April 21, 2017

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  • Patented Self Modulating Technology and design
  • Recommended Electrical Panel: 200 Amps
  • ECOSMART tankless water heaters are 99.8-percent energy efficient
  • Never run out of hot water with an ECOSMART tankless water heater
  • Required Breaker Quantity: Three 40 Amp Double Pole
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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Will include 24 kW 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater – ECO24, Owner’s Manual. Techical support team at 877-474-6473.

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Aviditi XFJ120FDCH-W Wer Heer, 12 3 GPM, White

The Aviditi tankless electric water ECO 24 heater features a distinctive glossy IMD front cover that’s water splash evidence and tolerant to corrosion and ageing. We have adopted a patented heating technology that’s an enclosed loop heating system. This gives for you instant hot water with less heating loss. Our distinctive noao insulation material totally separates water from electricity for extra protection. Our tankless electric water ECO 24 heater features a multi-level, structured heating chamber that can be used to form a long circulating water channel which prevents lime scale and offers this units long lifespan. All of our tankless electric water ECO 24 heaters feature electricity leakage, anti-scalding, over-pressure and over temperature protection. Water and electricity separation protection. The direct temperature setting and automatically thermostat ensure that the hot water temperature will be constant. Featuring a auto memory function to help avoid repeated operation. Our LED widescreen touch screen display shows you the working condition, outlet temperature, working time, power intake and water intake. The easy to use conversion display mode give you the capability to change between Celsius degree and Fahrenheit degree instantly. This unit includes a fault auto-detection technique giving you the capability diagnose failure issues instantly as the because will be displayed automatically on the LED screen. Unit requires a Copper 3/4-Inch NPT connection. Technical Data, Voltage/Freq 240-Volt /60-HZ. Max Amp Load, 50-AMP.

New Bosch Ariston ES2.5 Point of Use 2.5 Gallon Mini Tank Under Counter Wer Heer

Easy installation. Simply tap into the cold water line and install the water heater directly at the sink. All models plug into a regular 120 volt outlet. And when you want to eliminate the wait for hot water but need more volume, install the Ariston water heater in-line with a bigger hot water source. Glass-lined tank for longer life Mounts on wall or floor Temperature/pressure break valve included All models plug into standard 120 volt outlet Meets ASHRAE 90. 1 Standard plans: Tank Volume: 2. 7 gallons Dimensions: 14″ x 14″ x 10″ Voltage: 110v Wire Size: Plug-in GPM 45 Rise: 13. 6 GPH recuperation GPM 77 Rise: 8 GPH recuperation Temperature Range: 65-145F Water Connections: ” NPT Operating Pressure: 150 psi break Valve: installed.

Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Wer Heer, Nural Gas

T-KJR2-OSNG Features: -Tankless water heater. -Natural gas. -may be transformed into a direct-vent unit. -Outdoor installation only. -BTU/hr: 19,500 140,000. -0. 82 Energy factor. -Flow rate: 6. 6 GPM maximum. -Cost-economical and environmental friendly. -Perfect for light residential and radiant heating applications. -Energy star. Dimensions: -in general dimensions: 20. 5" H x 13. 8" W x 6. 7" D.

2.3 GPM Wer Heer. IHE S-12 replaces Model M-12. Continuous On Demand Hot Wer for Houses and Apartments. UL Approved.

The IHeat Electric Tankless Water Heater Model S-12 has the capacity of heating 3. 5 GPM which is the equivalent to 2 showers (at 1. 5 GPM each), and 1 sinks (at 0. 50 GPM each) at the same time, or any mix which equals to 3. 5 GPM. The S-12 can handle these applications in the warmer climates of the US which are Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, California, Alabama, and Mississippi. Anything north of these States the Model S-12 may be used for point of use, or 1- application at a time. A good rule of thumb is if you live in the southern states mentioned here the S-12 can power a 3 to 4 bedroom 2-1/2 bathroom home, as well as dishwasher and clothes washer, think about that tankless water heaters are intended to heat incoming water at a maximum output temperature depending on concurrent use and inlet water temperatures. If your demand for hot water decreases your output water temperatures will increase, also as if you live in the colder states this S-12 will heat less volume of water, this will because the S-12 to be used in Point of Use applications in the colder climates. The stainless steel construction is a perfect fit for any applications near the ocean, like beach front properties, yachts, small boats, resorts and outdoor kitchens. It may be used in greatly clean applications like commercial kitchens, hospitals, clinics, and schools where hygiene is of the highest importance Is small enough to fit any under counters installations or closets Water evidence construction lets you to easily and carefully control the temperature by using our water evidence interactive touch pad, allowing you to decide a range of temperatures from 80 degree F to 140 degree F (DOE recommends setting heaters at 120 degree F) Come with an easy straight forward product warranty, to have your warranty honored we only need a copy of your evidence of buy and we’ll honor the 3 year interior electrical parts and 5 year caused by leaks restricted warranty.

