April 21, 2017

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  • Glass plate / tray for Amana / Maytag microwave ovens using the “EZ Glide” system
  • This microwave tray replaces Amana / Maytag part # ‘s : 3390W1A001A, 3390W1A001B
  • The tray moves side to side instead of rotating
  • This microwave plate ONLY fits the Amana / Maytag models listed below. If you are unsure about compatibility please email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING.
  • This tray measures approximately 15 3/4″ X 13″
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. JMV8208AAB JMV8208AAQ JMV8208AAS JMV8208AAW JMV8208ACB JMV8208ACS JMV8208ACW MMV5165AAB MMV5165AAB MMV5165AAQ MMV5165AAQ MMV5165AAS MMV5165AAS MMV5165AAW MMV5165AAW MMV5207AAB MMV5207AAQ MMV5207AAS MMV5207AAW MMV5207ACB MMV5207ACQ MMV5207ACS MMV5207ACW.

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Create healthy chips and crispy 3390W0A001 snacks in minutes-all in your microwave with the Top Chips Maker. Crispy chips and snacks are achieved without any oils or fats, cooking up light and crispy, all with the use of your microwave. So many vegetables and fruits contain priceless vitamins and minerals that we miss out on because we don’t like the restricted ways we know to prepare them. With the Top Chips Maker-you may be able to add healthy nutrients to your diet in a fun and delicious way-without all the harmful preservatives you find in pre-packaged variants of your beloved crisp snacks. To use, just slice potatoes, or another fruits and vegetables thinly and evenly. Place in a single level on the Top Chips Tray, and microwave as indicated by enclosed directions. Season with your beloved topping and voila. You have a healthy, delicious snack that you’ll feel good about serving to your kids and guests. Stack many trays to cook more than one serving at a time. A fun way for kids to experiment and attempt different vegetables and fruits they may not be used to. The Top Chips maker is intended for the smallest of microwaves, perfect for small microwaves like those found in RVs, dorm rooms and apartments-you may be able to use your Top Chips everywhere. Hand wash or top-rack dishwasher-safe. Made by Mastrad, the makers of groundbreaking and award-winning kitchen merchandise loved the world-over.

908 Oval 12V tritone pure bass amplifier board Toshiba 10-inch 12 -inch pipe 8 inch car subwoofer core

Type : Blender PartsBrand : LianshengItem : 908 Oval 12V no cardTips: Free shipping only rhyme Express vehicle able to place. Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, because it didn’t have to fill 15 yuan vehicle freight. Baby Show(In-kind shooting, color may differ somewhat from the issue out of the camera or display) :Baby features:1. Amplifier using original Toshiba C5198 + A1941 power on the tube, rated power 80W, maximum power 120W, peak power 400W, can push 8-12 inch 120 magnetic speaker ;2. With two line inputs ( standard 3. 5mm jack input Cinch and every one set ), you may be able to access a computer or mobile phone and other external audio devices come in ;3. Full-range, bass choice, lower frequencies (BASS) state FREQ adjustable low-frequency depth ;4 comes with high-level input port ( white transposon HIGH IN), may be directly connected to the high level. Product plans :1. Baby Weight : about 370 grams2. Installation hole : W 100 x H 55mm3. Installation pitch: W 70 x H 70mm4. In general dimensions : Width 140 80 deep 118mm highPanel Description :1. GND: Power ground ( negative ), then the negative power supply ;2. + 12V: DC + 12V power supply connected to the positive ( with a battery or power adapter ) ;3. REM: Control line ( connected CD control lines, or direct and + 12V connected together ) ;4. POWER: Power LED ( power on this light lit )5. CROSSOVER: Full frequency / low frequency selection (BASS pure bass, FULL full frequency ) ;6. FREQ: Bass depth modification (CROSSOVER BASS pull to the next state to be efficient ) ;7. VOLUME: Master volume control, power front Keep the volume down so as not to produce adverse effects ;8. MP3 IN: 3. 5mm external audio input port, you may be able to connect the sound CD, MP3 or computer to come ;9. R IN: Right outside the sound input port lotus external audio input may be connected MP3 or c.

