April 21, 2017

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  • DEWALT brushless motor delivers up to 57 more run time over brushed
  • Universal accessory adaptor for use with most oscillating tool accessory brands
  • Contractor bag, 2.0 Ah battery, and charger included
  • 28-Piece DEWALT accessory kit with storage box includes popular cutting and sanding attachments
  • Quick-Change accessory system allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches
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General description

DEWALT(R)’s 20V oscillating multi-tool is very useful, with functions that vary from sanding to sawing to cutting. The brushless motor delivers up to 57 more run time than equivalent brushed motors. The oscillating tool guide system lets users to set the depth and height for a series of cuts. When you work in black regions, the bright LED light makes it simple to work precisely. If you want a tool that can handle any task you throw at it, this 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit will do the job.

Recent reviews of DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit:

I bought this tool as an upgrade to a Rockwell Sonicrafter that I have had for almost four years. The Sonicrafter was good, however I was now looking for a Dewalt cordless. The 1st thing you’ll notice is the unit isn’t light. But it’s well balanced and easy to control, so the weight should not be an issue. I really like the spring-loaded fast release system for changing blades. The fast-release lever does put your hand a little close to the variable speed switch, however this wasn’t a problem for me. People with big hands (my gloves are all medium) may want to see this unit in person before purchasing it. I’m happy with all of my Dewalt tools and this one is no exemption. I used it to cut through some drywall and also some plastic garage tile. It performed great, just like I thought it could. If you need a multi-tool, think about ditching the cord and take a long hard look at this one. May 3, 2014 Update – I used the multi-tool today for some hours to tear out some 3/4″ drywall in my basement. One side of the wall had two layers of drywall and the multi-tool worked well. If you plan on using the tool for a days worth of work and you do not have any other 20-volt tools, you may want to purchase at least one extra battery. I think the battery lasted for 30 to 35 minutes before it needed recharged. Here is the caution – My local Home Depot and Lowe’s do not sell this tool or the Dewalt blades (I guess that is not a surprise that they do not sell the blades). Do not believe it when other brands of blades say they’re common fit. I bought a “common fit” Dremel drywall blade and it didn’t fit. There are two small tabs at the inside of the flared opening that prevented the blade from fitting. I took a Dewalt blade with me and compared it to a Sonicrafter blade and the openings looked same. The Sonicrafter blade did fit, however it was some a struggle putting it on and taking it off.

I am lucky, I am in my 20’s and as I go about buying all of my powertools for the 1st time, I am able to invest heavily in the DeWalt 20V MAX line of tools. I own most of the useful ones as well as reciprocating saw, brushless hammer drill, brushless affect driver, and some others as well as their poor excuse for a radio haha. I went to do some work on my car some weeks ago and bought the 20V MAX grinder / cutoff tool. As I went online to research the tool some more I learned about the 20V MAX Oscillating Multi-Tool. I’d never used one before so I viewed some YouTube videos and did my research. It sure as heck sounded like it’d be worth the money. It sure beats purchasing a sander, metal saw, drywall saw, caulk putty knife, and a jigsaw. So I have but this bad boy to work over the past 2 weeks and it ROCKS. Projects list:- I own the DeWalt drywall jab knife and reciprocating saw. I have used both in the past for drywall fix and not knowing any better, they have done just good. Well, I just used the DeWalt 20V MAX Oscillating tool to do two drywall cutouts and it is amazing. The simplest and cleanest cut I have had still with smooth edges.- After drywalling I had to sand. I have used a hand sander in the past and it works just good. But I have really had to sand pretty hard over some regions where I used too much putty on the walls. So I have decided to give the 20V MAX tool a attempt. What a breeze to sand. And it does not take off too much either, you have excellent control depending on the variable speed trigger and how much pressure you put on the tool. – While I was working in a client’s house installing their TV, they saw me sanding their wall with the 20V MAX Multi-tool. My client, a 50ish year old woman, liked the tool and commented on it.

