April 21, 2017

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  • Three knife cutter-head with 10,000 RPM provides 96 cuts per inch, one of the finest finishes of any portable planer
  • Powerful 15-amp, 20,000 RPM motor handles larger, deeper cuts in hardwoods
  • Disposible, reversible knives deliver 30 percent more knife life and make knife change fast and easy
  • Four-column carriage lock drastically reduces the movement that causes snipe
  • Extra-long infeed and outfeed tables provide 33-1/2 inches of material support
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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General description

This item is DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer. Used for Woodworking, Planers-Benchtop. The produt is made in Taiwan.

Recent reviews of DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer:

1st, a little praise for Amazon. 25. 00 discount, free shipping, and free set of spare knives (did not know they were included. ), resulted in a delivered price of. That is the best deal in town, particularly when you think about the free. Knives. Now, the planer. It is heavy. Really heavy. But that is a good thing. It took only 10 minutes to set up, read the manual, and make my 1st sawdust. Initial results were excellent. Glass-smooth surfaces on White Oak, Poplar, and Red Oak. Minimum snipe restricted to ends of board. No snipe detected elsewhere. Nice fit & finish. Decent manual. Good ergonomics. Plenty powerful. So far, greatly suggested. I will update after some hundred board feet. UPDATE – 2 Years LaterI’m still happy. I have put in extra of 1000 bf through the planer now. It has not missed a beat. Unbelieveably, I am still on my 1st set of knives. They’re a little nicked now caused by some hard maple I put through it some weeks ago, however I am not still sufficiently motivated to change them. This machine has served me well, and shows no signs of slowing down. It still ranks 5 stars. UPDATE – 1 Week since Last UpdateI broke down and turned the knives over. I cut myself in the procedure. Clumsy. some cuts after freshening the knives made it evident that I should have done this some time ago. The planer performs like new. Still 5 stars. Update – At 4 YearsStill 5 stars. I turn or replace the knives every 6 months or so. The knives do not like Hard Maple, however all other species do good (as well as Walnut & Oak). The results delivered by this planer are excellent. Update – At 6 YearsStill going strong.

I bought this machine about six months ago after being very impressed with my neighbor’s DeWalt DW733 planer. After just some uses with some Pine boards, I felt that something was not quite right. After calling DeWalt and explaining the problem best I could, they were stumped and suggested I take it to my local DeWalt service center, which happened to be just some miles from my house. After a week or two, the said they had found nothing wrong with it. After testing it upon return, I could certainly tell that something had been fixed, tightened, adjusted, whatever. It worked great for a short time after that on Pine and Cypress boards, however more problems began developing. Dull blades seemed to be the culprit, so I attempted to flip them. But guess what – one of the blades had been flipped. I replaced all the blades with new ones and the difference in performance is unbelievable. It’s now the great machine that impressed me so much at my neighbor’s. But I am puzzled as to why my blades needed replacing after little handling on soft lumber. Quality control seemed to have skipped my machine for some reason, however now that the bugs are gone (I hope), this is a great planer. I’d give it 5 stars, however I am giving it 4 for the bugs I had to deal with. One other quality control problem: the data sticker on my machine says it is a DW735 13″ Thickness Planer. The people at DeWalt sure were shocked and perplexed at that big oversight. By the way, purchase or build a stand for this machine. I built a 2-tool, flip-top stand for about 50. Unless you generally have a helper useful, you may be able to forget about moving it on a regular base. Besides, the vibration tends to move the machine if not bolted down. Lastly, purchase hearing protection.

I was one of the 1st to get the DW734 from Amazon. Other than the 3-knife head (with 2-sided disposable blades instead of resharpenable) and some style details, the 734 planer seems to be same to the last model, the 733. I have not been able to get any in depth information on changes between the two models from any source I researched. It was set up right on the money out of the box except that the cut depth gage is off by around 1/128″ (not enough to matter). I was happy that it came with a dust hood (4″), something not listed in any of the information I was able to get before the buy. The cut is silky smooth – unless you look closely in bright light on a darker wood surface (like walnut) you can not see any blade marks at all. The machine functions well – easy to set up, the controls operate smoothly and exactly, and each of the features works as projected without needless fiddling. The dust hood, although only 4″, clears chips and dust proficiently. The only time any chips escaped was when I tried to take 1/8″ off of a 6″ board (a no-no as indicated by the owner manual),, then I got a little puff of shavings out the feed end. (My setup is a Jet DC1100CK 1 1/2 HP dust collector connected via a 6″ shop channel system, blast gate, 6″ flex pipe and a reducer to the 734’s 4″ dust port. )I did have problems with a little snipe when attempting to take more than 1/32 inch in a pass – I can be able to change this out of the planer, however I frequently make two passes anyway: one to thickness and one to surface. I was surprised to have some number of small nicks in the blades after planing possibly 8-10 bf of scrap (carefully inspected/cleaned beforehand), most likely caused by contaminants in/on the boards.

