April 21, 2017

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  • OEM Upgraded Armstrong Blower Motor
  • Same as pictured
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

A. O. Smith, Armstrong 3/4 HP, 115V, 1075 RPM, 3 Speed, CCWLE, Frame 48Y, Blower Motor substitute.

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American Standard & Trane 2TEE3F65A1000AA OEM Replacement ECM Motor & Module Combination

Complete OEM American Standard / Trane Motor with Module. Complete with a factory 1-year warranty, they are the new generation Variable Speed Motors complete with attached pre-programmed EON Modules. They are OEM parts for Old Generation American Standard & Trane Motor / Modules as listed. Should you have any questions or concerns with which is the correct Motor / Module for your American Standard or Trane System.. Contact Us with your unit’s Model and Serial Number, you can also meet the criteria for a 150 ‘Core Credit’ (applies to newer units only). Pictures ARE FOR example ONLY.

New 5 Gallon 145PSI Air Tire Bead Seater Blaster Tool Seating Inflator Truck ATV

Brand New And DurableSolid Steel ConstructionSeating All Tires Of Heavy responsibility car as well as ATV Tractor Cars Truck And MoreOn/Off Valve Controlling The Filling Of TankAir Gauge Tells You The Air Volume AccuratelySpecifications:Material: SteelColor: BlackTank Capacity: 5 GallonsOperating Pressure: 85-116 PSI (0. 6-0. 8 Mpa)Maximum Pressure: 145 PSI (1 MPa)ATV Tire: 40 PSILawn Tractor Tire: 40-50 PSI (2. 7-3. 4 Bar)Tractor Tire: 100-120(6. 8-8. 2 Bar)big Tractor Tire: 120 PSI (8. 2 Bar)Car Tire: 50-60 PSI (3. 4-4. 1 Bar)Truck Tire: 100-130 PSI (6. 8-8. 2 Bar)4 4 Tire: 680 PSI (4. 1-4 Bar)Package will include:1 5 Gallons Compact Air Bead Seater1 Threaded Barrel.

Midwest Hearth Motor Run Capacitor Single MFD Dual Voltage 370/440 Volts (Oval, 7.5 MFD)

Run capacitors were used on permanent split capacitor motors (PSC), like blower motors, condenser fan motors, and compressors. Their function is twofold: to increase the starting torque of the motor; and to bring the current and voltage of the motor back into phase, which increases the motors power factor. The latter isn’t as important on residential equipment as it’s for commercial or industrial equipment where big numbers of motors were used. The run capacitor is built for uninterrupted operation and remains in the circuit after a motor starts.

Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit by Wahl Professional Animal

Wahl arco se 8786-800 cordless battery clipper. Very lightweight, surprisingly calm with no vibration. Uninterrupted cordless operation with 2 drop in nimh batteries. Superior fast removable blade set with unsurpassed cutting performance. Clipper and blade are generally cool running. Easily change to 5 blade sizes no. 40-no. 30-no. 15-no. 10-no. 9. Clips fetlocks, bridle path, face and ears with ease.


Single-phase models are all PSC motor compressors Start capacitors and relays listed are optional parts for hard start applications Mounting hardware included BtuH capacity ratings are depending on 130F condensing temperature See parts part for extra mounting plate alternatives to cover AE and AK compressors as mounting plate isn’t included AE and AK include LP4 removable mounting plate.

Razor E100/E125 (V5+) / E150 (V1+) / eSpark Motor (Chain Driven) vs F48D44A45 pricing

24 Volt 100 Watt Electric Motor w/ Chain Sprocket for Razor E100, E125, E150, E175 & eSpark. The Razor 100 watt motor is for the CHAIN-DRIVEN Razor e100/e125 (V5+), e150 (V1+), and eSpark (V1+) Electric Scooters. This e100 motor won’t work on Razor e100 series scooters that are belt-driven. Motor specifications: Voltage: 24 Volts DC Output: 100 Watts Sprocket: Removable screw Sprocket Case Length: 3-15/16″ (100 mm) Case Diameter: 2-11/16″ (68 mm) Drive Shaft Length: 1-1/8″ (28 mm) Drive Shaft Diameter: 5/16″ (8 mm) Mounting Hole Distance: 1-9/16″ (40 mm).

