April 21, 2017

Watchdog BW4000 (Basement) has great reviews


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  • Compact, fits in pits as small as 12-Inch in diameter.
  • Back-up features unique monitoring systems to diagnose problems and sound an alarm
  • Back-up starts immediately after loss of power or if flow of water is too great for the AC pump alone
  • Package contains: Controller, charger, two dual micro reed float switches, primary pump and backup pump, instruction manual (battery and acid sold separately)
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

BASEMENT WATCHDOG BACK-UP SUMP PUMP SYSTEM will include 1/3HP (2820 GPH at 10) A/C sump pump and Watchdog special emergency back-up sump pump (1730 GPH at 10) Pre-assembled for easy installation Compact footprint fits in any size sump pit Dual float switches supply reliable activation for each pump Controller sounds alarm if maintenance is required Battery (Ace no. 4035333) sold individually Unit intended to offer both main and back-up pumping potential.

Compare with similar products:

Tsurumi Automatic S/Trash – 2in. Port, 3000 GPH, 1/2 HP, Model# HSZ2.4S-62

This Tsurumi auto Sand/Trash Pump BW4000 is intended to pump sands, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging. The attached agitator suspends sand and mud, allowing for sediment to be removed from sumps or basins. U. S. A. HP: 1/2, Flow (GPH): 3,000, Impeller Shaft: Semi-Vortex, Amps: 5. 4, Power Cord (ft. ): 20, Seals: Silicon carbide, hard Handling (in. ): 1 x 3/8, Max. Total Head (ft. ): 39, Volts: 110, Discharge Port (in. ): 2, Thermal Overload Protection: Yes, Max. PSI: 17, Volute: Cast aluminum, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 10 x 10 x 13.

Taco 006-IQBC4 Bronze Smart Plus 1/2-Inch Sweat with Line Cord Electronic Smart Timer

Using state-of-the-art electronics, the Smart Plus will monitor and record the home’s hot water handling pattern for the 1st week (7 days) of operation. For the next 7 days, the Smart Plus repeats the last week’s handling pattern to cycle the pump, instant hot water at all fixtures only when needed. This procedure will be repeated every 7 days. An optional “Pulse” mode may be selected which sets the Smart Plus to run for 150 seconds every 10 minutes maintaining hot water at all fixtures.

Hydro DH900 Battery Powered Backup Sump

This is the Do-It-Yourself Backup Sump Pump that nearly anybody can install. With a considerately intended mounting bracket included, this back-up sump pump may be installed literally in minutes. Just attach the bracket using two set-screws and slip the unit down the inside the sump. Set the Battery case with battery on the bracket to stabilize unit and connect the discharge hose with clamps provided. Only one PVC connection needs to be made and that’s on the major pump discharge pipe. Connect the wires to the battery terminals and test the pump. That is all there’s to it This gives you a back up sump pump without lots of annoyance or a great deal of cost. This is arguably the simplest backup sump pump to install on the market today. We have taken all the speculation out of it and simplified the procedure so almost anybody can do it.

Zoeller 3098-0001 M3098 1/2 HP Automatic High Temature Submersible vs BW-4000

When you have residential or commercial wastewater issues, you may be able to count on Zoeller Pumps to deliver the best solutions-our commitment to top quality offers you years of service and durability-with our responsive and knowledgeable product support team just a phone call away. A high temperature submersible pump series with electrical parts meeting the National Electrical Code prerequisites for 200Degree F (93DegreeC) service. Caution: Check valves used in high temperature service must be all metal swing type check valves. Caution: The basin material must be able to withstand the sustained, elevated temperature anticipated.

Dayton 3BB82, Sump, 1/2 HP

Submersible Cast Iron Sump Pump, Rated Commercial/Industrial, HP ranking 1/2, 3450 RPM, Voltage 60 Hz 120 Current 120 VAC 9. 8 Amps, auto Mechanical Vertical Float Switch, Off Point 2. 95 Inches, On Point 7. 31 Inches, Shut Off 32 Feet, Discharge NPT 1 1/2 Inches, Maximum hard Handling 1/2 inch, Maximum Temperature 104 Degrees F, Cord Size 14/3 x 15 Feet, Fits Sumps 12 Inches in Diameter x 24 Inches Deep or Greater, Pump Diameter 8. 52 Inches, Height 12. 25 Inches.

