April 21, 2017

Giant WRSC-6 (Little) actually has good reviews


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  • 3-1/2 Gallon tank size
  • Includes two 1-1/2-Inch MNPT x 2-Inch slip adapters for inlet and discharge
  • Cylindrical polypropylene tank
  • Includes one 2-Inch MNPT x 1-1/2-Inch slip adapter for vent
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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SHURflo 12VDC Ag Runner Inline Portable Chemical Transfer (SF-1100-PTSI)

Shurflo Pumps: SF-1100-PTSI Ag Runner WRSC-6 Inline 12 Volt Ag Chemical Pump in movable Frame The Shurflo Ag Runner lets you to automatically pump and measure chemical from the chemical container directly into the sprayer tank without the need for manually measuring or any other handling of the chemicals. Max Output: 40 L/min open flow Max Pressure: 15psi 12 volt operation with 6m lead & alligator clips 1″ x 3. 6m suction / 1″ x 3. 6m delivery hosesShurflo pumps are engineered to pump thin or thick ag chemicals. 10 GPM with water; 7 GPM on ag chemicals at 70 Deg. F. Or 4. 5 GPM on cold or viscous liquids (860 CPS). Glass-filled polypropylene body with distinctive design bonds the polypropylene pistons to the santoprene diaphragm (co-molded). Oversized 3″ magnet motor. May be serviced with hand tools only.

599059 CV-114/112 Check Valve

Little Giant’s check valve fits both 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch discharge pipes. With ABS construction, a lasting flapper design checks back flow of water and sewer gases. An easy slip fit design makes for simple installation, and the valve may be installed in vertical or horizontal line. If, after 30 days, you’re having a problem with your Little Giant, Franklin, or Red Lion product, call the Franklin Electric Tech Support Team at 888-956-0000 for Troubleshooting and Warranty information. The Tech Support Team is available M-F from 7:00am-4:30pm CST.

14940655 CS-SS 115 Volt 3000 GPH Sump

Little Giant’s CS-SS sump pump is an ideal solution to help prevent water and moisture from collecting in the low regions of your crawl space. Removing this moisture aids in prevention of mold and fungus which causes allergies and odors, also as moisture damage to wood floors, insulation and metal ductwork. Also helps minimize structural damage from freezing water which can because your foundation to buckle. The CS-SS may also be used to help prevent water from standing in low lying problem regions like yard, patio, driveway and other regions around your home.

Grundfos 11 SQF-2 SQFlex Solar Water

The SQFlex system is more than just a pump. SQFlex is a total idea tailored to any individual prerequisites. By examining some variables, Grundfos and the WaterMaker can put together the perfect mix for any function. All they have to know is the place, the water table depth and how much water is required, and they’ll be able to find the most economical energy source for the system.

Do it Best Sprinkler

Intended to manage big capacities of water at high pressure, making it ideal for uninterrupted use on underground and above ground lawn sprinkling systems. These pumps feature fast self-priming characteristics, cast- iron pump case and diffusers, and heavy-responsibility motors with sealed bearings for uninterrupted responsibility. Motors are single phase and dual voltage, 115V or 230V. Suction pipe tap is 2″ and discharge pipe tap is 1-1/2″. 1 year restricted warranty. No. HSPJ15P1: 1-1/2 HP Do it Best No. HSPJ20B1: 2 HP Do it Best.

Dayton 4KHF7 Rotary Gear Head, 1 1/4 In., 1 1/2 HP vs Little Giant WRSC-6 pricing

Rotating Gear Pump Head, Heavy responsibility, With break Valve, Port Size 1 1/4 In. Shaft Dia. 0. 787 In. Shaft Height 3 9/16 In. 24. 8 GPM Freeflow, 1 1/2 HP Free Flow, Suction Lift 19. 5 Ft. Pump RPM 1725, 24. 7 GPM 25 PSI, 1 1/2 HP 25 PSI, 3 HP 125 PSI, Max. Pressure 125 PSI, Seal Mechanical With Stainless Steel, Buna N, Carbon/Ceramic, Fortron PPS Spur Gear, Warranty Length 1 Year.