Trane American Standard GE Genteq Furnace BLOWER MOTOR 1/3 HP 115v 5KCP39HGS599S

BRAND NEW OEM Trane/American Standard GE Genteq 4-Speed Furnace Blower Motor. It is 1/3 HP, 115 volts, and 1075 RPM. The GE part number is 5KCP39HGS599S. The Trane Part # is MOT09053 (Also X70671687010). The shaft is 1/2″ diameter and 3″ long- if the shaft is facing up, as seen in the picture, rotation is Clock-Wise. Motor uses a 5 uf 370 capacitor. Fractional List of Trane/American Standard Units that use this Item: ADD060R936E0 ADD060R936F0 ADD080C936F0 ADD080R936E0 ADD080R936F0 ADD1B060A9361AA ADD1B060A9361AB ADD1B080A9361AA ADD1B080A9361AB ADE1B060A9361AA AUC060C936B7 AUC060C936B8 AUC060C936B9 AUC060C936BA AUC1B060A9361AA AUC1B060A9361AB AUC1B060A9361AC AUC1B060A9361AD AUC1B060A9361AE AUD040C930K0 AUD060C936K1 AUD080C936K0 AUD100C936K0 AUD1A040A9301AA AUD1A040A9301AB AUD1A060A9361AA AUD1A060A9361AB AUD1B060A9361AA AUD1B060A9361AB AUD1B080A9361AA AUD1B080A9361AB AUD1B100A9361AA AUD1B100A9361AB AUD2A060A9362AA AUD2A060A9362AB AUD2A060A9362AC AUD2B060A9362AA AUD2B060A9362AB AUD2B060A9362AC AUD2B080A9362AA AUD2B080A9362AB AUD2B080A9362AC AUD2B100A9362AA AUD2B100A9362AB AUD2B100A9362AC AUE1A060A9361AA AUE1A060A9361AB AUE1B060A9361AA AUE1B060A9361AB AUE1B080A9361AA AUE1B080A9361AB AUE1B100A9361AA AUE1B100A9361AB AUH1B060A9361AA AUX060C936C3 AUX060C936D0 AUX060R936V2 AUX060R936W0 AUX060R936W1 AUX060R936W3 AUX060R936W5 AUX060R936W6 AUX1B060A9361AA AUX1B060A9361AB AUX1B060A9361AC AUX2B060A9362AA AUX2B060A9362AB CDB060A937D3 CDB1B060A9361AA CDB1B060A9361AB CUB060A936B1 CUB060A936C4 CUB060A937C4 CUB080A936B1 CUB080A936C4 CUB100A936B1 CUB100A936C4 CUB1A060A9361AA CUB1A060A9361AB CUB1A060A9361AC CUB1B060A9361AA CUB1B060A9361AB CUB1B060A9361AC CUB1B080A9361AA CUB1B080A9361AB CUB1B080A9361AC CUB1B100A9361AA CUB1B100A9361AB CUB1B100A9361AC CUC060A936A0 CUC060A936A1 CUC060A936A2 CUC060A936A3 CUC060A936A4 CUC060A936A5 CUC060A936A6 CUX060A936A0 CUX1B060A9361AA CUX1B060A9361AB CUX1B060A9361AB CUX1B060A9361AC CUX1B060A9361AD TDD060R936E0 TDD060R936F0 TDD080C936F0 TDD080R936E0.

Eye-Vac Professional Pre-Motor Filter vs F48D44A45 review

The filters for the Eye-Vac Professional are intended to last the lifetime of your Eye-Vac. As users, we understand that on occasion filters become accidentally damaged and offer replacemenets for your convenience. The HEPA filters ensure the dust and debris don’t reach important parts of the machine, also as return clean air to the environment. To clean, simply use a soft brush to clean away extra particles, then wash softly with water and light soap. Let sit 24 hours to dry totally and reinsert into the unit. Don’t soak in water.

23 PC Front Wheel Drive FWD Bearing Removal Adapter Puller Pulley Tool Set Case

Black oxide finishSuitable for removing and installing big industrial bearingDesigned to decrease the chance of damage to hub and bearingHeavy responsibility steel drifts phosphate anti corrosive coatingTool set may be used fro elimination of wheel bearings on front wheel drive vehiclesTool kit cn also be used to take off and instal big industrial bearingsCollars fit most standard wheel bearing sizesSuitable for use with affect toolsPackage Contents:1 x Driver1 x Driver attachment1 x Nine collarsDrive (2) shaft: 32 & 38mmDrive (13) size: 50 55 60 64 67 70 72 74 75 78 82 84 88mm1 x Carrying Case.

