April 21, 2017

What I found out: FFTA1033Q1 10,000 (Frigidaire)

Nov 20th 2017
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  • Dehumidification up to 2.6 pints per hour
  • Quickly cools a room up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Uses standard 115V electrical outlet
  • Ready-select electronic controls allow you to easily select options with the touch of a button
  • 10,000 BTU air conditioner for through-the-wall installation (Not suitable for window installation)
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

Frigidaire’s FFTA1033Q1 10,000 BTU 115V Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner is perfect for cooling a room up to 450 square feet. This unit is intended for through-the-wall installation and isn’t intended for standard window installation. It’ll fit most present wall sleeves and will include a regular common interior trim kit. New wall sleeves are sold individually. The prepared-choose electronic controls let you to set the comfort level to your preference, when a convenient temperature-readout displays the set temperature. Effortless temperature sensing remote control lets you to see, set and maintain room temperature from across the room. The multi-speed fan features three different speeds for more cooling flexibility and the 4-way comfort control design lets you to easily control the direction of the cool air, wherever the unit is mounted. Plus, calm operation keeps you cool without keeping you awake.

Recent reviews of Frigidaire FFTA1033Q1 10,000 BTU 115V Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Temperature Sensing Remote Control:

This review was written with the input of a retired General freelancer, a useful thing to have around the house. I’ll attempt to cover regions that other reviews haven’t touched on much still. INSTALLATION/information: As noted, this model intended for through-the-wall use. But, straight out of the box once you plug it in and pop in the batteries for the ( nice) remote control the unit fires right up, cooling the air with a vengeance. I totally LOVED that. No elaborate procedure to get it running, just turn it on. The installation information are clear, however written with small type, for which we subtract half a star. Make the booklet bigger, boys, so the visually challenged can make out your information. Also, you must flip through the information for some other air conditioners before you find yours. Kinda odd. We did appreciate the top view in the photos; it assists tremendously in understanding the diagrams. There’s a second booklet covering everyday use, programming and cleaning. (NOTE: This model doesn’t have a heating function, as some Frigidaire Conditioners do. ) there’s a useful list of “normal” sounds the unit makes so you do not wonder if your house is going to burn down or something. The information warn you this will be a “team” job, due to bulk and heft of the conditioner. My 66-year-old freelancer carried it around by himself, because he’s a manly man, however I do not recommend that. Honestly, I agree with other reviewers that it is best to pay someone to professionally install this. Cutting holes in your wall is no joke. Look/FUNCTION DESIGN: Well it may not win any beauty contests, however the operation panel design is clear and concise. The buttons seem right and there are not too many of them.

As with most appliance businesses, there are different ‘levels’ of merchandise – lower-end and higher class. Frigidaire, overall – from my experiences – was a quality maker. This A/C unit is costly for a 10k BTU wall unit. The price is going into the brand and for the fact this is a ‘upper-level’ unit, not like the most of ones you find at your local department or hardware stores (they carry this model but the most aren’t of this ‘grade’). – -Type – -As stated in the product info, this is a Through the Wall unit NOT one that goes in the window. This isn’t supposed to be installed in a window and, though you may be able to get it to work, it’ll not be worth it. – -Installation – Installation of this is easy. There are screws you have to remove from the bottom of the A/C unit, where you may be able to then take off the cover. After the elimination of the cover there are extra screws to take out. Once all screws are you the unit should easily slide out. While there can be deviations in the size or procedure, they are the general foundations. – -Operation – -Straight forward and simple. There’s a sleep mode that will slowly rise the temperature at certain levels so that, as you sleep, it’ll change to your body temperature going lower. Normal settings as you could expect. A remote is included so you may be able to change without have to go up to the unit – great if it’s placed high. The Frigidaire cools down a big size room pretty quickly. If the room is low to medium size, you’ll have ice cold floors fast. Powerful and consistent 10k BTU capacity. Sound is lower than common and it doesn’t sound as ‘rattling’ as some. Impressed with the sound on this.

