April 21, 2017

You asked for it: DISTO D210 (Leica)…


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  • Leica DISTO D210 Laser Distance Measure
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General description

Exact distance measurement – quicker than using a measuring tape. ;useful, small, easy to use – for a large range of uses. ;Compact, easy-to-use, greatly correct laser distance measure;Measuring range 0. 05 metres to 80 metres, correct to inside 1mm;Conforms to new ISO international standard for laser measuring instruments;large range of features and functions to match the different measuring applications;3 year warranty (on registration).

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2.5 Ton 14 Seer Rheem / Ruud 80,000 Btu 80 Afue Dual Fuel Package Heat Pump – RQPWB030JK08EBVA

This listing will include the self-contained gas heat pump only. Dual Fuel Systems supply cooling and heating. A packaged unit is a self-contained unit (i. E. Condenser/heat pump joint with blower/furnace) which is an outdoor unit. Discuss with your local professional to confirm this is suited for your application. All accessories are sold individually; feel free to contact us with any questions.

Gree +Multi Tri-Zone Mini Split Ductless Mini Split 36,000 BTU Inverter Heat 9k 9k 18k

The NEW GREE Multi+ Tri-Zone 36,000 BTU System powered by GREE’s energy economical G10 inverter and a Variable Speed compressor. Our G10 inverter technology saves energy decreases outdoor sound and keeps room temperature steady by eliminating the severe starts & stops of regular systems. Each outdoor coil has a corrosion tolerant Gold Fin covering to advertise energy efficiency and prevent coil corrosion in a corrosive environment. Features & Benefits: Gold Fin Condenser, Eco-friendly R410A Refrigerant, Low Ambient Cooling 22F, Cleanable Air Filter, Power Failure recuperation, Healthy Filter (Optional), Tethers Wired controller (Optional). BTUs needed: 9,000 BTU – 350 sqft 12,000 BTU – 500 sqft 18,000 BTU – 750 sqft 24,000 BTU – 1,000 sqft 30,000 BTU – 1,250 sqft 36,000 BTU – 1,500 sqft. 42,000 BTU – 1,750 sqft. Yes it comes completely supported by a maker’s warranty and ComfortUp is an authorized online seller of these systems. Our buyer support team will supply help should you ever have to file a warranty assert with the maker. Be aware that only systems that are installed by a licensed HVAC freelancer are supported by the warranty. Evidence of licensed installation is needed. The receipt/invoice from the freelancer should be enough.

C&H +Multi Dual-zone System with Console 24,000 BTU Inverter Heat Pump (12K+12K CONSOLE)

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3.5 Ton Goodman 15 SEER R-410A 80 AFUE 115,000 BTU Gas/Electric Package Unit

Features 10 Year Warranty on Parts 20 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger Single Phase, 208/230 Voltage related for Horizontal and Downflow Installations intended for Ground-Level or Rooftop Mount Package Unit Pre-Charged with R-410A Refrigerant This isn’t a Heat Pump Package Unit Dimensions H42 3/4″ x W47″ x D51″ Links to maker papers Specification Sheets buyer Brochure Model # GPG154211541.

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Tjernlund V2D Model UnderAire Crawl Space Fan Ventilator, Deluxe 2 Fan, 220 CFM Tjernlund vs Leica DISTO D210 783648 price

Power ventilate musty, moist crawl spaces through present passive vents;Faceplate is sized for ventilation openings through standard block foundations;220 CFM, 40 watt maintenance free exhaust fans;will include adjustable dehumidistat, freeze protection bound and 6 foot grounded power cord;Faceplate may be trimmed to go with non-standard foundation openings.

Dometic A/C Brisk Air Roof Top Air Conditioner Unit 13,500 BTU Upper Unit With Inside Ceiling Assy.

Dependable, economical and economical. The Dometic Brisk Air is the 1st choice of over a million RVers for a good reason. It does a superior job of cooling in all weather conditions and places. North, South, East or West Brisk Air is Americas choice for air conditioning. 13,500 or 15,000 BTUs Low amp power models free up power for other appliances calm multi-speed blower delivers interior comfort Installs easily in standard 14-inch roof vent openings Superior performance for ducted or non-ducted systems Standard profile Eco-friendly 410A refrigerant The powerful Brisk Air proficiently cools the biggest units with ease. Look to Dometic for the best in air conditioning operation and comfort. Air Distribution Box Easy-to-reach controls completely adjustable louvers High density, washable filter.