Compare with similar products:

WEN 6550 12.5-Inch Thickness with Granite Table

Remember when you brought those DW734 old jagged boards back to life? The WEN 12. 5-inch Benchtop Thickness Planer with Granite Table repurposes rough and worn wood to give it an very smooth finish. The powerful 12-amp motor joint with our two-blade cutting system gives over 18,000 cuts per minute at a 26 feet per minute feed rate. Plane boards up to 12. 5 inches large and 6 inches thick with ease. The smooth granite table never warps and gives exact support to wood passing through the machine. Add that with the heavy responsibility cast iron base for a tough planer that doesn’t walk or wobble throughout operation. The useful depth modification handle differs each pass to take off anywhere from 0 to 3/32 of an inch. The fan-assisted dust port removes chips and sawdust from the workpiece and blasts them out of the way. This package also will include two high carbon steel double-edged blades (SK5) with height-adjustable infeed and outfeed tables that bound snipe while giving extra support to your workpiece throughout planing. Easily mount the planer to a work surface or stand using the predrilled base holes. Repurpose old wood or make a set of boards flush with the WEN 12. 5-inch Benchtop Thickness Planer. And because it’s a WEN product, the WEN Thickness Planer comes supported by a nationwide network of experienced service technicians, a useful buyer support line and a two-year warranty. Remember when your planer could handle the hardest of woods? Remember WEN.

Jet – JWP-208HH: 20-inch Helical Head, 5 HP 1 Phase

708544 Features: -Two speed gear box with auto chain tensioner allows you to change the feed rate to meet your needs. -big, cast iron, precision ground table for exact work part support. -Positive gear drive moves table quickly and precisely. -Cast iron in feed and out feed tables come with the machine. -big hand wheel with positive gear drive lets for fast and precisely table modifications. -1/16”” increase height scale allows you to make the most exact modifications for good cuts. -one part welded steel base offers hard support and stability. -Cutter head diameter: 3. 19””. -Cutter head speed: 5000 RPM. -Feed Rate: 24 and 31 FPM. -number of Knives: 92 four sided inserts. -Table size: 25 0. 75”” x 20””. -Dust Port diameter: 5””. -number of speeds: 2. -Range of speeds: 24 and 31 FPM. Construction: -Heavy responsibility cast iron and steel construction for extra strength and durability. Color/Finish: -Helical cutter head with index able carbide inserts for a superior finish and quieter cut. Plans: -Powerful 5 HP TEFC induction motor with three V belt transmission for smooth and consistent power. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 23”” H x 28”” W x 44”” D. Collection: -5”” dust port gives economical chip and dust collection. -Dust collection minimum cfm obliged: 400 cu. Ft/min.

Grizzly G1037Z /Moulder, 13-Inch

We have taken the proven design and features of our well-liked G1037 Planer/Molder then made it better to produce the G1037Z. We moved the motor underneath for more convenient knife changes and added easily adjustable guides for use if molding stock. Now it is easier to create a house full of architectural molding and casing and plane lumber with this dual-function machine. The 1 1/2 HP motor gives lots of power for planning or molding and the included 4″ dust port lets easy connection to a dust collector. Our low price combines with its capability make this one machine that can pay for itself fast..

Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness vs DW-734

After almost 90 years of specialty in the woodworking business, DELTA Power Equipment company (DELTA PEC) became one of the most revered brands in woodworking tools today. DELTA Power Equipment company concentrates on innovations to help the woodworker create masterpieces easier and with more precision. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a range of stationary woodworking tools as well as electric table saws, band saws, radial arm saws, scroll saws, drilling machines, jointers, planers, mortisers, lathes, grinders and dust collectors for the professional and advanced woodworking markets. Motor: 15A, 120V, 60Hz, 1Ph Motor Control: toggle with removeable key Max Stock Dimensions: 13″ large x 6″ high Min Stock Dimensions: 1/8″ x 10″ Max. Depth of Cut: 3/32″ Feed Rate: 28 ft. /minute Cuts per minute:18,800 Infeed/Outfeed rollers: Nitrile synthetic rubber Infeed/Outfeed table dimensions: 6-3/4in x 13in each Knife Type: Double edge reversible Number of Knives: 2 Knife size: 333mmx12mmx1. 5mm.