Superior 92330 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Sump with Tethered Float Switch

92330 Features: -Switch type: Tethered. -may be used as a utility pump by removing the float switch. -4. 1 Amps. -uninterrupted responsibility, thermally protected – split capacitor motor. -Construction: Thermoplastic. -1 Year Warranty. Finish: -Black. Hardware Finish: -Silver and black. Material: -Plastic. Hardware Material: -Stainless steel. Corrosion tolerant: -Yes. Frequency: -60 Hertz. Dimensions: -Pump will lift water up to 300″ of vertical lift. -1680 GPH 120″ of lift. -big 1-0. 25″ or 1-0. 5″ discharge for high capacity pumping. In general Height – Top to Bottom: -13″. In general Width – Side to Side: -7″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -7″. In general Product Weight: -10 lbs.

Dayton 5PXX9 1/4 HP Centrifugal 115/1/60 vs Little Giant WRSC-6 review

Centrifugal Pump, 1/4 HP, 1 Phase, 115 Voltage, 4. 5 Amps, 1-1/4 In Outlet, ODP Motor Enclosure, Aluminum Housing, Max. Head 11 Ft. Mechanical Seal, Motor RPM 1725, Max. Case Pressure 70 PSI, Sealed Ball Bearings, uninterrupted responsibility, 1/8 In Max. Dia. Solids, Manufacturers Warranty Length 1 Year, will include Manual.

EBARA 50DWXAU6.75S DOMINATOR Automatic Sewage, 1 HP, 1 x 115

EBARA 50DWXAU6. 75S DOMINATOR auto Sewage Pump, 1 HP, 1 x 115The EBARA Stainless Steel Sewage Pump is intended for economical and dependable handling of sewage or waste water containing suspended solids up to 2″ in diameter. These Stainless Steel Sewage Pumps use the new technology in stainless steel forming, you with superior dependability and efficiency. Parts are stronger, dimensionally consistent with the added benefit of weighing considerably less than the regular cast iron constructed pumps. Stainless Steel construction is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. When responsibility prerequisites demand material conformance for corrosion and wearing away resistance, EBARA Stainless Steel Sewage pumps are the only choice. EBARA 50DWXAU6. 75S DOMINATOR auto Sewage Pump Features:; High quality stainless steel ; 2″ solids handling ; Single and three phase models available ; Motor is 2 pole, dry submerged, rated uninterrupted responsibility ; Class F motor insulation ; 104;F max. Liquid temperature uninterrupted operation, completely submerged; 140; F intermittent operation ; auto operation ; Auto float switch is mechanical/non-mercury ; NPT thread discharge 2″; Double mechanical seal with viton elastomers ; Shielded ball bearings 50,000 hour ; Vortex impellers ; Thermal overloads (single phase models) ; goes to 185 GPM, heads to 65 feet; 1 Horse Power; 1 Phase; 115 VoltsEBARA 50DWXAU6. 75S DOMINATOR auto Sewage Pump Applications:; elimination of waste from sumps, washing machines, wet bars, water softeners, dehumidifiers and cisterns ; Quickly removes water from swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other water storage structures ; Removes water from excavation ditches or pits, underground passages, mines, grain elevators, farm tanks, cooling towers, parking lot drainage pits ; Create decorative waterfalls and fountains or another water projects during the garden ; Wherever you have to move water from one place to another Image r.

In Ground Pool, 1 1/2 Hp vs Little Giant WRSC-6 price

Replaces any comparable 115V residential in-ground pool pump. Corrosion tolerant, big capacity trap with see through cover. Easy installation – will include fast connect unions, and instruction manual. Ideal where high-flow and calm operation is needed. Adjustable for dual voltage – 115V or 230V. Dimensions: 26. 625″ length x 12-1/2″ width x 14-3/4″ height.

