April 21, 2017

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  • NESPRESSO COMPATIBLE: Creating the perfect espresso you love has never been easier. Make it from home better than the coffee shop Compatible with virtually all Nespresso pods.
  • ETL LISTED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. We are ETL certified so you can be confident that youre receiving safe, efficient, high quality appliances.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: This truly revolutionary automatic espresso machine is sure to be adored by any serious coffee drinker. Makes a perfect gift for any big occasion or celebration.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The removable water reservoir and removable drip tray & grate make clean up a breeze so you spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your delicious beverage.
  • This fits your .
  • ONE TOUCH INNOVATION: Create a perfectly balanced latte or cappuccino with the push of just one button Espresso machine and built in milk frother work in unison to fill your cup perfectly.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Espresso making is an art that not everyone can master – till now. Gourmia’s auto One Touch Espresso Machine combines one touch technology and compatibility with fast & easy to use single serve espresso pods for the perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino every time. With this convenient machine you may be able to whip up the perfect cup of espresso in different styles, thanks to the control buttons on our easy to read LED display. Experiment with different kinds of espresso established drinks like:.

Compare with similar products:

Ninja Bar AutoiQ Brewer Glass Carafe

He Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer GCM5500 has a multi-serve dial that allows you to decide a size for a cup, travel mug, half carafe or carafe. Thermal Flavor Extraction technology lets you to dial up the flavor richness level and decide a brew: Classic, Rich, Over Ice or expertise. Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence draws just the right amount of water needed from the reservoir, depending on the brew size and brew type you choose. The removable water reservoir features an easy-to-hold grip and a flip-top cover for fast and easy filling. Multi-Serve Dial allows you to decide a size for a cup, travel mug, half carafe or carafe Thermal Flavor Extraction technology lets you to dial up the flavor richness level decide a brew: Classic, Rich, Over Ice or expertise Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence draws just the right amount of water needed from the reservoir depending on the brew size and brew type you choose Removable water reservoir with easy-to-hold grip and a flip-top cover for fast and easy filling 43 oz glass carafe: beautifully-intended glass carafe with a stainless steel accent, perfect for entertaining exact temp warming plate with 2-hour auto shutoff automatically changes its temperature to keep your coffee at the ideal drinking temperature without cooking it Drip stop stops the flow of coffee from the brew basket, allowing you to pour a cup mid-brew 24-hour programmable delay brew: program your Ninja Coffee Bar brewer for a delayed brew of any size or brew type up to 24 hours in advance Easy to fill brew basket, slides out for fast and easy filling and removes totally for easy cleaning Ninja Easy Frother: perfect for making frothed milk to go in classic expertise drinks like a flat white or latte 20 recipe coffee book: learn how to make a flat white, iced vanilla latte, mochaccino and more Instruction booklet.

Medelco 45 Glass Universal Replacement Carafe Black

The Medelco 4-5 Cup (20 oz. ) common substitute Carafe is intended to fit most 4-5 Cup Coffee Makers as well as Pause and Serve Models (Betty Crocker, Braun, Mr. Coffee, Procter Silex, etc. ). Made from lab-quality borosilicate glass for thermal shock resistance and safety. Top rack dishwasher safe. Adaptors are included with the carafes for a “custom fit” to your coffee maker. • Height = 3. 6″ • Height w/ Adaptor #1 = 4. 2″ • Height w/ Adaptor #2 = 4. 8″ • Diameter of Carafe = 4. 5″ • Diameter of Carafe Base = 3. 5″.

Medelco All Carafe GL20CP Glass Replacement Carafe for Krups, 0

10 cup glass substitute carafe for Krups coffee maker models 865, 867 and XP2070. This carafe is made from lab-quality borosilicate glass and is dishwasher safe and thermal shock tolerant. The glass for the GL210CP is the same container as the GL210. The difference with the GL210 and the GL210CP is the cover. The GL210CP’s cover is somewhat raised which makes it somewhat taller than the standard GL210 which enables it to activate the pause and serve on the particular Krups machines mentioned below. The cover for the standard GL210 is totally flat.