Englander Pellet Combustion Motor w Gasket PU-076002B vs F48D44A45 price

This part will in the following England Stove Works stoves: 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI, 55-SHPEPIL and 55-TRPEPI 10-CDVP, 10-CDVL &10-CDVG; 49-SHC22P, 49-SHC22L & 49-SHC22G; 49-TRC22P, 49-TRC22L & 49-TRC22G 25-IP, 25-IPM, 25-IPS, 55-SHPIP, 55-SHPIPL, 55-SHPIPM, 55-SHPIPS and 55-TRPIP, 55-TRPIPM and 55-TRPIPS 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10 and 55-SHP10L, American Standard and 55-TRP10 25-PDV, 25-PDVP, 55-SHP15, 55-SHP22 and 55-SHP22L, 55-TRP15, 55-TRP22, American inheritance and US 25-5670 25-PAF, 55-SHP25 and 55-TRP25 25-PI, 55-SHP20 and 55-TRP20 25-EP, 55-SHPEP, 55-SHPEPL and 55-TRPEP 25-PAH, 55-SHPAH, 55-SHPAHL and 55-TRPAH.

Rinnai 222053 Condensate Trap

Condensate Trap II Rinnai's distinctive Ubbink concentric venting system gives maximum performance, safety, and easy installation. Well-matched with all indoor Rinnai water heater models, except the 98 series which utilizes separate intake and exhaust venting. Features: For use if Venting Has A Vertical Termination Professional Installation suggested plans: Width: 6-5/8" Height: 7-13/16" Length: 6-3/8".

Star Mfg 2U-52223 Motor Toaster 115V Dc 15Amp 9.3Rpm For Toastmaster Toaster Tc17D Tc21D 681256 vs F48D44A45 reviews

Gear motor, 115v,. 15 amp, 9. 3 rpm toastmaster, toaster tc17d, tc21d, tc44, tc120, tc208m,tc240m,series tc14/18replaces the following maker’s merchandise oem numbers were used for reference only, see policies for more details. Oem names oem # star mfg 2u-52223 middleby marshall 3002757 middleby marshall 52223.

Models to consider:
B13400-25 KA55HXEMP-89080P20003 MTZ64HM3AVED150396P01 H8025
HC21ZS123 A143W10190935 06DM5376BC0600A140 GP483-JJ3-G
C01670 06E8265310X503 S102425395000A225 CLAMP6004
5KCP39MGP876BS 06RC5425CVD1104 ZR61KCPFV250WS26X10011 Clockwise 1
K55GAG-8047 06RD238300VAC120BN CS27K6E-PFV-945B13400-247 VAC4010
H29B35UABCA AK147AT009A4SRY602AC01 AKA8515EXAMOT7613 CT-4002680
MRKCA02BX 316P341GP633LL1GA FB-RFB501F48H82B81 S48B95A66
K55GAG8047 B3-CDR-True-800401 MTZ125-4VMMOT02611 SA55NXSFB4866
D126 TRCFD555AEA5465EXA 5KCP29BK790SGP673-LM4-GB BL6413
316P759 WS26X10011D1104 X00106E8265310 SS415BX731
S238AS GLA010004150131G00007S HC30GB232S48B57B74 DLMOT09053_648
CE-010/AMP-CW4H F48M27A50C01670 RKA5518EXDTP-CAP-40/5/440R SKCP39PGV623CS
Clockwise 1 KA55HXEMP-890D182 GC07LN006S1-015-02379-004 HC39GE237A
MTZ100HS4VE MTZ64HM3AVEHC21ZS123 MOT026114UX59 H8025
H23A563ABCA S55NXWP-1362K55GAG8047 ZR61KCPFV250A143 6871A20604E
MOT7613 D150396P0148331-Packard-2 AK147AT009A4XCY342HA R-51-23053-11
06RD238300 06RE2383105KCP39RGN639AS MTZ40-4VMS102426003000 MTZ125-4VM
KA55HXEMP-890 PCBEM102SKA55HXSMR1861 57C25K55HXFJE7762 H23A563ABCA
S1-7990-317P/A MRKCA02BXCS27K6E-PFV-945 GP633LL1GASS415BX731 A140
AEA5465EXA RKA5518EXDD1104 TP-CAP-40/5/440RAM-CD35+7.5X440 SRY602AC01
06RE238310 HC37VE209AKA8515EXA VAC120BNWR60X10209 H8025
ASE-CROSS1601 S48B95A66MTZ40-4VM GLA01000415D126 MOT7613
R40425-001 ZR40K1-PFV-230W10190935 S1-015-02379-004S102425395000 SKCP39FG
AFJ23C1IAA RCO21048331-Packard-2 B3-CDB13400-25 DLMOT09053_496
06RC5425CV AHA2466AXDF48M27A50 MTZ125-4VM06E8265310 Clockwise 1


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