I am a picky person and I have been through half dozen multi tools I have settled on a Fein 250q Fein 350q and the Dewalt dcs355. I 1st bought a Rockwell F50 and loved it and rated high and I could have kept it if it was not that I had the chance at both Fein’s for almost no money. I also bought a PC 3 amp and took it back a Dewalt corded variant and liked it but took it back when I bought this one. Pro’s no cord good power well-matched batteries with the rest of my Dewalt XR 20 volt system. Veryyyyyyy longgggggg batteryyyyyyy lifeeeeeeee. On occasion I feel a bunny with a bass drum is going to come out. No excuse not to do home projects since there is really no set up time and annoyance of running a power cord. Fast change outsCon’s it is deafening, no excuse not to do home projects since there is really no set up time and annoyance of running a power cord. A bit more blade slap due to fast change system also brands that use closed end or a narrow opening won’t fit QC but they’ll still work. I do not own stock in either Dewalt or Amazon they do not pay for reviews That said I have nothing to get for my opinion but you may. If this tool dies tomorrow this review will change so you may be able to say the honeymoon is on. All the reviews ranking this tool badly you really have to doubt. Some man said it did not get a belt clip and some man said other brand bits did not work. One man claims it was too deafening and burning out the blades faster. 1st I like to say is do you see a belt clip in the picture? I did not see 1 million dollars either so am I supposed to have rated it badly because I did not get either.

Compare with similar products:

Fein FSC vs DEWDCS355-D1

Supercuts Edition no fast change DEWDCS355D1 Caulking Set comprise of 1 FSC 2. 0 Caulking cutter plus 5 – 63903117 blades and 1639031116 blade and caring case. High performance motor, high quality parts, remaining ergonomics. The Fein Supercuts is a distinctive, premium performance system for building and renovation. Fast, strong, versatile and lasting, it not only makes your work go 350 faster, it meets the toughest tool demands. Exceptional know-how, that translates into big benefits for building trades and business. The Fein Supercuts Caulking set is the ideal tool for sealant fix. Safe, easy elimination of faulty adaptable sealants in above and below ground construction. The system may also be used for sealants containing hazardous material. This is the tool for the professional who wants to get there work done faster with precision. A high quality, lasting power tool that will assist make you more profit.

Rockwell RK5102K SoniCrafter Deluxe 72-Piece Tool

This tool makes fast work of the toughest jobs in remodeling, carpentry installation, fix, crafting, and more. The SoniCrafter utilizes microsonic oscillation to create a high-frequency action that makes sawing, sanding, scraping, cutting, rasping, and dozens of other projects easy. This kit will include the SoniCrafter unit, 30 sanding sheets, sanding pad, 30 finger sanding sheets, finger sanding pad, two polishing pads, semicircle saw blade, common end cut blade, carbide grit semicircle blade, triangular carbide grit rasp, scraper, hex wrench, and a carrying case.

Bosch MX25EC-21 2.5-Amp Multi-X Tool

Dust Collection – decreases clean-up time and gives cleaner, safer air for user. Removable Nose part – Quickly removes for flush surfacing. Replaceable Brush Ring – Low cost maintenance vs. Competition. Totally tool free. Well-matched with 1364 12 in. Cutoff Grinder. Bosch Air sweep Vacuum well-matched – Plug and play without using adaptors.

Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper- Ultimate Remodeling Tool vs DEWDCS-355D-1

The Dremel Velocity VC60 is the power tool that bridges the gap between conventional oscillating tools and rough-cutting tools, like reciprocating saws and round saws. The Velocity tool lets you to tackle bigger jobs that other conventional oscillating tools can not. With a powerful 7. 0 AMP motor, an integrated control foot, 5 degrees of oscillation angle and a newly intended, patented drive system, users can now feel confident about making long and correct cuts quickly in a range of materials. Velocity is a two position tool; with the control foot open, the tool is great for making long, correct cuts in panel materials and with the control foot closed, the tool is a high-powered conventional oscillating tool best for any cutting, scraping, sanding, grinding or grout elimination application. The Velocity is an ideal tool for professional remodelers who want a fast-cutting, low dust tool to get through a range of materials for any indoor job, like a bathroom or kitchen remodel. It is also great for the home holders who want one tool that does it all, rather than spending money on many tools to cut plywood, drywall, conduit, PVC pipe, 2 x 4 and tile backer throughout home repairs.

Grizzly H5783 Extra Canister

Substitute canister for Grizzly G0548 and G0562 Dust Collectors. Filter is spun bond polyester and lets filtering to 1 micron with minimal loss of dust collector performance. Features a fitted filter cleaning system. Canister Filter Diameter: 19-5/8″ Canister Filter Length: 23-5/8″. Simply turn the handle on the top a half turn in either direction to clean the canister. The handle control three flappers inside and shakes the dust from the filter letting the good dust fall directly into the collection bag, Filter is spun bond polyester and lets filtering to 1 micron with minimal loss of dust collector performance. Features a fitted filter cleaning system. Canister Filter Diameter: 19-5/8″ Canister Filter Length: 23-5/8″.