Cutech 40600H-CT 13" Spiral Cutterhead – Deluxe Model Plus

For the advanced woodworker that wants the convenience of being able to predetermined the thickness for repeat cuts the 40600H-CT is a great choice. The fast Set Depth Stop is more conveniently located and copied from our Professional Model 40200H-CT and now has a newly intended access panel which may be opened by removing only one screw for good tuning the presets. It’s 2 wider at the base for extra stability and the infeed and outfeed tables are 1 1/2 wider than the 40300H-CT improving accessability and has the same 4 screw post design which helps to eliminate snipe. It also has our redesigned spiral style cutterhead with 26 2-sided info and redesigned dust chute. And at about 66 lbs. it may be easily carried around the shop or mounted to a bench top. Featuring a 120 VOLT 15 AMP motor, you may be able to power it up from just about any outlet available. The individual cutter info can and quickly be rotated or changed to keep your project moving forward with little downtime keeping your customers and you happy. And all tools needed for assembly and changing or rotating info are included.

DELTA 22-450 CD-580 20-Inch, 5-Horsepower, 3-Phase

The DELTA 22-450 CD-580 20-inch Planer will include a powerful 3-phase, 5 HP motor (wired for 220-volt outlets) with a magnetic motor starter and auto reset overload protection, a 3-knife cutterhead, a sectional serrated infeed roll, double bed rollers, a polyurethane outfeed roll, sectional chip-breakers, a dust chute, a knife-setting gauge, and a wrench. This planer’s up-front controls include a useful lever for instantly engaging and disengaging feed rolls and a push-button on/off switch. Other features are a big, precision-ground table with two adjustable bed rolls for smooth feeding of uneven stock, and a big-diameter, micro-adjustable bed roll lever that easily raises and lowers bed rollers for fast setups. Conveniently placed to the right, a big hand wheel with locking handle changes table height and a sectional serrated steel infeed roller with sectional chip breakers for planing uneven stock. This planer is able of a maximum stock width of 20 inches, a maximum stock thickness of 8-5/8 inches, a minimum stock thickness of 11/64 inches, a maximum depth of cut of 3/16 inches, a planing width of 20 inches, and a minimum length of stock of nine inches. This planer’s cutter head operates at 5,000 RPM and gives a feed rate of 20-to-30 FPM. Weighing 840 pounds, this planer measures 32 x 44. 5 x 49 inches.


Motor: common, 120V, 60 Hz, 2 HP (peak), 15 Amps. Min. Thickness Capacity: 1/8". Max. Width of Stock: 12-1/2". Max. Thickness of Stock: 6". Max. Depth of Cut: 3/32" for board less than 5"; 1/32" for the board between 5" to 12-1/2". Cutter head Speed: 9400 RPM. 18, 800 Cuts per Minute.

RIDGID 13 in. Thickness R4331

The RIDGID 15 Amp 13 in. Corded Planer features a 3-blade cutter head with fast-changing, dual-edge blades that are reversible and self-lining up for a smooth surface with minimal blemishes after cutting. The many depth features assist you accomplish your wanted depth, and the 13 in. Large feed capacity is great for planing big stock.

Grizzly G0505

Our movable planers have been so well-liked that we could not resist giving our customers just another choice. For this we wanted a movable planer that was lighter to carry around and finished cuts faster but did not lack muscle or design quality. The result was the Model G0505. This new 12-1/2″ planer features a 2 HP motor 10 000 RPM cutter head 32 FPM feed rate top-mounted return rollers and extra big table extensions. Also other little things like 1/8″ thick knives are evidence that this dynamo will rule the jobsite for many years. Features: • Maximum cutting width: 12-1/2″ • Maximum cutting height: 6″ • Maximum depth of cut: 3/32″ • Minimum board thickness: 13/64″ • Two double edged HSS knives in cutter head • Cutter head RPM: 10 000 • Feed Rate: 32 FPM • Number of cuts per inch: 52 • 2 HP 110V 15 Amps • On/Off Toggle Switch with Safety Lock • Thermal overload protection • Top mounted return rollers • will include knife setting jig and wrench.

