April 21, 2017

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General description

High-quality, tough, emergency shock bag carries your emergency medical supplies. Soft medical bag has a tough, plastic base and heavy-responsibility nylon outside for rugged work environments. This Deluxe emergency shock bag has customizable storage compartments with interior dividers to keep merchandise in place. Will include a fast-release side pouch and stowaway organizer boxes for easy and fast access to needed emergency supplies. Emergency shock bag was intended with input from emergency responders and will include features like a fast-access glove pouch and lockable zippers for extra security. Bright orange, emergency bag will include two adjustable shoulder straps for backpack or single-shoulder carrying and 2 heavy responsibility carry handles. Big interior compartment, 3 outside smaller compartments and 1 fast release pocket. In general dimensions 22″ x 19″ x 8. 5″. Sold empty, will include 1 big and 1 small stowaway organizer boxes.

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Carhartt Legacy Tool 18 inch Molded Base, RealTree Xtra

Get the job done right 911300 the 1st time with the Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag. Perfect for the DIY-er and those who show up to the job site every day. Constructed of heavy-responsibility 1200D Poly with Rain Defender lasting water repellent, this rugged bag can handle the toughest jobs. It includes a Duravax attrition-tolerant base or custom molded load-bearing base, both of which supply extra protection from hazardous job site conditions also as scrapes and punctures from tools. Note the triple needle stitch gives reinforcement where it counts. The interior metal frame offers structure to the bag so you may be able to get in and get out without it collapsing in on itself. Tools stay organized and easy to find with a range of different sized pockets and loops. Extra details: YKK zippers, metal hardware, strengthened webbing & comfort grip haul handles, Carhartt logo patch. Covered by a restricted warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the normal life of the product.

McGuire-Nicholas 32001-P 2 s With Snap Hook Carabiner Clip

The 32001-P 2 Bags With Snap Hook Carabineer Clip, only from McGuire-Nicholas, the most recognized name in work wear. Since 1932, McGuire-Nicholas was quality work wear. Through groundbreaking design, superior workmanship and the use of time-tested materials, McGuire-Nicholas gives the highest quality merchandise to customers during the world. McGuire-Nicholas boasts a superior design team that works hand-in-hand with customers to ensure merchandise meet and surpass their prerequisites and expectations. Their manufacturing buildings located around the globe employ state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and use only high quality materials. Their dedicated marketing staff promotes world-large sales and their high-tech distribution centers ensure that merchandise arrive at their places punctually and in excellent condition. Product lines now include leather and synthetic tool aprons and tool holders, knee pads, work gloves, soft-sided tool bags, cotton aprons, plastic storage systems, suspenders and back support belts for carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other workers. Their merchandise are the standard for use in all work fields as well as construction, business, manufacturing, and for Do-It-Yourselfers. McGuire-Nicholas is the most greatly recognized and reliable brand of work gear merchandise in the market.

Klein Tools 5140 Canvas Zipper s, 4-Pack

The Klein 5140 4-part Set of Canvas Zipper Bags are a useful addition to your tool collection. The Canvas bags bring a mass of uses: the capability to separate, store and manage wire nuts and other consumables by colored bag, or they may be given to different workers on the jobsite. Constructed of heavy responsibility no. 8 canvas with lasting brass zippers and grommets, the bags come in olive, orange, royal blue, and yellow. They stand 8 inches tall, 10 inches long, with a 3-1/2-inch large bottom. The Klein 5140 4-part Set of Canvas Zipper Bags are sold one set per package. Since 1857, the company operated by Mathias Klein and his descendants to the 5th generation, has grown and worked on with the telecommunications and electrical industries where Klein pliers 1st found big usages. Today, Klein Tools, Inc. Represents more than Klein pliers. The company’s product line has broadened to include almost every big kind of hand tool used in construction, electronics, mining, and general business also to the electrical and telecommunications fields. Klein offers a lifetime warranty on material defects and workmanship for the normal life of the product.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 29 Pocket Electrical Comfort Lift Combo System

Have everything you need conveniently on you while you work with this 29-Pocket 4-part Electrical Comfort Lift Combo System (1608) from Custom Leathercraft. Made of 600D polyester fabric and 1680D ballistic nylon attaching, it has distinctive padded suspenders that are engineered to carry loads comfortably and distribute weight evenly without putting strain on your lower back. The easy carry handle design gives for simple modifications and easy storage without spilling contents while the zippered top flaps helps prevents tools from spilling out when they are not used. It comes with a fitted cordless drill pocket and a tape strap, tool snap and metal hammer holder. It fits waist sizes 29″ to 46″. TOOLS NOT INCLUDED.