This is the 3rd one I bought and does not work right. You get cold air for about 5 mins, then it switches to fan so 90 degree air is coming in. The 1st one that I bought I learned from Frigidaire it was owned by someone else, then I got it. The second one was from someplace else and it looked like someone took a hammer to the front of the unit. The 3rd one I bought again from Amazon and again cold air for 5 mins, then the fan goes on and hot air comes in. Could I recommend this NO. It cost me 4 times the amount of the unit to have it installed, then uninstalled to take it back. Frigidaire and Amazon great support that’s the good thing but now I have to have someone come out and attempt to make it work if not I have to send it back. Also the whole my freelancer made for this unit only fits this unit. If you attempt to purchase another brand you must recut the opening and put in a new header. And again I have to pay lots to have it taken out to send it back by my freelancer. I have never been so disappointed in something that I bought from Amazon. Also it says the louvers go 4 ways, left, right, up and down and they do not they don’t go or point down on all of the units I bought. Frigidaire is sending someone to look at it but that takes a while and its 90 degrees where I live so I have a nice part of a unit in my wall that does nothing and spent over 500 for something that does not work. This was a nightmare for me, the cost, the money to have it installed and uninstalled, driving to take back the 2nd one and back again. If you do purchase one be sure you call Frigidaire and give them the S/N and they can tell you if its new and the date it was made or if someone else owed it before you. I’ll do a follow up on this review after the tech comes out to attempt and fix it. Otherwise it’ll be going back. So disappointed.

Compare with similar products:

GARRISON 2477802 R-410A Through-The-Window Heat/Cool , 12000, White vs FFTA1033-Q1

Stay comfy and cool/heat with FFTA1033Q1 the help of the Garrison 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. Lightweight and easy to install, this Window Air Conditioner unit keeps your environment cool with 12000 BTUs of cooling/heating power for up to 550 square feet. It features electronic controls with an easy to read LED display. Make modifications from anyplace in the room with the useful remote. Other features are an air exchange system, 3 speeds, timer and filter check display.

LG Electronics LW1214HR 12000 230V Window-Mounted Room 11200 Supplemental Heating Function

If it is cold in April or hot in October, you’re covered all year round with LG’s LW1214HR 12,000 BTU 230V window-mounted room air conditioner with 11,200 BTU additional Heating Function. The additional heating function comes in useful when you need an extra heat source to your major heat source when outdoor temperatures are above 45 degrees. This unit has 2 cool, 2 heat and 2 fan speeds plus an energy saver function, 24-hour on/off timer and a 9. 8 Energy Efficiency percentage. With its stylish full-function remote, you may be able to operate it from across the room. Plus, LG’s patented Gold Fin anti-corrosion covering gives a protecting shield so the unit lasts longer. This unit requires a special 230V electrical outlet and won’t operate with a regular 115V household electrical outlet.

Arctic King MWDUW212ERN1-MC 12000 Heat and Cool Window

Stay comfy throughout the most extreme temperatures without spending too much on energy. The Arctic King MWDUW212ERN1-MC 12000 BTU Heat and Cool Window Air Conditioner with Remote is an easy-to-install window unit made from plastic and metal for a long-lasting design. Keep this unit in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen to tend to a smaller area, rather than wasting heat or air on the complete household. Use this as a 3-speed fan only, an air-conditioner, a dehumidifier, or a 12,000 BTU heater. A digital display on the control panel and a remote control make adjusting settings a snap. A 24-hour timer feature allows you to decide when the unit operates. A removable, washable air filter is included to be sure the output is healthy and breathable. A wall-sleeve kit is included for fast installation. Dimensions: 24. 2W x 20. 3D x 14. 5H in. Through-the-wall air conditioner ideal for 550-sq. -ft. Rooms. 12,000 BTUs cooling, 10,600 BTUs heating. 3 fan speeds, 4-way adjustable airflow. Electronic control with remote and LED display. 9. 5 energy efficiency ranking. Uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. 24-hour on/off timer.

Summates Cover (Round),Tan vs FFTA-1033Q-1

Summates Summates was dedicated into outdoor and Water leisure market more than 10 years. We have steadily increased our investments in design and product development to make the most groundbreaking, benefit-rich merchandise on the market today. With superior quality and competitive price, we’re pretty sure that every buyer gets pleased for what they pay for our merchandise. Product Description Keeps rain, snow and leaves out of vents in off-season. Made of heavy responsibility polyester with Vinly covering. Double stitched seams, air vent system design. One year restricted warranty Model A Fit round air conditioners 34″ in diameter x 30″ high Model B Fit square air conditioners 34″ long x 34″ large x 30″ high.