Deep Fryer Electric 2500 Watt &Commercial Unit Restaurant Frying Deep Fryer New

Type : Electric Deep Fryer PartsBrand Name : EbiuModel Number : us2689product description Brand new stainless steel commercial deep fryer. Its perfect for commercial uses like restaurants, supermarkets, fast food stands, snack bars or home use. Instead of going out, now you may be able to stay in the comfort of your home and have fish n chips, or make a hot meal in minutes by using groceries you already have in your kitchen or pantry. We buy all of our merchandise directly from the maker, so you know you are to get the best prices possible. NEW PRODUCT WITH FACTORY PACKAGING plans: Commercial heavy-responsibility stainless steel constructed fryer FREE stainless steel fryer basket with plastic handle FREE stainless steel cover cover and residue plate Thermal control shuts off automatically to prevent overheating Thermal control turns back on automatically when temperature decreases Removable stainless steel fry tank for easy cleaning Temperature Control Switch changes from 50C to 190C Comes with reset defending button for overheating; press reset button for next use Tank capacity: 5. 5 liters (up to 15lbs fat) Power Supply: 110V/60Hz Dimensions: 11 x 17. 25 x 11. 5 PACKAGE will include: (1) Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer (1) FREE Stainless Steel Fryer Basket and Handle (1) FREE Stainless Steel Lit Cover (1) FREE Stainless Residue Plate (1) Instruction Manual NOTE: Our digital pictures are as correct as possible. But, different monitors may because colors to differ somewhat. Some of our things are handcrafted and/or hand finished. Color can differ and slight imperfections are normal for metal as the hand finishing procedure as we feel, adds character and authenticity to those things.

Frigidaire Range Timer Part 316207502R 316207502 Model Frigidaire 79092310100 vs 3390W-0A-001

316207502R plans Our Value OEM Value UPC 842740044322 Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces 316207502r 316207502R Frigidaire Range Timer well-matched Models Frigidaire 79092310100 Frigidaire 79092311100 Frigidaire 79092312100 Frigidaire 79092314100 Frigidaire 79092315100 Frigidaire 79092320300 Frigidaire 79092321300 Frigidaire 79092322300 Frigidaire 79092324300 Frigidaire 79092410100 Frigidaire 79092410102 Frigidaire 79092410103 Frigidaire 79092410104 Frigidaire 79092411100 Frigidaire 79092411102 Frigidaire 79092411103 Frigidaire 79092411104 Frigidaire 79092412100 Frigidaire 79092412102 Frigidaire 79092412103 Frigidaire 79092412104 Frigidaire 79092413200 Frigidaire 79092413201 Frigidaire 79092413202 Frigidaire 79092413203 Frigidaire 79092414100 Frigidaire 79092414102 Frigidaire 79092414103 Frigidaire 79092414104 Frigidaire 79092415100 Frigidaire 79092415102 Frigidaire 79092415103 Frigidaire 79092415104 Frigidaire 79092419100 Frigidaire 79092419102 Frigidaire 79092419103 Frigidaire 79092419104 Frigidaire 79092420300 Frigidaire 79092421300 Frigidaire 79092422300 Frigidaire 79092423300 Frigidaire 79092424300 Frigidaire 79092429300 Frigidaire 79092680300 Frigidaire 79092681300 Frigidaire 79092682300 Frigidaire 79092683300 Frigidaire 79092684300 Frigidaire 79092850300 Frigidaire 79092851300 Frigidaire 79092852300 Frigidaire 79092853300 Frigidaire 79092854300 Frigidaire 79092882300 Frigidaire 79092884300 Frigidaire 79092889300 Frigidaire 79093553300 Frigidaire 79093750100 Frigidaire 79093750102 Frigidaire 79093750103 Frigidaire 79093750104 Frigidaire 79093751100 Frigidaire 79093751102 Frigidaire 79093751103 Frigidaire 79093751104 Frigidaire 79093752100 Frigidaire 79093752101 Frigidaire 79093752102 Frigidaire 79093752103 Frigidaire 79093752104 Frigidaire 79093754100 Frigidaire 79093754101 Frigidaire 79093754102 Frigidaire 79093754103 Frigidaire 79093754104 Frigidaire 79093850300 Frigidaire 79093851300 well-matched Part Numbers Frigidaire 316207502R.

59004016: Magnetron for Whirlpool Oven


Thermador MCT30JS Trim Kit For Convection 30 in. vs Amana Maytag 3390W0A001 pricing

A Thermador kitchen is more lavish more economical and more beautiful than any other kitchen. Because for seven decades Thermador was at the forefront of fusing the art and science of design and ingenuity. From introducing the 1st fitted oven nearly 50 years ago to revolutionizing gas cooktops with the patented Star Burner and from designing the 1st retractable downdraft ventilation system to advancing speed cooking technology Thermador has helped transform the American kitchen. Trim kit for Thermador microwave ovens.

