April 21, 2017

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  • 4 in 1 Evolve System
  • Advanced Ceramic Coating
  • Searing Option
  • Digital Control Panel
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General description

Make the George Foreman Evolve Grill the final cooking machine in your kitchen. The 4-in-1 potential and simple digital controls will change the way you prepare food. Use the lasting ceramic grill plates for your conventional grilling needs with meat and vegetables, or use them to toast up a tasty Panini. Then exchange in the bake dish or muffin pan to take care of all your baking needs. The dishwasher-safe grill plates feature an advanced ceramic covering that is more lasting than last models. Digital time and temperature settings give you precision control to cook a range of foods with heat ranging from 325- to 450-degrees, plus a 500-degree searing choice that allows you to lock in all the juicy flavor of steaks and burgers. Take home the Evolve Grill and transform the way you cook.

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NEMCO ROLLER, 75 HOT DOGS, GRIPSIT Model 8075SX-220 vs GRP4800-R

A great addition to any GRP4800R snack bar, concession stand, or convenience store, this Nemco 8075SX-220 hot dog roller grill accommodates up to 75 hot dogs at a time and can be used for egg rolls, tamales, and other distinctive menu things To cut down on cleaning time, this grill features GripsIt rollers with a SilverStone non-stick covering that supply a subtle amount of friction to optimize cooking rotation. Every roller on this unit rotates 360 degrees to effectively prevent residue increase and holds an individual heating element to advertise consistent cooking from end to end. This roller grill has seven heat settings and a 10 minute preheat time for very simple operation and features independently controlled front and rear heating zones to help conserve energy throughout low-volume business hours. But, throughout peak times, this grill can prepare up to 1500 hot dogs per hour. In general Dimensions: Left to Right: 35 1/2″ Front to Back: 25 3/4″ Height: 7″.

GR2144P 9-Serving Classic Plate

Get all the space you have to cook healthier for up to 9 people with our biggest indoor contact grill. The 133 Sq. In. Grilling surface easily fits up to 9 servings, with heat from the center to the sides of the plate with our Signature Foreman heating elements. Our patented sloped design and George Tough nonstick covering let you to cook without oil or butter while fat and grease drain off for healthier meals in minutes. The grill will include a dishwasher safe drip tray for extra convenience.

Roller Dog Commercial 30 Hot Dog Roller Cooker Machine – RDB30SS

Grill your stadium style hot dogs and sausages with a commercial quality Roller Dog hot dog roller. Make plump, juicy hot dogs easily and without the mess in your home or business. The stainless steel non-stick rollers rotate a full 360 degrees ensuring all hot dogs are cooked evenly and to perfection. The Roller Dog’s extra-slow roller design keeps hot dogs new and juicy till served. Front and rear heat controls allows you to heat hotdogs on some rollers and keep them warm on others. Removable drip tray helps gather grease for easy clean up. Perfect for a great holiday cookout and works great for birthday parties. With a Roller Dog you may be able to relax and socialize with your company or watch the game instead of having to constantly turn hot dogs on the barbeque. Its also ideal for commercial uses like concession stands, gas stations, mini-marts, and street vendors. Will include Sanitary Glass Guard.

Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Dials vs GRP-4800R

The Cuisinart Griddler makes “multifunctional” an understatement. With five separate cooking alternatives, it can handle everything from pancakes to sausages to grilled cheese to steaks, hamburgers and Panini. A floating cover and one set of reversible plates that snap in and out turn the Griddler into a Contact Grill, a Panini Press, a Full Grill, a Full Griddle, or Half Grill/Half Griddle. Dual temperature controls ensure everything is perfectly cooked.

Waring WGR240 Electric Countertop Griddle 26" – 240V

Waring – WGR240 24″ x 16″ Countertop Electric Griddle – WGR240 – Waring Waring WGR240 Electric Countertop Griddle 26″ – 240VWaring – WGR240 24″ x 16″ Countertop Electric Griddle – WGR240 – WaringElectric24″ X 16″ Grilling SurfaceAdjustable Thermostat To 570F21″ Removable Grease TraySteel Splash Guards With Tapered Front EndsBrushed Stainless Steel ConstructionHeat-tolerant Handles240V/60/1-Ph3300 WattsNema 5-15PControls: ThermostaticDepth Cooking Surface (Front – Back): 16″Width (Side – Side) Oa: 24″outside Finish: Stainless SteelGriddle Plate Finish: Stainless Steel Electric Countertop Griddles 929WGR240, 1454193, 141-WGR240, WGR240.

