April 21, 2017

DCS331B 20-Volt (DEWALT) actually has good reviews

Nov 19th 2017
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General description

The DEWALT DCS331B 20V MAX Jig Saw offers an all-metal lever-action keyless blade change which lets for fast and easy blade changes, with an all-metal keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0Degree, 15Degree, 30Degree and 45Degree that gives versatility for easy bevel cutting. The 4-position orbital action gives control of cut quality and speed, and an adjustable dust blower keeps line of cut clear of chips. It features variable speed of 0-3,000 spm (strokes per minute) for versatility in a mass of materials and applications, with an anti-slip comfort grip for increased comfort and control. This jig saw accepts T-shank jig saw blades for professional results. Will include: DCS331 Jig Saw, and jig saw blade. This is a bare tool item (battery sold individually).

Recent reviews of DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw:

I find myself doing small to medium sized construction projects around the home about four to six times a year. About five years ago, I built a new deck and terrace behind our home and invested in DeWalt’s 20 volt premium cordless kit DCK592L2 (I transitioned over from last DeWalt, Skil and Milwaukee corded tools). I have put those 20 volt tools to the test many times over and found them to be of superior quality. The only major item missing from that kit was a nice high end jigsaw (because at that time, DeWalt hadn’t still released a jigsaw in their 20 volt line). In late 2011, they released the DCS331 20 volt jigsaw,, then the DCS331B in late 2012. (there are only minor differences between the two models) About two years ago, I refurbished the master bedroom closet for the wife and added some additions to my son’s treehouse, and needed a jigsaw for its capability to make rounded cuts. I ordered the DCS331B and have put it to use now for more than two years with excellent results. I can say without a doubt, this is the finest jigsaw I have ever owned or used. It’s a nice unit which weighs about 5 1/2 pounds (2. 5 kg) and possesses a multi-speed trigger, tool less blade exchange and easy bevel setting. I’m not easily impressed, particularly over things like tools, however this DCS331B reeks high quality and goes well beyond the normal quality of a common Harry Homeowner type tool. I think any professional freelancer who may need this some number of hours each day could be pleasantly surprised with this unit. The variable speed trigger lets you to ramp up to 3000 rpms (50 Hz) if you need it. And that’s nice, because it makes going through treated lumber a breeze. There’s also a side vent blower which largely helps with surface clearance as you make a cut.

I have cut and ripped 8" 3/4 tongue and groove pine boards for the complete roof and all walls of an 800 square foot cabin nearly entirely using this saw. I have a chop saw sitting in the center of the major room, however this cuts so smooth I haven’t used the other saw. I just ran a line with a square and free handed every cut with the jig saw. Functions best on a full battery, however I can run them down to 1 bar and still have lots of juice to make the cuts. Long ripping cuts will drain batteries faster, however I can keep a 2 battery rotation and never have any down time in a work day when working alone. In the course of building this cabin I have had to hit the saw with a blast of air 1 time to clean it out (blade was jumping out of lock). But that is the only hitch I have encountered. Since I am using it where I should be using a chop, table, or round saw and it keeps on trucking I can honestly say if it blew up tomorrow I could go purchase another one. For cutting in fixtures and around doors it is awesome. Great tool.

I bought mine at Lowe’s while I was installing laminate flooring in my house. This is hands down, the single best jig saw I have ever used. I picked up the bare tool because I already own two other DeWalt 20V tools – a drill and an oscillating tool – so I did not need any more batteries or chargers. My initial impression was just wow, this is a well built, top quality tool, intended for daily use. It’s tough, it is really easy to change blades and change the bevel angle and, it is also easy to control the cutting speed with the trigger. It is just one of those tools that feels perfect in your hand from the moment you pick it up. I have two 1. 5 Ah and one 2. 0 Ah battery with two chargers and I am blown away by both how long they last, and how quickly they charge. I have never timed it but, I’d say it most likely does not take more than maybe 30-45 min to recharge a dead battery, give or take. I just put the batteries on the charger at the end of the day and they’re typically completely charged by the time I have cleaned up. I have been impressed with the tools – money well spent imho.

Compare with similar products:

Bosch JS572EL 1 Top-Handle With L-BOXX 2 vs DCS331-B

Bosch JS572EL Jig Saw exudes DCS331B best-in-class power, durability, and precision. The robust cast magnesium footplate and industrial design can withstand the toughest jobsite conditions, as well as a drop that causes the tool to land on a footplate arm. The precision and accuracy of this jig saw makes it perfect for any do-it-yourselfer or professional. With a 7. 2Amp motor and excellent counterbalancing, the Bosch JS572EL top-handle jigsaw gives the user with more power and versatility to get the job done quickly and proficiently.

