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Nov 20th 2017
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  • Dual Power brushes with 12 cleaning rows pull deep dirt out of carpet
  • Heatwave Technology helps maintain consistent water temperature while cleaning
  • Pet Hair Basket makes it easy trap and throw away pet hair and debris
  • Stain Trapper tool keeps pet messes in the self-contained tool and out of the machine
  • Innovative Cleanshot Trigger directs the formula directly at stains for targeted stain removal
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Recent reviews of BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 36Z9:

Over the past 12 years or so, I have owned three carpet cleaners – one by Hoover and two by Bissell. This cleaner replaced our 1st Bissell, which while it did a better job (I believe) than the Hoover wasn’t almost as good as this one. Our 1st Bissell (a ProHeat 2x) gave up the fight after five years of average abuse and refused to do anything, so we had to swiftly replace it since we have two cats and a dog, and were to get prepared to move. Now that I have the introductions out of the way, let me tell you what we love about this Bissell in comparison to our last. 1. The bigger tank lets us to clean more carpet before refilling. 2. The heater looks to have gone through some marked enhancements, as the water stays hot for the complete time the machine is in use. Possibly this was a faulty part on our old machine, however we love the improvement still. 3. The hair basket looks to work great for us. Some still gets past it, however most of it’s caught – eliminating the fear of clogging a drain and having to play in the dirty water to take off the clog. 4. The brushes do a better job of agitating tough spots. 5. And, the suction is stronger, making faster work out of what was really time consuming before and leaving our carpets a little drier. In comparison to my old Hoover, well, our old Bissell beat it by performance. One thing I did like about my old Hoover although was the two tanks – one for clean water/chemical and the other for dirty water. That did make it easier to fill and empty. I would not essentially call Bissell’s design messy, however it sucks when your dirty water needs to be emptied still the clean water still has a little left.

I have 2 dogs and a 3 year old daughter that like to make my carpets a mess. I have used some number of different carpet cleaners over the years and for this review I’m primarily comparing my experience with my present 4 year old Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner. Pros: This product was easy to assemble, it took about 10 minutes. The Heating System keeps the water from the tank hot during the procedure Cleanshot works great for pre-treating stained regions The pet hair collector is a great idea, however only caught a small percentage of the pet hair Edgesweep allowed me to get really close to the baseboards The 12 rows of Powerbrushes work well. My carpets look nice and sparkling clean. All of the stains were removed. Cons: The carpet was very wet after extracting the water. I tested the extraction by pouring two pitchers of water into the clean water bladder and adding the soap. After cleaning the area and using all of the water in the bladder, I poured the dirty water back into the pitcher. The pitcher was full. So there were 1 & pitchers of water left in my carpet. Clearly caused by the residual water it took a long time to dry. It could have been useful for my use when there were settings for heavy, light cleaning or clean water to rinse. I vacuumed before using this machine. There were clumps of hair left all over the carpet that had accumulated underneath the unit. But, I was impressed with the amount of hair it really pulled from my carpet. I projected the Pet Hair Collector to work better but the unit did bring up lots of hair. I favor to have a separate detergent/soap tank.

For reference, this is my 3rd steam cleaner. I have now had this Bissell, and two Hoover units. I have a big ( big) short haired dog so a steam cleaner that’s easy to use and efficient is essential to keeping the carpet and room where he hangs out clean. Here are the pros and cons of the Bissell as I see them. Pros: big water tank/reservoir. A bigger tank means you are stopping to refill the machine less which is useful but also comes with drawbacks that I will talk about in cons. Dual spinning brushes. Like a conventional vacuum’s spinning beater brush but this unit has a two for that extra cleaning power. I felt like it did a great job in this regard. On-board heat. Hot water cleans better and dries faster, pure and simple, so this is a nice extra. (Admittedly hard to say just how much heat it adds but my toes were warm the complete cycle. ) Easy to assemble, (although admittedly all the machines I have used were easy to assemble. ) On board accessory storage and lots of accessories as well as a two hand brushes (one for those messes you’d favor not going through the whole system). Included cleaning solution – but remember it is really just a sample and for any amount of serious cleaning you’ll have to purchase more before starting. Cons: Heavy. Back to that big tank – more water means a heavier unit. Single water unit. Most units come with a tank for clean and a tank for dirty water. This unit uses a bladder system to keep the clean water separated from the dirty in the same tank. Distinctive and smart, however it also make emptying the tank a ache as it was hard to pour out and not dribble it everywhere.