Oster 7-Minute with DuraCeramic Coating Digital Timer, /White, CKSTCG22R-ECO vs George Foreman GRP4800R 4 1 pricing

Use morning, noon and night for breakfast sausage, kid’s meals like grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs and in the evening for tasty burger, fish, chicken and steak dinners. Attempt a new dessert like grilled pineapple too. distinctive, groundbreaking, natural Dura Ceramic non-stick ceramic covering is PFOA and PTFE free and lasts 4 times longer than conventional non-stick surfaces. It is scratch tolerant and will not flake or peel. Food cooks up to 20 faster than common non-stick surfaces, saving you time and energy and it is super easy to clean. It is so simple – just set the timer and push start. Your foods will grill up deliciously with just one touch. With cooking convenience, the ingenious design flips vertically to drain juices throughout grilling. Then removable drip tray may be placed in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

Cuisinart Gourmet Griddle Griddler Panini Press GRID-8NPC vs GRP-4800-R

Contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle Removable and reversible dishwasher-safe nonstick cooking plates for easy storage Cooking plates drain grease for healthy cooking Integrated drip tray collects grease and is easy to store tough panini-style handle with hinged floating cover changes to thickness of food Selector handle to decide grill or griddle function Adjustable temperature controls for grill or griddle Red/green display lights for easy operation Brushed stainless steel housing Dishwasher-safe scraping tool for easy cleanup Instruction manual with gourmet recipes.

T-fal GC702853 Opti Indoor Electric with Removable Dishwasher Safe, 1800W, Black vs George Foreman GRP4800R 4 1 review

T-fal introduces OptiGrill, the 1st electric grill with Precision Grilling Technology which cooks food to your preference depending on the program selected (burger, poultry, sandwiches, sausage and pork, red meat or fish) and by measuring the thickness of the food. The T-fal GC702850 OptiGrill Black variant automatically adapts its grilling cycles to the thickness of the food. Thanks to a distinctive cooking level display, it allows you to know the cooking progress and beeps at Rare, Medium and Well-Done so you know when your meal is cooked the way you like it. The OptiGrill includes a defrost setting for cooking food from frozen to perfect in minutes and a manual setting for vegetables and personal recipes. The T-fal OptiGrill has a powerful 1,800-watt heating element and die-cast aluminum, non-stick coated plates. The plates are removable and dishwasher safe, for easy clean-up. The T-fal OptiGrill comes with a recipe book and a 1-year restricted warranty. If the grill goes into Manual mode (white light) and isn’t preheating it’s because the buyer is opening the cover throughout the pre-heating which signals to the grill that you’re putting food on. When you do not put food on or put it on the grill before the pre-heating is done then the grill goes into Manual mode since it isn’t completely pre-heated. To prevent this generally keep the cover closed, turn on the machine, choose the wanted program then press okay. The light will flash purple as the grill pre-heats. Keep the cover closed throughout this time. Once the light goes hard purple and beeps you may be able to then add the food.

Waterbridge Electric Plate Warmer – Heats up to 15 – Heritage Navy

The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is a hard to find great gift idea for anybody who enjoys cooking and entertaining. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is a thermostatically controlled electric plate warmer that carefully sits on any tabletop surface and heats up to 15 plates to keep food hot longer. A main rule in culinary serving is that hot food must be served on hot plates. When food cools off it begins to set. Its look becomes less nice and appealing to the eye and food flavor isn’t emphasized to its full height. What is so distinctive about the Waterbridge Plate Warmer is it simple design and fashionable attraction. You simply put your plates in between the folds and in no time at all plates reach a hot still comfy temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and you may be able to still hold onto the outside rim of the plate. Carefully heats good bone china plates. There’s no chipping or cracking from heating plates in or over the oven, microwave or dishwasher and it also frees up space in the oven. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is available in a range of designs and colors, will include a clear zipper bag for easy storage and has a 10 year restricted warranty. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer has 100 more plate coverage area than regular warmers and heats more plates faster. 120V, 80W with a North American 2 blade plug. Made in Canada since 1997.