DataReady Pro Toolkit (PA901378) –

DataReady Pro Toolkit – holds: Data SureStrip, CrimpALL, 5 Dies, SurePunch Pro, 2 Blades, LAN Pro A complete data cable installation kit everything to support the installer using usually available connectors, and punchdown termination blocks. All tools contained in a professional quality, soft sided zipper case with heavy responsibility wrist strap.

Power Pro Depth-Hunter Metered Line vs Trauma Bag Deluxe 911300 pricing

Power Pro Depth-Hunter Metered 1000Ft. There are 4-colors (Blue/Yellow/Green/Orange), with 25′ of color per part. There’s also a black tic marking every 5′ for correct and instant depth measurement. This lets you to present your tempt in the strike zone easily, precisely and frequently. Ideal for jig/troll.

Strainrite EzeCrimp 3 in 1 Tool

The original EzeCrimp crimping and electric fencing tool is for use with 16 gauge to 8 gauge electric and barbed wire crimps. It’s also able of wire cutting and wire stripping. Features heat treated tool steel jaws, lightweight and compact handles, comfy rubber grips, and strong double action with over-center lever for superior strength crimps.

Xl Leather Bottom Bucket – White, 14435 vs Trauma Bag Deluxe 911300 review

Prepared for responsibility all along the watch tower, think of them as big-mouthed workhorses. With their super-tough molded plastic base and top, rugged woven rope handles and heavy-responsibility canvas exteriors, they certainly bring it. When the job takes you from the pavement to the penthouse, Arsenal Lift Buckets generally pull their weight. What goes up must come down in great lookin’ canvas, the natural style that fits the way you and your job work. Our heavyweight canvas hangs with you through all the blood, sweat, and tears while leather reinforcements and nickelplated hardware give you extra strength where you need it most.

Custom Leathercraft L245 18-Inch CLC Tech Gear Dual Compartment Tool Carrier with LED Lighted Handle, 1-Pack

Tech Gear LED lighted handle 18-inch dual compartment tool carrier Introducing the Tech Gear bar handle lighted bag. It will include a integrated LED light element that spins to concentrate light onto your work area or into the bag to assist you better recognize your tools and parts in low light conditions. Now you’ll generally know where your flashlight is when you need it. The CLC L234 tool bag has three levels of light output, this lets modification for large area illumination or close up work. DIY’s will love the light output/levels: thirty-nine lumens max. This tool bag has 42 multi-use pockets inside and 14 outside to help manage a large range of hand tools or power tools. The ergonomic handle design decreases stress on hand and wrist, for long days on the jobsite Custom Leathercraft included a padded, adjustable shoulder strap to free up hands to carry bigger tools when the workday is over. The base feet help decrease wear and attrition. The light on the tool bag is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included.

ICE AND BUBBLE ACTION EXTRACTOR 1 GALLON 25 MICRON vs Trauma Bag Deluxe 911300 price

Our new BUBBLES, WATER & ICE HERBAL RESIN EXTRACTOR BAGS are made from premium, waterproof nylon sides and a polyester bottom mesh screen which gives a consistent pore flow size. Heavy responsibility, double nylon stitching gives the user hundreds of uses. Heavy responsibility, double nylon stitched thread is a must if you want your bags to last for more than some extractions. Produce the Finest Herbal Extracts without any Chemicals, using only Water, Bubbles and Ice. Used for extracting herbal resins that plants naturally secrete. The plant extracts you gather may be used for cooking, external ointments, soaps, aromatherapy and more.

