April 21, 2017

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  • Uses 5418D Staples
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General description

With it is lasting nickel-plated magazine that won’t gather lint or dirt and longer nose for heavy nap carpet you couldn’t ask for anything better. It has a 14 AWG cord for more power also as the cord is more adaptable for cold weather use. It has more height to is that lets you to get under stairs easily.

Compare with similar products:

Crain 625 Power Tacker

Many enhancements make our new EN5418 tacker more lasting and easier to use. The slender nose more easily parts yarns. The short in general height, narrow profile, and rounded cap are useful in tight spaces. Also comes with a bigger carrying case with more space inside, and a free staple saver box (No. 617). Takes Duo-Fast® No. 5418 or No. 5415 staples, Shur-Fast (No. 619D), or generics.

Stanley Tools PHT150C SharpShooter Heavy-Duty Hammer Tacker

Used for fast installation of carpeting, roofing materials or insulation. Freelancer-quality design. Full-rubber grip absorbs shock and protects hand. Heavy-responsibility steel construction for extra durability. Loads two full sticks of Stanley SharpShooter TRA700 or Arrow T-50 heavy responsibility staples (1/4-Inch-3/8-Inch).

BOSTITCH T6-8 Heavy Duty Powercrown Tacker

8 Heavy responsibility PowerCrown Tacker Breathable AntiJam magazine. Patented easy squeeze system. Lightweight diecast aluminum design. Steel handle with over molded rubber grip for comfort. Convenient bottom loading for fast and easy reloading. Nickel chrome plated steel magazine and core gives smoother, more lasting sliding surface for staples.

Surebonder 55999 No.4 H.D. 1./4-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch, 9/16-Inch Staple Variety Pack vs EN-5418

The 5000 range Staple Pack by Sure bonder helps to get every job done and avoids many trips to the hardware store. Heavy responsibility staples are electroplated-zinc coated for moisture and rust resistance. Range pack will include 1,250 staples of each staple length: 1/4-Inch (Sure bonder model No. 55014), 3/8-Inch (Sure bonder model No. 55038), 1/2-Inch (Sure bonder model No. 55012), and 9/16-Inch (Sure bonder model No. 55916). For use with: SUREBONDER-9600 Pneumatic Stapler, 5600, 5650, 5685, 5800, 5850, 5900. Arrow Models T50, T55, ET50, ETN50, ETF50, ETF50P, HT50A/50P; Black and Decker Models 2000E, 3000E, 5700P and 6000E; Craftsman Model 68447; Stanley Models TR60, TR85, TR100, TR200, TRE100, TRE200, PHT150, 69. 500, 69. 502, 69. 550; Swing line/Power fast Model 10401; Unifix Models 0038, 10040, and 10070 Staple Guns.

Arrow Fastener T50AC fessional Staple Gun and Nailer

Unlike conventional Electric tools, arrow’s breakthrough T50AC Electric stapler delivers consistent Pro grade performance despite of jobsite voltage fluctuations – on a 100 foot extension cord. A motor drive replaces the conventional Solenoid design and frees the tool from dependence on a narrow range of plans. The result is maximum Pro power with every shot. The T50AC includes a convenient bottom-load magazine with fast release feature, a soft overmolded grip, contact safety, and an oversized trigger. Extra features are an integrated LED work light, display light to show when staples are low, and storage case.

Cepco Tool BW-2 BoWrench Decking Tool vs Duo-Fast 1016055 Carpet EN5418 pricing

The BoWrench is a tool for both professional deck builders and do-it-yourself builders. Made with heavy-gauge steel, the BoWrench gives you a fast, one-person way to straighten decking boards, which are frequently warped. To operate the BoWrench, simply fit the tool on a joist, swing the lever arm, and release, pulling or pushing the boards into alignment. When the handle is perpendicular, the tool locks in place, holding the board securely and leaving your hands free to drive in nails or screws. With the BoWrench, you €TMll save time, create a longer-lasting surface, and maximize your materials.

GWHOLE 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Staple Gun with 600 Staples Attached

This heavy responsibility, easy loading staple gun has a high powered spring action and handle lock for storage. It works for 3 different sizes of staples and is ideal for re-covering furniture, decorating, repairing window blinds, repairing chairs, applying fabric to walls, creating fabric pictures and fastening plywood. How to open the stapler Remove the silver part at the bottom of the stapler by pushing it in and down this releases the spring, load in the staples, be sure they are the right way up and push the spring back into place. Inserting Staples Press the drawer’s locking levers, remove the drawer from the stapler. Put suited staples in the stapler. Important: Nails or small staples are to be put in on the correct side, otherwise the drawer can not be put in properly. Then push the drawer back into the stapler, till it snaps into place. Selecting the affect strength Using the rotating disc on the handle, you may be able to change the strength used to drive the staple into the surface. If you turn the rotating disc in the clockwise direction, the affect strength will be increased. Package included: 1 x Heavy responsibility Staple Gun 200 x Crown staples with 4 – 14mm leg length 200 x U-shaped crown staples with 10 – 12mm leg length 200 x 10 – 14mm nails Warranty: We offer 90 days money back and one year NO Questions asked warranty ensure. Maintenance and Care To clean the stapler, all that is needed is a clean with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Don’t use violent cleaning agents or chemical solutions that could damage the housing (discoloring) or impair operation. Dust may be easily be removed using a clean, soft brush and a vacuum cleaner.

