April 21, 2017

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General description

For maximum comfort with convenient adaptable control, the Hisense 10,000 BTU movable air conditioner cools, dehumidifies, and also has a fan-only mode. Intended for rooms up to 300 square feet, this movable unit is easy to install with the included window kit. The I-FEEL temperature sensor built into the remote control senses its bordering temperature, and transmits the signal back to the unit, maximum comfort. Smart mode automatically sets temperature and humidity depending on room conditions, all at the touch of a button.

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Kenmore 8,000 Unit by Kenmore vs CAP-10-CR1-SEJS

2 cooling and 2 fan CAP-10CR1SEJS speeds help keep your room’s air circulating and at just the right temperature;Four settings (powerful cooling, fan, dry and auto) let you to set the comfort level to your preference;Sleep mode slowly changes room temperature for comfort and energy savings, Temperature sensor automatically changes the operation mode to preserve the room’s comfort;24-hour on/off timer keeps things cool on your schedule, proficiently cools a 300-350 sq. Ft. Room (approx. 15 ft. X 20 ft. );Unit automatically restarts in case of a power interruption and remembers all settings, The included fast-install kit fits windows up to 48. 43 in. Large, Kenmore movable A/C units use the more economical and eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.

Shinco USA SPAZ08W-8000, Compact

Shinco movable A/Cs supply the best Value in the market with groundbreaking designs and features. This SPAZ08W is a compact 8,000 BTU movable A/C which is rated for rooms as big as 200 Sq. Ft. From it is compact design, which lets the movable A/C to be more movable; also as the economical interior parts, which supply lots of performance relative to it is diminutive size; Shinco movable A/Cs will give you an easy to use Air Conditioner without the markup of other brand names.

Kwikool Kk-Duct12y-25 25′ L Flexible Duct

Kwikool KK-Duct12Y-25 25′ L adaptable channel Features: adaptable channel 25 Ft. Length of 12 Inch Diameter Indoor Outdoor Made of single ply PVE polyester fabric for long lasting durability2 obliged for use with 5-ton coolersFor use with all KPO 5 and 12-ton indoor/outdoor movable AC modelsFour obliged for use with 12-ton coolersUL ListedSize is 17″ L x 17″ W x 13″ H Color finish is Yellow.

Global NPA1-08C 8000, Medium, White vs CAP-10CR-1SEJS

Enjoy movable cooling with the world Air Electronics 8,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner. The 8,000 BTUs of cooling power keep a room up to 200 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy with dehumidification up to 2. 0 pints per hour and the 2-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly during the room. Digital controls offer exact temperature modifications, and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioner from across the room. 24 hour On/Off Timer allows you to create a cooling schedule without wasting electricity; Washable and Reusable air filter saves money on replacements; Unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use. Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow in depth installation information in the Owner’s Manual. Don’t use extension cords.

Evaporative Cooler

This Evaporative Air Cooler with Ionizer is versatile and an economical way to cool your direct bordering area. Intended with micro-computer control system, this unit can lower bordering temperature through the principal of water evaporation. The Cooler easily rolls from room to room with lockable casters. This Air Cooler shoots a stream of air with oscillating louvers, to evenly distribute refreshing cool air. The remote control lets you to easily change settings. The Air Cooler works by endothermic reaction (a reaction that consumes heat), so this evaporative Air Cooler sucks air through a wick saturated with water. As the air goes through the wick, some of the water evaporates into the air, consuming the heat that was in the air. An air stream is then blown out the front of the unit and is considerably cooler than the current room temperature This isn’t an air conditioner so uses less energy. Note: This unit isn’t an air conditioner and doesn’t have a compressor inside. The air temperature difference won’t be as good as an air conditioner, however an evaporative air cooler saves more on electricity cost. This unit is best used in dry climates or open spaces. Leave window/door open to bound the rise of humidity and for better air ventilation in the room. Add as much ice as possible and set unit beside you for best effect.