Comforte RAH183G 18,000 Window Heater Energy Star Rating

If you are looking for an air conditioning and heating unit to keep you feeling comfy all year long this is it The Comfort-Aire RAH-183G 18,000 BTU window air conditioner & heater offers exceptional cooling and heating flexibility, making this unit the perfect year round choice. Effectively Dehumidifies the Room The Comfort-Aire RAH-183G 18,000 BTU window air conditioner & heater offers a dehumidification mode that effectively removes up to 8. 7 pints of moisture per hour. This feature is perfect for allergy patients or anybody seeking to control moisture levels in the room. Offers 3 Fan Speeds The Comfort-Aire RAH-183G 18,000 BTU window air conditioner & heater offers 3 fan speeds for cooling and heating flexibility. This feature allows you to change the fan speed to meet your needs perfectly. Will include a Remote Control The Comfort-Aire RAH-183G 18,000 BTU window air conditioner & heater offers a remote control that is easy to use. This useful feature allows you to change settings from across the room. A simple feature anybody can appreciate. Cost efficient Operation The Comfort-Aire RAH-183G 18,000 BTU window air conditioner & heater will include an energy saver mode that limitations energy use. This feature shuts the motor off when the wanted temperature is met, keeping the unit from running excessively.

Arctic Wind 2016 Energy Star 8,000 Window

Keep cool and save money with Arctic Wind’s energy star 8,000 BTU window air conditioner. Perfect for rooms up to 340 square feet, this window-mounted unit comes complete with a window mounting kit. Features are a digital control panel with led display, convenient remote control and energy Saver function.

FFRA1011R1 Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Mechanical s vs FFTA-1033-Q-1

Frigidaire FFRA1011R1 10,000 BTU 115V window-mounted mini-compact air conditioner is perfect for cooling a room up to 450 square feet. It quickly cools a room on hot days and calm operation keeps you cool without keeping you awake. This unit features mechanical rotating controls and top, full-width, 8-way air direction control. The washable filter with front, tilt-out access decreases bacteria, room odors and other airborne particles for a healthier, more comfy environment. Low power start-up conserves energy and saves you money plus, effortless restart automatically resumes operating at its last settings when power is restored.

Haier 12,000 Portable Heat Option

Haier 12,000 BTU Cool/ 11,000 BTU Heat movable Air Conditioner, electronic with remote & Dehumifidication Like it warm or cold, does not matter here. The Haier HPN12XHM 12,000 / 11,000 BTU Heat & Cool movable Air Conditioner in one cutting edge appliance may be used in many different settings. It features a stylish black color with silver accents and comes with three heating and three cooling settings, also as three fan settings. It removes extra moisture from the air also as cooling comfort. (Heat and Dehumidify aren’t main functions of this movable air conditioner) The HPN12XHM 12,000 BTU heat & cool movable air conditioner is perfect for environments where central air conditioning could be too costly or impossible to install. Ideal for cooling an upstairs living room or bedroom to keep that thermostat down at night also. The Haier Heat Cool movable Air Conditioner features a fast-install window kit, also as a slide out, completely washable mesh filter to offer purified air. The Haier Heat/Cool uses an eco-friendly refrigerant and is free of lead and mercury. Cool or heat operation design for a room of about 500 sq. Ft. (reliant on roof height) Auto-evaporation lets uninterrupted operation without water elimination 4 modes, cool, heat, dehumidifier and fan 3 cool/heat speeds and 3 fan speeds -Full function remote control 24 hour on/off timer- 4 way air deflection 100 Pint a day de-humidification, aids in cooling Blue LCD display- will include 46 in. Window exhaust kit we’re an authorized Haier dealer.

Koldfront Window

Keep the summer heat at bay and enjoy a never-ending cool breeze with the Koldfront 10,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner (WAC10002WCO). This compact air conditioner is engineered to supply spaces up to 450 square feet with 10,000 BTUs of cooling power, making it an essential addition to bedrooms, living rooms and studies. You may be able to conveniently install the Energy Star-certified WAC10002WCO in nearly any space you need; it is intended to fit windows from 23″ to 36″ large with a minimum height of 15. 5″. Take benefit of the unit’s included remote control to change features and operation settings from up to 16 feet away. Energy Star Compliant: This window air conditioner meets rigorous prerequisites set by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure eco-friendly operation Energy economical: The Koldfront WAC10002WCO offers some number of energy-saving features, like check filter alert, thermostat-controlled operation, sleep mode and more Sleep Mode: The WAC10002WCO’s sleep mode will ensure you are resting comfortably while helping save on expensive energy bills. This function will change the temperature periodically by 2F before returning to the set temperature after six (6) hours Energy Saver Mode: This function will cycle the fan for two minutes at 10-minute intervals till the ambient room temperature is above your set temperature-at which time the compressor will kick back on and resume cooling Digital Display with Dehumidifier: Take benefit of the unit’s control panel with digital display and three (3) fan speeds to easily control airflow, with a dehumidifying function to clean your space of extra moisture Remote Control: Use this model’s included remote control to conveniently change temperature settings and switch between operation modes from up to 16 feet away.