Reliance 6-30-EOMSS K100 Co Multi Purpose Wer Heer, 30 gallon

30 Gallon, Electric Compact Water Heater, Single 1650W, 120V Element, 3″ Insulation,. 95 Energy Factor, recuperation At A 90 Degrees Rise-Gallons/Hours 8, 1st Hour ranking 39, Factory Installed T & P Valve, Side Taps For Easy Installation, Aluminum Anode Rod, Glass Lined Tank, Unit Dimensions: 31. 25″H x 24″D, 6 Year Tank & Parts Warranty, Meets New NAECA 2015 Efficiency Standards.


Suburban Water Heater SW6P for RV Camper Trailer LP Gas Pilot 6 Gallon Quality you want. Now and down the road. The best water heaters on the road today, Suburban’s line of water heaters will include high recuperation gas, gas-electric and motor aid models with sizes and features to go with the prerequisites of nearly any RV. Longer Life Heated water attacks all metals, however not ceramic. That is why Suburban uses a ceramic-lined, steel water heater tank with an anode rod to “take in” the electrolytical action – just like your water heater at home. In fact, when a Suburban ceramic-lined tank is properly maintained, tank life may double or triple its three-year restricted warranty, saving holders the cost of premature substitute. Also, every Suburban tank is pressure tested twice throughout the manufacturing procedure to ensure its honesty. Faster recuperation Fast recuperation means more hot water and fewer cool water cycles. Six-, 10-, 12- and 16-gallon Suburban gas water heaters feature 12,000 BTUH input and a recuperation rate of 10. 2 gallons per hour – that is the fastest in the business. Mix gas/electric models also use a 1,440-watt element to recover an extra 6. 0 gallons per hour at campsites. For higher recuperation, both the gas and electric element can be used at the same time. More Convenience All Suburban water heaters are intended for easy installation, operation and maintenance. The bound switch, reset button and on/off electric element rocker switch are conveniently located in a housing behind the removable outer door. The electric heat element and mix drain plug/anode rod are located there. For convenience of installation, rough-in openings for Suburban water heaters are small and less probably to get in the way with RV outside design. Model: SW6P LP Gas Direct Spark Ignition 12,000 BTU Heat recuperation Rate of 10. 2 GPH 35 lbs Empty Weight Cut Out Dimensions: 12. 75″ large x 12. 75″ High x 19 3/16″ Deep.

Westinghouse WEC100C2X045 4500W High-Efficiency Wer Heer, 100 gallon

The Westinghouse high-efficiency electric water heater has high recuperation rates, low standby heat losses and features an aesthetically pleasing faux stainless steel outside. The 316L stainless steel inner tank offers superior corrosion resistance, is laser welded for precision and has a restricted lifetime warranty when registered online.

Bosch Ariston GL2.5S Point-of-Use Mini-Tank Wer Heer vs Ecosmart ECO 240-Volt review

Bosch Ariston GL2. 5S (Ariston GL2. 5) Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater – Installing an Ariston electric mini-tank water heater under the sink puts hot water right where you need it – at the point of use. Easy installation. Simply tap into the cold water line and install the water heater directly at the sink. Plugs directly into a regular 120 volt outlet. And when you want to eliminate the wait for hot water but need more volume, install the Ariston water heater in-line with a bigger hot water source. The Bosch Ariston GL2. 5S (Ariston GL2. 5) keeps 2. 75 gallons of hot water prepared to go and draws only 12. 5AMPS. A Pressure break valve is included. The Bosch Ariston GL2. 5S is a substitute for the Ariston GL2. 5, however note that the GL2. 5S is 10. 75″ deep while the Ariston GL2. 5 was only 10. 25″ deep. The new Ariston GL2. 5S has many new enhancements over the older Ariston GL2. 5. The Ariston GL2. 5S has a new temperature modification handle on the front of the unit to increase and reduce the temperature from 65 Deg F to 145 Deg F while on the older Ariston GL2. 5 you could have had to take off the blue oval cover to access the temperature control handle. The Ariston GL2. 5S also has a new improved thermostat that features a new sensing probe that’s attached to the thermostat and inserts into the cavity of the new element so the heater can change temperatures quicker and maintain a more consistent heat.