New Shinco 12,000 W/ Remote Control Winter Sales vs Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS pricing

About this item Features of the Shinco Air Conditioner include three-in-one technology, 2 washable pull-up filter and an environmentally friendly compressor. Plus, the full-function remote control that comes with this 12,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner lets you to operate it from across the room. With dehumidification of up to 79. 2 pints per day, the Shinco Air Conditioner has an auto on/off timer that may be programmed from one to 24 hours to match your needs. The Shinco movable Air Conditioner with Remote Control comes with caster wheels to make transporting a breeze. The calm operation and powerful air flow of the 12,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner make it a smart choice for someone who wants maximum performance. Features – intended to cool regions up to 500 SQ. FT – 12,000 BTU cooling for powerful temperature control – will include window installation Kit and adaptable exhaust hose – Unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use. Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow in depth installation information in the owner’s Manual. Don’t use extension cord(s) – 4-way air direction widens the cool air evenly – Digital controls with an easy-to-read display for exact temperature modification – auto 24-hour on/off timer – Infrared remote control allows you to change the temperature from across the room – Washable air filter saves money on replacements – Low-decibel operation for calm cooling -Self-evaporation system. So there’s no can to empty -3-speed fan changes to your cooling needs -don’t use extension cord(s).

New AF-1000W Evaporative Cooler, White vs CAP-10-CR-1-SEJS

The New Air af-1000w is our newest evaporative cooler in white. It’s perfect for cooling rooms up to 300 square feet and comes with all of the features you could want in a movable evaporative cooler. The oscillation feature assures you may be able to cover the complete room and the 10 hour timer is to be sure you may be able to run it as long as you want. It also comes in 3 different colors and is greatly movable, complete with easy roll casters and a remote control. Evaporative coolers are suggested for handling in dry, hot climates with humidity levels below 40%. Regions with an ideal weather for evaporative cooler handling include the Southwest and Midwest regions of the United States.

First Team Basketball System – Hurricane Triumph ST vs Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS review

The 1st Team movable Basketball System – Hurricane Triumph ST is perfect for school gyms or community centers. It has the features fit for competition style games. For starters, the 42in x 72in backboard is made of tempered glass and fitted with bolted padding made with Tuff Guard polyurethane, while the hoop is directly mounted onto it. This prevents breakage from slam dunks, with its 180-degree breakaway rim. The mid-part (96in backboard-base horizontal distance) comes with 2 boom supports and an modification scheme made for easy height modifications and storing, heavy bubble padding (colored royal blue) surrounds the lower area as well as the back of the base, while non-marking wheels with foot pads constitute the foundation. Also, this unit will include extra support anchors for standard flooring. Get the 1st Team movable Basketball System – Hurricane Triumph ST today.

Global NPC1-12.5C-W

Enjoy movable cooling with the world Air electronics 12,500 btu-w movable air conditioner. The 12,500 BTU of cooling power keep a room up to 500 sq. Ft. Cool and comfy with dehumidification up to 3. 4 pints per hour and the 3-speed cooling and fan and 4-way air direction help spread the air evenly during the room. Digital controls offer exact temperature modifications and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioner from across the room. 24 hour on/off timer allows you to create a cooling schedule without wasting electricity; washable and reusable air filter saves money on replacements; unit must stay upright for 24 hours before use. Unit must be vented to the outside (use included window installation kit and follow in depth installation information in the owner’s manual. Don’t use extension cords.

Webasto FCF0005000GS; 115V Fcf5000 vs Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS price

FCF 5,000 Unit with Control Panel & Electrical Control BoxThe quietest and most versatile A/C system on the marketFCF novelty starts with a more balanced system for sound elimination. The compressor was carefully mounted to largely decrease unwanted vibration and noises that can move into the cabin disrupting your sleep. Unlike competitive systems, FCF stands for quality. As well as a long-lasting, baked-on enamel finish, a robust blower that can handle many vents and FCF is the only A/C system that comes standard with a digital control : Comes with Control Panel & Electrical Control BoxHigh-efficiency parts for superior performanceExtra low compressor vibration and noiseCorrosion-free stainless steel condensation trayHigh-velocity 3-speed blower, 360 rotatableReplaceable air filter for cleaner airMulti-inlet port evaporator.