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The Corby 7700 removes wrinkles 36Z9 from your pants and refreshes a smart crease, through a light pressing and heating action. This press has a beautiful and hard-wearing satin chrome effect finish. The Corby Pants Press is made in England and was refined over 80 years of development and you may be rest guaranteed with a 3-year maker’s warranty.

Stain Blaster Car and Upholstery Stain and Odor Remover with Extra Strength Car Stain Remover, Advanced Stain Remover and Odor Remover,

Turn Yourself Into A Clean Master Keep Your House clean From Top To Bottom. Are carpet stains the only thing that you can not deal with in your house? Are you sick and tired of spending a small fortune purchasing new mats and upholsteries or on cleaning businesses? Luckily, now you have a better alternative. Fight Against Stains With The Strongest Available Weapon: Stain Blaster. The particularly intended formula of this product has time tested for more than 30 years, and it can give you the excellent results as it has for thousands of others. In fact, at one time, the Stain Blaster product was only available through big merchants, carpet manufactures and vacuum cleaner manufacturers under private label. Now, Stain Blaster is conveniently available straight to you. No more center man. All you must do to take off the stains of your carpet is to apply the product on the particular spot and completely (still softly) agitate with gloved fingers or a soft brush. Once you clean the product with a moist cloth, the stain will be miraculously gone. Hard On Your Stains light With Your Carpets. Unlike most carpet stain removers, this one doesn’t leave any sticky residue or stain trace. Thanks to its groundbreaking technology re-staining is minimized. Backed Up By A 100 Money Back Satisfaction ensure, Place Your Order Now.

BLACK+DECKER BDH1725SM SmartSelect Steam Mop

The BLACK+DECKER bdh1725sm smart choose steam mop kills 99;9 of bacteria using just water – no chemicals obliged; this steam mop is great for homes with kids or pets; with smart choose technology, choose the particular floor type – wood/tile/stone – and the mop automatically releases the right amount of steam; this unit is safe to use on sealed hardwood floors; it features a big removable water tank for convenient refilling and the prepared-to-go tank illumination changes from red to blue when the water reaches the correct temperature; with swivel steering, users can maneuver around furniture and into corners and the easy-glide microfiber pad effortlessly glides across the floor locking in dirt and grime; pad is machine washable and reusable; hands-free pad elimination for easy release by just stepping on the pad; mop automatically shuts off the steam when parked upright for those fast pauses throughout cleaning and it stands upright on own or hangs on a wall for convenient storage; will include: steam mop, 23 ft. ; cord, 2 washable microfiber pads (model smp20), resting mat;.

WOW Stain & Odor Eliminator, Removes Urine, Blood, Grease, Wine, & Coffee, 16 oz Spray Bottle vs 36Z-9

Wow. Stain and odor eliminator is a bio-enzyme environmentally safe cleaner in a distinctive formula which removes organic stains and odors from carpet, fabric and upholstery without using any severe chemicals. This distinctive proprietary formula combines different types of enzymes inside the formula with some oxidizers so it works on all organic material. It’s rinse free and fast drying without leaving behind any soapy residue to re-attract stains and soils. As an odor eliminator, it’s great for deodorizing a large range of surfaces as well as urinals, toilets, trash cans and floor drains.

