April 21, 2017

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  • The only vacuum with no filters to wash or replace, so there’s no clogging and no loss of suction
  • Dyson Cinetic tips capture particles down to 0.5 microns – including pollen, mold and dust; They expel cleaner air
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  • 54 Dyson Cinetic tips vibrate up to 5,000 times per second to separate the microscopic particles that clog other vacuums
  • Dyson Ball canister vacuums have a central steering mechanism, so they follow accurately as you pull them along
  • 5 year warranty, parts & labor
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General description

The Dyson Cinetic Animal vacuum holds 54 super-economical Dyson Cinetic info which oscillate up to 5,000 times per second to separate the microscopic particles that clog other vacuums. Because of their efficiency, there is no filter that needs washing or replacing meaning there’s no loss of suction.

Recent reviews of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum:

I am amazed by the positive reviews on this machine.I have had two Dyson cleaners before. The 1st one (bought in 1998 and still going strong in my son’s home) was bought after cautious research. The second (bought 2006 and now in our holiday home) was bought on sight as I had the confidence of the great 1st cleaner of which this was an updated variant. This one: I read some reviews that said it was smart cleaner although not a good canister capacity. That did not annoy me as I was used to having to empty the canister a couple of times per vacuum. The performance of the machine is every bit as good as I projected and it lives up to the Dyson standard i. E. The suction is strong and it vacuums brilliantly. It is neat, compact (A false positive. Its size means it does not caddy accessories well and it has the capacity of a matchbox) and moves around smoothly. That is it for the praise. Every time I use the cleaner I’m torn between loving its performance and hating nearly every part of using it. What is wrong with it? NB: We own a Labrador who sheds profusely. I vacuum once a week in high moult, once fortnightly in low moult. I have generally vacuumed with this frequency, and the old Dysons were great and so user-friendly. We only have 2 adults living here now instead of four, so theoretically there is less dirt on the floors. 1. The wand is shorter than those of my old Dysons – it is too short for me (5’4"). Do not purchase this if you have a bad back. 2. The cord is shorter than before, so it must be re-plugged more frequently (than the other two). 3. The hard floor tool won’t move over anything but a hard floor – it flip flaps all over the place if I attempt and run it over any floor mats.

I took my time with the Dyson 65024-01 Cinetic Ball Animal Canister Vacuum and used it lots. I had hoped with more handling, I’d come to love this vacuum since it is a Dyson and everyone LOVES a Dyson. Well, I guess I am in the minority, because I did not fall in love with it. Yes, it has great suction and cleans well, however I found many things I was not impressed with. What I liked: The Cinetic Ball Animal Canister Vacuum has great suction. This man can really clean. The unit is calm – much quieter than any other vacuum I have used in the past. The wand telescopes so that a tall person or a short person can use it without problems it’s bagless so there is no added expense of having to buy bags. it’s easy to clean – just a fast button push and the dirt is gone The canister has a fill mark that tells when to dump it. The retracting cord is 22 feet long and retracts all the way with the push of a button. No cleaning filters 5 year warranty Nice for to get under furniture. This goes flat against the floor. Has attachments so you may be able to clean furniture and other things also. What I do not like: The instruction book is all picture information. The wand attaches to the ball for storage and is only attached by a small plastic tab that goes in a slot. It is not easy to put, flexes and moves, and has quite some stress on that one point. This shouts easily breakable. The grip on the wand is uncomfortable and not comfy to hold. The suction is so powerful that it the beater head can really get so pulled down to the carpet that when you pull it back, it sticks and the roller ball pulls off the floor.

I have been watching Dyson vacuum commercials for many years and generally wondered what all the hype was about. Now I can understand why after using this new Dyson Cinetic Ball Animal Canister. Many other vacuums now share the no-bag design of the Dyson, however this vacuum also has no filters to wash or replace and by it is Cinetic design traps pollen, mold and dust. I am surely do not understand how the Dyson design works, however it does. The quality of the parts and design are clearly 1st class and built to last as the 5 year warranty attests. Here are some things I really love and find somewhat distinctive:1. The telescoping tube extends effortlessly with a push of a button to about 4 feet long, which is longer than any other vacuum I have used. 2. The carpet and floor brush mix tool is powered by vacuum power not an electrical brush making the wand and brush very lightweight. Also no modification is needed for floor or carpet height, it does it automatically. 3. At just over 17lbs. It’s light enough to carry while doing stairs. 4. The tangle-free turbine tool really picks up my dogs hair with no clogging and does an exceptional job. 5. The suction is constant and powerful. 6. I really love the bagless design, however since my husband has dust allergies, I have to empty. The canister is simple to take off, empty and replace. 7. All the pieces snap together securely and easily with no fuss. This isn’t cheap by any means, however with the quality of the build, the functionality, the lightweight and the 5 year warranty, this Dyson is a great investment.