Taco 007-ZF5-9 Cast Iron Priority Zoning Circulator with Rotated Flange

Flange Type R – common Thermostat Compatibility, Thermostat prepared – may be used in conjunction with other circulators or zone valves – Available in a full range of sizes from 003-0014 – 00 dependability – Snap-In PC Board – Low and High Voltage Strips – Removable low-voltage terminal strip simplifies wiring installation – LED Power Light – UL and CSA Listed – 100 Factory Tested – Made in USA.

Taco 003-BC4 Bronze Circulator 1/2-Inch Sweat vs Little Giant WRSC-6 reviews

The Taco 003 is intended for circulating hot or chilled new water in open or closed loop, lower flow applications. Flow characteristics are ideal for Domestic Hot Water Recirculation, Heat recuperation units, Water Source Heat Pumps and Potable Water systems. The distinctive, replaceable cartridge holds all of the moving parts and lets for easy service instead of replacing the complete circulator. The compact, low power intake design is ideal for high efficiency jobs.

What people considered before buying WRSC6:
  1. Zoeller 30-0181 PVC Plastic Check Valve, 1-1/2 Inch
  2. Little Giant 599310 SPRK-1-ML Sump Pump Switch Repair Kit
  3. Little Giant 599320 SPRK-2 Sump Pump Switch Repair Kit
  4. Mustee 19F Utilatub Laundry Tub Floor Mount, 24-Inch x 20-Inch, White
  5. Eemax SP3512 Tankless Water Heater, Single Point Hand Washing
  6. Liberty Pumps 404 1/3 HP, 115V Residential Drain Pump

Models to consider:
NW2352 PS-C11wtw5400 EFCWJ104KHF7 2400-20-WB
H22J33BABCA FPSE2800A8-CIM 25FT HSZ2.4SN270 SKHS100A2 20
58321-WYN2 3BB81BW85P IMV25-E4KHJ9 PH3000
3410P 1BL032SP33VF 3BB76SK60M2 20 5PXX9
66000-WYN1 6-CIA58321-WYN3 OSP50BRA1 203HP StarterPaq 4KHP8
RS15/6G BW40002E-38N VIR393A95FPSES2700A SD33A1 10
4KU63 GHF130005HS2S100 FP55223BB78 FPZT7450
SK50A1 RLSP-200V-A1 822 PSFP400C 1600C
5-ASP-LL 2865G006-BC7-1IFC VIR108808SPD50MH4 20 PLS100
VIR316B95 5-MSPRL-SS50V SK11SK60M2 20 5-ASP-LL
57729-WYN1 PS-C11SKHS200M4 30 OSP50BRA1 20RL-SPS33 57610-WYN1
2400-20-WB FPSS5700A822 PS OSP50BRA1 10SKHD150M2 20 H22J33BABCA
HE12-051-10 WSSM40VEC50C92S SSF33SFPT20515 8-CIM 25FT
2865G LSRA2.4S58321-WYN3 E7055-USC3PF92341 3205C
SW33A1 5-ASP3110P Fp0S1800LTSSK50A1 6EN-CIM
W95074 FR410BESP25 2805EESP25 3BB78
2210C 007-VDTF5RL12G05-2W1V HT41ASPX50M2 DS3HF-01
D-A1 10 S3033-NSN270 4KHF7509635A SPD50AH1 10
RS-5 HAQ-692LBT-800 3BB78008-F6 4KHP8
509635A PS1000WSSM40V 66000-WYN15-MSPR-WG ESP25
FPSES2700A RH14004KHJ9 KTZ43.7VIR316B95 8-CIM 25FT
57610-WYN1 SPV-800SK11 wtw5400PS-C22 S3033-NS
FPZT7450 DH900FP0S2450A-01 NW2352AP202 58321-WYN2
007-VDTF5 EC50C92SRL-SS50V RS15/6GOSP50BRA1 10 EFCWJ10
RL-SPS33 GHF130003415P 3110PRL12G05-2W1V HT41A
SP33VF SP50M1 202865G PF92341SHEF40M1 20 SP40M1 10
FP5522 RLSP-200LSRA2.4S 3307PSPD50MH4 20 12F740


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