Haan HD-50 Duo Steam Sweeper & Floor Sanitizer

Haan Duo” Steam Cleaner And Floor SanitizerCombining a powerful sweeper with the proven quality and performance of a HAAN steam cleaning floor sanitizer removes the have to use a broom or vacuum before steam cleaning. Perfect for carpet, rugs, hardwood, and other sealed hard-surface floors. The HAAN Duo devours dry messes, steams away wet messes, and cleans up mix messes simultaneously. Kills up to 99. 9 of E. Coli, Salmonella, and other common household bacteria. No chemicals, just add water. The Duo releases steam at 212 F. Features PowerLift brush with light super-Grip bristles and sweeper collection bin. Tank capacity: 11. 83 fl. Oz. Heats up in less than 3 minutes. 20 minutes before refill is required. Weight with full tank is 7. 75 lb. Size: 51 IN H. X 11 IN W. X 13 IN D. 120V, 800W. Cord length 25. Color: Purple and dove grey. Refer to model No. RMF-2 and RMF-2P for substitute pad. View Haan Corporations web site for details and warranty info on this product.

Resolve High Traffic Foam Large Area Car 22 Oz, (Pack of 2)

Resolve High Traffic bubble has a distinctive cleaning and protecting formula that’s intended to take off ground-in dirt and neutralize odors from big carpet regions and upholstery. It protects against dirt and the toughest greasy stains, while leaving carpet plush and upholstery soft. This Resolve Carpet Cleaner for big regions makes cleaning easier than ever, as you may be able to now simply spray it on your carpet or upholstery and watch as it lifts stains with ease. It also helps prevent future spills from setting deep into carpet fibers and upholstery fabrics. Resolve High Traffic bubble works on these stains: beef gravy, coffee, cola, food grease, grape juice, makeup and red wine.

Advance ET610-100SC Portable Extractor with Hose and Wand vs 36-Z-9

Movable Extractor series delivers unmatched cleaning performance and unlimited flexibility for your carpet extracting applications. Superior heating potential, the ET600 assures uninterrupted heating of 212 degrees Fahrenheit solution to attack your toughest stains. With 100 PSI you will be best suited for the job at hand, satisfying light responsibility cleaning and deep extraction prerequisites. Will include 15ft. Solution/vacuum hose and SS Single bend, twin jet wand.

10 Oz. CarAid + (3 Cans) with 1 Heavy Duty White Rag

Have some stains on your carpet but don’t want to clean the carpet for the complete room? CarpetAid+ is the ideal spot cleaner that’s environmentally friendly and still has enough power to take off tough stains. As a cost efficient and easy to use choice, all you have to do is spray the stain and blot. This product works well on pet stains, wine, food spills, etc. As a biodegradable and odor free cleaner, this is perfect for those sporadic small stains.

Karcher Puzzi 100 Car Cleaner with Floor and Upholstery tool

A powerful spray extraction unit intended for easy, economical deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and textile flooring. The Puzzi 10/1 is exceptional at many applications, with added features which make using the machine quicker and easier. With a powerful 14. 5 psi spray rate, the water and detergent solution is applied to the area being cleaned and picked up now by the vacuum nozzle. Cleaned surfaces may be walked on nearly now as little residual moisture remains. Carpets dry up to 63 faster than those cleaned with other comparable merchandise. With the spray extraction technique, the water and cleaning broker are covered deep into the carpet while at the same time vacuuming the used solution back again. Soil and dirt are removed in one single pass which helps carpets dry quickly. Features Rubber padded pump / turbine module removable wastewater container extra adjustable handle on the floor nozzle 2. 6 gallon (new/dirty) tanks.

Shark ZZ550 Sonic Duo Car & Hard Floor Cleaner

KD451T Features: -will include 8 oz floor cleaning solution, 8 oz carpet shampoo, 10 oz carpet spot remover and 2 reusable bottles. -Liquid cleaner. -Use for all flooring surfaces. -Sonic cleaning action: Famous Sonic power that delivers over thousand scrubs per minute. -expertise cleaning pads: Interchangeable cleaning pads specially intended to treat each individual surface. -Bring the life back to rugs, carpet, vinyl, tile, ceramic, hardwood and stone floors. Function: -Floor/Carpet. Style: -Liquids. Use: -Living regions. Chemical Size: -< 10 ounces. Pack Size: -Individual. Product Type: -Floor Care/Dust Cleaning.

