April 21, 2017

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  • Usable Volume: 3.6 ft.
  • Front dimensions 15.5″
  • Heavy-duty .079 mil. aluminum construction and beveled edge lid
  • Side length: 16.5″
  • Overall dimension: 16″(L) x 29″(W) x 18″(H)
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Saving Space And Extra Storage Under The Truck Bed. Constructed Of Heavy responsibility Aluminum Tread Plate In A Bright Finish. It Features A Weather tolerant Sealed Door And A Heavy responsibility Hinge. Down Open. Completely Welded. Comes With Lock And 2 Keys. Ideal For Tools Storage In Your car Or In Your Garage/Home.

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Greenlee 2260 Slant Top, 60-Inch By 32-Inch By 36-Inch

2260 Model Code: AA (part# 2260) This item features: -Recessed and concealed lock protector inhibits forced entry and corrosion to lock. -Channel reinforcements on cover lock side panels into cover for extra security when closed. -Angled handle recess prevents pinch points. -Hemmed (strengthened) high-strength shelves. -uninterrupted, non-removable hinge pins help prevent theft. -Strategically located, easily available, lasting gas-springs supply for ease in opening cover. -Double hinge cover folds up and out of the way. -Angled 3-1/2” high support skids. -Optional casters are available individually for easy mobility. Hinged Lower counter. -Material: 16 Gauge Steel. -Type: Slant-Top Box. -Price is for 1 Each. Model Code  Model Description AACapacity Vol. :32 cu ft, Width:60 in, Depth:32 in, Height:36 in Max ABCapacity Vol. :34 cu ft, Width:48 in, Depth:30 in, Height:48 in Max ACCapacity Vol. :44 cu ft, Width:60 in, Depth:30 in, Height:48 in Max.

Knaack 4824 Jobmaster Jobsite Chest

Knaack 4824 JOBMASTER Chest plans: Dimensions: H: 23″ W: 24″ L: 48″ Cubic Feet: 16 Closed Height: 28-1/4″ Open Height: 49-1/4″Knaack 4824 JOBMASTER Chest Features: WATCHMAN IV Lock System 12 Gauge Caster prepared Skids strengthened Deeper Cover Optional accessory tray available – Model 21 (sold individually).

Bahco S460 Socket Set 46-Piece 1/4in Drive

Set will include: 12x 1/4″ Hex Sockets: 4mm, 4. 5mm, 5mm, 5. 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm 1x 1/4″ Ratchet fast Release, 60 Teeth/6 Action Angle 4x 1/4″ Socket Drivers: PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4 3x 1/4″ Socket Drivers: slotted 4mm, 5. 5mm, 7mm 6x 1/4″ Socket Drivers: Hex 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm 7x 1/4″ Socket Drivers: T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 3x 1/4″ TORX Sockets: E6, E7, E8 1x 1/4″ Spinner Disc 2x 1/4″ Extension Bars 2″ & 4″ 1x 1/4″ Sliding T-bar.

WMSTUDIO 2016 Baby Wet Wipes Plastic Tissue Automatic Wet Wipes Case Baby Care

Description:Type: Tissue CaseStyle: ModernLaying technique: Seat TypeMaterial: PlasticApplication: RoomApplicable Tissue: Sheet PaperModel Number: 001Material: environmental PPApply paper towels: Removable towelApplication: Bathroom, car, living roo,toiletOrigin: ChinaTrade properties: Domestic tradecolor: pink, green, orange,yellow weight: 150gopen way: press auto pop-upSize: 8. 265. 512. 95cin.

1016HWL Guardsman ATA 300 Shipping Case with Wheels and Telescoping Handle

Heavy-responsibility black HMW polyethylene material with distinctive uninterrupted industrial frame depending on Platt’s patented GuardsmanTM design and construction. All hardware is recessed for wearability and shipping reasons. Cases come with combo lock, 1 spring loaded handle, full-length piano hinge and security type bolts. Available in 6 colors. Case equipped with telescoping handle and recessed wheels for easy transporting. 1016HWL – Lining Only – All top and body interiors of cases are lined with high density bubble.

