April 21, 2017

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  • Run time is equal to a tank of gas. Features a bump feed head, .095″ diameter trimmer line, instant start trigger, dual power control for high and low performance, a flexible soft-grip handle, and an open view grass guard.
  • Easily connects with CORE Power Lok Drive Unit to create a powerful and convenient trimming system The drive unit, CDU400, is sold separately
  • 11 pounds – fully assembled including power cell and drive unit
  • Use with the CORE Quad Power Pak for run time up to 4X of a single power cell
  • Reduces operating costs and is virtually maintenance
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

The Power Lok Trimmer attachment can ONLY be used with the CORE Power Lok Drive Unit CDU400, which is sold individually. The CORE Power Lok trimmer attachment is part of a GasLess, professional grade landscaping system. It’s powered by own groundbreaking, state-of-the-art CORE motor. When coupled with the distinctive GasLess Power Drive Unit, which houses the intelligent electronic controller, it creates a powerful and economical system. The trimmer’s run time equals to a tank of gas and it’s light weight and perfectly balanced. It includes a bump feed head,. 095″ diameter trimmer line, instant start trigger, dual power control for high and low performance, a adaptable soft-grip handle and an open view grass guard. Also, this trimmer attachment, when used with the drive unit, is calm, safe and easy to use. It has a 5-year residential warranty and a 2-year commercial warranty. The drive unit is sold individually – part number CDU400.

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Dyson DC07 DC04 & DC14 & DC33 Brush Bar with end caps & set of belts #904174-01

DYSON BRUSHROLL FOR CLUTCH MODELS CPL400 DC07 DC04 & DC14 & DC33 & end caps + Dyson DC07 DC04 DC14 Clutch model set of 2 belts 1 Small Clutch Belt 1 Roller Brush / Beater Bar Belt Dimensions: 12 13/16 x 1 3/4 (measuring from the outside tabs on either end of the brushroll) This is a substitute brushroll & belt is for the Dyson model vacuum cleaners which have a clutch system. The center of the brushroll is flat on two sides through the center as seen in the photo If you have the dial on your vacuum that lets you to turn off the brush roll for cleaning hard wood floors,. Then this is the correct one for your vacuum. You may also refer to the measurements listed below. There’s a difference in size between the two different kinds. (non-clutch) I have had a buyer state he felt this product was sturdier than the Dyson brand one that came with the unit and I agree. This is made of hard plastic with much stronger endcaps and is built to live up to your cleaning projects.

Assist 0300 String and Blower Suspension System

String trimmer and blower suspension system; using proprietary bungee suspension with common connection system to replace inefficient fixed length straps. The Trimmer help gives adaptable bungee suspension with consistent support, while also allowing a full range of motion and reach-capability; that is why its not a string trimmer strap, however is rather a Trimmer help a complete suspension system. Totally common, connecting to all models of trimmers and hand held blowers with simple proprietary bungee ball and hook connection system. Adjustable that one size fits all. Includes softest most comfy shoulder pad on the market. Polypropylene webbing, strong and lasting quilted jeans shoulder pad. Weather tolerant chrome and polypropylene hardware.

Cen-Tec Systems 99757 Healthy Home Vacuum Accessories Kit

Many homes with central vacuums have as much if not more hard floor surfaces than they have carpet. The 99757 Healthy Home pack is intended to not only vacuum these surfaces, however will include a complete selection of microfiber solutions for dusting, reaching into tight spaces and use of a mist of water to clean stuck on dirt. A 35 foot on-off hose reaches into far corners when connected to premium vacuum accessories. The soft micro-fiber 58588 mega pad has rolled edges to permit against base boards and good furnishing without the risk of marks or scratches. A full compliment of microfiber cloths for dusting furniture, polishing glass and reaching overhead fans and shelves may be washed hundreds of times eliminating the cost of paper towels and sticky pads which you’re thrown away after every use. Be both clean and green.

Cen-Tec Systems 38342 Vacuum Floor Brush, 12-Inch, Gray vs CPL-400

The 38342 1. 25″ hard floor brush is 12″ long, allowing for a bigger area covered per cleaning stroke. The brush is a soft natural fill that’s extra heavy to support the brush on any hard floor surface, again gliding effortlessly so there’s no risk of damage to costly finishes. The extra thick fill will handle uneven surfaces without issue and the large cleaning orifice will catch big debris while delivering the power of the vacuum to the far edges of the tool. This model is soft gray in color.

