April 21, 2017

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  • 360 degree rotateable cartridge holder fits 10oz, 1/10 gal, and 300ml to 310ml cartridges
  • Auto-reverse feature helps reduce drips, waste, and clean-up
  • Set-and-Forget variable speed control for consistent flow rates and bead control
  • Tool delivers up to 650 pounds pushing force to dispense the highest viscosity adhesives and sealants
  • Comes with a 360 degree cartridge holder that fits both 10-ounce and 300-310 milliliter cartridges
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General description

This lasting, economical gun from DEWALT is ideal for heavy-responsibility caulking or sealant jobs. Able to manage the thickest adhesives without clogging, the DC545K gives up to 640 pounds of force for consistent, dependable results. To ensure optimum precision and control, simply set the variable speed and start working. And you will not have to worry about drips and messes, thanks to the auto-reverse electronic. For extra convenience, the DC545K gets its power from an 18-volt battery made to work with all of DEWALT’s line of 18-volt packs and tools, and comes with a 360-degree cartridge holder that fits 10-oz- and 300-310 milliliter cartridges.

Compare with similar products:

Newborn Follow Plate with Neoprene Seal, For 5 Gallon Straight/Tapered Buckets vs DC545-K

The Newborn FP-05 metal follow DC545K plate has a neoprene seal for helping to load Newborn Brothers bulk caulking gun models and may be used with 5-gallon straight or tapered buckets of caulk (sold individually). The follow plate is put in into a can of caulk and forms an air-tight seal, allowing the caulking gun to suck up the caulk. It measures 12″ in diameter with seal.

Newborn 150 Smooth Rod Revolving Frame ing, Fits 1/10 Gallon Cartridge, 12:1 Thrust Ratio

The Newborn 150 Smooth Rod Revolving Frame caulking gun has a steel revolving frame that fits 1/10-gal. Cartridges and has a 12:1 thrust percentage for use with low and medium viscosity materials like latex and silicone. The revolving frame lets the barrel to rotate for maintaining the same bead orientation when caulking around corners. The pressure rod is heat-treated to be longer lasting than standard pressure rods. The hook on the back lets it to hang on a ladder.

COX 63002 Berkshire 29-Ounce Cartridge Pneumatic

The COX jumbo air 100 psi pneumatic caulk gun is well-matched with a regular 29 oz. Cartridge. The gun is made with a drawn aluminum barrel and replaceable parts for durability. The cartridge plunger features piston rod action for efficiency, and the adjustable air regulator lets for consistent application with a maximum psi of 100.

PC Products 900550 Steel Dispensing ing, Stard 250 ml, Lime Green vs DC-545K

The PC merchandise steel dispensing caulking gun is intended to hold a 250-ml PC-Concrete epoxy cartridge and may be used with any sealant, sticky, or caulk with a coordinating standard cartridge size. The gun has a high thrust percentage applicator of 26:1 for thick adhesives and sealants. It’s made from steel for strength and durability. It has a thumb-release trigger for controlled application and a fitted ladder hook for hanging the gun when not used.

Cap CCY-2 Sealer (2 Pack)

The caulk cap seals your caulking air tight. Simply choose a caulking tube, cut tip to wanted bead size and use puncture pin to break the membrane inside the tube. When you’re done using the caulk simply seal by pressing your caulk cap on till snug. The caulk cap Works with smaller sticky tubes too, just take out the puncture pin. For use with fast-drying adhesives like liquid nails. Using the caulk cap seals tubes air tight so you may be able to use it again and again. Caulk cap is dedicated to accountable manufacturing. No harmful materials were used. Our merchandise and packaging are 100 recyclable.

COX 80400 Cordless 400 ml. Total System 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 & 10:1 Mix Ratios Battery Operated Epoxy Applicator vs DEWALT DC545K pricing

COX is the recognized world leader in quality caulk guns and epoxy applicators. We offer a large range of manual, pneumatic and battery powered models, all of which are stocked in Haslett, Michigan to ship to any point in Canada or the U. S. All merchandise in the COX line are made in-house at buildings in Haslett, Michigan and Newbury, England. Manufacturing processes adhere to rigid quality management, offering dependability and durability.

Newborn DR100N Dual-Component Variable Ratio Manual Applicator, 200 mL Cartridge, 18:1 Thrust Ratio vs DC-545-K

The Newborn DR100N dual- part variable percentage sticky applicator, also called a two-part or two-part applicator, can accommodate 200 mL epoxy cartridges in ratios of 1:1 and 2:1 and has a thrust percentage of 18:1 for use with high viscosity materials The easy-release gripping plate helps the changing of cartridges, and the cartridge stabilizing plate gives extra support for the cartridge.

90 Degree ing Tip – 100 Pack vs DEWALT DC545K review

90 Degree slip on caulking tip for the home improvement and construction industries. Fits most 10 oz and 28 oz caulking tubes. Fits most caulking guns. The 90 degree tip is made with a 1/8″ opening at the end tip, no have to cut the end of the tip. The tip is 2 3/4″ tall and 2″ from the center of the tube until the end of the tip to reach tight regions with out having to use your fingers.