Compare with similar products:

Dirt Devil SD40130 Breeze Lightweight

Compact cleaning with cyclonic performance 65024-01 – breeze lightweight canister packs powerful suction in a maneuverable design. Now it is easier to tackle corners, crevices, stairs and other hard-to-reach regions with an expanded reach. And powerful cyclonic technology helps cover the tough messes. When you are done, just press the one-touch cord Rewind for a Fast cleanup.

GV 8 Qt Light Powerful BackPack Loaded

BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED GV 8 Quart HEPA Backpack Vacuum Lightweight and super easy to use. Only Weighs 10 lbs. If you have lots of hardwood or tile in your home or business then this vacuum is for you. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save by cleaning with the GV backpack vacuum. Has super comfy padded shoulder and waste straps for easy comfy cleaning. 25 foot cord. LOADED with Easy to use tools. Premium tools include: crevice tool, duster brush, upholstery tool, and deluxe floor tool. The floor tool is the high end deluxe one where it has a switch you flip to go between throw rug mode and hard floor surface mode. Also comes with 6 HEPA bags. Power Nozzle with Brushroll – Air driven power nozzle. This vacuum has so much power that it easily powers the brushroll head, which easily cleans hard floor surfaces, throw rugs and carpet. This is a well-liked attachment and most other backpack vacuums don’t come with this. This special head lets it to vacuum hard floor surfaces, low pile carpet and plush thick carpet. 4 stage Filtration system with sealed HEPA filter and HEPA bags – Include 6 HEPA bags, HEPA filter and 8 Quart SMS cloth bag. Dust/ Dirt Capacity is 3 liters. 98 inches of water lift for POWERFUL deep cleaning. The GV Backpack vacuums are intended to be some of the most powerful vacuums made. 1 Year Power Unit, 2 Year Motor maker Warranty. Comes with a 30 Day Money Back ensure.

ProTeam Super HalfVac Pro Hip / Shoulder, Portable Cleaner with 14-Inch Xover Floor Tool Kit (107100) & Telescoping Wand

ProTeam Super HalfVac Pro Hip Vacuum / Shoulder Vacuum / Backpack Vacuum. 6 qt / 6. 6 L. 1050 Watt. 8. 5 Amp. 106 CFM. 97″ Static Lift. Weighs 10. 5 lbs. DBA: 66. Intercept Micro Filter bag #106960 or 106973. Movable canister vacuum will include 14″ Xover multi-surface floor tool, 17″ crevice tool, 3″ dust brush, 5″ upholstery tool. 1½” static-dissipating vacuum hose, 1. 5″ telescoping wand, 50′ extension cord and two Intercept Micro Filter bags. The Super HalfVac Pro is part of the ProTeam family of movable vacuum cleaners, versatility and performance in a lightweight, compact size.

EL7063B Electrolux Ultrasilencer Deepclean (Complete Set) w/ Bonus: Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle

The Electrolux UltraSilencer DeepClean offers you high performance cleaning power, without all the sound, meaning less disruption to your home and your family. Features: DeepClean Powerhead With Electroluxs exclusive DeepClean powerheadthe motorized brushroll gives you with a deep clean for all the floor surfaces in your home. Sealed HEPA Filtration Sealed HEPA Filtration System with washable HEPA filter captures and locks-in 99. 97 of dust, dirt, and allergens. On-Board Display The on-board display allows you to see the suction level and bag and filter indicators so you generally know your vacuum is running smoothly. And, you may be able to electronically change the suction level easily from the handle with the push of a button. Cleaning Tools The Electrolux UltraSilencer DeepClean will include an upholstery tool and a bare floor brush to clean your fragile floor surfaces and furniture. Never Loses Suction The multi-cyclonic system separates dirt from the air for uninterrupted suction power. Extra Features: 12 Feet of Reach 3-in-1 VersaTool Bonus Bag Included Bare Floor Brush 25-ft auto Cord Rewind LED Headlights Multi-Level Height modification 7-ft Long Hose With bonus: 1x premium microfiber cleaner bundle.