Jintai JS3-1.8-100 Solar DC 3" Submersible 24V 270W vs Basement Watchdog BW4000 pricing

DC solar submersible pump kits 1. CE, GS and RoHS accepted 2. Delivery lead time: 10 days 3. Warranty: 3 years 4. Easy to use Solar water pump system complete set will include: 1. Solar pump with 3m cable, longer cable is available 2. Sealed controller 3. Water level sensor or float switch: 10-meter cable, longer cable is available 4. Cable for solar panel: 6m, longer cable is available 5. Cable connector 6. Solar panels isn’t include 7. Spare screw 8. Installation manual Solar water pump’s application area: 1. Irrigation of agriculture 2. Drinking water and living water 3. It also may be used for fountains Material of parts: Outlet: stainless steel Pump body: stainless steel Motor body: stainless steel Screw: stainless steel and rubber Bearing: NSK Advanced technology: 1. Application novelty: compared with the conventional alternating current machine, the efficiency is improved 25 by the permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, non-sensor motor 2. Technique novelty: adapts double plastic package for rotor and stator, motor insulation ≥300MΩ, the motor security was much improved High technique merchandise adapting MPPT and DSP chip technique 3. Structure novelty oil filling, convenient installation and environmental protection.

Base HB1000-AVB with Back-flow Prevention Vacuum Breaker

Basepump HB1000-AVB removes 1,000-1,400 Gallons per Hour of sump water using your home’s water supply, while carefully defending your home’s water supply from contagion. With no batteries or chargers, there’s nothing to wear out or replace. Once installed, it’ll last a lifetime with zero maintenance. With a 3 year warranty and strong commitment to buyer service, you can not go wrong. Over all that, many regions require back-flow protection for these devices and Basepump HB1000-AVB has what you need. Be sure you may be able to fill a 5 gallon can at your outside hose spigot, without the hose, in less than 30 seconds for this pump so you know you have enough water flow to feed it properly.

Dayton 4KHF7 Rotary Gear Head, 1 1/4 In., 1 1/2 HP vs Basement Watchdog BW4000 review

Rotating Gear Pump Head, Heavy responsibility, With break Valve, Port Size 1 1/4 In. Shaft Dia. 0. 787 In. Shaft Height 3 9/16 In. 24. 8 GPM Freeflow, 1 1/2 HP Free Flow, Suction Lift 19. 5 Ft. Pump RPM 1725, 24. 7 GPM 25 PSI, 1 1/2 HP 25 PSI, 3 HP 125 PSI, Max. Pressure 125 PSI, Seal Mechanical With Stainless Steel, Buna N, Carbon/Ceramic, Fortron PPS Spur Gear, Warranty Length 1 Year.

Dayton 4KHK3 Rotary Gear Head, 3/8 In., 1/3 HP

Rotating Gear Pump Head, Light responsibility, Without break Valve, Port Size 3/8 In. Shaft Dia. 0. 63 In. Shaft Height 2 5/8 In. 7 GPM Freeflow, 1/3 HP Free Flow, Suction Lift 7. 5 Ft. Pump RPM 1725, 6. 9 GPM 25 PSI, 3/4 HP 25 PSI, Max. Pressure 100 PSI, PTFE, Kevlar Packing Seal, Steel Spur Gear, Warranty Length 1 Year.

SHURflo 24 Volt Submersible Solar, Model# 9325-043-101 vs Basement Watchdog BW4000 price

Offers a solution to your remote water needs. Intended to use with solar panels and 24V battery systems for livestock watering, irrigation, ponds, remote homes and cabins. Distinctive water blocked cable connector is impervious to water leakage and condensation problems preventing waterwicking. Flow (GPH): 82, Amps: 4. 6, Volts: 24, Max. Suction Lift (ft. ): 230, Discharge Port (in. ): 1/2 hose barb, Pump Housing: Stainless steel fasteners, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 12.

EBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER Automatic Sump, 3/4 HP, 1 x 115

EBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER auto Sump Pump, 3/4 HP, 1 x 115The Ebara Stainless Steel Series Drainage Sump Pumps offer you a complete complete range of submersible drainage pumps for pumping slurry, dirty and semi-dirty water. Never before have benefits this big been offered in a drainage pump. The versatility and rugged construction of these pumps let for confident use in fixed or mobile service. Features are: 304 stainless-fitted overload width auto reset-air-filled uninterrupted responsibility motor-oil-lubricated, double-faced mechanical seal. EBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER auto Sump Pump Features: High quality stainless steel 2″ solids handling Single and three phase models available Motor is 2 pole, dry submerged, rated uninterrupted responsibility Class F motor insulation 104F max. Liquid temperature uninterrupted operation, completely submerged; 140 F intermittent operation auto operation Auto float switch is mechanical/non-mercury NPT thread discharge 1-1/2″ Double mechanical seal with viton elastomers Shielded ball bearings 50,000 hour Vortex impeller Thermal overloads (single phase models) goes to 185 GPM, heads to 65 feet 3/4 Horse Power 1 Phase 115 VoltsEBARA EPD-7AS1 PRO-DRAINER auto Sump Pump Applications: elimination of waste from sumps, washing machines, wet bars, water softeners, dehumidifiers and cisterns Quickly removes water from swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other water storage structures Removes water from excavation ditches or pits, underground passages, mines, grain elevators, farm tanks, cooling towers, parking lot drainage pits Create decorative waterfalls and fountains or another water projects during the garden Wherever you have to move water from one place to another Image reflects different configurations of pump and doesn’t represent quantity shipped.