Diguo Glass Classic Series Glass (400ml/4oz/2 ) ( 40 pcs Paper Filter) vs GCM-5500

Diguo classic glass coffeemaker (400ml/14oz/1-2 cup) & 40 pieces nature paper filters. Coffeemaker is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, will resist thermal shock, and doesn’t take in any odors, or residue. Brew delicious tasting coffee with the simple pour-over, manual technique. stylish design with wood band and leather tie. 14-oz/400ml total capacity (1-2 Cup).

300 Can Refrigerator Frontgate

Long life, high quality, calm running compressors. State of the art fan circulated air distribution and cooling systems. Top quality temperature controller. Adjustable temperature from 34 degrees Fahrenheit to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine-friendly wooden shelves. Ideal for indoor use, the 300 Can Refrigerator has a glass panel door and adjustable shelves. With front-facing vents and a calm fan, this refrigerator is the ideal choice for your beverage cooling needs.. Gas-charged tempered glass safety doors. Rugged locks with a spare key to protect your stock. Extension power cord measures 9’L.

White River Square English Estate Columns vs Gourmia GCM5500 pricing

Simple still stylish, this square wood column by White River is perfect to be used to accent your kitchen islands, mantels and cabinetry. Crafted from the finest American Maple and Cherry, this wood column presents English Estate style that features remaining amount and balance. The square wood column is sold either all together part or splits and may be stained, painted, glazed or accept any finish of your choice.

CoolLine Satin Stainless Steel 30 inch Towel Bar

These Cool-Line towel bars add a sleek and modern look to any bathroom. Crafted of indestructible stainless steel in three sizes with either a Satin or Polished finish, the towel bars are backed with a restricted lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship and include the needed materials for an easy installation.

Chefman Stainless SteelFaced Programmable Red Permanent Filter vs Gourmia GCM5500 review

Get your morning coffee in a snap with this Chefman 12-cup programmable coffee maker. With effortless programming, you may be able to set the clock and program the 24-hour auto brew system with ease. Once the coffee starts brewing, the coffee maker is specially intended to heat water to the best brewing temperature before it hits the coffee grounds to offer maximum flavor extraction. The Pause ‘n Serve feature allows you to pause brewing to grab your 1st cup before the brewing cycle ends. The coffeemaker comes with a 2-hour auto shutoff feature on the nonstick Keep Hot carafe plate for extra peace of mind.

Dgb700bc 2 Grind Brew Builtin Burr Grinder That Grinds Beans Before Brewing

Improve your kitchen decor with this 12-cup auto coffeemaker. No have to worry about grinding your coffee beans individually, because this coffeemaker has a fitted grinder and a brew/pause button when you have to sneak a cup before it finishes. Take your coffee brewing experience up a notch with this Cusinart Grind and Brew auto coffeemaker. This machine makes your morning cup of coffee a whole new experience, new-brewed taste and aroma that is the perfect way to start your day. The stainless-steel and black outside assures this appliance easily fits in your kitchen.

Dawn DSU308 Undermount Single Bowl Stepped Basin, Polished Satin vs Gourmia GCM5500 price

Sunrise merchandise are intended to create a appropriate mix of pragmatism and elegance. Considering the kitchen and bathroom the soul of a home, sunrise brings function and aesthetics together to make your spaces comfy and enjoyable. Sunrise sinks are made from 16, 18 or 20 gauge 304 type stainless steel strengthened with satin polished finish and sound absorption pads to ensure durability, cleanliness and longevity. They’re of smooth and modern design to compliment any home. Sink accessories, like cutting boards, bottom grids, colanders and trays, maximize the performance and productivity of the work space.

Ninja Bar Glass Carafe Replacement (CFCARAFEG)

The Ninja Glass Carafe is specially intended with an ergonomic handle, a beautiful stainless steel accent and dripless pouring. The Ninja 43oz Glass Carafe is a tempered glass that’s perfect for either iced or hot Ninja Coffee Bar coffee. It will include a brew through cover that circulates coffee during the brew for consistency, so the 1st cup is as good as your last The carafe spout was considerately intended so you may be able to pour fast or slow with ease and complete control.

