April 21, 2017

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Nov 20th 2017
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  • Robot Coupe is the foodservice industry leader in the development and refinement of food processors
  • Genuine OEM replacement part
  • Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance
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29341, cover. Robot Coupe real OEM substitute part. Robot Coupe is the foodservice business leader in the development and refinement of food processors. Use real OEM parts for safety dependability and performance.

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Intended exactly for use with Q-130, Q-170, Q-210, Q-270, and RF series undercounter ice machines and B-170 or B-400 ice machine bins, this Manitowoc K-00144 set of flanged feet gives a stable platform for your unit. Featuring (4) 12″ to 13 1/4″ adjustable stainless steel flanged legs, this set is perfect for to get your unit back up and running if damage occurs to your original leg set. The flanged design gives superior stability for regions with seismic activity or where local codes require that your unit be secured to the floor. These legs are adjustable, so you may be able to match up the height to meet your layout plans and improve productivity, efficiency, and easy use.

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True 880351 6" Seismic Leg Kit with 23 3/4" Frame Assemblies – 6 / Pack

The True 880351 seismic leg kit with frame assemblies installs easily in selected True models where a screw-down choice is needed by local codes. Each leg has a 3 1/2″ diameter base plate with (2) 7/16″ diameter holes for bolts. This lets you to screw the legs of the unit into the floor. Each kit will include:.

Models to consider:
HD9980/50 A173HG55 F6294210HGPS6 W10376294
LIN369120 PSCRN835PSCCPVC400-S 0848-008-ACK-LCHOB00-275450 FM826-2332
M-B2540A 0769-180-KVH920883-1 M414049PKLP500000467 AGP-2.5
CBT-BG-1 DLC-869TXBW700 ROB28063TM194 GT9991888
VH817582 b723RCP1304BLA BEM800BSXLCM-825B P6071397
ng011 KTVC7BCAC90 HG252ROBR239 NBM-0501
BS-200G 3003STMGBBL605XL-17 G013APBRUSH8235 VX1000
KG25HOXMC SER3018SKL-22 RCP4466BLAPA-15 LIN370409
ARM-01-115V BL23107PPL-3R 0769-182-KDLC-2AWBC-1 MAR97-6155
ng011 KLP500000467VH920883-1 RCP4466BLARMB-7Q C48ELGLASS
VH844483 KSB9708904PSCRN835P HG252GR-F2035BY R3124X
ARM-01-115V M414049PEV932873 B25SCPS2021298 VH817582
00-760619-0000A AGP-2.5P6071397 W10376294CM-825B BBL605XL-17
KG25HOXMC HOB00-275450DLC-2AWBC-1 TM1940769-180-K HD9980/50
RCP1304BLA SS715CAC90 G013AVX1000 KB758SP
F6294210 GT9991888501-158B-01 A173M-B2540A BW700
BS-200G HG55HGPS6 PPL-3RROB28063 0848-008-ACK-LC
TM194 KG25HOXMCKTVC7B SS715KLP500000467 HOB00-275450
BS-200G VH844483PA-15 KSM85W10376294 PBRUSH8235
MAR97-6155 RT-FM2000HG252 VX1000PSCRN835P HG55
AGP-2.5 R3124X3003STMG CAC90HGPS6 G013A
RMB-7Q SKL-22LIN369120 W10508588ng011 HD9980/50
GR-F2035BY PSCRN835Pb723 BL23107P6071397 CBT-BG-1
F6294210 VOL38101M-B2540A 0769-180-KA173 KSB9708904
ROB59274 PPL-3RROBR239 KB758SPRCP4466BLA GT9991888
SCCPVC400-S SER3018FM826-2332 VH920883-100-760619-0000A C48ELGLASS


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