FRA186MT2 18,500 Window-Mounted Median (230 volts)

Frigidaire’s FRA186MT2 Energy Star 18,500 BTU 230V Window-Mounted Median Air Conditioner is perfect for rooms up to 1,170 square feet. It quickly cools the room on hot days and calm operation keeps you cool without keeping you awake. Prepared-choose electronic controls let you to set the comfort level to your preference, while the convenient temperature readout displays the set temperature. Effortless temperature sensing remote control lets you to see, set and maintain room temperature from across the room. The multi-speed fan features three different fan speeds for more cooling flexibility and the multi-directional comfort control design lets you to easily control the direction of the cool air, wherever the unit is mounted. Plus, the clean air ionizer removes pollen and impurities from the air break for allergy patients. This unit requires a special 230V electrical outlet and won’t operate with a regular 115V household electrical outlet.

Ideal- Window Mount – 12,000

Product Number: 700815 Heavy responsibility unit features slide out filter access. Features new slinger up technology for condensation evaporation. Complete unit easily installs in a window. Will include easy to read LCD screen and a remote control thermostat. Auto restart after power failure. Both use the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant. Plans: 52 dB. Supply voltage: 115V – 60 Hz. ; Running Amps: 10. 2 and 1350 watts; Dimensions: 22 in D x 19. 2 in W x 15 in H and weighs 77 lb.

Perfect e 4PAC18000 EER 11.8 Window , 700-1000 sq. ft.

Perfect aire 4PAC18000 18,000 BTU window air conditioner with remote control, EER 11. 8, 700-1,000 sq. Ft. Coverage. Perfect aire’s energy star rated 18,000/17,700 BTU cooling Capacity window air conditioner is constructed from the highest-quality materials to ensure efficiency and dependability. Cools a room quickly on a hot day or night, the calm operation will keep you cool without disturbing your sleep. Unit is filled with features; follow me (movable thermostat for total room coverage) full functioning remote control feature, electronic controls – auto, sleep, dry and energy Saver mode, full-range air direction control, auto restart function, tilt-out filter access, 700-1,000 square foot coverage, EER certified 11. 8, amps 7. 0/7. 5, Watts 1,525/1,500, decibels (hi/MI/Lo) 63/62/62, Outlet configuration 15 amp 230V, culus listed, refrigerant and window mounting kit included. Today’s buyer desires more, expects more and demands more when spending their disposable earning and perfect aire delivers on all counts. When you need the best, look no more than perfect aire. Quality merchandise and unmatched buyer service are the key drivers behind perfect aire. From dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and an variety of movable, window, and through the wall air conditioning units, perfect aire offers merchandise suited to a large range of needs. For support with our merchandise, contact us at 866-996-9255 or email supportatperfectaire. US.

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Models to consider:
FRA083AT7 SS14N10ACP15G10B EAC421PNC12000 PIL-007-CR
MWW-08CRN1-BI4 FFRS0822S1FRA064AT7 LW1015ERIWA06-KM15 4FPC12000
RN35W LW1216ERWA-1091S FRA065AT7EB 001-02 FRP90ETT3R
PIL-001-CR WTW-14ER5aWTW-10ER5a FFRH0822R1RADS121H FFRH1222Q2
LW1214ER MWL-08CRN1-BJ5FFRE1833S2 FRA156MT1WTC8001W EP18G33B
LW1216ER FFRE1533S1EM18N34 AKW10CR4WTW-10ER5a CP05G10A
zz33544w-01 EL36N35BN46W RACM5FFTH1022Q2 FFRE0533S1
AJCQ08ACF IWA06-KM15FRA062AT7 WA-1211S4PAC10000 AKW25CR62
FFRH1222Q2 4PAC15000IWA05-QS20 FFRE0833Q1LW2515ER FFRA0522Q1
WA-8291S LW2515ERFFRC0833R1 FRA102BT1FFRE2233S2 WTC8001W
FRA086AT7 ESA408JFRA065AT7 GV1361DAC8011E LW2415HR
FFRE1833S2 AFS60RXESA406N LW8016ERPNC12000 4PAC10000
WA-1811S N46WFRP90ETT3R SS12N10CAW11505E RACE8
CP12G10 SQ06N10CHANAW08A EB 001-02WTW-12ER5a MWK-08CRN1-BJ8
AKW+08CR4 zz33544w-01FRA103CW1 DAC080EB3GDBMWK-10CRN1-BJ8 CP12G10B
4PAC15000 AKW10CR43PACH25000 FFRA1022R1SL24N30C WTW-14ER5a


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