Marey 0V Instant Wer Heer 7 GPM 0

Marey ECO240 units use SMART heater technology. it’s a technology that self-modulates the amount of energy used by the heater, more economical heating than the old standard kind of heating where the heating element is on or off, giving you more consistent temperatures, while saving you money.

Rinnai RL75eN Nural Gas Wer Heer, 7.5 Gallons Per Minute vs Ecosmart ECO 240-Volt price

Experience a never-ending supply of new hot water, and a sleek, sculpted water heater design. If you’re building a spacious new home or remodeling your older home, Rinnai LS units may be used individually, in pairs, or in banks of three or more to supply all your hot water needs. LS Series interior-mount units may be placed in any room, vent straight to the outside and have an integrated condensate collector. LS Series outside-mount units require no extra venting and can be installed in a recessed enclosure, then painted or textured to go with the outside of your home for a clean, inconspicuous look. All LS units contain a commercial-grade heat exchanger for optimum durability. Homeowners get the dependability of commercial-grade construction and an business-leading 12-year restricted warranty.

Aroma AAP-340SB Hot Wer Central 4-Quart Air Pot/Wer Heer, Stainless Steel

The 4-Quart Hot Water Central Air Pot/Water Heater from Aroma keeps hot water at your fingertips during the day- with no waiting. It quickly brings water to a boil and keeps it piping hot for hours-so you may be able to enjoy your tea, hot chocolate, coffee, hot cereal or soup at a moment’s notice. Pour anywhere with the manual pump or use one of two auto dispensers for easy, one-handed serving. The Hot Water Central sets to 3 different temperature alternatives, perfect for a range of hot beverages. The Delay Start choice powers down when nobody is home and will have water hot again right when it’s needed. Built with safety in mind, this appliance features a cool-touch outside, safety locking cover and removable cord.

Rinnai RC80HPi Indoor Nural Gas Condensing Wer Heer, 8.1 GPM vs Ecosmart ECO 240-Volt reviews

For outdoor installation. Rinnai’s condensing tankless water heaters deliver more efficiency than ever before. Available in four models, suited for mid- to big-sized home, Rinnai’s condensing tankless water heaters offer all the same benefits builders and homeowners have come to expect from Rinnai. 157,000 max BTU.

What people considered before buying ECO24:
  1. Watts LFTWH-FT-HCN Service Valve Kit for Tankless Water Heater
  2. Aqua-Pure AP430SS Hot Water System Protector
  3. Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 18 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology
  4. Webstone 44443WPR 3/4-Inch IPS Isolator EXP E2 Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit with Clean Brass Construction
  5. Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology
  6. Noritz IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF 3/4-Inch Lead-Free Threaded Tankless Isolation Valve Kit with 500,000 BTU Pressure Relief

Models to consider:
WM-4.0 WEC080C2X055SHPT-66 SUN-120ES2.5 EZTR40-NG
WER040C2X045 6 40 DOLS6 50 LORT C 1210 ES NGGA16LP PROG40-40N RH62
5117A N-210RUCS75IN WER052C2X045XCV-40 V65EN
GPVT-50 N-120T-KJr2-OS-LP RTG-84XNWH27 TK30-PV100FM
DHC-E8 EX3512TTempra 24B GCR-40LPSW6D VIR613312
PT-40 E1E2.5US015VVIR201602894 R98LSe-LPGA5PORT VIRT9A246273
RV-550 GNR-50LZR301MB MR50245HA024240 ECO270
WH17 V53eLPHA024240 CE-6-ASV75IP 6 40 DOLS
ST-30V E1E2.5US015VMR50245 GA10NGDPAHSH-2500 SX-110V
Therm 330 PN LP 088L3156NR71-SV LP EX160TCISI-0001 VIR201602967
RETE-13 Mini 2-1NR981-DVC-LP ECO200DVLP3Tempra 24B SP100 DL
SW12DE XCV-40C 1050 ES LP VIRT9A246680NR981-SV-NG WER052C2X045
ECO 27 HT20HBL10 Shower Set EX3512TT-KJr2-OS-LP Sw6d
WGRTNG199 ISI-0001VIRT9A246680 WH27GT-540-PIH WH17
Sw6d EJC-6GA16NGETL Tempra 24BEX3512 US12
VIR9966D GA16LPDP5117A XCG-50RUS65EP SP8208
SW12D EX3512TRUR98eN 6 50 LORTGT-140-NIH WER052C2X045
EX55 DL VIR201603010VIR9973D 1GWHAFRETE-13 SW10D
NR98-OD LP EX60DHC-E8 SHPT-66RUCS65IP VIR201603009
YL205 T-H3S-DV-NS-16 ExpTank-019V-PWEZTR40-NG RU98IN


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