Pro Gatemouth Bag, 5 Compartments, 11 in X 12 in, Sold as 1 EA vs Giantex Aluminum Trailer pricing

Holds 17 pockets, 10 outside and 7 interior. Easily observable ID window. Outside StayPut handle grips, side pull handles and removable padded shoulder strap. Molded waterproof rubber bottom rests flush on any flat surface. Stylish tool bag features heavy-responsibility 1680d poly water-tolerant major body fabric.

Systainer T-Loc IV Anthracite

The Systainer originated from the have to transport materials and tools so they were well organized and easy to move. This was accomplished through a distinctive patented case system, which enables all Systainers to be stacked and linked together. The “LOC” in T-LOC stands for: Lock, Open and Connect The T-LOC system sets the new benchmark in novelty, design and functionality. The central element is the T-LOC catch, which enables one-handed locking, opening and connecting. The T-LOC catch offers fast linking of individual units so they can all be carried as a single unit. To stack the T-LOC Systainers, simply click into the snap-in position at the back, turn the T-LOC catch and that is it A distinctive feature is that you can access the contents of a T-LOC Systainer halfway down the stack of Systainers, without releasing the link, by just rotating the T-LOC counterclockwise 90° from the locked position. Strong and VersatileTanos uses 100% ABS polymer, joint with the most stable design structure, for maximum durability. All T-LOC Systainers are tough and affect tolerant, also as dust evidence. Every part of the T-LOC – like the body, cover, handle or catch – may be replaced easily, which guarantees long life. Systainer T-LOC IV Outside Dimensions (H x W x D): 12. 40″ x 15. 59″ x 11. 65″ or 315mm x 396mm x 296mm.

Evolv Basic 5-Drawer Center – Platinum vs Giantex Aluminum Trailer review

Ensure all his tools are kept neat and tidy with this Craftsman Evolv Basic 5-Drawer Tool Center Platinum Chest, his garage or workshop will be organized, and he will generally know where to find the right tool for the job. This tool center has enough room for all your hand-held tools and overflow household supplies, with a bulk storage area for those bigger things, like paint cans, small power tools and cleaning supplies. What a good way to protect and manage your investment.


Heavy-responsibility Polyethylene ATA Cases with Recessed Hardware. The outside shell is tough affect tolerant HMW polyethylene. Heavy-responsibility aluminum rim and gasket, padlock loops, full length piano hinge and spring loaded handle. Hard bubble included. This series will include recessed wheels and handle for convenient transportation.

Waterloo Portable Series made with Lightweight Industrial-Strength Plastic, 14" vs Giantex Aluminum Trailer price

The Waterloo 14 in. Plastic tool box has all the strength and longevity of a stainless steel tool box but weighs in at only one pound. Rugged high-affect polypropylene construction with molded-in color makes this box prepared for the toughest environments and able of generally looking like brand new. it will never dent or rust like your conventional steel tool box and the material will not mar other surfaces, either. A comfort grip handle on top lets for useful portability, then tucks away into the cover for a flush top surface convenient for stacking and storing. Inside of this lasting, industrial-strength movable are two trays ideal for toting small parts or hand tools. Each tray features own molded handle and may be carried individually or removed completely to create a deep tool box able of holding bigger power tools. Measures 14L x 8W x 6. 3H inches and weighs only a single pound. About Waterloo industries, inc. Waterloo industries, inc. Is the world’s biggest supplier of tool storage merchandise, and it’s proud to offer over 80 years of manufacturing excellence. Waterloo maintains productivity while producing exceptional quality merchandise. It has in-procedure inspections and its employees are empowered to make fast decisions where quality is worried. Waterloo is the consistent leader in features and testing when in comparison to other brands, and its prototypes are subjected to an broad battery of exhaustion and durability tests. Waterloo is a firm Believer that customers should have their orders fulfilled precisely and that they arrive at their destination free of damage. 14-Inch plastic tool box in black. High-affect polypropylene with molded-in color. Full-extension friction drawer slides and top tray. Padlock eyes accepts padlock (sold individually). Comfort-grip handle that tucks into cover. Great for stacking and storing in home, garage, or shop.