NEW Kirby Vacuum s Tool Set hose for Avalir, G6 & G5

This is a Brand New tool attachment kit, Made in the USA Made to fit Kirby Avalir, final, final Diamond Edition, G5, G6 and Sentria vacuum cleaners. The Kirby hose end that attaches to the vacuum cleaner is real Kirby, and the other parts / attachments are standard vacuum cleaner attachments that work on the Kirby vacuum and are guaranteed to fit your Kirby.

35′ Deluxe Central Vacuum Kit with Hose, Head & Wands – Black – Works with all brands of central vacuum units vs CORE GasLess CPL400 pricing

35′ Electric Hose – well-matched with any 1. 5″ wall inlet valve – Crush-evidence lightweight hose with button lock handle with a 3-way control switch – 360 degree swivel handle Deluxe model Power Head – Carpet height modification with 6 settings. – Dirt Sensor – Electronic reset button to protect motor; motor will instantly stop if the brush roller is jammed – Headlight for improved looking at angle – – lasting chevron style brush roller helps direct dirt into power head – On/Off foot pedal switch button – Non-marking wheels – Great edge cleaning – protecting bumper to protect baseboards and furniture – 14 inch cleaning path Tools/Accessories – 12″ Floor tool – Upholstery tool – Dusting Brush – 13″ Long slotted crevice tool – Hose Hanger – Tool caddy bag – Steel ratchet wand for use with floor tool – Wand holder.

Sterling NA F-13A 1000 CFM 1/5HP 3 Speeds Mini Air Mover with Built-in Dual Outlets for Daisy Chain, 2.1 Amp, Grey

Model F-13A is a versatile, 3-speed air mover for floor, carpet drying, water restoration and many ventilation and cooling needs. Small and lightweight at 10 pounds, this useful air with its adjustable outlet can blow a high volume of air, at many angles, while occupying the smallest footprint. Its capability to operate in a large range of positions makes the F-13A unmatched in the business.


This highest quality movable electric cutter will free your hands from the ache of heavy-responsibility cutting with scissors and speed your production by letting you to cut faster and to cut more layers at a time. With a total weight of just over two pounds, and guiding it on its foot as you cut, working with this cutter is nearly effortless. Its powerful motor lets the blade to slice through some number of plies of fabric – up to 3/8″ thick. – and the quick blade rotation will cut the finest, flimsiest fabric smoothly. Cuts intricate curves without a sang, synthetic fabric without fusing, single ply and slippery material without pulling on distortion. Each cutter is shipped with information and a parts chart, spare blade, motor brushes, and motor coupling. Squeeze type switch, with comfy grip 110 volt 50-60 hz. Motor(220 volt variant also available) fitted stone blade sharpener Adjustable blade guard.

Purple Extension Wand Handle Assembly Designed to Fit Dyson DC59 V6 Hand Held

Purple Extension Wand Handle Assembly intended to Fit Dyson DC59 V6 Hand Held Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner extension rod real Dyson part – 965663-05 suited for: DC59 Animal, DC59 Animal Complete, DC59 Animal Exclusive, DC59 Animal Exclusive, DC59 Animal V6, Dyson V6 Animal, Dyson V6 Animal, Dyson V6 Animal, V6 Animal Extra Purple extension rod This is a brand new substitute part intended to fit the above mentioned models, manufacturers names & part numbers were used for reference function only, check your application and if you have any questions feel free to contact us Thanks for shopping 4 Your Home.

Neato XV-14 Automatic Robotic Vacuum with Extra Brush Heads, Filters, and Squeegee – Blue vs CORE GasLess CPL400 price

Other features: -big, bagless dirt bin. It is easy to empty and clean -Low profile. Lets cleaning under furniture. -Square front design. Vacuums close to walls and into corners. Cleans carefully around obstructions. -Control center. Schedule it to clean daily. Automatically returns to its base to recharge. -One-button operation. Just press start and it vacuums. -Automatically changes between carpet and hard floor -Smart path planning. Cleans each room with a systematic pattern. -Laser guided. Continually scans each room for ideal navigation.

Miele SBB Parquet-3 Smooth Floor Brush

Miele SBB Parquet 3 Floor brush for the S4/S5 series and all the Miele vacuums. Is intended for wood and tiled floors. Easily glides over all bare floor and tile surfaces thanks to the light horsehair bristles. The parquet floor brush is excellent for wood floors. Has two non maring wheels for easy gliding. Brush is 12″ large. 2. 5 ” deep.