Newborn Buddy Finishing Tool with 2 Caps

The Newborn Caulk friend CB-100 is a handheld plastic tool that will include a rubber tip for smoothing caulk after application, a fitted clip, and two extra caps, and can be used with Newborn skeleton-frame caulking guns 111, 112D, and 114D (sold individually). The fitted clip secures the tool to the caulking gun while dispensing caulk, and the tool will include a compartment to hold the two extra caps, which were used to seal partially used tubes of caulk. Newborn Brothers manufactures dispensers and accessories for use with sealants and adhesives. The company, founded in 1974, is headquartered in Jessup, MD.

Newborn 830A30 Dual Component Pneumatic Applicator, 2-1/2" Cylinder, for 300 mL x 300 mL Cartridges, 100 psi vs DEWALT DC545K price

The Newborn 830A30 dual-part pneumatic sticky applicator, also called a two-part or two part applicator, can accommodate 300 mL x 300 mL cartridges and has 100 psi of pressure for applying two-part epoxies and other adhesives. The 100 psi pressure lets the applicator to be used with high viscosity materials, and with a 2-1/2″-diameter cylinder, it has a nominal thrust of 490 lb. The adjustable air pressure regulator controls the flow of the material, and the air dump valve quickly stops the flow. A stabilizing plate helps hold the cartridges securely. Caulking guns, also called caulk or cartridge guns, dispense a controlled flow of merchandise like caulk, sealants, and adhesives from a tube or cartridge. A manual caulking gun consists of a frame which holds the tube, a trigger, and a rod which moves forward when the trigger is depressed, dispensing the product. Manual caulking guns have a thrust percentage; the higher the thrust percentage, the easier it’s to dispense the caulk, sealant, or sticky. Air-powered or pneumatic caulking guns have a frame and a trigger, however were used with an air pressure regulator that pushes the product from the tube using air pressure instead of a rod. Newborn Brothers Company, Inc. Manufactures sealant and sticky dispensers and accessories. The company was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Jessup, MD.

Little Red Cap Clam Shell Saving Cap, Red (Pack of 16)

C. A. P. Merchandise little red cap is an award winning design for capping tubes of caulk, wood glue, sealant, paint, or anything else on your shop counter that needs to be sealed and reused after it is opened. Little red cap also makes a perfect romex wire termination, air tool inlet and felt pen cap. The possibilities are limitless. Little red cap replaces that rusting nail or screw you have generally used to reseal caulk tubes. It also replaces those lost or leaking caps that let glue or chalk to spill in your tool kit or on your workbench. Little red cap is reusable caps to offer a convenient, clean, adaptable solution to your cap prerequisites.

Homax 4630 New Pneumatic II Spray Texture with Hopper vs DEWALT DC545K reviews

HOMAX PNEUMATIC II SPRAY TEXTURE GUN WITH HOPPER Applies interior wall and roof textures Sprays 16 texture patterns Use 3/4 HP compressor orlarger (min 2. 7 CFM 40 PSI) HVLP well-matched (min 80 CFM) 3 L Hopper II included or use with Pro Hopper (Catalog Id 1067487- not included) or pre- mixed textures (Catalog Id 17877 and 17878- not included.

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  4. DEWALT DC9182 18V XRP Lithium Ion Battery
  5. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC546B 18-Volt Cordless Adhesive Dispenser, 29-Ounce (Tool Only, No Battery)

Models to consider:
CG100 BB-45AST-405 2643-21CTETS2000 CB-100
XGC01ZB ETS2000DC547K 950-GTS258-4S 610AL
102D 1/10GL 2-U-LITEDM 400-01 CCY-2DP 400-85-10 CT31
HR300 P310GCH200 XGC01ZCPC500 CT31
PC12210S-6 A300HP624-GTS 41004-2TPL1558 CR400
FNS800NT FNS850250 1/10GL RT402111423-2BZ HR900
FT-88503 SH200DC546K MP2581400MR M200LVMR
A400LPMR H624641004-2T VR400A8341004-XT 830A30
188 1/10GL B12S20DR100N FPT-052641-21CT 930-GTD
B12S20 CP9885CT31 910-GTRBB-45 DR100N
41004-2T CR400CB-100 250 1/10GL2641-21CT 950-GTS
2-U-LITE HR300188 1/10GL MP25FT-88503 CCY-2
XGC01ZB DP 400-85-1081400MR 63002 BerkshireP310G PG110
RT4021 CT31CH200 610ALAST-405 SH200
A600HPS FNS850FNS800NT BC-HPS600-ABDM 400-01 FPT-05
11423-2BZ A300HP258-4S DC547K930-GTD ETS2000
PL1558 41004-2TGTEMB1 624-GTSM200LVMR 2643-21CT
VR400A83 102D 1/10GLHR900 A400LPMR2642-21CT FNS500
910-GTR PL1558ETS2000 2641-21CTAST-405 A400LPMR
63002 Berkshire 102D 1/10GLFT-88503 B12S20CT31 GTEMB1
CP9885 930-GTDVR400A83 830A30PG110 FNS800NT
DR100N 41004-2TETS2000 PC12210S-6BB-45 82600-L
RT4021 FNS850250 1/10GL CR40041004-XT M200LVMR
XGC01ZC 2-U-LITEDC546K DC600258-4S PC500
81400MR 41004-2TP310G FPT-05CH200 11423-2BZ
CCY-2 H6246BC-HPS600-AB FNS500A300HP CT31
MP25 CG100624-GTS 2643-21CT950-GTS SH200


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