly your furnishing styles. That’s nice design in perfect quality. • Metal with insensitive multi-level enamel • Design: Martin Hauenstein • Practical one-hand operation • Colour: Lavender • Made in Germany • Plastic handle, chrome • Easy to clean alfiDur vacuum-hardglass liner • Alfi item number: 3521243100 Pack holds:1 Alfi Vacuum carafe Gusto,Thermal Carafe, Metal Painted, Screw Stopper, Lavender, 1 L, 3521243100.

Vacuum Carafe Mokka Top Therm, Thermal Coffepot, Screw Stopper, Stainless Steel, 1.5 Liter, 1287205150 vs Alfi Dan 1-Liter 30935012100 pricing

The Alfi Vacuum Carafe is a modern high quality stainless steel vacuum Carafe with practical Screw Stopper and best insulating properties. • Dishwater evidence • Thermally desinfectable • 12 hours hot, 24 hour cold • Practical soft-touch Screw Stopper • Double-walled vacuum-pumped stainless steel body • affect-and breakresistant • Colour: Stainless Steel • Volume: 1,5 L/ 12 mugs • Alfi item number: 1287205150 Pack holds:1 Alfi Vacuum Carafe Mokka Top Therm, Thermal Carafe, Coffepot, Screw Stopper, Stainless Steel, 1. 5 L, 1287205150.

Vacuum Carafe Senso, Arabic Design, for Tea/Coffee, Chromed, 1l, 3548000100

What do oriental flair, golden palaces and the city of Wertheim (Baden Wrttemberg) have in common? The answer is quite easy: the famous producer of vacuum carafes, Alfi, whose head office is in Wertheim (Baden Wrttemberg) has released the Arabic Design Collection. The mix of Made in Germany with a conventional, oriental design let dream of a world of luxury. The carafes have all the benefits and the proved quality of the brand Alfi. Senso Arabic Design: The vacuum carafe Helena of the Arabic Design Collection has a form which let you think of a One Thousand and One Night world and it’s available in many respectable materials, like 24 carats gold, chrome or brass. The perfect carafe for individualists. A noble, classical vacuum carafe with the famous premium quality and the insulating performance by Alfi. • Made in Germany • 12h hot and 24h cold • AlfiDur vacuum glass put • Volume: 1l/ 8 cups Colour: chromium-plated Alfi article number: 3548000100Pack holds:1 Alfi Vacuum Carafe Senso, Arabic Design, for Tea/Coffee, chromium-plated, 1l, 3548000100.

Noble Insulated Thermos Can 1.5 L Polished Stainless Steel vs Alfi Dan 1-Liter 30935012100 review

Alfi vacuum carafe Noble, Thermal carafe, Coffee pot, Stainless steel, Polished, 1. 5 L, 547000150 Alfi vacuum carafe Noble: the noble classic vacuum carafe. In chrome stainless steel metal. Content: 1,5 L. Premium quality now at specially better prices. Made in Germany. Best insulating efficiency Dishwasher evidence Keeps 12 hours hot or 24 hours cold Break-tolerant distinctive comfy pouring system, chrome plated metal Ergonomical metal handle, chrome plated Unbreakable Toptherm vacuum insulated liner High quality stainless steel, polished Capacity: 1,5 L / 12 Cups Lenght: 15,0 cm Width: 13,0 cm Height: 27,0 cm Alfi item number: 547000150 Lieferumfang:1 Alfi vacuum carafe Noble, Thermal carafe, Coffee pot, Stainless steel, Polished, 1. 5 L, 547000150.

Stelton Stainless Steel Classic Vacuum Jug – 1 Liter

The 1st Stelton vacuum jug that Erik Magnussen intended in 1977 was this classic stainless steel variant. The iconic vacuum jug, with its distinctive rocker stopper, is one of Stelton’s best selling designs over the years. The glass vacuum bottle liner keeps the contents at an ideal temperature (hot or cold liquids) for up to 8 hours. Recently the vacuum jug also has become a fashion icon, setting the trend with new colors every spring and autumn. Design Erik Magnussen Year: 1977.

Thermos 32 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Carafe vs Alfi Dan 1-Liter 30935012100 price

Timeless. Natural. Enduring. These rules guide the development of every Thermos brand product. Merchandise that assist you savor every moment with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Merchandise intended to endure and improve your life’s many experiences. Thermos brand is built to exacting standards. By quality and performance, you won’t find a better made insulated beverage product. For wherever life’s adventures may take you, Thermos brand merchandise are an ideal choice to keep your beloved beverage close at hand.