ProHeat 2X Advanced Car 1383

For a clean that goes down to the roots of your carpeting, trust the 1383 Bissell ProHeat 2x Advanced Carpet Cleaner. This deep cleaner features an advanced cleaning system with triple action brushes that clean, clean and groom carpet. You may be able to get professional style results with a fitted heater that keeps hot tap water up to 25 degrees hotter. This helps the Bissell ProHeat 2x carpet cleaner to maximize cleaning. The surround suction feature uses full-width suction to help carpets dry faster and leave less water or detergent pooling around. The big capacity, two-in-one tank makes filling and emptying easy. This carpet deep-cleaner has dual rotating brushes that loosen and remove deep-down dirt. A trial size of Bissell formula cleaner is included.

Diversey 904271 Car Commercial-strength Diversey Stench & Stain Digester, Blasts Nastiest Car Stains & Horrid Odors – 1 Quart E

Diversey 904271 Stench & Stain enzyme digester is a commercial-strength carpet cleaner that blasts horrid nasty vomit, urine, feces, food, grease, pet urine, etc. Avoid wasting replacing carpets or rugs before trying Stench and Stain carpet cleaner. Also functions as a drain cleaner and odor counteractant. Safe on all carpets as well as wool & fifth generation fibers. Opaque in color with a floral scent. Pack: 6, AccuMix super concentrate containers. Execs and others are paying close attention to your work. Do not get noticed for the wrong reasons. When you need it done right & fast the 1st time.

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  2. BISSELL Pet Deep Cleaning Formula Kit for Upright Deep Cleaning, 1033
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  4. SquareTrade 2-Year Floor Care Extended Protection Plan ($200-249.99)
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Models to consider:
C302LA 80R4AMZ-135 9400MCR012 ZUPXC128
30209-6PKCSR MACH12T-TEFSPG15128 SF-2507901R QCC-244-1
c970 1400TFD50010 ONE-29Ah172 50E1
SPI_191 SS-22A321200-6-6PK F5810HAH4-25b 960252-G
CHIC0151 AH30035C860 SE 2850XMT022 RUFFSR1
9401AM U1560PB-500psCR012 F5505FANG20 85T6
FKLF538022 F5808SC630 5207AC198-3 FH50251PC
1716B FH510001019R-AUTO GIDDS2-88303486T3 ONE-29 Blue
FH50035 850BCUC1G SL-4000RWHITEWING1 PF2030
C970-2 P-800C860 ASA-163401TR FH50027
SS1000 SI-6030208-4PK CG-J100BMC-2613 FH50035
Ah172 86T3S1511-500 RUFFSR1S-300 TEMPO GIDDS-880365
MR-100 SSC-03121022-PET-6 ONE-2994Y2 80R4
CR012 8000CDMMM10226R SC630SF-370WH Mach-15-TEF
1716B 1400IASE 2850X 5207AGIDDS2-883034 SS-22A
BIS-002B U1560PB-500ps1400-B 33N866E1 C198-3
SC11L HD-601400T 1005DXFKLF538022 313A
SF-275 GIDDS2-2464776C302LA C800880.MQCC-245-1 9401AM
MC1375 79B91SPG15128 C970-2CR012 P-800
FH50035 F5810ONE-29 RU332MMM10226R 86T3
ASA-164 C4RMONE-29 OAR01Ah172 QCC-245-1
PF2030 SC11LFH51000 F5914-900CG-J100 BMC-2613
C12100 WHITEWING147B2 321200-6-6PKSL-4000R 33N8
FH50950 GIDDS2-2464776C800880.M SF-320WH401TR 5207A
SF-370WH 47B2WCR012 85T6ONE-29 Blue 313A
33N8A FH50150FD50010 CHIC015150Y6 SPI_191C04-4PK
850B GIDDS2-8830341716B AS08SE 2850X 30209-6PKCSR


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