April 21, 2017

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General description

This Gorilla Carts 1,200-lb. Capacity Steel Dump Cart features the exclusive fast-release dumping system for easy unloading. The full-size removable plastic liner keeps dirt and other materials inside the cart and may be inverted to act as a load cover and useful work area. With a 1,200-lb. Hauling capacity and 13-in. Pneumatic tires, this cart can handle the toughest jobs. Removable sides add versatility, allowing the cart to be transformed into a flatbed to move bigger materials like tree branches or fence posts. The 2-in-1 convertible handle may be pulled by hand or towed behind a lawn tractor. The cart has an in general height of 24. 25-inches and weighs 84-pounds. Gorilla Carts full line of merchandise meets the needs of the light-responsibility homeowner also as the commercial-responsibility professional user by offering carts in a large range of sizes and weight capacities. The Gorilla Carts 1,200-lb. Capacity Steel Dump Cart comes with a 1-year restricted warranty.

Compare with similar products:

Yrd Tuff TV/Lwn Trctor Lscpe Drg

The ATV/Lawn Tractor Landscape Drag GORMP-14 by Yard Tuff is the ideal tool to level driveways, yards, parking lots, and more This drag has a working width of 5. 5 ft. To proficiently cover a large path. Another 50 lbs. Of weight may be added to the uniquely intended center bars for extra depth and versatility with the drag. The pin-style hitch lets this drag to be pulled easily behind ATVs, UTVs, and utility tractors, while the heavy-responsibility steel construction with its powder-coat finish makes this a lasting and dependable product that easily gets the job done. The distinctive fixed frame design is ideal for finishing grades and adds to the great value of this Yard Tuff product.

PRECISION PRODUCTS LSP38 15 Cu. ft. Tow Behind Lwn Sweeper, 38"

38″, Tow behind lawn Sweeper, 15 cuff Capacity, 1″ powder coated steel tube frame, steel body design, 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels with aluminum hubs, Yellow dichromate finished hardware, 3 full 10″ diameter brushes, 5:1 gear percentage, rear dump action. Easily usable product. This product is made in China.

Yrd Tuff CR-500T crege Rke, 60-Inch

Yard Tuff brings you a time and labor-saving tool with the Acreage Rake. With this Acreage Rake, you may be able to rake, dethatch, and turn loose leaves and grass into neat rows for fast and easy pick-up. Attaching is easy with a pin-style hitch to your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor, giving your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor a new function. Yard Tuff’s Acreage Rake has a V-style design and a 60” large working path, allowing it to swiftly handle big regions. The 6 tine reels are 20” in diameter and are particularly intended with fitted bearings for smooth operation and great performance. These tine reels are reversible for expanded use and the reel arms may be raised and lowered manually. The reel arms can be lifted individually for windrowing With 12” pneumatic tires, this rake can travel easily over a large range of tough terrains. Because this product is made of heavy-responsibility, 1” tubular steel, you may be guaranteed that this is a long-lasting and lasting acreage rake. To add more convenience for the user, this Acreage Rake has a special design, allowing the tine arms to be removed for compact storage. The user may also adapt this rake for the sweeper hitch, adding more to this product.

Solr Pond ertor / Oxygentor – 2 Stone

Solar Aerator / Oxygenator 2 stone The Solar Oxygenator is an ingenious air pump suited for small to medium ponds up to 792. 5 Gallons (3000 liters). Working via solar power this air pump oxygenates pond water in sunny weather when oxygen levels are depleted. Easy to install, no wiring and no running costs.

MiniMx Flil Mower 60" Cut 3 Point Trctor ttchment

The Vrisimo MiniMax is a cost efficient, center weight mower that’s perfect for the small acreage land owner. Available in 48″, 60″ and 72″ cutting widths this cheap, lasting and dependable mower requires low horse power for a 1″ cutting capacity. Group 1, 3-point hitch comes standard with a common hitch that lets you to configure your machine to be center mount or 6″ offshoot. Like all Vrisimo flail mowers, the cutter drum is electronically balanced for smoother operation. Vrisimo Equipment Company was building American mowers since 1965 and is still American owned to this day. Vrisimo. Com for more info.