Pneumatic Stick – Josef Kihlberg Pneumatic Top C (1-1/4" Crown Strip), Range 5/8 "- AXXIS-561-15 PN vs Duo-Fast 1016055 Carpet EN5418 review

Our company carries a range of models, used for industrial packaging and box closing that are ideal for both high- and low-volume applications. Our high quality manual and pneumatic box staplers were used to carefully secure the tops and bottoms corrugate boxes, with a selection of roll staplers and plier staplers to support your needs.

BOSTITCH H30-8 Hammer Tacker Manual

The BOSTITCH H30-8 Power Crown Hammer Tacker Manual Stapler is constructed with a die cast frame and through hardened steel parts for extreme durability. It features a fast-load magazine, and tool-free jam clearing. A compact stapling tool that swings like a hammer with one-hand operation. For tacking and light nailing where speed is important.

Arrow T75 Wire and Cable Gun, Fits up to 1/2-Inch Wires vs Duo-Fast 1016055 Carpet EN5418 price

2750-0644 Features: -Sheathed cable. -Uses 9/16”, 5/8”, and 7/8” (2750-0347) staple lengths. -For cable and wire up to 1/2”. -Carded. Dimensions: in general Height – Top to Bottom: -8. 3 Inches. In general Width – Side to Side: -7 Inches. In general Depth – Front to Back: -1. 4 Inches. In general Product Weight: -2. 25 lb Pounds.

Arrow Fastener TT21 TruTac

Sleek design, easy operation, and surprising power make the TT21 TruTac good wire stapler one of Arrow’s top buyer rated tools. The patented forward action design lets operators to push the handle rather than squeeze – a great benefit for females and those with smaller hands. The convenient bottom-load magazine makes reloading and clearing jams easy, and a staple looking at window indicates when staples are running low. Works with staple size: 1/4-inch (6mm), 5/16-inch (8mm), and 3/8-inch (10mm).

Stanley TR45K Light Duty Staple Gun Kit vs Duo-Fast 1016055 Carpet EN5418 reviews

The Stanley TR45K LigHTS responsibility Staple Gun Kit is perfect for everyday stapling needs around the home or office. It’s lightweight with convenient handle lock for safe storage. Fast-jam-clear system saves time and hassles. Chrome-plated steel construction for durability. Uses Stanley TRA200 or Arrow JT-21 light responsibility staples. Restricted Lifetime Warranty Dimensions (L x W x H): 8. 1 x 7. 1 x 2. 8 Made in Taiwan.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Duo-Fast 5418D 9/16-Inch by 20 Gauge 3/16 Crown Gold Staple (5,000 per Box)
  2. Duo-Fast 5010C – 5/16-Inch x 20 Gauge Chisel Staples
  3. Roberts Model 10-600, 120-Volt, 15-Amp, Professional Electric Stapler with Carrying Case
  4. Duo-Fast HT-755 Hammer Tacker Stapler (1013291)
  5. Roberts Carpet Tools Cool Shield Heat Bond Iron 10-482G
  6. Duo-Fast HT550 Classic Hammer Stapler

Models to consider:
BW-2 T20255540HOL AXXIS-19T50PBN SC761
VR-60 T6-8TR250 ROMABLOK 10/24JT27 H30-8
HT-550 SST9032TT21 PT15GTR201 TR110
T25P PK50ET200 GRC58ASureShot 6532 DSW-3522
SX1838K T50AC5010C PRG510A-PLUS
AXXIS-19 SC1XPVR-60 JT27T2025 SC761
T25P H30-8TR110 TR550SX1838K 5540HOL
TT21 TR45KPRG510A-PLUS BW-2HT-550 ET200
DSW-3522 PT15G5010C SureShot 6532PK50 ROMABLOK 10/24
HT755 PHT150CTR201 SST9032PHT250C T50PBN
GRC58A T50ACT6-8 TR250
HT-550 GRC58AROMABLOK 10/24 JT27TR550 H30-8
SST9032 5010CPHT250C AXXIS-19T6-8 TR201
PHT150C BW-2TT21 SC761SX1838K SC1XP
HT755 T20255540HOL TR250PK50 PT15G
SureShot 6532 DSW-3522T50AC T50PBNET200 TR45K
PRG510A-PLUS VR-60TR110 T25P


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