7 Watt C9 Transparent Outdoor Patio Party Christmas Novelty Replacement Bulbs, 25 Pack (Amber) vs Gourmia GCM5500 reviews

Our C9 shaped light bulbs are available in all standard colors and feature a transparent paint that’s guaranteed to last the life of the bulb. These 7 watt, 130 volt bulbs have an hour life of 4000 hours. They’re safe for both indoor and outdoor use allowing you decorate both the house and tree for Christmas. Each of these bulbs measures 1 1/4″ large, 3″ tall and features a brass intermediate (E17) base.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Keurig K15 Single Serve Compact K Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black
  2. Gear Ultimate French Press: 34 Oz Coffee Tea Espresso Maker, Plunger, Press Pot, Cafetiere, with Stainless Steel & Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass, Coffee Spoon, 2 Extra Fine 100 Grid Mesh Filters
  3. CASALEEYA 1.2 Liter Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle with Built in Thermometer, 60 Disposable Filter Bags, Ceramic Dripper and Handle
  4. Single Serve Express Steam Brew Coffee Maker RSS100EXP
  5. Gourmia GMF255 Espresso Coffee Pot & Milk Frother Combo, 2 in 1 Coffee Station With Interchangeable Base
  6. Gourmia GMF235 Cordless Electric Milk Frother & Heater, 3 Touch Button Control for Hot / Cold Extra Foamy Froth or Heating Milk, Magnetic Whip, Dishwasher Safe
  7. Reusable Nespresso Capsules 6 Pack Refillable Pods For Nespresso Machines (OriginalLine Compatible)
  8. Nespresso Variety Pack for OriginalLine, 50 Capsules, 1.76 oz

Models to consider:
DGB-900BC 4.0000667E7C5020-3Z GAU-18199KCM1402ES 1-GL204-BL-4
EWGC12W3 F034042GL210CP RJ14-12SS-P-GryBRSC005 BWF100
199KKU KU5072REG8890BL24 M-T2525AHF1-GL210-BL-4 KFK 12
115061 SIN GC3000BCAC72 FG400700CLRGCM6500 DG-2012
BBEATER-HL4030 1503-10USKCM1203CU 1-EXP100-BL-4HCM-294 PLD12-1
49715.0100.jpg CD-64PORW-CLM6205-MA 115203 SILDSU3018 1074C-88
HD9240/90 1508-10USISD13 BRS-922NA-AG-100SVM-30 HD523637
7C9 130V KCM1202OB1074C-88 F 047 421047C-88 115061 DOU
BRSC005 ST-1220LCH1001 1503-10USBDC012GC 115061 DOU
1047C-88 DCC-2800CMT013 4.0000667E7115061 SIN 1074C-88
GCM6500 EWGC12W3M-T2525AHF ND4-2KCM1402ES HD523637
BES058NP KFK 12GG701 CF080RJ14-12SS-P-Red RJ14-12SS-P-Gry
REG8890BL24 FG400700CLRND4-2 PLD12-11508-10US NA-AG-100SVM-30
DCC-1200PRC 49715.0100.jpgHD9240/90 HCM-294DCF8901O24 KCM1202WH
GL210CP KU5072PLD13-1 1-GL204-BL-4C5020-3Z F034042
KCM1402ES GL210CPBES058NP 1074C-881047C-88 1-GL204-BL-4
MT013 1-EXP100-BL-4KFK500-BK DGB-900BCCAC72 HCM-294
CF080 115203 SILHD9240/90 KCM1402CUEWGC12W3 CD-64PO
DCC-RC10W BRSC005DCC-2800C 254NM-FP21074C-88 ND4-2
GAU-18199 1503-10US4.0000667E7 RJ14-12SS-P-RedGCM7000R ST-1220
CD-64PO BWF100115061 DOU ND4-21-GL210-BL-4 BLSTAK-B00-NP0
HD523637 FG400700CLRDCC-1200PRC KCM1402ERDG-2012 KCM1203CU
7C9 130V 40WAPLD13-1 F 047 42KCM1202OB REG8900BL24
M-T2525AHF C5020-3ZCF080 F034042RW-CLM6205-MA GCM6500


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