April 21, 2017

You asked for it: Electric Tomato (Spremy)…

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  • Made in Italy imperia
  • 1/4 HP motor
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  • electric tomato machine
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General description

Separates seeds and skins produces smooth tomato puree also makes apple sauce for home use stainless steel hopper, cast iron spiral 1/3 horse power motor 13″ high made in Italy.

Recent reviews of Spremy Electric Tomato Strainer:

I bought this press last year and used it to press 7 bushels of tomatoes that I bought from a close farm. It was my 1st tomato press, however I have some experience using an older one at my boyfriend’s house, who’s been pressing tomatoes since he was young – as a yearly tradition. This press was more economical (made considerably less waste) than the older one. The motor worked well, and it got through the seven bushels pretty fast without making too most of a mess (we were cautious ). It is only flaw as far as I can tell, is that the entrance at the top where the tomatoes go in is a bit too small, so nearly all of the tomatoes we had required to be cut in half before putting them into the press. We had medium sized roma tomatoes, and so far as I can tell, this could be true for most types with the exemption of cherry tomatoes. With that said, I certainly plan on using it again next year, and I think it was well worth the cost. If you are considering to get one of the hand crank ones, I could strongly tell against it, and recommend this one instead, since it could save you lots of effort, particularly for bigger jobs.

I wanted a tomato seeder/strainer. This really works great. In less than 1 hr we (my husband ran them thru as I wedged the tomatoes. )had strained and had in pots on the stove about 1 1/4 bushel of tomatoes cooking down for sauce. Only one problem that we could find. It’s low on the counter/table top wherever you use it. We stacked 2 big phone books under the straining part to let the sauce to enter into a bowl. Otherwise there was few room to put a SMALL bowl under the strainer. They should have made it higher at that end or at least told the buyer to add books/wood stand under product. Product is heavy, and good steel/stainless merchandise. It should last a long time and yes it was a little costly, however I feel for what you got it was worth it.

I grow some number of bushels of tomatoes yearly and about half of them are Roma. Last year I bought a hand cranked processor. It worked okay but I’m 60 years old and I could not turn the crank for long at a time. It’s harder than I thought. So I have decided to attempt this. 1st I’ll say that it doesn’t make any mess at all. It doesn’t leak anywhere and everything goes where it’s supposed to go. The puree comes down the large red shute and the seeds, skins, and cores come out of the end of the screen. You don’t do anything to the tomatoes 1st. They go in raw. The Romas that I grow are small enough to just drop down the funnel whole. You still have to push them into the rotating screw at the bottom of the funnel but that’s easy. If tomatoes are too big to go down the throat whole, then you must cut them up into pieces small enough to poke down with the supplied tool. If you attempt to push stuff down that’s too big, it’ll squirt and that will make a mess. I have found that the simplest thing is to cut the tomatoes into quarters and fill the funnel about half-full then I use my left hand to start them down the throat and I have the plastic tool in my right hand to push them the rest of the way. Regardless how you do it, you can not keep up with this machine. You can not stuff tomatoes in faster than they come out. The maker says to let it cool down from time to time and I turn it off to change catch bowls. The maker says to not run the skins through the machine a second time and there’s no reason to do so. When the skins and seeds come out they’re totally squeezed dry. I catch them in a big colander. Nothing drips through. It’s easy to clean up. I use an old toothbrush on the screen.

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Automatic continuous Hammer Mill Herb Grinder,pulverizer machine,35KG per hour

 Features: 1:precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust,clean, simple operation, beautiful form, both power and safe and so on. 2:Crush groove and the blade of whole stainless steel,the body of aluminium alloy,the real high-speed high-power motors 3:grinding range:salt,coffee,soybean,spice,grain,wheat,pepper,peanut,tobacoo,herbs and so on. Takes only 10-15seconds,may be compeletly to powder,for the coffee powder, it can me it into water now. 4:lifespan:usually speaking, it may be used for 8-10 years longer. Advantage:it’s more convenient and save effort,the effect is competely powder.    auto & uninterrupted feeding herb/food grinder  Stainless steel during & heavy responsibility  Speed: 2840r/min power :2000w Production capacity: (1-35KG)of powder per hour Filters (included) sizes: 60,100,180 mesh  2 filter bags (included) Size:  4242100 Voltage: 110 V/220V Packaging: the weight:45KG Package Weight:58KG.