GE WB13K21 Igniter for Oven vs 3390-W-0-A-001

This GE WB13K21 flat style for Oven igniter works with many GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore and RCA ranges, for Ovens and for Stoves. Works with the following models: General Electric CGS980SEM1SS, General Electric J2BP85BEL1BB, General Electric JGB900SEL1SS, General Electric JGB900SEL2SS, General Electric JGB908SEL1SS.

Collapsible Cover Ideal Height for Most s Features Perforations to Release Steam and Prevent Splatters Collapses for Easy Storag vs Amana Maytag 3390W0A001 review

Keep your microwave clean while heating up your food with a versatile, collapsible microwave cover. How many times have you exploded something in the microwave only to have your important other complain about your messy behavior? Its time to leave the paper towels on the roll, the lectures for another time, and a little money more money in your pocket. When you decide our collapsible microwave cover, you have a sustainable food covering that assists keep your microwave clean and your important other off your back. Our collapsible microwave cover offers the following features: – Size is 10. 5″ in diameter – Collapsible for Easy Storage – big Size Fits Most Plates and Bowls – Finger Grips for Easy Lifting When you heat up your food you don’t want to use up 20 minutes cleaning the inside of the microwave, only to find you have to reheat your food again. Get yourself a collapsible microwave cover and save yourself time, money and a big annoyance. Click the “Add to Cart” button above and save your microwave the embarrassment of wearing reheated spaghetti.

Frigidaire Oven Range Stove Surface Burner Element 316010206

StoveTopperTM is a one part burner cover for your stove adding extra counter space/work area to your kitchen. StoveTopperTM is available in White, Almond, and Black finishes – perfectly suited to meet your kitchen’s needs. StoveTopperTM is the fast, easy, and cheap way to get priceless, usable space in your kitchen while hiding unsightly burners by just putting it on your stove. Free Chopping Mat with buy of StoveTopperTM. UPC: 705105681955 StoveTopperTM Part Number: STSPE30″ BL This unit fits on most 30 inch Electric stoves, with the dimensions of 28 1/4 x 20 x 1 This unit will match Black colored stoves. Price 89. 99 Shipping Weight 132 oz Below is a list of makes an models that this unit is recognized to fit on. ESTATE TEP315VQO ESTATE RF365PXMTO FRIGIDAIRE FEFL79HBA FRIGIDAIRE FEFL68GM FRIGIDAIRE FGF168GM FRIGIDAIRE FZFB78DBL GE JBP27BL1BB GE JBP26GV3WH GE JGB21BB1AD GE JSP34 GE JBSO3GS1WH GE JBP26WOB3WW GE JBP24GR1AD GE JB507MICC GE JSP28GO57BG GE JS501-002 GE JBP22OND2AD GE PB70SMSS HOTPOINT RB757BC1CT KENMORE 665. 7582 KENMORE 92481 KENMORE 96412 KENMORE 7909422 KENMORE 7909643 KENMORE 790. 9642940C KENMORE 96412 KENMORE 94222 KITCHEN AID KDRP407HSS09 KITCHEN AID KERA205PBL4 MAYTAG MERH865RAW MAYTAG PER5510BAW MAYTAG 8114P732-60 MAYTAG MER5755QAB MAYTAG MER4351AAW StoveTopper STSPE30″ BL TAPPAN TEF326FB TAPPAN TEF351EW WHIRLPOOL WFE371LVQ WHIRLPOOL 3187321.

GE Glass Turntable Plate 14 18 " WB49X10135 vs Amana Maytag 3390W0A001 price

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. JE1860BH03 JE1860CH03 JE1860SH03 JE1860WH03 JE1860BH04 JE1860CH04 JE1860SH03 JE1860SH04 JE1860WH04 JEB1860DM1BB JEB1860DM1CC JEB1860DM1WW JEB1860DM2BB JEB1860DM2CC JEB1860DM2WW JEB1860SM1SS JEB1860SM2SS JEB186CDN1BB JEB186CDN1WW JEB186CSN1SS JES1855PBH02 JES1855PBH03 JES1855PBH04 JES1855PCH02 JES1855PCH03 JES1855PCH04 JES1855PCH05 JES1855PWH02 JES1855PWH03 JES1855PWH04 JE1860PWH05.

