April 21, 2017

AP12000S-KF Extreme (Koldfront) has great ratings


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  • 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, 3 fan speeds, dehumidifier only mode option (90 pints a day)
  • Patented Auto-Drain System – exhausts most or all condensate automatically except under extreme humidity situation
  • Cools up to 425 enclosed sq.ft. (depending on heat load) – includes a washable pre-filter and one replaceable carbon filter
  • Adjustable digital thermostat with 61-89F temp range, remote control and caster wheels
  • Includes window kit (expands up to 55″) and vent hose (expands up to 49″)
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

The Koldfront AP12000S-KF (previously the Edgestar AP12000S) is a 12,000 BTU rated movable air conditioner that’s able of effectively cooling up to 425 sq. Ft. Of enclosed space. The unit will include an air vent hose and window kit that expands out to a generous 55” maximum. The AP12000S-KF offers features like a 12hr programmable timer, dehumidifier function (90 pints per day), 3 fan speeds, digital thermostat control with a 61F to 89F setting range, remote control and caster wheels. The unit will include a washable pre-filter and one replaceable carbon filter to help control odors and pollutants. The unit features an interior condensate elimination system that will handle all but the most wet environments saving you the trouble of manually emptying a water can. The AP-12000S-KF meets new RoHS standards that restrict the amount of some pollutants in electronic and electrical equipment. Also, it also uses R-410A refrigerant for cooling, which doesn’t give to ozone depletion.

Compare with similar products:

MasterStat Thermostat for Evaporative ers vs AP12000-S-KF

A digital thermostat is a AP12000S-KF convenient way to control your MasterCool ducted evaporative cooler. This MasterStat digital thermostat is intended to operate a 2 fan speed motor, water pump motor, and water purge pump (optional). It has a backlit LCD display which makes reading temperatures easy. In case of a power outage, this thermostat stores your last active control settings so your cooler won’t have to be reprogrammed. The pre-wet mode assures the media pads are completely saturated previous to the pump being activated. Minimal wiring is needed when installing this thermostat into your present outlet box. A rain evidence control box is included for your convenience. MasteStat is a registered trademark of Champion Cooler company.

Whynter ARC-08WB Eco-Friendly 8000, White

The Whynter ARC-08WB movable air conditioner is compact, movable and easy to set up, in small spaces. The unit removes warm, wet air from any compact room and replaces it with the cool, clean air you need for a comfy environment. The compact and mobile unit features a self-evaporative system for controlling condensation, an easy-to-install single hose venting system and three operational modes; cooling, fan only and dehumidifying.

Master 12 inch Rigid Media Pad for 6400 CFM, 110133-4

Reaching your evaporative cooler’s best performance is easy with this common rigid media pad. It’s well constructed using MasterCool’s premium CELdek media. The distinctive, multi-level design makes it the right fit for most evaporative coolers requiring a 12 inch rigid media pad. MasterCool is a registered trademark of Champion Cooler company.

Frigide 10,000 115V Slider/Casement Room Conditioner w/ Full-Function Remote Control, FFRS1022Q1 vs AP-12000S-KF

Frigidaire’s FFRS1022Q1 10,000 BTU 115V Slider/Casement Room Air Conditioner is the ideal solution for cooling a room up to 450 square feet. This unit is exactly intended for use with sliding horizontal windows or casement windows and isn’t suited for standard (double-hung) window installation. Prepared-choose electronic controls let you to easily choose alternatives with the touch of a button. The full-function remote control lets you to exactly control the temperature and fan speed from across the room. The multi-speed fan features three different fan speeds for more cooling flexibility and 4-way air direction control lets you to direct the air where you want it. The antibacterial mesh filter with side, slide-out access decreases bacteria, room odors and other airborne particles for a healthier, more comfy environment. Plus, calm operation keeps you cool without keeping you awake.

Friedrich SS10N10 9,500 – 115 volt – 11.2 EER Kuhl series Wi-Fi Capable room conditioner