Brinly PRT-36BH 690-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lwn Roller, 24 by 36-Inch vs Gorilla Carts Steel GORMP-14 pricing

Lawn rollers are ideal for erasing lawn damage caused by moles and frost heave and may also help pack down loose dirt and newly sewn seed or sod for a perfect looking lawn. The extra-big, lasting Brinly 24 inch x36 inch tow-behind poly roller is intended to roll the biggest of yards quickly and easily.

Lwn Striper Striping Kit for 46", 50", or 56" Exmrk Lzer Z Triton Decks

Made in St. Michael Minnesota by Harrison Specialties – Manufacturing aftermarket turf stripers since 2006 with thousands in service. Fits all years with a serial number 600,000 and higher with anti-scalp wheel brackets on the deck spaced roughly 32″ separately. Dimensions: Mounting shaft 32″ length – Roller 3 inch diameter by 27″ length. If your mower has bracket spacing different than 32″, contact us previous to ordering. We have lots of roller sizes in stock. Special Features: Premium quality sealed bearings or optional greasable bearings. Proven over the years to last much longer then greasable bearings. That is the same reason greasable bearings are not used on cars. But if you like greasable bearings, they’re available upon ask. Virtually indestructible ductile iron bearing mounting flanges. Exactly intended for use in this kind of application. We aren’t aware of a single bearing flange that has ever failed and we have thousands in use. They cost a more than regular cast iron flanges but are more than worth the price. All steel welded roller construction. We’re specific about how our rollers are intended internally and their construction. Our many repeat customers buying stripers for new machines attest to the quality of our rollers. Really we’re quite proud of how well our rollers have performed since we began manufacturing them back in 2006. Bolts are hardened grade 8. Nuts are hardened grade 8 with nylon locking inserts. Mounting information, CNC laser cut powder coated brackets and all hardware is included.

TV djustble 4×5′ Tine Style Drg Hrrow vs Gorilla Carts Steel GORMP-14 review

Level the playing field with an ATV Adjustable 4×5′ Tine Style Drag Harrow. Turn your ATV into a road-grating machine. Just pull the Harrow behind your ATV, and you are set to level gardens, ball fields, bike tracks, food plots, lawns and more. Tackle jobs of all kinds. If you have to drag deep down or just scrape the surface, the adjustable depth control accommodates. here is more: tough steel construction, with 24 spring steel tines; Change drag depth easily with the depth control handles; Chain-style hitch fits any 2″ ball. ; Measures 4 x 5’w. Weighs 51 lbs. ; Order Today. ATV Adjustable 4×5′ Tine Style Drag Harrow.

Scott ertor D-20 Disply 1 1/2 hp Pond ertor

The DA-20 Display Aerator 1. 5HP is the proven solution for keeping your water sparkling clean while at the same time beauty and healthy aeration. This fountain aerator is a power house, easily moving over 600 gallons of water per minute. The trumpet-shaped spray of the DA-20 Display, measuring up to nine feet high and 24 feet large, is intended to put oxygen back into the water. Adding oxygen helps control algae growth and pesky insects while carefully promoting a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife. The DA-20 Display is made using a stainless steel, oil-free, submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market. In fact, its is proudly made in the U. S. A. And carries an unconditional five-year motor warranty. Particular Features:230-volt, 1. 5HP, oil-free motor 600 gallons of water per minute Spray pattern measures 9H x 24W inches Spray pattern changes in width 100-foot, 12-gauge, submersible, electric power cord (included) Power cord may be ordered in greater lengths up to 300 ft. Long Stainless steel debris shield (included) Saltwater-accepted intended for 24-hour operation 38-inch minimum pond depth obliged Motor specifications: 60 HZ, Single phase, 10. 6 amps, 1,780 watts, 3,450 RPM No maintenance obliged 5-year motor warranty 2 20-pound weights or concrete block obliged for anchoring (not included) 2 nylon ropes obliged for anchoring (not included) Stainless steel construction. Featuring a 230-volt, 1. 5HP, oil-free motor. Spray pattern measures up to 9H x 24W inches. Pump included. 100 feet of electric power cord provided. For new or saltwater applications. 5-year motor warranty.

Ksco 3/4 HP High Oxygen Trnsfer Pond ertor – 50ft. Power Cord vs Gorilla Carts Steel GORMP-14 price

Pond aerators add the most oxygen to your pond. Will include a black float, two 50-ft. Mooring ropes and power cord. Optional control box, Item# 1087042, and bottom screen, Item# 34034, sold individually. Other cord sizes and voltages available. Starting Amps: 18, Model: 3400AF, Volts: 120, HP: 3/4, Running Amps: 6. 7, Water Depth obliged (in. ): 18, estimated Pond Size (acres): Up to 3/4, Aerator Type: Surface, Power Cord (gauge): 16, Power Cord (ft. ): 50.