Dual Feed Foot for Husqvarna Viking Designer SE vs CORE GasLess CPL400 reviews

Dual Feed Walking Foot 920077-096 replaced by 920219096 Sew bulky layers of fabric and batting smoothly and easily. The dual feed foot is intended keep many layers sewing evenly. Use with the right or left guide for channel quilting and topstitching. See exactly where the stitch will be, thanks to the open toe. Choose straight stitch for quilting and topstitching. Many decorative stitches sew well with the open toe dual feed foot as well as the hand look quilting stitch. Experiment on scraps with expertise stitches and threads before sewing your project. Dual feed foot right and left guides: Slide the guide onto the dual feed foot to guide parallel rows of stitching side by side as in channel quilting or tucking. Works with the machine groups 5, 6, 7 : NOT well-matched with Emerald 122, 118, 116, Group 5: Prelude 360, Prelude 340, Scandinavia 100, 335, 330, 325, 320, 315, 310, 250, 230, 225, 215, 210, 205, All Sew Easy series, Romeo, Juliet, Oscar, Anna, Sophia, Emma, Lena, Daisy 315, 325, 335, Sarah, Madison Group 6: Platinum 955E, 950E, Platinum Plus 775, 770, 755 Quilt, 750 Quilt, 735, 730, 715, 700, Rose, Iris, 605, Rose 600, Lily 555, 550, 545, 540, 535, 530, 515, 500, Freesia 445, 435, 425, 415, 400, 350, Emerald 183, Interlude 435/445, Scandinavia 200, 300, 400 Group 7: Designer I, II, III, Designer SE, Quilt Designer, Quilt Designer II, Designer Diamond Deluxe, Diamond Royale, Ruby, Ruby Deluxe, (7), (7A)Sapphire 830, 850, 870, 930, 960Q, Diamond, Opal 650, 670, Topaz 20, 30, 50.

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  1. CORE GasLess Power CGT400 CGTSD Gasless Powered Trimmer, 3 Hour Charger, 1 Power Cell
  2. CORE GasLess Power CDU400 Power Lok Drive Unit for Lawn and Garden Tools
  3. CORE GasLess Power CGT403 Commercial Trimmer Package with 1-Hour Charger and 2 Power Cells
  4. CORE GasLess Power CPL420 Power Lok Blower Attachment
  5. WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger with Wheel Set
  6. DEWALT DCST990H1 40V MAX 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR String Trimmer

Models to consider:
LS-750 VM4200DSCT106G OH-LOO2-SID4ZRRY15550 7 pc kit
DYSON 90424749 XV-144000-DR-RT 2000UCCKITRY15702 41BJGC-C902
D279059 WS17801ACPB-100S v6 total cleanXCDV300 EL13A
SES121 SA539F-13A G 6, G-6A550 ZVacSCE35
ZR15521 AS-100KRY15518 STB205-2LEB001RED100 562D
TG3000 W124003AD4C SE 10032AElaco -HJ578 E6-EK8Y-XWDZ
MJ-12 NV560VC12F70PRJF/AA WS17802AWS17803A X13FC500
BK-RB812-001 W10149259AM VT1215CT20DXQD R8055
70e 75 80 85 DC24WS25009A 112FFJ14TU858 420C
BK-RB812-001 9259AMWS17803A WS17801ASCGH278 CT20DXQD
1CKD206000 41BJGC-C902CPB-100S SA539DC24 VT1215
S700E G 6, G-6RY15518 LEB001RED100MJ-12 MIELE7253830
sa438 CT14DXQDVM4200DS OH-LOO2-SID4W124003A K107C
D279059 41AJXL-C902XCDV300 ZRRY15550CT106G X13FC500
WS17802A RW8923R7816G F-13ALS-750 Elaco -HJ578
137FFJ Generation 3TG3500 7 pc kit14TU858 NV560
CS300 AF100-2VC12F70PRJF/AA 562D4000-DR-RT R8055
41BJGC-C902 RY15702HH-01 RYBRC77AS-100K OH-LOO2-SID4
VC12F70PRJF/AA DYSON 90424749SA539 D4C SEXCDV300 WS17801A
K107C SES121CT20DXQD D279059LS-750 420C
S700E TMC-200KVB-30D 70e 75 80 85Generation 3 LEB001RED100
Elaco -HJ578 WS17802Asa438 41AJXL-C902EL13A NV560
STB205-2 UT15523AEG41S 562DVT1215 WS25009A
RY15518 CPB-100SW1014 AF100-2CT14DXQD F-13A
9259AM 137FFJWS17803A WS12553AG 6, G-6 CT22QD
XV-14 10032ATG3000 R8055W124003A 7 pc kit


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