May 7, 2017

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The Juiceman 3-in-1 Total Juicer is a blender, juice extractor, and citrus juicer, all powered by the same 800W motor. Make your beloved shakes and smoothies with the blender attachment. Enjoy a glass of flavorful, nutritious juice with the juice extractor attachment. Or press new, homemade orange juice with the citrus juicer attachment. You may be able to do it all From juicing to mixing, and everything in between, Juiceman completely supports the art of experimentation. So go ahead—Bare your fruits and veggies.

Recent reviews of JM3000 Juiceman:

I own a Norwalk "press type" juicer, a Hurom Slow Juicer, a Tribest Horizontal Slow Auger Juicer and have had different juicers for the past 15 years. You may think that a fast centrifugal type juicer could not be one that I could like. But this one has value. I could rank them Good, Better and Best. Norwalk as best but costing 2500. I bought it 3 years ago because I required to juice for 2 people on the Gerson diet and did 25 lbs of produce a day. I think I have paid if off now. Better could be slow juicers that don’t heat up the juice much and preserve enzymes. Good could be this juicer.. If it were only a juicer I do not think I could have given it 5 stars, however because it’s so versatile in the kitchen, I have found it to be a nice and working "all-in-one" appliance. I could certainly say that drinking new made juice is better than soda sodas and energy drinks or powdered forms of greens, veggies and fruits. Nothing beats new made. So the fact that this can juice, say a celery, or a beet or carrot. Or that’s can blend kale, spinach and bananas in a morning smoothie, make this appliance appealing. New orange juice in the morning. Love it. And this machine can do it all. The blender isn’t a vita-mix, however it does not must be. For a morning smoothie it works well. A banana, some frozen blueberries, a little cilantro and kale, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, water and you have a delicious detoxifying shake. It blends it well. No big chunks left. And your smoothie is already in a nice serving glass. No it is not a Norwalk, however for juicing it works well enough and you do not have to freeze juice cloths and the other accessories. This does have own set of cleanup issues, however all juicer do.

So yeah, this is my 1st juicer. I do have a Nutribullet that I have used for a bit now for green shakes that works pretty well really, however this is the 1st really juicer I have ever had. So let me start by saying because this is a 3 in 1, it has lots of parts. It came set-up for the juicing (not the citrus). I took it separately, cleaned it,, then put it all together again in the same way to get started. I used oranges, grapefruit, celery, apples, and some greens to just give it a go. This machine chewed through these merchandise easily. I read the information to take off the rinds to keep the drink from becoming bitter, however I had a feeling it could don t have problem if i stuck the hole thing in there. After washing the apples, I just popped those in there and it made short work of them too. I’m pretty excited about trying the recipes provided and just purchase a bag of oranges and play with the citrus part. My main reason to get it although was for the whole foods juice extraction, and the only complaint I have there’s the clean-up. There are just so many parts that it looks like I have to clean this pretty quickly before things dry to get everything out. The big basin there can hold lots of solids, and I never came close to filling it. So, it just took a bit to clean. That spot is kind of useful, since you may be able to turn it to keep from dripping, but it is also a little high. It works well for the plastic glass provided but I wish i had more of a wider pitcher kind of product that could work well with it. I may think about a big bowl. This has lots of power, lots more than my little Nutribullet. Since I do not have other juicers to compare it too, I will not be able to do any sort of comparison. For someone who has not had one before, I am impressed so far with just how fast it’s.

Notice — I have never owned or used a juicer before. I’d generally heard they were a nightmare to clean, frequently leaked, and just not really worth it. This juicer certainly changed my mind about that. This 3-in-1 unit takes some to get used to as far as swapping through the attachments and knowing what goes where, however once I used it some times, I could do it easily. I had some leakage the 1st time I used the extractor, however it only looks to happen with tomatoes (not apples, as an example). The extractor is not terribly economical with softer fruits like strawberries, and fruits like bananas are strictly blender-only or they will clog the unit. The spout needs to be rotated and the unit tipped to get the last bit of juice out or that will leak all over the place. With the citrus attachment, pulp will gather in the top and block the drainage slots after juicing just a couple big oranges. My only real gripe is with the position of the drainage spout. If I did not use a tall glass, it made some a mess. Cleaning it’s annoying, particularly after using more than one attachment, however as long as it is done now after use, it is not a mammoth chore. Only one part takes some effort to clean: the metal filter basket from the extractor. If you wait till afterward and everything dries, yeah, you will have to soak and clean each part. But a fast rinse is enough to get most of the pulp off. Is it deafening? Sure, however it is powerful. I was cautious about throwing apples into the extractor, however it chewed right through them. The suction cups on the bottom do a great job of holding it in place since it gets a bit jumpy at times. It seems great too. It has a clean, sleek design that will compliment nearly any kitchen.

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The Juiceman 3-in-1 Total Juicer is a blender, juice extractor, and citrus juicer, all powered by the same 800W motor. Make your beloved shakes and smoothies with the blender attachment. Enjoy a glass of flavorful, nutritious juice with the juice extractor attachment. Or press new, homemade orange juice with the citrus juicer attachment. You may be able to do it all From juicing to mixing, and everything in between, Juiceman completely supports the art of experimentation. So go ahead—Bare your fruits and veggies.

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