Central Replacement Kit Hose tools for Hayden Super Hose

BRAND NEW Central Vacuum Kit. Loaded with Electric hose and tons of tools This set comes complete with all its tools and the 3-way switch on the hose, which lets you to use a electric power nozzle also. Fits any Hayden Central Vacuum System. 30 foot hose -most well-liked selling length (because its lighter and the longer the hose the more power you loose). This is the best central vacuum hose you may be able to get. Unlike the other cheaper hoses being sold you may be able to easily switch between both styles of connections (no tools needed) and pump and hose part of the hose is built stronger. 3 way Electric switches on the hose lets you to just have straight suction from the hose or power the electric power nozzle (not included). This kit doesn’t come with the electric power nozzle. We sell Kits with the power nozzle (see our store for other things) but if you already have a Hayden Central Vacuum Hose then this substitute will work perfect for it and your power nozzle will fit on this hose no problem. Tools Include – they are the high end deluxe tools not the cheap ones. Tools included are Floor tool (this is the really good one that has a switch to go between hard floor surfaces like tile and hardwood AND throw rugs, well-liked tool), crevice tool, upholstery tool (with slide off brushes), duster tool and tool caddy. The wand is the high end chrome was that’s adjustable to different lengths (whatever you favor). It also comes with a big tool caddy (twice as big as picture shows) that may be hung in your closet AND the hose hanger that may be installed anywhere to hang up your hose when not used. In stock and prepared for same day shipping.

Metrovac Metropolitan Professionals 4.0 Peak HP Variable Speed Vac w/ Electric Power Nozzle

4. 0 Peak Hp, Variable Speed, High-Tech Cleaning System With Hepa Filter, will include: 7 Ft Power Conductive adaptable Hose, 4-20″ Steel Extension Wands, 2 With Locks Deluxe Electric Power Nozzle, Floor/Wall Brush, Dust Brush, Fabric Tool, Crevice Tool, 3 Disposable Bags, 2 bubble Filters. Dimensions: 9. 25″ large X 27″ Long/Deep X 15″ HighMaterial: Stainless SteelMade In The USA.

Electrolux EL7062A Oxygen Bagged

The Electrolux Oxygen with DeepClean powerhead utilizes a high suction motor for deep down elimination of dirt, debris and pet dander. You get high performance cleaning power, without the sound. The Oxygen is the quietest, all-surface canister vacuum. HEPA filtration decreases allergens and captures 99. 97% of dust and allergens for a cleaner home. Above-floor cleaning tools store in the handle. A telescopic want and auto cord rewind supply uninterrupted cleaning.

Black & Decker VCBD8080 Dual Cyclonic Compact Pro Cleaner, 220 Volts (Not for USA)

Scrap collection receptacle. Cable 5 meters, professional. Dual Cyclone technology. Hepa filter totally washable. 3. 0-L collector capacity. Speed control. On-off button, one touch. Easy to carry with handle. Button retractable cable. Cornerback for those hard places. Accessories for better aspirate: Turbo Brush included, 2 chromium-plated steel extension tubes, power adjustable suction hose, wheels that protect your floor from scratches.

Rebuilt Rainbow SE PN2 Cleaner Loaded and 5 Year Warranty

Nearly new SE PN2 Rainbow vacuum. The canister was totally rebuilt and comes with our 5 year motor warranty. It was upgraded to the best standard power nozzle that money can purchase. It lasts a long time, vacuums your carpet really good, has a geared belt (dosent must be replaced like normal Rainbow belts), parts are common and this head alone sells for 200 dollars and its brand new This is one of the best vacuums money can purchase, its new or totally rebuilt and they usually last for decades. This will include brand new upholstery tool, duster brush, floor tool and crevice tool. Other things are 3 tool wands, hoses, 2 smell good scent bottles and everything else pictured. This has the hose with the trigger on it which lets you to effortlessly change from carpets to hard floors.

Rainbow E2 Blue E Series Tank Water Flitration

Rainbow E2 Blue Two speed motor in like new condition. Best most dependable model and vacuum made. Comes with two hoses, attachments and power nozzle for carpet, attachment wands and hard floor cleaning tool. This vacuum is great for those who suffer from Allergies, COPD. Removes pet hair and odor.