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Four tough and hard 24 gauge mirror polished Salem Stainless Steel jars: 1. 5 ltr. Juicer jar, 1. 25 ltr. Wet and dry grinder jar, 1 ltr multipurpose jar, and 400 ml Mixer Mate chutney jar Extra thick shock-evidence ABS body Transparent polycarbonate jar lids with special locking system for each jar distinctive big grip handle for multipurpose and juicer jars Special grade Nylon couplers that grip the jars firmly and withstand huge strain Four Stainless Steel interchangeable blades Extra strong and sharp Stainless Steel blades for fast and economical grinding Suspended motor bed for vibration-free performance Micro-balanced rotor for quieter operation auto overload cut-off building that guards the motor Vacuum rubber shoes for firm grip.

Revel- Food Chopper

The Fc301 Is A Food Chopper From Revel. It Has A Compact And Stylish Design Which Makes It Look Good On The Kitchen Platform. It Has A Powerful 260watt Motor. It Has Two Variable Speed For Different Material Chopping. It Has A big 200g Capacity Bowl Which Is Dishwasher Safe. It Comes With A Platic Milkshake Balde Attachments. It Has Stainless Steel Chopping Blades For good Chopping Of The Food Material. Features: Color : Blue. 260 Watt Motor. Two Speeds. A big 200g Capacity Bowl that’s Dishwasher Safe. Stainless Steel Chopping Blade. A Plastic Milkshake Blade Attachment.

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Models to consider:
1004cc GE201402001MG470 V5625-01PG 508 350 kg
HR2726 DJ13B-D08DIRRG001 W779AKM6220-1202 WJ-136
SPACE-4 61-0101-W1.25 Liter WM120V_SGAS3 5 Qt. CG-5
SPACE-11 STUFR-V003MJ-641 COLL-52GF19100 MG-100
25-FIDIBUS21 100GJP-1500B-8D STX-12L-SSSTX-5L-SS 08-1201-W
EDN-PN-257603 WJ-134TM 31 Thermomix TM5Stealth-4J 400G
250G eB-01DMJ-300 SG-108346A PG 507
GE20142015 AKM6220-1201VKP1024B 300GWM220V SPACE-6
780A AMG198JP-500B-8D BM-RF08-YAGE2016 CG-6
X5 14″ JP-400B-8D1004cc AMG36SG3-M-BL V5625-01
1000G MX-AC400IRRG001 STX-12L-SS003-PT-30183 WM120V_SGA
M530 MG47008-1201-W USSC-DL3SG-10 VKP1024B
TM 31 2275-WPWM220V 100GAMG198 350 kg
JP-1500B-8D SPACE-6SPACE-4 100GBM-RF08-YA WJ-134
300 kg MG-100250G PRWG-2LtrsCG-7 SG4-M-B
Thermomix TM5 DJ13U-D08SGST-V5 S3 5 Qt.FG-400PR 300G
GE2016 PI-O469-J7TQDJ13B-D08D U530GF19100 61-0101-W
AKM6220-1202 CG-5WSG60 MG470HR2726 X5 14″
ST-V5 DJ13B-D08DJP-500B-8D MG-10025-FIDIBUS21 eB-01
JP-1000B-8D FSJ-1JP-1500B-8D 760200_SeedMillCOLL-52 GE20142015
TMP150 1000GFG-400PR 350 kg003-PT-30183 4-Jar
SPACE-11 CG-8U530 WJ-136GE2015230IN 250G
WJ-134 FC301P150 SPACE-4SPACE-6 MX-AC400
PRWG-2Ltrs SPACE-12Stealth-4J STX-5L-SSDMJ-300 FS750B
61-0101-W AMG36400G 1004ccPMG03 MJ-641


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