Bryant Evolution Connex Control W/O WiFi vs Leica DISTO D210 783648 reviews

Will include Bryant Model Numbers: SYSTXBBECN01-AThe Evolution Connex control SYSTXBBECN01-A puts comfort control at your fingertips. Able of managing a complete home comfort system as well as humidity, ventilation and zoning, it’s also the brains behind Bryant’s highest-efficiency Evolution merchandise. Its user-friendly, touch-screen design is filled with intelligent, energy-management features. The Evolution System consists of some number of intelligent communicating parts which will include the Evolution Connext Control, or User Interface, variable speed furnace or FE fan coil, and 2 – stage AC or HP, which continually communicate with each other via a four – wire connection called the ABCD bus. Commands, operating conditions, and other data are passed continually between parts over the ABCD bus. The result is a new level of comfort, versatility, and simplicity. Standard Features:Full-color, touch-screen design lets photo screen saver uploadIntelligent, energy-wise programming helps you save 24-75-day local weather forecastPerfect Heat technology able to minimize temperature fluctuationsPerfect Humidity technology able for best cooling comfortHybrid Heat system management capableHumidifier, ventilator, air purifier compatibleFour levels of fan speed control programmable by periodAutomatically changes over between heating and coolingPop-up reminders: TrueSense dirty air filter detection or fixed-schedule timed filter change reminders; service remindersZoning able for up to 8 zones With zoning – measures, displays and manages each zone’s airflow and changes for calm comfort10-year parts restricted warranty upon timely registration.

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Models to consider:
NAW-PPA2RFX48K 2 x 2 x 2 inchesHPX060VSS CH-09SPH-115V127ANA060000 AM30-30UHPDC1
SSZ160241 WSVC030N-2RHFRS093LW1 FM-1509SA1-MEQ08N11D WIHPD3-18KW4A
WSVX024N-6RH 48208C966R42521-001 SENA-36HFWSVX030N-6RH RCF3617STAMCA
438 s2 T1E16S-H212BRACKET9 NAW-2718ESA410R SSZ140301
ESA405R P5450-20PTC123G35AXXX K25DZ48203C966 RCQD6024AS
LS120HYV CZH04811NAW-2722 WSVX036N-6RHNAW-FS4BE036K GPG1348115M41
GMH950905DX RQPLB025JK000PDE12K3SF MULTI36BNEO402SSX160241 GPG1336070M41
RACA14036AJD000A 230-FJ4RCF2417HTAMCA 2 x 2 x 2 inches651816CXX1J0 NAW-2718
NAW-PPA2RFX60K WSVX030N-6RHR-410A 4TWB3030C1000AGSC130361 ZBF100-OW
KSIF024-H215-S SENA-36HFGPG1348115M41 SSZ16024148208C966 SSX140421
ESA410R HPB08XCMHPX060VSS MCPG30S060M414T1E16S-H212 FM-1509SA1-M
NAW-P5RFX36K RH2T4821MEACJAVSX130241 VIR09115-143835NAW-FS4BE036K NAW-2722
RHPLHM3621JC WSVX018N-6RHa14062000ux0072 P3000AM30-30UHPDC1 1F80-0261
641816CXX1J0 RACA14024AJD000ARQPLB025JK000 GPH1336H41230-CP3 ARUF30B14
BRACKET9 QT25.SCRIB13,500 btu HCDZ-3356CC-211K MS-PIR-120
MULTI36BNEO403 WSVC024N-2RHMS400/BY-ONLY AM40-36UHPDC1D141238-25 651816CXX1J0
WSVC060N-2RH ARUF30B14661502-SS NAW-P5RFX36KAJEM12DCF GPG1348115M41
NAW-1143 RH1T6024STANJAP3000 AC-0199PTC153G35AXXX NAW-FS4BE024K
SSZ140301 AM20-18UHPDC1ESA408R RACA14024AJD000AVSX130241 WSVX036N-6RH
RSPMA030JK000 230-FJ4R42521-001 HCDZ-3356MCPG30S060M414 NAW-FS4BE036K
WSVC030N-2RH 62043LEDD-BSRQPLB025JK000 GSH130181RHPLHM3621JC AD-5696
GSZ130301 INST1458-25200093A 48203C966NAW-PPH2RFX48K GSX160601
SJK005 HPX060VSSSSZ160361 707CNXA60000–TPB11G31 CNS100


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