9500 Btu 115v room air conditioner with slide out chassis. Kühl offers more ways to customize your cooling experience than you ever thought possible: Wi-Fi Control Operate your air conditioner with a smart phone, computer or tablet with FriedrichLink™ for total freedom on the go. No more worrying about last minute schedule changes or forgetting to turn the a/c up or down or off when heading out — which can both lead to wasting money on needless cooling. And, pets are protected from unexpected weather extremes since you may be able to control the unit remotely. Kühl is the 1st room air conditioner that’s Smart Grid able. Smart Grid helps buyers be better informed about their electricity handling and lets electric businesses to serve buyer demand in the most economical way. And Kühl has recyclable packaging and is RoHS compliant. Custom Schedules Create custom 7-day schedules to maximize comfort and efficiency. Zone or Central air-like Operation Use FriedrichLink to group two or more units for zone or central air –like control. Change settings and operate grouped units as one. Superior Filtration Optional carbon filter can adsorb odors and decrease ozone and VOCs to accomplish up to a Merv 6 usefulness ranking. And Kühl has a big new air intake and stale air exhaust vent. Superior Sound Reduction Technology Steel inner walls, extra concentrated insulation materials, vibration-isolating design and parts, and precision engineering deliver super-calm operation. Commercial Grade Quality Kühl is made of robust parts and materials like a 20 gauge steel and rust-tolerant aluminum. Designer Details Ships in neutral gray. Six optional designer color kits are available as accessories and include: deep red, designer white, black onyx, cobalt blue, pink diamond and classic beige. Firm grip handles for easier handling, EntryGard™ anti-intrusion protection and an bug barrier.

Classic Accessories 52-028-161001-00 Side Draft Evaporation er Cover, Model 3 vs Koldfront AP12000S-KF Extreme pricing

The Side Draft Evaporation Cooler Cover by Classic Accessories gives maximum protection for evaporation coolers keeping weather, leaves and dirt out of the motor while decreasing drafts, sound and heat loss. The tough Hurricane fabric protects against rain, snow, sun and dirt; doesn’t have to be shrink wrapped and is engineered to be up to 200- stronger and 80- more water tolerant than cotton canvas. A vent panel decreases inside condensation and wind lofting, and an adjustable side lacing system gives a fast and secure fit. This three sided cover isn’t meant for use if the cooler is in operation.

30" Honeywell Lenox Ceiling Fan, Bronze vs AP-12000-S-KF

This 30″ Honeywell Lenox fan is the ideal fan for smaller indoor spaces, like offices and bedrooms. The transitional style lets it to fit any dcor, and the integrated cased white light kit gives soft and plentiful light. The 30″ blade span moves air proficiently and the compact look gives it a distinctive attraction. This fan may also be mounted on angled ceilings, allowing it to function effectively wherever you need it.

Titan TT-ACP12C01 12000 Conditioner vs Koldfront AP12000S-KF Extreme review

Easy Installation : Perfect for your home, office or any warm room with a sliding window. 1st, connect the vent hose behind the unit. Then remove the cap from the window vent kit, connect it to the exhaust hose. No permanent installation needed. 4 Operational Modes : • Cool- powerful 12,000BTU for 450 square foot space • Dehumidify- remove moisture up to 61pints per day • Fan- Three (3) speeds. Auto Restart Function: This function enables the unit to store your last used setting, it’ll automatically restart on the last settings after a power outage. Self-Evaporative System: Minimum manual draining. This unit comes with an auto-drain system that exhausts warm air and most moisture outside through the vent hose. User-Friendly Control Panel and Remote, Three (3) Fan Speeds & 24-hour Programmable Timer: Both the control panel and remote are obviously labeled with buttons and LED display to show current operation position and temperature. The three (3) adjustable fan speeds – High, Medium and Low, let you to decide the wanted cooling preferences. Set the 24-hour programmable timer to turn the unit’s power on and off at your favored schedule. Eco-Friendly & Energy economical: Titan’s TT-ACP12C01 movable air conditioner uses eco-friendly CFC free, lead free, non ozone-damaging R410A refrigerant and is made with all RoHS compliant parts that are free of harmful chemicals. With an amazing Energy economical percentage of 8. 9, this unit consumes less energy than others in its class.

Kenmore 8,000 A/C Unit White

Kenmore 8,000 BTU movable Air Conditioner – Powerful Cooling in a Small Package. The sleek, smart, easy to read controls and electronic display make everyday use and programming of the Kenmore movable air conditioner 8408 a breeze. Create energy-saving comfort or simply recirculate your room's air. This movable A/C unit comfortably cools an area of up to 350 sq. Ft. Settings like cool, dry, fan only, or auto mode let you to preserve your ideal comfort zone.

Brisa BW5502 Window er – 115 volt, 2 speed motor vs Koldfront AP12000S-KF Extreme price

