April 21, 2017

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  • Spline design sockets accept multiple fastener types
  • Contoured, Ergonomically Designed Ratchet Handle with Anti-Slip Knurling
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel Construction
  • Durable Stamped Size Markings
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet with 72-Tooth Gear System
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General description

The BOSTITCH BTMT72265 398pc Socket Set consists of heavy responsibility ratchet featuring a 72-Tooth Gear System with low arc swing, high torque ratcheting & better accessibility. This set features spline design sockets accept many fastener types. The specially contoured and ergonomically intended ratchet handle also has anti-slip knurling for a comfy grip. The sockets have lasting stamped size markings for easy socket size identification, with anti-slip rings on the sockets for easy gripping, Made from chrome vanadium steel construction for strength & durability. Will include PS trays for easy storage in shop cupboards.

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Contra Angle 4:1 Reducing Handpiece Low Speed Push Button Reduction Handpiece with CA bur Head vs BTMT-72265

Feature 1. The head of contra-angle may be replaced. 2. It can equipped with quick bur for finishing and polishing the filing material; it also can equipped with polishing cup; easy to fix and protection. 3. Speed and direction modification. Specifation Pressure:245392 kpa Atomized water pressure:200 kpa Atomized air pressure:200 kpa Rotation speed:3500-5000r/min Taking bur means: push-button Bur applicable2. 35mm 1. 6mm sound:70 db Currents :20mA Voltage:3. 03. 2V.

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Zinadental Dental Laser Pindex Machine+Arch Trimmer Milling Grind Inner Lab Equipment

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Plans: 1. Interior irrigation system, 1:1 gear percentage. 2. Contra-angle with LED light, generator insider. The LED light may be replaceable. 3. Air pressure:245-392kPa 4. Atomized water pressure:200kPa 5. Atomized air pressure:200kPa 6. Rotation Speed:14000-20000r/min 7. Bur related:2. 35mm 8. Sound :68dB 9. 4 holes or 2 holes 10. Button type chuck 11. May be well-matched with KAVO. Packing: 1 Inner Water Contra Angle with LED 1Inner Water Straight Head(no LED) 1Inner Water Air Motor.

Wrench Impact Air 1/2Dr Composite Body 1000Ft/Lb New Condition

Features: Lightweight lasting composite housing. Advanced Twin Hammer affect system. Pressure-feed lubrication system. 4-Position power control settings. Handle exhaust. Molded Comfort Grip handle. Capacity (inches): 1/2. Air intake (CFM):4. 0. Air Inlet (inches NPT): 1/4. Maximum Torque (ft/lbs): 900. Length (inches): 7. 6. Net Weight (pounds): 4. 5.

New Bright Blue Channellock 960 8.5" Electrical Locknut Plier Tool

New Bright Blue Channellock 960 8. 5″ Electrical Locknut Plier Tool The bright CHANNELLOCK BLUE(R) Gripped tools are standard equipment in the tool belts, buckets and tool boxes of professional electricians, plumbers and mechanics all over the world. Features: intended for fast and easy modifications of electrical locknuts. Fits 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ locknuts. Fits most well-liked UL locknut sizes (metal, PVC or plastic). Thin profile for confined spaces. Handle lock for easy storage. Spring loaded handles. Handle form lets both right-handed and left-handed use of the tool.

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Models to consider:
9AB24 9035-R-USOH00710-02-PU CW24AC124 S-6H
DR-N11CL TTZ 02-107zina1023 D963BTTZ 02-209 AD 10511K
AC6810VS EB0048DR-LCL02 AT212CVSzina114 DR-N201
J708SL TTZ 02-114RS46554 zina1025HP652 J724
AIM 46415-10 TTZ 02-60MMCL-804-01 8073VPST085 TTZ 14-80MM
WS-483 NP 491-6AEB0087 DR-N11LLW4S AT110C
T05019 TTZ 02-41MMSKT92141-6-2pack W32139BMC-945 06337REE
4agegarage08273 ADJUST 3-90PANAMAXL4-5 1020L-M4HP682A DHH-162K+QC
a14110600ux0748 575-FA-117.B113C.24C arc-0296C-P-0220 TL-BR-022
DHH-162K+QC WS-4839H87 DHH-165K+QCzina1037 DR-N11CL
T05019 SEWA20NP 491-6A TL-BR-022PST085 arc-0296
2656-22CT a14110600ux0748A52217 AT115SPUDW-73 W155
NWM-250 4agegarage08273DHH-161 KDT81268J708SL DHH-162K+QC
D960B AC24CVS23-1-WRCH 9035-R-USHGR-sec25+ J718SL
TTZ 02-114 J708VIAWH12 CL-804-01R215 TTZ 14-214
a15081000ux0182 zina1023AC224VS 13624AWDC-42 575-FA-117.B
CFW2 9AB248073V IR7718BAH9031T R235C
s16010800am1196 YC-US2-150929-56AT110C HP682ADR-N201 498671TF191811
s16010800am1196 S-6HEB0087 AW-1012-2AT110C zina1023
C718 NP 491-6A498671TF191811 D963B3040CH C-P-0220
TTZ 02-107 WS-483DR-LCL03 RS46554TL-BR-022 W-73
J718L SEWA20SKT92141-6-2pack NP 74213624A TTZ 14-80MM
PST085 AT212VSPANAMAXL2 9029 R US1020L-M4 9035-R-US
zina1025 a15060800ux02009917MPR FMHT72185VK3CK1WHL 8SWCB
zina114 31 R US575-FA-117.B J724SDHH-162K+QC NWM-250


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