Frm Str Lscpe Rke – 48in. Width

Ideal for grading, leveling, removing stones or trash, breaking up sod clumps and more. Design lets close work around fences, walls and other objects. 5/16in. X 1in. Heat-treated tines. Turnbuckle modification for operating depth and rope pull lever to increase unit. U. S. A. Dethatcher Type: Tow-behind, Operating Width (in. ): 48, Wheel Type: Pneumatic, Hitch Type: Clevis.

gri-Fb 45-0175 Explorer 10-Cubic-Foot TV Poly vs Gorilla Carts Steel GORMP-14 reviews

The Agri-Fab poly Explorer “10” ATV dump cart easily hauls and dumps firewood, topsoil, fencing supplies and outdoor equipment. Tracking perfectly behind ATVs at speeds up to 20 mph, the Explorer “10” carries a load capacity of 650 pounds. The tough 20-by-10-inch turf tread tires with ball bearings supply long life, flotation and durability. The 1-inch axle is heavy responsibility and tough. The tough poly bed will resist rust and endure years of hard use. This dump cart features an easy single-lever release dump system and comes with Agri-Fab’s 1-year restricted warranty.

What people considered before buying GORMP14:
  1. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, 40-Inch by 25-Inch Bed, Black Finish
  2. Gorilla Carts GORMP-12 Steel Dump Cart with Removable Sides and 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, 39.5-Inch by 22-Inch Bed, Grey Finish
  3. Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, Black
  4. Strongway Dump Cart – 1,200-Lb. Capacity, 5 Cu. Ft.
  5. Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides and 15″ Tires with 1400 lb Capacity, Black
  6. Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides and 13″ Tires with 1200 lb Capacity, Yellow

Models to consider:
KM8400AF250 PA500GOR200-BD DT-48BHTL07160 TT-400
16-16-G-SB-N-YK YT-11622170T PA400KDFC-10 PRT-48SBH
18-24-G-NBF-YK 2400D25AS-40BH LNPHH6502400AF CT036
UTV-FB1 AS-40BHPA42GY ACR-480JRFR1245-2 50SWP26
42SWP22 SA42GY3040P-SD180 42SWP22TL-125 2400A050
C44-P10A PA-40BHTX159 B7380L-60-40-SC-YK 180280I
5055C BG-02ATV-42DGD ACR-600TPA-48BH GOR2541D
S4 30 PRT-36SBHPLR1848 MH2121DHGDS200T G80024
TA500 800AL42TSC Grass U1TL4000 LSP38
LSP38 B738042LS TA48BS-38BH CT036
42CP 175LTDDT-40BH TL-125SE-40 ACR-480JR
BG-19 PA-48BH18-24-G-NBF-YK PLR1824800AL TE4051
PLR1848 LC1700GY48CP 4048P-ATV-IN16-16-G-SB-N-YK 5055C
DE-36 BG-1184RAKE 4400AF200DD-55BH 2170T
8400AF150 45-0240 ATVSA-40BH PA-40BHTT500 FC-10
TL4000 DH-045ATV-51SGDH 42SWP22LSR60 DK-42LX
FR1245-2 3040P-SD1802400A050 TA-400WWERP50 AS-40BH
PA42GY 180280IC44-P10A 2400D25DT42GY YT-1162
1600AL 42LSBG-08 TA-400WWB7380 4048P-ATV-IN
K259221251 TL4000SA-40BH ACR-600TLG253 STS-427LXH
TA48 PLR1848PP-51BH PA42GYFTF-0424M GOR200-BD
2400VFX100 BS-38BH42SWP22 180280IATV-42DGD CT036
PRT-48SBH SAT-40BHACR-500T 7055CC44-P10A XLZ60UC
2400D25 BG-12ACR-480JR GOR200-BD8400AF150 AS-40BH
SE-40 DT-40BH42TSC SA42GYLSR60 18-24-G-NBF-YK
TE4051 TL-125HAYMP-(2)S39C2 TYR-72-YKLSP48 TX159
2400AF LSP38S4 30 DT-48TPRT-36SBH PA-40BH


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