Sainty Art Works 24-707 Buzz Off Art Deco

The Sainty International 24-707 BUZZ OFF ART DECO TOOL BOX is distinctive and has an exclusive design. 16-inch lasting steel tool boxes. Rugged all steel end cap construction for greater strength. Nickel-plated steel latch and hinge gives added security. Full length tote tray. Heavy-responsibility steel handle. Lasting powder coated finish resists rust. The Sainty International 24-707 BUZZ OFF ART DECO TOOL BOX comes with a lifetime warranty. Sainty International has over 30-years experience in dealing with hand tools, power tools accessories and vehicle accessories. It has generally been Sainty International’s main target to supply high quality merchandise at a competitive price and to offer a satisfying service. Sainty International has received ISO9001:2008 certification to meet the standard of International manufacturing and service. ᵡ.

Montezuma BK4108CH 41" 8-Drawer Top Chest (black) vs Giantex Aluminum Trailer reviews

Just the right size for just some tools -Aluminum corner trim -Tubular chrome plated side handle on cabinet -Coded lock and keys -Dual sets of drawer slides on bigger drawers -Full width aluminum drawer pulls -Ball bearing drawer slides with load ranking of 100 lb per set -5 x 2 casters (2 swivel with brakes and 2-rigid) -bubble drawer liner -Gas springs in chest cover for easy opening.

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Models to consider:
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STST19410 BW00210180SHB-19 STST1861380-RB257D-B IX-1BKO-323S
RGBP-182 TP00115088Q3-YVTB-V1M7 TC-765KZ-865B-IURR SV21136
TTF-650TR ELI-14712-NF757TH-CB CU-18423-WK24B HZ190L
DWST33090 DXG-22-1100K SKY2506C-295BRD X52646
M30 313 LBOXX-4VK-23S B21147BK04021720 LSD005072
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00935547000P 7Z-1UWK-MKO8946T-CB BW00200240C190 EBY0112
X52575 600T-CBTB133-Red TB133A-RedTK-60795 22-UOKK
MM-8000K 2032-OS215-95-IND B009EW6FNG5T-Z3UL-NLAW DUR-12C
TP2901 17 GHP8711HZ190L 00935547000PST350B SCLBL3tw
H4TRRS KBR10217313ELH1645 BC-OJCR-5O4PLBOXX-4 kj285623U
TC-765 SBR-18kj281123U EN-AC-FY-A030SHB-19 SV21136
DWMT19249 X52575MC-28B Q3-YVTB-V1M7BW00202200 B01C5IOS0C
BW00210180 946T-CBOX-R7XK-BDRJ BW00200240DWST33090 600T-CB
THL-SB4P32 TMT-032K24B PC3458H-2GRT-CMCU KWTB150-48S
TP00115088 016011RM30 313 LA400BIX-1BKO-323S 190L?2
OX-R7XK-BDRJ QL-XIRK-KL5R028001L 6025REH31093 BK04011410
LSD005072 8H-2GRT-CMCUB531 LBC-18H215-95-IND B1553
TB101 016011RTB133A-Red ST3500BTP2901 17 SBR-18
EF-1/T8/E Eh750BK00120920 X52646KBR102 MM-8000K
M30 312 SKY2575LBC-18SH JTK-50B3SB21147 FCMBPP20
190L?2 K00192-N8T3-M4G6 F6-TG2T-E21LKWTB150-48S 22-UOKK
TP00115088 WM718-HTP03TMT-032 DWST33090CU-18423-W SRT-3505BU
100K 2032-OSM403-313L bianxieyaohe-17946T-CB RGBP-182


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