Bosch PS50-2A 12-Volt Max Multi-X Tool Cutting with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case

The Bosch Max Multi-X 12-Volt Cordless Oscillating Tool Kit features a powerful motor to deliver corded performance in a cordless tool with no self-discharge. It offers variable speed of 5,000 – 20,000 RPM, and is well-matched with both Bosch- and Fein accessories (not included). Ideal for cutting, sanding and other applications in a host of materials, this tool will include a battery, charger and case. 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries for Long-Lasting Power. The PS50-2A uses 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion batteries with unmatched battery runtime and a 400- -longer lifetime than conventional lithium-ion batteries. In fact, two battery packs should let you to do main applications without down-time. Lithium-Ion batteries are the most advanced lithium-ion batteries available today. They let more battery charges and supply longer run time without memory effect – meaning the batteries don’t have to be empty before charging. The batteries may also be taken out of the charger before charging is complete. Other benefits include: considerably less self discharge; electronic cell protection that guards against overheating, overload, and deep discharge; and no loss of power from the 1st to last screw or hole. Best of all, these batteries will completely charge in 30 minutes and will be at 85 capacity in just 15 minutes. Handles a Range of Applications and Materials for True Versatility. Versatile and adaptable, the PS50-2A offers corded performance for cutting, sanding, and a range of other tasks. It is suited for use with soft wood, hardwood, metal, drywall, and plastic, and it creates less dust than most other sanders. For extra convenience, when used with the adaptor, it is well-matched with most accessories. Compact, Well-Balanced Design for Easy Handling. Measuring just 10. 9 by 2. 32 inches (LxH) and weighing only 2. 12 pounds, the PS50-2A easily fits in tight spaces and corners when sanding or cutting. The plastic nose prevents marks on work pieces, and the ergonomic des.

Bon 12-399 120 Volt Electric Speedy Screed vs DEWDCS-355-D-1

Bon’s electric speedy screed attaches quickly to your screed board, up to 16-Foot wood board, or up to 20-Foot aluminum or magnesium boards. Works faster than manual screed board and lets a drier concrete to be poured. Comes with 8-Foot of electric cord and a remote switch. Runs on 120 volt AC 50/60 HZ 2 amps. One speed selection.

Dynabrade 57550 Diameter Palm-Style Rotary Buffer, 3-Inch 76mm

The Dynabrade Difference: Dedicated to exceeding the expectations of customers, through the groundbreaking design of the highest quality abrasive power tools. MADE IN USA proudly displayed on every pneumatic tool package. Top research and development team dedicated to novelty and improvement. Complete in-house staff of industrial engineers. Unmatched buyer service department offering personal, professional service. World sales team of abrasive power tool EXPERTS, dedicated to solutions. Complete service and fix program handled by trained pneumatic tool technicians. Unmatched marketing support will include highest-quality product catalog and sales literature, plus interactive company web site. Expansive nationwide tradeshow schedule puts our product in customers’ hands. We build LASTING RELATIONSHIPS with our business partners. To contact our buyer service representatives, call our toll-free number at 1-800-828-7333.

Grizzly H3243 4-Inch Vise Brake

These must be the slickest and cheapest way to bend sheet metal. The dies mount into your vise and are held magnetically. Slide your sheet metal in and bend by tightening the vise The press fingers are sectional and may be removed allowing small boxes to be made. Great crafter’s tool Size: 4″.

MTP Tm 10 Coarse/ Fine Tooth Wide Quick Release Universal Fit Multi Tool Multitool Saw Blade for Craftsman Bolt-on Mm20 Rockwell Hyper

Bosch Multi-X, MX30EC-21, MX25EC-21 Multi-X, MX25EK-33 Multi-X, MX30EL-37 Multi-X, PMF 180E, PS50-2A Multi-X, PS50-2B Multi-X Black and Decker (tool free) Craftsman Nextec Multi Tool, screw-on 20V Multi-tool Chicago/Harbor Freight Multi Tool: Cougar Dremel Multi-Max – All Model, Except fast Release MM40, MM45, Driving Force EINHELL Falke Tool Mate Fein Multimaster Tools Fein AFMM 14, Fein FMM 250 Q,Fein FMM 250 Q-MS, Fein MOX 6-25 Pneumatic, Ferm Zwolle Holland Genesis Multi-function Oscillating Tool HARDIN AZ318-2 250W Haussmann 5-in-1 Multi-function Tool Ideenshop IIT King Canada Oscillating Multi-Tool Makita Mastercraft Oscillating Multi-Tool Master Mechanic Matrix MEEC Tools Millarco prof Milwaukee Multi-Tool Ozito Performax Porter Cable Power Craft Power Duro Pro-Line Ridgid Jobmax Ryobi Rockwell Sonicrafter Hyperlock RK5140K, RK5139K, X2, 12V common fit system, 2. 3amp Shopseries (this blade don’t direct in to old sonicrafter non-hyperlock sytem, adapter need) Rock Worth Samona Multi Tool Secco Skil Mulit-tool TradeMaster Task Force TopCraft Westfalia Work Best Voss.