Honeywell Commercial Indoor-Outdoor 52 Pint Evaporative Cooler 2 Speeds and Powerful Flow

Movable Commercial OUTDOOR/INDOOR Evaporative Air Cooling SystemThe Honeywell52 Pt. Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler offers an energy economical choice for cooling commercial places like a garage, retail shop space, warehouse office and outdoor restaurant regions. Honeywell evaporative air coolers don’t require power hungry parts like compressors. The low power intake (190 watts) translates into important savings on energy bills in comparison to air conditioners. Just unpack, add water and plug it in. For indoor use, place near an open door or window in a room up to 462 square feet. For outdoor use, this lasting weather-tolerant, metal unit has an air-throw up to 9. 3 yards. Powerful 16-inch blades, two fan speeds and oscillating louvers evenly distribute strong, cool air. A uninterrupted water supply connection, 6. 6-gallon water tank and fitted overflow protection let long periods of unattended operation, making it perfect for commercial applications. Plus, lasting smooth-gliding caster wheels let easy mobility. FeaturesCommercial evaporative air cooler for indoor or outdoor useIndoor use: For rooms up to 462 sq. FtOutdoor use: Air-throw up to 9. 3 yardsNon-compressor system cools naturally, proficiently and inexpensivelyHoneycomb cooling media on 3 sides for fast, economical cooling performance6. 6-gallon (52-pint) water tank with low water alarmContinuous water supply connection let long periods of unattended operation16-Inch large fan blades for powerful 1270 CFM air flowReliable, easy-to-operate mechanical control panel2 Speeds include high and lowOscillating louvers distributes cool air during the roomDurable weather-tolerant metal unitFour lasting, smooth-gliding caster wheels let easy mobility6 Ft. Long power cord.

62"W x 62"D x 62"H Side Draft Heavy Duty Canvas Cover for Evaporative Swamp Cooler (42 x 52 x 35) vs Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS reviews

Product Features: intended to protect your evaporative cooler from rust, corrosion, water damage and mildew. Each evaporative cooler cover is made from a lasting, long-lasting canvas material intended to perfectly fit your cooler and give you many years of protection from the elements. Each cover will include a draw rope at the bottom to securely tighten the cover around the cooler. HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT SIZE? – When the cover is made, the maker adds a couple of inches all around to be shrinking and minor cooler-size variations, which will ensure that the cover will maintain the correct size for your cooler through the years. Again, note, the cooler cover is oversized by some inches relative to the listed size to let for shrinkage and external cabinet features. – NOTE ABOUT CHAIN SPLITS: Standard side-draft cooler covers don’t come with chain splits. This is a feature that must be added at an extra cost. Contact the seller if you need chain splits added. Champion 14000, 21000 / Essick 14000, 21000 / Goettl D2280 / Phoenix D2128, D2130, D2231.

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Models to consider:
FRA084ZU1 PSAC18FCF0005000GS LP1415WXRSMYPC-012C LB400
PATC8000 FCF0009000GSKSTAP12B KY-80OP60 Classic 40
HPP08XCR AF-330PACAN140ES.WH-3A PS121A60116X HF5840-TC
ARP-2412 AP10002BLARP-1314 YS10N10AKY-80E9 DB AP10018
LX-140BL DB TAD-30K-SAC-10100E CL201AEAP13500G JHS-A018-12KRH
HPN14XHM WA8070ECR2500ACH A0375AS0PE7-10R-03 LP1013-RB
CL25AE CK-24WA8070E OP60CO30XE OP24
PACKA43 WA-1220MARP-2412 RMC-FA150 DGDAC-14100H HPC12XHR
YPN214C CCH-YPL3-08CWA-1420E-SPT FFPA0822R1FFRA1222Q1 AP14003W
ARP-7014 EC220Wpoe40fx KY-80E9 DBBPACT14WT PS101G
PS121A PAC2K163SHDSM14N10 SF-613KSTAP12B ARP-5010
FFPA0822R1 SPAZ10WCCSD404043 PORT8000PACKA43 AC-14100H


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