World Pride 399-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Contents: Tray 1 9 x Wrenches/ spanners (6, 8,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 mm) 1 x Long Nose Pliers 1 x Cable Cutter 1 x Adjustable Wrench 1 x Water Pump Pliers 1 x mix Pliers Tray 2 9 x Magnetic Screwdrivers(5 x Philips & 4 x slotted) 2 x Magnetic Stubby Screwdrivers(Philips and slotted) 3 x Insulated Screwdrivers(1 x Philips & 2 x slotted) 1 x Electric Test Screwdriver 100 – 240V 6 x Precision screwdrivers(2 x Philips & 4 x slotted) 48 x Mixed Screwdriver Bits 1 x 12pcs Bit set 16 x Allen Wrench 1 x Ratchet Screwdriver 1 x Magnetic Bit Holder 1 x Wing Nut Driver 1 x Pressure Gauge Tray 3 15 x Hex Socket Inserts 1/4 4, 4. 5, 5, 5. 5, 6,6. 5, 7,7. 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm 14 x Hex Socket Inserts 1/2 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 30mm 2 x 1/4 Extension Bar 2 x 1/2 Extension Bar 1 x 1/4 common Joint 1 x 1/2 common Joint 1 x adaptable Extension Bar 1 x Sliding T-bar 1/4 1 x Sliding T-bar 1/2 2 x 1/2 Spark Plug Socket, 16mm and 21mm 1 x 1/4 Spinner Handle 1 x Ratchet handle 1/2 drive 1 x Ratchet handle 1/4 drive Tray 4 1 x Lug Crimping Tool (Crimp tool) 1 x Scissors 1 x Insulating Tape 1 x Claw Hammer 1 x Glue Gun(as well as 2 hot glue cartridges) 1 x Ruler Spirit Level 2 x Plastic Clamp 1 x 144pcs Hardware variety(nails, screws, hooks, etc) 1 x 5m Measuring Tape 1 x common Grip Pliers 100 x plastic band.

Buckingham BuckTube Rope vs Trauma Bag Deluxe 911300 reviews

Weight16 lbsPart NumberTS_4369B3Measures 7″ large x 20″ LongIncludes two 2″ elastic straps which let easy fastening of bag to users leg despite of size or form. Zippered expansion sleeve to let easy stuffing of climbing line for storage and strengthened sides are inflexible for easy stuffing. Big grommet on the bottom of the bag lets both ends of rope to be used throughout rescue or working functionings.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Primacare KB-RO74-R Trauma Bag, 7″ Height x 17″ Width x 9″ Depth, Red
  2. First Aid Kit First Responder Trauma Medical Bag Complete Rated Number 1
  3. Primacare KB-4135-B First Responder Bag, 9″ Height x 21″ Width x 12″ Depth, Blue
  4. Rothco E.M.S. EMT Emergency Rescue Bag
  5. Ever Ready First Aid Large EMT First Responder Trauma Bag, Orange

Models to consider:
TCS150MT KLE510218SPTBP33 BRIE010602B520100M BIN1-12312395233
GP-44118AN13 P300518150M SW-05-5285191 SM A7575-11
2041+ SDL DNHB-01BRG-112A ERK-5B-PTZT2e525 8086LH SM
BIN1-12312395233 M-RE8265-BLACKERG-13034 ZJB139BBIN1-12312395233 HD54017
PT1027-076 5005 M8080DB LG 82035N12L255 HBT-013
B2260GR01 BTK2420-029ML ERG-13850TX 94201 B8060
M419-644L HL304ATS_7333280 BIN1-1231239523313601 L T77250
PSB-1830 WSB-1830-500M356-999L BT 1606AMB48 DWST08225
BIN1-12312395233 FMST514150Model # 81038 BIN1-123123952335144S M117-305L
PGY15F20_06_eo BTK2GP-44118AN13 BIN1-12312395233atb-pn15pn11pn13 N037466-2
TZT2e525 TCS150MTTBP33 ERK-5B-PBIN1-12312395233 H838
BIN1-12312395233 hw0020BIN1-12312395233 SW-05-528GM-015 82035N12
HD54017 KLQ011BModel # 81038 81427857SEMQ3T77250 5191 SM
HL304A TB4300TBFMST514150 DeWalt0016151HL L255
5036 M B2260GR01BIN1-12312395233 PSB-1830518150M TZT2e527
DNHB-01BR B8060ERK-10b-p 2041+ SDLM117-305L ERG-13034
J95305 056500L425-829-ML A7575-11KLE510218SP TS_7333280
5144S BT 1606FEZ00055 GP-44449N1355439BPTB B00VUFTY7O
M117-305L BIN1-12312395233ERK-5B-P Model # 81038GM-015 5005 M
HD54017 B2260GR01T77250 TBP33TS_7333280 518150M
M216-023BLKL ZJB275B8086LH SM TZT2e434HL304A BRIE010602B
BIN1-12312395233 ERK-10bN037466-2 J953056151HL TX 94201
BR316 FEZ00055BT 1606 304X420-029ML AE24-9
BIN1-12312395233 KLQ011B5191 SM BTK2425-829-ML TZT2e527
DG5433 GP-44449N132041+ SDL M419-644LTZT2e525 WSB-1830-500
KLE510218SP PT1027-076M-RE8265-BLACK SP135FLHOADWST08225 520100M
5182BLA PGY15F20_06_eo669ZT 55439BPTBB8060 P300


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