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric vs George Foreman GRP4800R 4 1 price

Ideal for grilling steaks, chicken, fish, burgers, and vegetables indoors, this 1300-watt countertop appliance has a big, family-size grill surface of 12-1/2 by 9-1/4 inches coated with nonstick for low-fat cooking and easy cleaning. A variable heat control gives exact cooking temperatures, and the grill’s handles and stylish, black-gray plastic base stay cool throughout operation for safety. Another safety feature prevents the heat control, which gives power to the appliance, from being put in unless the metal drip tray and cooking grid are in place and prevents the grid from being removed throughout operation. The appliance disassembles easily for cleaning, and the drip tray is dishwasher-safe. In general, the unit measures 20-3/4 inches large, 6-1/8 inches high, and 14 inches deep. – Fred Brack.

Swissmar KF-77043 8-Person Classic Raclette Party, Enamel

Get out of the kitchen and use up time with your family and guests by grilling meals right on the major table. The Classic Raclette Party Grill is a fun and easy way to cook for yourself, family or friends. The raclette dishes are great for easy melting flavorful cheeses: gruyere, emmenthaler, raclette, etc. Then pour the melted cheese over vegetables or potatoes for a great European-style raclette dinner. The adjustable thermostat handle lets the grill top to either keep appetizers warm on a low setting or turn up the thermostat and grill sliced meats, vegetables, fish, or chicken. Turn the grill over and cook savory or dessert crepes, pancakes, fajitas, quesadillas, easy grilled cheese sandwiches or omelets. Reversible grill is non-stick, gives ideal low fat cooking and easy clean up. TIP: don’t use cooking sprays on grill top or on raclette dishes. Apply small amount of low fat cooking oils (olive oil, canola oil) by using a brush onto grill top or raclette dishes. Product Built to North American Electrical Standards. Unless otherwise indicated, this product is made for North American electrical standards and is meant for use in the United States and Canada.

Waring Commercial WPG250 120-volt Italian-Style Panini, Large vs George Foreman GRP4800R 4 1 reviews

This Italian Supremo big Panini grill and constructed of brushed stainless steel material with removable drip tray. Its surface is great for grilled Panini sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken, vegetables and more. Features ribbed cast-iron plates for heat distribution and fast cooking time. It has hinged, auto-complementary top plate to match foods up to 3-inch thick. Adjustable thermostat to 570 degree Fahrenheit. Includes power ON and prepared display lights with heat-tolerant handles. Adjustable back feet for easy grease drainage. It has 120 volt AC, 15 ampere power and NEMA 5-15P plug ranking. Accepted by UL, NSF certification. Comes with restricted one year warranty. Measures 9-1/2-inch height by 16-inch width by 17-1/2-inch depth.

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Models to consider:
KF-77088 GR-4NREB-DLC10 BN-L50CSL36NG KF-77043
HRS-31S KF-770457704CMO GRP1060BGC-17N 50CBD
CKSTGRFM18WM-ECO 48997 NGBG24 HD6371/948075SX-220 GRP106QPGR
BREBSG540XL KF-77087HR-85 BREBGR200XLGC-15 BBQ13900P
S677 GR-35CH-8802 8045WGRP1001BP GR2120B
KF-77081 GR0080SRHD-800 EB-CC1575CE SG-811/F
KF-77043 CIG100B70085 TSG2FGR2144P WDG300T
CSL36LP GR18SBTMRHRS-50S 48997 NGV2160 50CBD
BN-L50 75SCBBCBGR820XL KF-77088CH-8802 10-0002-LP
GRP4842R GC-15CCX2LP-FS GR2120BWPG250 KF-77480
BN-KIT400-18 GC712D548075SX-220 GR0080SCGH1030D GRP90WGRFF
EB-CC15 48997 NGCGH1030D EB-DLC107704CMO WPG250T
WPG250B WFG300TGRP1001BP BN-L50SG-811/F HRS-50S
CIG100 FY-6GRP4842R KF-77070GRP4842P GRP90WGRFF
8075SX-220 GGR201RCDRLV-982L GGR240LBBQ13900P GR2144P
GRP106QPGR WDG300TGR144 WFG150S677 WDG250


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