Zoeller 508-0006 Aquanot 508 ProPak53 Preassembled Sump with Battery vs Basement Watchdog BW4000 reviews

Intended using Moeller’s time-tested parts giving you the needed performance and dependability. CONTROL BOX: will include battery burn-out and overcharge protection. The self-contained, 10 amp battery recharger system is a hard-state, auto controller with alarms, light indicators and warning systems. LCD SCREEN: generally displays battery voltage with other useful info about the system. Secondary ALARM CONTACT: A set of dry contacts lets system to connect to home security alarm, auto dialers, etc. SWITCH: dependable, low voltage vertical float switch. FITTINGS: An integrated DC pump discharge check valve, extra AC pump check valve, tee and adapter are included. TECHNOLOGY: This charger uses the new switch mode technology available. This lets for an very economical charger in a compact design. It satisfies the rigid California Battery Council standards. Charger is crus accepted. BATTERY CASE: The included battery case will accommodate maximum battery dimensions of 13″ L x 71/2″ W x 91/2″ H (33 cm L x 19 cm W x 24 cm H) and fits all group size 27, 29 and 31 batteries. Made from non-corrodible polyethylene (NOTE: 12 volt battery NOT included). NOT a Bilge pump. Intended, Engineered and Assembled by Moeller as a sump pump.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Basement Watchdog 30HDC140S Basement Watchdog Back-Up Sump Pump Battery
  2. Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve, 1-1/2 Inch
  3. Brady Silent Check Valve 1-1/2 ”
  4. MK Deep Cycle Gel Cell 12 Volt Battery for Backup Sump Pumps
  5. Fernco P1056-150 1-1/2-Inch Stock Coupling
  6. Glentronics, Inc. BWD-HWA Basement Watchdog Water Sensor and Alarm

Models to consider:
ETP80 3BB78FLS-400 CSP-25718555000A 6PY42
PSSP10001VD ESP153205C PC457-441SBX35 RL-SS50V
3BB76 HSA2.4S300514W FPSS5700AZ24801A1Z LE51M
WX10TA SPRK-1-MLFPSE2800A BWD12-120CBP21X 3985C
RB750-EZ P01283410P 3BB81006-IQB4 008-VTF6
V-A1 VIR201602571006-BC7-1IFC VIR393A956EN-CIA-SFS G-2300
FP7230 HB1000-PROBW1050 SPD50MH4 202E-38N FP0S1300X-03
6PY39 PDT3A110-24S 1P322HB1000 LB480
SKHS200M4 30 1P322SPD100MH4 20 006-BC7-1IFCFPSE2800A 008-VTF6
HB1000-PRO SW50A1 10RL-SS50V FP0S1300X-03WSSM40V VIR316B95
CDU790 LB480APDT3A VIRRPP50VIR393A95 G-2300
4KU62 KTV2-228-CBA FPSES2700A3310P 6PY39
RB750 6EN-CIM6-CIA Z24801A1ZVIR201602878 AT251501
ES40D1-10 LSRA2.4SHB1000 3307P4KHK3 3YU75
RB750-EZ FP5522KTZ43.7 SP40A1ESP15 JS3-1.8-60
11AA 3415PEPD-5MS1 FP7110TRS-5 CSP-257
006-BC7-IFC 4KHP818555000A FP0F360AC3205C 006-IQB4
FP7110T RL12G07-2W2V006-CT-USK EC50C93S4KHP8 8-CIM 10FT
SK11 WRS-64KHK5 RH1400PSSP10001VD EPD-3MS1
N292 3307P006-CT 6-CIAFP5112 4KHK3
VIRRPP50 FLS-4008-CBA LE51M006-BC7-IFC 1160/PM500
VIR201602878 6EN-CIA-SFS2873G 1210C006-BC7-1IFC KTV2-22
RJS-100 PDT3AZ24801A1Z HB1000-PRORB750-AVB 9SN-CIM
RB750 PS-C11RJC-100 822 PSFPSES2700A 11AA
PC457-441 RLSP-200E7055-VS 3BB783BB72 FPSS5700A
6PY39 FPT20515VIR201602571 ETP803985C EPD-5MS1


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