Bissell 2001 Hard Floor Expert Cordless

The Bissell hard floor expert cordless vacuum combines the best of a powerful, canister vacuum and a lightweight, movable cordless vacuum. Distinctive lithium-ion battery technology delivers run times of up to 45 minutes with powerful cleaning performance on hard floor and above floor surfaces. The air-driven Turbine tool protects your floors with the soft dusting brush, while powerful cleaning performance. The lightweight design gives excellent maneuverability and the capability to clean hard to reach regions with ease.

Miele S2121 Capri Cleaner (Old Model)

The Miele S2 Series Incorporating the quality and performance for which Miele vacuum cleaners are renowned, the S2 Series delivers exceptional cleaning power perfectly packaged in an agile, lightweight body. These versatile canisters softly care for all flooring in your home, from smooth, hard surfaces like tiles and hardwoods to plush rugs and deep-pile carpeting. With six distinct power settings – all obviously displayed on a front-mounted rotating dial – it’s easy to differ your vacuum cleaner’s suction power as indicated by the carpet pile, flooring and fabrics you’re cleaning. S2121 Capri Miele’s S2 Capri vacuum cleaner features two floor tools. The Turbo Comfort turbobrush, ideal for cleaning low to medium pile carpeting, area rugs and all smooth flooring, holds a rotating roller brush which loosens the dirt in the floor. The Parquet floor tool, with long, soft natural bristles, cleans tile, wood and other smooth surfaces completely with extreme care. The Capri features a telescopic, stainless steel wand and long electrical cord with auto rewind for a total cleaning radius of 29. 5 feet. Other conveniences include three accessories – a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle – held in place by a VarioClip. Six-Stage Suction Easily adjustable, rotating dial power selector assures the correct level of power for the surface being cleaned. Turbo Comfort Turbobrush holds a rotating roller brush that works to loosen the dirt in the floor while collecting lint and thread. Parquet Floor Tool Long, natural bristles ensure that tile, wood and other smooth surfaces are cleaned completely with extreme care. Telescopic, Stainless Steel Wand Delivers a superior operating radius of 29. 5 feet for effortless reach. Auto-Seal Closing FilterBag Instantly locks in dirt, dust and allergens when the FilterBag is removed. VarioClip with Three Onboard Accessories gives best cleaning for each corner and surface, as well as upholstery, hard-to-reach places and fragile things.  .

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Models to consider:
4B-H902 PN12VCBD8521 VNB-83BARES-16000 XLPRO6A
SC3683A MC-CG973107146ZP BATTGV8QTREDS8590 SH30050
MC-CL933 PULB16053536610DS Compact C2 TopazSCBP-1 CH30000
41GDE032USA Compact C1SD30035 S8990DC46THCOM VCC88P0H1B/XAA
stealth2 PK12MC1000DC78 EL4103Awd1451 TR010007
MR-500 Vento 9000-IIS8380 WV1400SD40030 ST2500R1
EL4042A HET200AEUR3683 SR30020MC-CL935 QV900HSP
S2121 MU4200CVC 370 VCC96P0H1G/XAAPA00043-HS50 UD20015
RB01NB Classic C1 CapriGIDDS2-290500 MC-PR2-PVC248 VCC-4570
SC3683A VC12F70HNHR/AANP319 EL6988EPU3900C SR30020
S8590 EL7066AS5981+217 700-CLSXLPRO6A VCC96P0H1G/XAA
CV280 MC-CL933MC-CL431 EL4021Anp320 911-XLS
MC-CG902 DC39RB01NB SuperQuartervac2VCBD8521 FC100
MC-CG917 white30Sirenna S10NA SC6093 – EAMCCL485 SD30035
HET200A S8380MC-CL935 DC78SH40070 e2 Type 12
ST2500R1 SD40130EL7062A EL4060A36610DS BFP-1150
SD30050 PK12MC1000KC-1250 B US Compact C1S2181 RES-16000
S5281 HCS70003684F wd1451BC7055 VCBD8080
EURSC530A PA00043-HS50PUCVWD43 CH30000MU4200 NP319
SCBP-1 S5281S5981+217 SH40070TOR 98147 WD-16 K US
SC3700A – EA BB900DGRe2 Type 12 TR010007BATTGV8QTRED NP319
41FAE030USA 9677AMEL7062A PULB160535700-CLS VCBD8080
vacbpb9/vacbp36v MR-500 VentoS3755 FC100VNB-83BA UH70817
BGC2000 RB01NBS2181 MC-CG917white30 RB01NB
PN12 911-XLSWV1400 S6270SD30035 S8380
EL4101A EUR36839951AM EL7060APTH1 MC-CG973


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