Bosch JS572EK 7.2 Amp Top-Handle Kit

The Bosch JS572EK Top-Handle Jig Saw gives excellent cut precision, thanks to the groundbreaking Precision Control II double-roller system. This construction minimizes blade deflection for true, exact cuts. Woodworkers and kitchen and bath installers are among the many user groups that will appreciate the best-in-class 7. 2 amp motor and variable-speed control. This jig saw is an excellent choice for curve-cutting and scallop-cutting and other cuts in a large array of materials. Built with an aluminum gear box with an insulated cover, this jig saw has a state-of-the art counterbalancing system for low vibration and Constant answer circuitry for consistent speed under load. It has a big die-cast aluminum footplate with tool-free modification for fast-and-easy bevel modifications. It also has LED lighting and a dust blower for max cut-line visibility. The jig saw has a toolless blade-change system. The multidirectional blade clamp gives superior grip of T-shank blades. (Bosch jig saws don’t accept U-shank blades. ) Kit will include: (1) JS572 Jig Saw; (3) Assorted Jig Saw Blades; (1) Anti-Splinter put; (1) Plastic Shoe; (1) Carrying Case.

Bosch Bare-Tool JSH180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion

The Bosch JSH180 lithium-ion 18-Volt jig saw is compact and lightweight. Its T-shank blade change system lets the user to put the blade just without the need for any tools, and when it is time for a blade change, a turn of handle ejects the blade, so there’s no have to touch a hot blade. This jig saw includes an generally-on blower and integrated LED light for improved visibility in the cutting area. The sophisticated electronics package will include Electronic Motor Protection (EMP), which guards the motor against overload and assures a long lifetime and the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) guards the battery (sold individually) against overload, overheating and deep discharge. Battery and charger sold individually.

SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser vs DCS-331B

If power and precision are important in your woodworking projects, then this jig saw is for you. The 4-position orbital cut control allows you to set the kind of cut wanted, from fast to smooth. Cut lines will be on point with the fitted laser guide. A distinctive stable foot design gives more control when starting a cut so ragged cuts are a thing of the past. So go ahead, take your projects to the next level with the help of our 6. 0 amp orbital action laser jig saw, model 4495-02.

2" Mini Cut-off with 300 Blackout Case Cutting and Trimming

The Reloadimizer Jig can be used to change military. 223/5. 56 caliber brass cases into 300 Blackout caliber cases. This is a complete cutting system complete with the Anaconda 919 saw, finger guard, leveler and depth stop/front shield. Cases are placed at the right end of the jig and held in place with your finger behind the guard while the saw is lowered to make the cut. The next case pushes the cut cases down the chute, beyond the saw into a bin or can on the floor. Complete information are included. The length of cut is adjustable to perfectly fit in your resizing die. It also works for 300 Whisper and 338 Whisper II calibers. The jig is made by Reloadimizer Co. LLC in the USA. The Anaconda saw is a product of China. One year maker restricted warranty is included. The saw can be orange or black in color.

Bundle 2 Items: Black & Decker KS900EK 600-watt Pendulum, 2, Acucraft Acupwr Plug Kit WILL NOT WORK IN USA/CANADA OUTLETS

This Black & Decker KS900EK 600-watt Pendulum Jigsaw is a top of the line product. It comes with many great features like Dust Management, Pendulum system which increases cutting speed, adjustable tool free correct beveling shoe with predetermined angle display. This product is for abroad Use Only and we’ll supply our exclusive (ACUCRAFT ACUPWR Plug Kit – Lifetime Warranty).

PORTER-CABLE PC600JS 6 Amp Orbital vs DCS-331-B

With a 4-position orbital lever and a 7-position speed dial, the PORTER-CABLE PC600JS jig saw gives best cutting performance and versatility. Its 6. 0 A heavy-responsibility motor handles tough applications while powering variable speeds from 0-3200 strokes per minute, optimizing cutting in many materials and different applications. Other features are simple tool-free bevel modifications at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees, keyless blade change, and a lock-on button. Cast shoe with protecting cover improves accuracy when cutting soft materials. LED light illuminates the cutting surface.

Black & Decker BDEJS300C, 4.5-Amp

The Black & Decker BDEJS300C 4. 5amp Jig Saw features a 4. 5 amp motor which gives lots of power to finish tough tasks. It offers variable speeds of up to 3,000 SPM to help make fast cuts through wood, metal or plastic. Different applications. It also has a new and improved Wire Guard Sightline channel that improves visibility to cut line and helps with cutting accuracy. This jigsaw has a compact handle and a lightweight body for easy maneuvering and reduced vibration. The base plate tilts to let bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees. It has a fast-clamp that lets for tool-free blade changes, and an adjustable shoe helps maintain cutting stability. It includes a dust blower that assists to preserve cut line visibility and keeps saw dust out of your work area.