Emerson Glass Turntable Plate 10 12" #P23

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. Fits EMERSON models.. MW8111SS MW8780SB, MW8780SS MW8888, MW8888B MW8977, MW8977B MW8995, MW8995B, MW8995W MW8997, MW8997B, MW8997SB MW8998, MW8998B MW8999, MW8999R, MW8999RD, MW8999SB MW9325, MW9325S, MW9325SL, AVANTI MODEL MO669TB CHEFMATE model WP700AP20, HAMILTON BEACH models HB-P90D23, HB-P90D23A, HBP90D23, SANYO model EMU1000W.

Garland OVEN THERMOSTAT 1032499 vs Amana Maytag 3390W0A001 reviews

KX TEMP 140-550 BULB 3/16″ X 11-5/8″ CAP 36″. 187″ SOME MODELS USE A2412, #22-1216 DIAL (11224)OFF-550-200 A923, K-170, # 22-1065 DIAL 16393)OFF-500-200. Afterward MODELS AFTER SEP ’86 USE handle WITH POINTER # 22-1106 BLODGETT OVEN 1200 PIZZA OVENS, EF/EZE, RE. OVEN CTB & CTBR (previous TO 9-15-86), DFG (previous TO 7-1-87), MARK V (previous TO 9-1-86), MARK V (previous TO 9-1-86), SERIES:ZEPHAIRE E & G W/MECH CONTROLS,SH1G, SERIES: SHO. GARLAND OVEN SERIES: 680 (ELEC). CAPILLARY CLAMP: # 26-3078 SNAP-IN, CAPILLARY CLAMP: # 26-1935 CLIP-ON BULB CLAMPS, PKG/6, A1067, W-1130, # 26-1542 CALIBRATION SCREW DRIVER # 72-1007 CAPILLARY INSULATION PER FOOT: L307, Z-127, # 85-1161 ROBERTSHAW ACROFLEX INSULATION SLEEVING FITS BULBS UP TO 3/8″ DIAMETER.

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  1. LG Electronics 3390W0A001B Microwave Oven Rectangular Glass Tray

Models to consider:
WB27T10352 1718CHMD12011LD G0894-01MWTK27KF WB27T10350
2E-40101-W19 WP26X10016WB39X10003 WB36K5062WB27T10211 WB08T10002
MK1150XVS CEB1590SS1SSWB57T10099 HWD5751UCWB48X194 SH554
59001079R A11101W10211457 WE17M379757475R JX7227DFWW
JX1530DMBB AMTK30SWB50T10057 WB23T10015WB36K5505 WB56X10270
WB2X6207 WD26X10015GE-WB49X10135 STSPE30″ BL383EW1A132C WB15X10020
WB21X5287 PS1993385WB27X10866 WB27X109342J-80300-08 WB21X489
W10171750 A WB27T10283234654 BLK WB56K202V-80505-10 WB07X10959
WB27T10204 WB49X101667914A WB27X10017WH12X1017 W10250589R
WB16K10061 WB27T10352WB56K20 W10250589R2V-80505-10 W10245216
WB39X10003 MF3-SSJX827SFSS WB27K101409757475R W10211457
WB21X489 WB27X11068WB27X10880 WB30M2STSPE30″ BL WP26X10016
WB27T10204 M017121ADC73028303 6871W1A459A50360-K WB48X194
BQC-PGC20X//1 2174-BASOWE17M37 WB27X1068259001079R WB27X10309
JX7230DFBB WB07X11033G03145-048 G2674-1WB39X10003 WB07X11034
2J-80300-08 WB49X10052WB13T10076 TEM-AP461126G0894-01 GE-WB49X690
HMC935SESS JX7227DFWWADC49436904 W10171750 AWR55X10763 MWTK27KF
2T-30402-27 1715CHWB27T10289 MK1150XVBMWTKP27KF WB57T10099
WB36K5505 ADC73005703WB27X10682 ADC49436904PS1993385 WB39X10003
Y-30128-35AF GE-WB49X10048WD26X10015 WB27T10289ADC73028303 WB36K5062
WB06X10309 WB2X6207WB50T10057 WD08X10057383EW1A132C WB27T10204
WB07X11033 WB27K103549757475R GE-WB49X690MWTK30KF 2174-BASO
WB20X5050 WB23T10015WB56X10270 BQC-PGC20X//1JX827DFBB WB07X10959
WP26X10016 WB06X10304WB27X10931 JX827DFWWMK1150XVS WB27X10466R
GE-WB49X10135 WB36K5453W10324738 CEB1590SS1SSWB27T10211 98QBP0302
MD12011LD WB57T10099WB49X10052 G03145-048WB21X489 W10245216


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