Brisa BW5502 Window Cooler – 115 volt, 2 speed motorMinimize your electric bills and maximize your comfort with a Brisa BW5502 Window Cooler – 115 volt, 2 speed motor. These evaporative coolers operate by drawing hot air through a saturated pad, dropping the temperature by as much as 20 degrees. Also to this, they filter the air, removing dirt and allergens and making it easier to breathe. They are easy to install and maintain in comparison with conventional air conditioners, plus considerably more energy economical. This specific model includes rigid media to maximize efficiency. Removes dirt and allergensCooling by itself is a great thing, however you get something more when you install this cooler. The pads also filter the air, removing dirt and allergens also to cooling it. Not only is the air more comfy on your skin, however it is also more comfy to breathe. Balanced blower wheelA key part of the evaporative cooler is its balanced blower wheel. This gives a couple of important benefits. It maximizes air delivery, making sure a large and consistent coverage for the room. It also keeps the unit’s operation calm, so that it does not disturb the peace. Energy economical wtih rigid mediaA big bonus with evaporative coolers is their energy efficiency compared to conventional air conditioners. You will save a ton of money on your energy bills with this specific cooler as it uses up to 75 less electricity than other cooling alternatives. This model uses rigid media to ensure extra efficiency. UL listed will include installation kit, 115V pump, and bleed-off kit 1/3 HP, 115V, 2 speed motor 5000 CFM Rigid media No environmentally damaging refrigerants Cools up to 1600 square feetNo spot will be left untouched with the large coverage offered by this evaporative cooler. It is able of cooling up to 1600 square feet, making it a great choice for big sized rooms. You will get consistent coverage across the whole room to maximize your.

New AC-10100E Ultra Compact 10,000 Conditioner

Do not let the heat get you down Turn on the NewAir AC-10100E super Compact movable air conditioner for a blast of 10,000 BTU cooling power. This movable air conditioner is able of cooling rooms up to 325 square feet. It�s also easy to install and offers a completely movable – move it wherever you need cooling comfort. Improves Air Quality With a washable activated carbon filter, this room air conditioner removes extra particles from the air, making sure every breath you take is clean and refreshing. It includes a fitted dehumidifier, which removes moisture from the air for extra comfort. Easy-to-Use Controls This movable AC comes with a LCD display and push-button controls, which makes it simple to cool your space to the perfect temperature. It also comes with a 12-hour timer, sleep mode and the auto-fan function that automatically maintains your set temperature by raising and lowering the fan speed. Super Compact Design At roughly 12. 13� L x 15. 13� W x 29. 75� H, the NewAir AC-10100E room air is one of the most compact movable air conditioners available, making it the perfect size for nearly any space. Cools Up To 325 Square Feet This NewAir movable air cooler is perfect for spot cooling spaces up to 325 square feet. This is ideal for bedrooms, home offices, dorm rooms and other personal spaces. Self-Evaporative Technology The NewAir AC-10100E 10,000 BTU movable AC uses self-evaporative technology that improves cooling efficiency by using water from the air to cool the compressor coils. It also decreases the amount of condensate water collected in the tank, so you will not have to empty it as frequently.

Caframo 827CA-TCS Tiny Tornado II 100 CFM Personal Handheld Battery Operated Fan vs Koldfront AP12000S-KF Extreme reviews

Made directly in Canada and included restricted warranty the personal fan has the capability to move up to 100 CFM this powerful one-speed Caframo 827CA-TCS Tiny Tornado II Handheld Battery Operated Fan is easy to clean and features a soft plastic grip, integrated belt clip, and adjustable tilting head for increased comfort. With seven different head positions the hand held fan will supply the user with an economical cooling choice in warm summer weather and may be used for up to 24 hours with one D size battery.

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Models to consider:
CR13000PAC PAC N130HPECK-24 AC-14100EWA-1350DE GLA-08C
AC-12100E WA-1061HLP0815WNR LP1015WSRAP12018 ARC-12S
PAD6048/G-5 RMC-55R7RN50W DPA120B1WBTS15-12PACHPEC-A SS10N10
Office Pro 63 KDC-120YPO608C ARP-2412RA125LPDGD WA8070E
WA-8070E CRTHNMN12CESPAC38-1-12D LP1014WNRpoe40fx TAC-12CPA/HA
TN-09E WA-1420HPAC W130E PACAN140ES.WH-3AAC-12200H CL30XC
PAC290SRB LP1013-RBTT-ACP12C01 KK-Duct12Y-25KPPD-14CRN1-BH9 PAC801W
FRA073PU1 SF-6N25GC1000 CCX 1.568395W EAC211TS
TN-09E ARC-110WDPACCYC02A CCDD383840ARP-2412 PSH-141A
CO30XE ARC-12SARP-1400BLS PAC W130EKPPD-14CRN1-BH9 Office Pro 63
PAD6048/G-5 AP12018B6-0002 HL10CESWBWA-1420H LP1015WSR
CR2500ACH WA-1220MRMC-55R7 cpb08xcl-lwLP1013-RB MCP44-PPK
NS-14B-AC KPAC2421-2ARC-14SH WA8070EFRA053PU1 CCH-YPL3-08C
MMBT12 ARP-9411EAC211TS SF-6N25WA-1240H PACHR3600
CSO71AE PSH-141AAC-12100E HPND14XHPMFC6000 CCDD383840
DPA110DA1GP CCX 1.5HSC-14 PAD6048/G-5PAC N130HPE LP1013WNR


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