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Amp Orbital

The PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6 amp Orbital Jig Saw is intended with a 7 position speed dial (0-3200 rpm) integrated into the trigger which gives many speed settings for best cutting results. The 6 Amp motor delivers more power in calling for applications, and the 4 orbital settings supply best cutting performance in a range of materials. It offers a lock-on button that gives easier control throughout prolonged use, and help to diminish user fatique, with an oversized front and handle overmold that supply greater control and comfort throughout use. This jig saw also offers tool-free blade change to make blade replacements fast and easy and minimize down time.

Bosch 1581AVSK Top Handle Kit

The Bosch 1581AVSK top-handle jig saw features four-position orbital action, which matches the blade stroke to the work part and cutting task, while the top handle with variable-speed trigger gives extra control. Also, the blade-change system requires one screwdriver, and the dust blower keeps your line of cut clear. The adjustable steel footplate tilts left and right and retracts to let the user to cut close to vertical surfaces. Will include case, three blades, and an anti-splintering put. Features Powerful 5 amp motor, 500 to 3,100 strokes per minute Exclusive multidirectional blade clamp system for superior blade hold Low-vibration design assures very smooth operation 4-stage orbital action changes blade motion to go with work part and cutting task Low-position roller guide assures blade stability and exact cutting 3-position dust blower Variable-speed control dial sets maximum speed and trigger and controls operating speed Double-insulated, UL-listed, complies to OSHA Adjustable steel footplate plans ranking: 120 volts AC Amps: 5 amps No-load strokes per minute: 500 to 3,100 spm Stroke length: 1 inch Length: 10. 6 inches Weight: 5. 5 lbs. Cutting capacity, aluminum: 3/4 inch Cutting capacity, light steel: 3/8 inch Cutting capacity, plastics: 1-1/4 inches Cutting capacity, stainless steel: 1/8 inch Cutting capacity, wood: 3-3/8 inches will include 3 assorted blades Footplate modification hex key Anti-splintering put Blade-locking screwdriver Carrying case Warranty This Bosch power tool comes with a one-year restricted warranty from the date of buy.

Bosch JSH180-01-RT 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion (Certified Refurbished)

This is a factory reconditioned product. Reconditioned usually means that the product was returned to the maker, who brings the product back to like new condition. Some merchandise may contain cosmetic blemishes. Will include 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Jigsaw – JSH180-01-RT, (2) 18V Lithium-Ion FatPack Batteries, 1-Hour Charger, Carrying Bag.

Bosch JS572EBK 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Kit

The Bosch JS572EBK Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit gives a tool with an upgraded upfront soft-grip area; it has the smallest circumference in its class. Thanks to the groundbreaking Precision Control II double-roller system, it has remaining cut accuracy, which minimizes blade deflection. Woodworkers and kitchen and bath installers are among the many user groups will appreciate the best-in-class 7. 2 amp motor and variable-speed control. Built with an aluminum gear box with an insulated cover, this jig saw comes with a counterbalancing system for low vibration and Constant answer circuitry for consistent speed under load. It has a big die-cast aluminum footplate with tool-free modification for fast and easy bevel modifications. It also has LED lighting and a dust blower for max cut-line visibility and a toolless blade-change system. The multidirectional blade clamp gives superior grip of T-shank blades. (Bosch jig saws don’t accept U-shank blades. ) Kit will include: (1) JS572 Jig Saw; (3) Assorted Jig Saw Blades; (1) Anti-Splinter put; (1) Plastic Shoe; (1) Carrying Case.

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Models to consider:
JIG-350 KS900EKJS651L BDJSE600CJS660 DW317KR
JSH180B P523CJ18DLP4 DCS331M1R8831B JS120BN
ZRR3101 DW317SARZ150030 PC600JSBSH180BL XVJ03
JS572EK PS 300 EQCP7901K XVJ03ZZRJS481LG PD567856
1581AVSK DC330BVJ01ZW PC18JSJSH180-01 VJ04R1
DC330B BDCJS20BPCC650B PC600JSRZ150030 JS470E
KS900EK JS120BNRK7321 JS120BNDW317 ZRJS481LG
4350FCT 4351FCTPD567856 JS260ZRJS481LG K5MS
JSH180B JIG-350JSH180BL CJ90VSTP523 JS660
P523 P102 P118 PS 300 EQJS365 VJ04R1CJ18DLP4 CP7901K
PCE345 DW317SADCS331M1 1581AVSKZRR3101 XVJ03Z
PCE345 KS900EKRZ150030 ZRJS481LGJS660 JSH180B
BDEJS300C PC600JSCJ18DGLP4 CP7901KR8831B ZRR3101
JS365 JS572EBLDCS331BR ZRR31014295-RT JS470E
DJV180Z JSH180BLDW331KR 4329KDW317 P523
4350FCT K5MSPS 300 EQ JS670VDC330K P523 P102 P118
DCS331M1 DC330BDW317R JV0600KBDJSE600C JSH180-01
XVJ02Z RK7321BJV180 PCC650BJIG-350 DW331K


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