JET 708528 JWP-208-1 20-Inch 3 Horsepower, 230-Volt 1 Phase

708528 Features: -Four quick steel cutter knives produce faster, smoother cutting. -Two speed gear box with auto chain tensioner allows you to change the feed rate to meet your needs. -big, cast iron, precision ground table for exact work part support. -Sets of three steel in feed and out feed rollers to help in the prevention of snipe. -Positive gear drive moves table quickly and precisely. -work table is precision ground and polished for steadily smooth operation. -big hand wheel with positive gear drive lets for fast and precisely table modifications. -1/16”” increase height scale allows you to make the most exact modifications for good cuts. -Cutter head diameter: 3. 19””. -Cutter head speed: 5000 RPM. -Feed Rate: 24 and 31 FPM. -number of Knives: 4. -Table size: 25 0. 75”” x 20””. -Dust Port diameter: 5””. -Blade size: 20”” x 1”” x. 13””. Construction: -Heavy responsibility cast iron and steel construction for extra strength and durability. Plans: -Powerful 3 HP TEFC induction motor with three V belt transmission for smooth and consistent power. Dimensions: -Minimum planning Length: 60. 75””. -Dimensions: 43”” H x 37. 5”” W x 29. 5”” D. Collection: -5”” dust port gives economical chip and dust collection. -Dust collection minimum cfm obliged: 400 cu. Ft/min.

Ridgid R4330, 13-Inch Thickness

Ridgid R4330 Thickness Planer has a three-blade cutterhead which leaves a smooth, blemish free surface to make last finishing easier. Dual-edge, fast change blades with self-indexing blades are self-lining up and reversible for expanded life. Precision Lead-screw system removes the need for a cutterhead locking system and gives consistent cut thickness across the full width of the workpiece. Big infeed/outfeed table extensions gives extra workpiece support to help eliminate snipe. On-board blade/Tool storage keeps blades and blade changing tools conveniently stored for fast and easy access. 120 V / 15 amp motor with overload protection maximum power for uninterrupted operation. Depth modification handwheel easy-to-reach side-mounted handwheel keeps top of planer free to stage material. Sof-Touch controls improve comfort and grip. Ind-I-Cut Depth Gauge instantly measures cutting depth before each pass. Repeat-A-Cut depth stops eight adjustable depth stops to exactly plane many workpieces to consistent wanted thickness for recurring tasks. Dust hood rotating panel a simple turn opens the dust hood’s rotating panel to let wood chips to eject from the back of the tool. Use real RIDGID substitute blades – Model AC 20501. Plans: Motor: 120 V, AC only, 15 Amps, No Load Speed: 10,000 r/min. (RPM) 30,000 CPM, Cuts per Inch: 96 CPI, Feed Rate: 26 FPM, Capacity: 13 in. And 6 in. Maximum Depth of Cut: 1/8 in. Weight: 73 lbs. Will include R4330 thickness planer, hex key, magnetic blade tool, blade/tool storage, depth modification handwheel and handle, dust hood, dust hood knobs (2), and operator’s manual.

Factory-Reconditioned DW735R Heavy-Duty 13-Inch

On occasion, half an inch makes all the difference. But that is not the only reason to step up to the 735. Its powerful 10,000 rpm motor will handle anything you feed it – oak, walnut, exotics – with complete ease. The three-knife cutterhead will make 96 or 179 cuts per inch, based on which speed setting you decide. Mess is minimized with the fan-assisted chip ejection, which literally vacuums chips off the cutter-head and blows them out the exhaust. The 735’s auto cart lock will save you from snipe by decreasing the motion that causes it – what a great idea. We also love the redesigned thickness scale – it is big and super-observable, in poor lighting. Those who do recurring cuts will appreciate the turret depth-stop; set your most-used cuts to it once and you are generally guaranteed of accuracy. The home woodworker will be thrilled, and the professional’s expectations will be more than met. This is a winner. – Kris Jensen-Van Heste.

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Models to consider:
JWP-208HH 40200HC-CT1594K G1037Z25010H DW735R
2012NB R4330W1754S JJP-8BTPC305TP DW735
W1742 40200H-CTG0505 ZRR4331PL1251 DW735X
W1742W 40600H-CT
40600H-CT DW735W1742 W1742W1594K R4330
ZRR4331 PC305TPG1037Z JWP-208HHG0505 DW735R
2012NB 40200HC-CTPL1251 W1754S40200H-CT DW735X
25010H JJP-8BT
25010H JJP-8BTPL1251 40600H-CTDW735X W1742
DW735R G1037Z40200HC-CT W1742W1594K G0505
W1754S PC305TP2012NB ZRR4331R4330 DW735
40200H-CT JWP-208HH


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