BUNN 3 Liter Lever-Action Airpot with S/S Liner (6 Pack) – Pack = 6

Bunn 3. 0 L Lever Action Airpot – 6 Pack The 6 pack of 3. 0 L Airpots by Bunn Features six, Stainless Steel Airpots with Lever Action. Each Bunn Airpot comes with a brew through put and a pump that dispenses 4 ounces of coffee every time coffee is extracted from the Airpot. The Bunn Lever Action Airpot makes it simple to swiftly fill cups up so that you may enjoy a nice and new, hot cup of coffee Stainless steel lining on the Bunn Lever Action Airpot assures hot coffee for hours. 6 Pack / 3. 0 L Lever Action Airpots Features: Brew-through put. Set of 6, 3. 0 L Airpots Stainless steel lining assures hot coffee for hours. Available in 2. 5 L (84 oz. ), 3. 0 L (102 oz. ) and 3. 8 litre (128 oz. ) Dimensions – 17. 6″ H x 6. 3″ W x 9″ D 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor through Bunn Bunn Commercial Return Policy Bunn presented the 1st paper coffee filter in 1957 and in 1963, the “pourover” coffee maker for commercial use. Today, Bunn continues to design and make innovations in commercial beverage equipment and home coffee makers. Note that all Bunn Airpots are made by Zojirushi. Looking for Other Bunn Commercial Servers or merchandise? Click Here.

Emsa Samba Quick Press Insulated Server, 34-Ounce, Translucent Green vs Alfi Dan 1-Liter 30935012100 reviews

Emsa was founded in Germany over 60 years ago and was a leading German maker of kitchen and home accessories since that time. Many design awards are evidence why buyers and professionals in more than 140 countries trust the Emsa name. The samba fast press insulated server from Emsa has superior heat/cold retention for up to 10/16 hours. Samba features a convenient press-button closure for effortless pouring. When the button is flush with the cover, the unit is closed and 100 leak-evidence. Press the button down and the unit is open, prepared to pour. Press again to shut. 34-liquid oz capacity. A superior insulated container you may be able to rely on to keep your beverages hotter, colder and fresher longer. Hand wash suggested.

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  1. Thermos 51 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Carafe
  2. Alfi Gusto Aluminium Carafe, 33-Ounce, White
  3. Alfi Gusto Aluminium Carafe, 33-Ounce, Red
  4. Hiware 68 Oz Stainless Steel Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Carafe with Press Button Top, Quality Thermal Carafes, Stainless Steel Water Pitcher with Lid, Coffee Thermos, Coffee Plunger, Cafetiere, Coffee Airpot, 2-liter
  5. Alfi Juwel Chrome Plated Brass Thermal Carafe, 25-Ounce

Models to consider:
S061 AG1210CM2NCI1000 AG1200CM2GLNU-02194 CSR5-191
AG1230CM2 PG8200-1016AS2720SS2 BU-13SH-HA10DB AG1400CM2
AAWE-30SB AVS-1.5APM-100 FB3022/60DCC-2400RC TLXA2501S000
SSAL300 AFFB-10SAG1510WH2 2016GPE514389 P40P-C06
2025GT Hormel SVC1907750NSTGB6 E5143902124BC E509818
7880-APS TGB1000SS4PP1920TRI2 Hormel 410225TGS1500P6 SCM2000BD
AS2020SS2 AG1500WH2NVAL-22BK FBB750AG1220CM2 TGS1500SS4
2009GW AY-AE25MWF-E300-XS DGB-600RCCJ07004 SH-MAE10
AVS-1.5A SCM2000BDDGB-600RC TGB1000SS4AFFB-19S M10851
TGS1000SS4 DCM600BE514390 NVSL-30OR2025GT 2009GW
TLXA2501S000 7763-ALBAG1400CM2 Hormel 410225TGS1500P6 AG2910CM2
AS2020SS2 E509818AG1220CM2 PM-100LSG-30/BK FBB750
2016GT TGS1500SS4PP1920TRI2 2124BCSH-HA10DB APS2BL
AAWE-30SB NVSP-30BKPWL-A202 XS BU-13AS2000SS2 908822PB
PWM-A120-VA CSR5-191SH-MAE10 Hormel SVC1902016GP AG1210CM2
MWF-E300-XS E514389SH-MAE10 SH-HA15-XAP40P-C06 TLXA2201S000
NVAL-22BK PG8200-1016AG1510WH2 AAPE-25SCS061 Hormel SV350
2016GP AG1100CM2SH-MAE10 CSR5-1912124BC AS2000SS2
2009GW NVAL-22BKPG8200-1017 PP1920TRI22016GT AFFB-19S
TGS1500SS4 7880-APSAAWE-30SB TGB1000SS4TGS1000SS4 SCM2000BD
Hormel SVC190 7763-ALBE514389 M10851PG8200-1016 2025GT
NCI1000 S061AY-AE25 7750NSTGB6LSG-30/BK APS2BL
PWL-A202 XS AG1500CM2BU-13 DCC-2400RCE509818 P40P-C06
AVS-1.5A 908822PBNVSP-30BK AG1400CM21088-GU E514390
TLXA2501S000 TGS1500P6PWM-A120-VA FBB750SSAL300 AG1220CM2


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