Bosch Bare-Tool PS50BN 12-Volt Tool with Insert Tray

About the PS50BN Bosch’s PS50BN is ideal for cutting, sanding, and other applications. It’s made to manage materials like soft wood, hard wood, dry wall, plastic and metal. Thhis oscillating tool is cordless, making finding a plug in an inconvienence of the the past. The PS50BN is well-matched with most Bosch and Fein accessories and doesn’t self-discharge. The PS50BN will include the oscillating Multi-X bare tool and Exact-Fit put tray only and the battery and L-BOXX are sold individually. Bosch’s Click & Go System Now more than ever, today’s professional freelancers, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, and installers alike know that time is money. Studies point to that professionals can improve productivity by decreasing time spent searching for tools, sorting through their trucks, and organizing supplies. The Bosch Click & Go system lets users to proficiently manage, store and transport their tools and accessories.

Fein Quick-In FSC 2.0Q-IS Interior Set

Flush Cut Saw11, 000 to 18, 500 No Load Strokes/Minute, 3. 3 Amps 120V, Voltage 120, Cutting Capacity 2 In. Tool Length 9-3/4 In. Tool Weight 2. 8 lb. Cord Length 16 ft. Features Electronic Speed Control, Hexagonal Tool Mount, Metal Gear Head, and 400 Watt, Application Wood, Plastic, and Non Ferrous Metals.

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  2. DEWALT DWA4214 Oscillating Multi-Material Blade
  3. DEWALT DWA4220 Oscillating Fastcut Carbide Grout Removal Blade
  4. DEWALT Dwa4218 Oscillating Flexible Scraper Blade
  5. DEWALT Dwa4217 Oscillating Rigid Scraper Blade
  6. DEWALT DWA4207 Wide Oscillating Fastcut Wood Blade

Models to consider:
MT-04 MX25EK-3311416N MB3MMM20-07 PCE605K
PS50BN PHV1425D10SC300 PCE606KH2871 G0557
GMT15A US40-03OS 400 CD15PS50B G7064
SKC120202LB6 FMM 250Q TopH8029 MX30EK-33T25100 H3245
SS5121 acv705RK5151K H5695YW00302302 DM230
GOP18V-28N MX30EC-21H3243 FMM 250Q STARTRK5132K PS50-2A-RT
H3099 MXH180BMX25EC-21 quick 44mm 9MTJ019 FSC 2.0Q BASIC
ABN 8343(10PK) R9020PNKH7769 BD200MTBMMA1110 BTB30
K760 PU-047040CR201R-PR FMM 250Q BASICH5783 MM3003
H2871 RK2863KRK5102K VC60-01H3243 YW00302302
3SC300 MB3MT25100 MM4005PS50-2A PCE606K
MXH180BL-RT G0557BTB30 MM30-04MM3003 SS5121
SKC120202LB6 acv705G7065 PCE605K52H8029 MX30EK-33
H7769 DWE315KR9020PNK DM230PCE605K T20543
MX25EC-21 PHV1425DMX30EK-35 PS50-2BFSC 2.0Q BASIC ZRP340
114-OSC38 PS50-2A-RTK760 T25101quick 4d PF1EV
DCS355B FKB11310SC300 MA0000360D30BH5695 FMM 250Q Top
ABN 8343(10PK) GOP18V-28NMX25EK-33 MX30EL-37PS50B RK5151K
H3243 MX25EC-21MM30-04 MMA1110MX25EK-33 MT-04
MX30EL-37 FKB113H2871 3SC300RK5102K H5783
SS5121 PS50-2AVC60-01 SRT2MXH180B T25100
MM4005 114-OSC38PCE606K ABN 8343(10PK)G1646 MX30EK-33
11416N CR201R-PRMM30-01 MX30EK-35H3099 DM230
H8029 MTJ019PS50B G0557GMT15A T20543
FSC 2.0Q BASIC MB3MPHV1425D H3245MM3003 E3-12BL
quick 44mm 9 MX30EC-21RK5101K DCS355BCD15 PU-047040


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